The Muslim Schindler



The BBC that won’t tell you that a Sunni Muslim killed an Ahmadi Muslim in a religiously motivated attack, the BBC that so often won’t admit that Jihadists are primarily and genuinely motivated by religion and so often refuses to mention the word ‘Muslim’ in reports on terrorism, sorry, ‘militancy’, has now decided that it it will after all link Islam to the motivations of a Muslim….

Kenya honour for Muslim hero who protected Christian bus passengers

A Muslim teacher in Kenya who protected Christians on a bus after it was attacked by Islamist militants has been posthumously honoured for his bravery.

Salah Farah was shot in the attack in north-eastern Kenya in December and later died from his bullet wound.

The insurgents told the Muslims and Christians to split up but he was among Muslim passengers who refused to do so.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said he was awarding the Order Of The Grand Warrior to Mr Farah “for his act of courage”.


The BBC insults everyone here…the non-Muslims  by patronising them with a story about a ‘hero Muslim’ as if that should make them recognise the real nature of Islam instead of wrongly and ignorantly thinking it was a backward, violent and unpleasant religion, and insults Muslims by suggesting that it should come as any surprise for ‘a Muslim’ to protect other people…..did he do it because of his religion or because he was just a decent human being?  Are the BBC saying a Christian or an atheist would not have done the same thing?  What  a complex web the BBC weaves as it tries to engineer our thoughts.



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11 Responses to The Muslim Schindler

  1. Tothepoint says:

    Exactly Alan.

    Islam is not a condition or personality trait or racial characteristic. Its a cult that demands your full and total obedience. People have the same ability to make choices in life, wherever they are from. How they live. What they choose to do with their lives. Have empathy for others. Look at the world with soppy, hippy eyes like the liberals of the West. Islam prevents this mindset. Your life is to Allah. Your very being. Your purpose is to please him. You offer your life to Allahs. The reason why we are seeing these true Muslims enriching the world is because they have done as instructed and given up personal thought and are acting out Muhammads instruction, that was given to him by Allah

    The Muslim man who was shot did so in spite of his faith not because of it. He prevented an Islamic act for personal reasons. He was a bad Muslim. He was a great human being. A true hero for denouncing his attachment to this death cult that orders his fellow Muslims to murder at will.


  2. Flexdream says:

    The hero is described as Muslim. Some of the bus passengers are described as Muslim. The attackers aren’t described as Muslim, but as ‘Islamist militants’. Funny that eh? The BBC obviously can tell who is Muslim and who isn’t.


  3. Ben227722 says:

    Alan, you hit the nail exactly on the head. The BBC engineers our thoughts – subtly promoting ‘news’ that fits in with their idea of the way people should think and quietly down-playing, or completely concealing, what it considers people should not know – inconvenient facts that contradict their cock-eyed philosophy. Such as the religious motives of the ruthless, cold-blooded murderers here. They have poured out countless words to say that terrorism (oops – militancy), wars and all kinds of cruelty and bloodshed have very little to do with ‘religion’ (or actually Islam). No, it’s just politics, nationalism, a legacy of Western meddling, oil, money – anything but religious hatred and bigotry. BBC poppycock and dangerous brainwashing.


  4. Kikuchiyo says:

    ‘The BBC that won’t tell you that a Sunni Muslim killed an Ahmadi Muslim in a religiously motivated attack’

    Correct. The BBC won’t prejudice a trial, and be held in contempt of court as a result. Bad BBC.

    It will tell you though that police have arrested a Muslim for the “religiously prejudiced” murder of Asad Shah as the police investigating have called it.

    And to think, Alan’s been described of having no understanding of how news works.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      ‘The BBC that won’t tell you that a Sunni Muslim killed an Ahmadi Muslim in a religiously motivated attack’

      Kikuchiyo. Alan may need to alter a word or two to “a Sunni Muslim has been charged, or arrested, depending on where we are, with killing an Amahdi Muslim”, but the sense of his comment is perfectly clear and that would in no way prejudice a trial, but allow us to read into the matter what we like. Something the BBC are generally rather good at when it suits

      As you wish to claim the moral high ground on behalf of the BBC I would be interested in your take of the Cliff Richard police raid not prejudicing a trial. Cliff was deemed guilty by many of the public as a result of the coverage, yet has not even been charged.

      Perhaps Cliff’s followers project less of a threat to the BBC employees than upsetting our friends from the religion of peace might do, and causes our fearless media types to be rather circumspect in covering stories.

      The BBC stinks of double standards on Islam.


  5. Framer says:

    Some on social media denounced the recent murder of the Glasgow shopkeeper as ‘Islamaphobic’.
    When it was suggested it was actually ‘Islamaphiliac’ they went mad with rage.


    • Dazed and Confused says:

      They wish to teach you the sound of silence…


      • 60022Mallard says:


        Worth passing on to others via the internet.

        It will definitely never ever feature on a BBC playlist.