The BBC have been so busy facilitating Osborne’s latest Project Fear wheeze that we will all be several thousands pounds worse off by 2030, that it seems to have missed this, as a Biased BBC reader draws to my eye;

Why has the BBC ignored this?

Banks in the eurozone have a £715billion black hole in their books, posing serious danger to the stability of the European and global economy. In a hard-hitting report, the International Monetary Fund accused the EU of failing to address the huge problems affecting European banks.

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12 Responses to BANK ON THE BIAS

  1. Demon says:

    Isn’t Gideon breaking some law threatening us to spitefully raise taxes even higher if we, the British People, vote against the way he wants us to vote? This despite the fact we will have more money in the treasury as we won’t have to pay the ridiculous amount into the bureaucracy coffers as we do now.


    • Grant says:

      It seems to me that EUriners are getting more desperate every day. All their arguments are negative.


  2. chrisH says:

    Andrew Neil takes Tristram Hunt apart over the EU.
    Every damn cliche in the book, and he`s seen as a vacuous blustering fraud-as anodyne and soundbite-compliant as the rest of the Remainiacs.
    But -as I listen now-no mention yet of Green Necessity to share environmental values…nor yet of “social solidarity”….apart from that , every damnfool trope and tripe that the EU nutters spout every time.
    Hope to God Hunt and the like are binned and hollowed-out on June 24th-a serial fat layer of privilege elitist scum, who are scared of having to do a days work without the EU to stuff their pockets, to do all their “thinking” for them.


    • Grant says:


      I watched. It is like listening and watching an upper class robot.


      • taffman says:

        Just watched it . If you support Brexit you need to see this !
        In the interest of fairness BBC got it right for once .

        What have our EU members been doing in the ‘so called’ parliament since 1975 , have they all been asleep ?
        They have betrayed us .


    • Edward says:

      It really does make you wonder how these people get voted into power. Him and Dianne Abbott – especially Abbott! But here’s a clue: my ‘other half’ votes for the Labour party candidate because “he’s nice”.

      Don’t ask! I have tried to open her mind to politics but she can’t deal with it. Therefore, in the name of democracy, I suggest once we have voted to leave the EU, we bring in a test to prove that people actually know the policies they are voting for rather than just the ‘nice’ people.


      • GCooper says:

        The electorate votes for Abbot because, in the immortal words, ‘she is black, innit?’

        The BBC invites her onto its programmes with such regularity for the same reason and because she is a moron with a huge mouth and an outsize ego. It makes for ‘good television’ apparently.


  3. The Old Bloke says:

    Not a single question answered about the risks of staying in. What a prat. Another lefty who hasn’t got a clue. Dear God, where do “they” get these politicians from?


    • Grant says:

      Wikipedia. Tristram Hunt, son of Baron Hunt of Chesterton. PhD in history. BBC presenter. MP. Obviously he has a very broad experience of life . But, so far as I am concerned, he is a total Tristram. In any case, what kind of a name is that ?