BBC stirs the pot

Country Ranking 2014 Ranking 2013 Ranking 2012 Ranking 2011 Ranking 2010 Ranking 2009 Ranking 2008
Australia 1 1 2 3 1 3 n/a
Canada 2 2 1 2 2 1 1
UAE 3 3 9 10 6 10 6
Singapore 4 7 10 10 9 11 9
China 5 11 12 12 11 10 n/a
New Zealand 6 5 3 2 3 1 2
South Africa 7 4 4 5 8 8 n/a
Hong Kong 8 12 11 11 12 12 n/a
USA 9 6 5 8 5 9 n/a
France 10 8 7 4 4 4 n/a
Spain 11 9 8 7 7 7 7
Portugal 12 10 9 6 6 5 3




The BBC tried its hardest, along with the electoral commission, to martial the troops and get the young and the expats out to vote…..both being pro-Remain according to legend….even now the BBC are stirring the pot….thanks to Denton for this…

‘What have we done’ – teenage anger over Brexit vote

Apparently the young have been deprived of their future by the leave vote….they are going to be angry and disenfranchised for a generation I’ve just heard from a BBC presenter.  What future was that then?  The ability to travel or work in Europe?   Is that now an impossible dream?  Should it be the dream?

Odd that 1.2 million Brits have managed to export themselves to Oz, 250,000 to New Zealand, 800,000 in the US and nearly 700,000 in Canada and do you know what…the top destinations for Brits are not in Europe at all….the Far East, including China, are top of the tables….the world is open for business and life….stop being little Europeans!

The NatWest Quality of Life Index, carried out by the Centre for Future Studies, also revealed a seven-year shift in the best expat destinations, with a rise in the East and decline of the West.

China, Singapore and Hong Kong have soared up the league table, while European countries have been shifted to the bottom.

The BBC is not encouraging a modern, adventurous, outward looking youth…instead they seem, for political reasons, to be inciting the young to be insular, inward looking ‘Europeans’ whose only reference and ambition is a job in Berlin or a holiday on a Spanish beach.  Clearly getting a job and a new life in another, non-European country is just impossible,  right?..shame the BBC seems reluctant to highlight the possibilities in this debate.

Of course you might suspect that the youth whose opinions the BBC so assiduously courts are not the ones in Australia, China and Singapore who might have a different view on the brave new world of Brexit and the possibilities of that world unencumbered by the EU apron strings.

Not saying the BBC rigs its vox pops…but it does….simplistic Vox pops that Roger Mosey complains about…

This fetish for the vox pop too often squeezes out the space for analysis.

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23 Responses to BBC stirs the pot

  1. JimS says:

    Maybe all these bad old people were forty years younger when they last had a vote and they now realise that they made a big mistake then?

    There was a rather nasty lady, who didn’t sound that young on Jeremy Vine who said that her father shouldn’t have been allowed to vote because he was old and a racist! She claimed Maggie Thatcher was racist too because she offered £1000 to foreigners to leave. I must admit I’m too old to remember that but the BBC has told me often enough that everything is Thatcher’s fault so she must be right.


    • Nibor says:

      Mrs Thatcher and Manon’s neoliberal conservative robber baron pirates privatised gravity in the eighties which is what leftists blame if they fall over .


  2. Dazed and Confused says:

    Something else that Al-Beeb are blathering on about is the financial crash….But….


    • 60022Mallard says:

      London market finishes 2% up on the week!

      European markets panned.

      Italian and Greek banks in the firing line.

      The Eurozone house of cards could be wobbling!

      I’m sure the BBC financial commentators will be explaining what is happening. Not.


      • Demon says:

        Brexit will cause more harm to the countries remaining in the EU than us as they need us more than we need them. Our economy will soon surpass all theirs and some more countries will follow us out. Rule Britannia. God save the Queen.


        • Cranmer says:

          Demon, I’m feeling in a patriotic mood, and your post reminded me of the famous signal sent by Major Guy Sheridan, RM, Commander of forces in the south Atlantic, 1982: ‘Be pleased to inform Her Majesty that the White Ensign flies alongside the Union Jack in South Georgia. God save the Queen.’


  3. says:

    Once again the bbc, and, to be fair, every other media outlet that has covered the referendum..ITV, CH4, SKY to name three have been disgusting and things need to change right there.

    There have been plenty of young people who have gladly voted for Brexit yet the media were painting a battleground of old people versus young people! Only the rules started changing as the day wore on, the youth were suddenly anyone under the age of 40? The old were the 60s/70s/80s +..the way the scum in the media have painted every LEAVE voter as a raging right wing racist is beyond acceptable, and it’s getting worse, project fear hasn’t even started yet. You get the feeling that the leftard scum would be happy to see the young to attack the old people!

    The remain ‘yoof’ have been pathetic, they have been brainwashed to the point of being zombified..If I hear one more stupid kid tell me that we have stopped them from being able to travel freely I will swing for them!! Most of these kids have barely been out of their front door, they have zero life experience yet feel like the oldies have betrayed them? The oldies who have worked, paid and in some cases died, to give these twats a life and an education…our taxes you ungrateful, thick sheeple.

    Like I told an apprentice at work, who has just freely got on a plane to one of the most staunchly patriotic countries going, Spain, free travel used to be a 12 month passport, a dirt cheap flight with no queues at the airport and no machine gun toting poodles to watch out for islamic terrorists..or lone wolf nutters to the lefty press.


  4. Up2snuff says:

    Careful BBC, you are playing a dangerous game! I have been reading comments on the BBC w/s and listening to this sort of ‘Selfish Oldies/Wrecking Life for Youngsters’ on WatO and 6pm News.

    I am amused to see heading both the BBC Home Page and the main News Page on their web-site, photos of young people celebrating the Leave Campaign win.


    • Oaknash says:

      Unfortunately in some ways the BBC is now, worse than the EU.

      Aunty emboldened by its charter review was rewarded for its disloyalty to this country by getting 90% of what it wanted.

      Consequently it has been able to build its ivory tower even higher. We all know it is populated by the brightest and the best – And since Labours decline, it now seems to see its mission as some sort of opposition party. Standing up for the people!

      The people mainly being Saint Bob, Eddie Izzard, Lord Hall and anyone who goes to Russel Brands cafe.

      What sticks in my crawl is that the population of this country have to pay for this behemoth whose “raison de etre” mainly seems to be sticking the knife in the working mans (and womans) back!


      • Beltane says:

        It would seem that the over-used and largely misunderstood quote from Dr. Johnson: ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’, is what continues to motivate those who seek to subvert democracy and, paradoxically, destroy the hand that does so much to feed them.
        If the feverishly created and encouraged climate of negativity continues at this level, our ‘great and good’ could find themselves with much to answer for – although, of course as we now know, it’s Cameron’s fault anyway for calling the referendum in the first place.


        • Cranmer says:

          Beltane – yes – and the tragic thing is, Johnson, a staunch patriot, never intended his words to be used in such a way. As I am sure you know he meant the APPEAL to patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel; not patriotism itself.


      • Grant says:


        I may be misquoting from Orwell 1984 but ” The plebs shall inherit the Earth “. Or maybe it was ” if there is hope it is in the plebs ” . Anyway , Orwell was a , mainly, self educated man. Yes, I know Eton and all that !

        Maybe if Beeboids had some knowledge of the Roman Empire to which he was referring they would understand that what he meant. Maybe , even they would understand his irony . But I doubt it.

        It seems to me that most Beeboids are ignorant of history, science, finance and even literature. And anything to do with anything much . Just ignorant people. But they think they know it all .

        But they will continue to wallow in there own ignorance, totally self-unaware.


        • Oaknash says:

          I am afraid Grant in their warped world
          The end will always justify the means.
          They will lie and lie and lie again to reach their objective.
          Was it trotsky who once said war is the locomotive history – I would add deceit to this list also.

          Hopefully we will now be able to rid ourselves of this suffocating blanket of pc manipulation

          Anyway if there is one good thing to have come out of all of this, it is that (as a previous poster said “the left always overplays its hand”). So much so that I believe that the mask has now truly slipped and even the “ghastly uneducated “proles” will now be able to pick up on a lot of the manipulation and lies the BBC has been churning out.

          Maybe thats why trolls seem a bit silent – New strategy meeting.

          Anyway time for bed and a quick snortorino de-luxe – Will be thinking about the all poor workers such as Saint Bob and Billy B who dont like Mondays and may well have to downgrade from beluga caviar to sushi.

          Hard life I reckon.


          • Grant says:


            Trotsky’s speeches and writings were so crazy an violent. Then he went into exile in a lovely house on the Island of Buyukada on the Princes Islands. I think it is a hotel now. Last tiime I was there about 15 years ago. Then he went to Mexico and was murdered with an ice axe ! Violent begets violence and the Left will never understand that !


            • Grant says:


              Trotsky’s speeches and writings were so crazy an violent. Then he went into exile in a lovely house on the Island of Buyukada on the Princes Islands. I think it is a hotel now. Last tiime I was there about 15 years ago. Then he went to Mexico and was murdered with an ice axe ! Violent begets violence and the Left will never understand that !

              They worship violence !


        • Cranmer says:

          Grant – I believe the quote you are looking for is ‘If there is hope, it lies in the proles’.


      • BMB says:

        Best not to mention the TWO MILLION POUNDS backhander that the B-BBC gladly received from the EU in the run up to the referendum… Nudge, nudge, say no more.


  5. G.W.F. says:

    The old and the selfish who ruined the lives of young BBCers by voting to leave have one more selfish act to play.
    They will not volunteer to pay the post 75 Licence fee


  6. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of teenage foot stamping. The BBC knows who sells.

    Going well.


  7. Kaiser says:

    i woke to the news , lump in throat and tears of joy welled up, never been so proud to be british

    i hope the idiots at albeeb and its surrogate fantasists the guardian never ever grasp and understand what happened , we dont want them becoming all pseudo realists in an ever more cunning attempt to con the people and deny us our hard won democratic rights.

    This was the british people vs the establishment, its machinery , every living ex prime minister quisling , the bank of england, the eu the imf , big business, the sheep the blind the fence sitters the bed wetters , the scottish nazi party, the irish republican english haters and every fucker else, they threw everything including our money at it, false fear smear and grief

    and yet they still lost, geldof the smelly foreign tax avoiding millionaire can stick his two fingers where the sun dont shine , branson can choke on his margarita whilst watching the sun set on his tax haven.

    the sun is finally rising and burning this polluted fog of filth off our great nation.

    rule brittania


  8. TruthSeeker says:

    50% + of UK youth now go to “university”.
    Compared to 7% when my, grammar school, teachers, went to university.
    Has the human IQ improved to that extent in 50 years? No.
    Has the quality of teaching improved that much in 50 years? No.
    Has the quality of teachers improved in 50 years? No, it has declined, markedly.
    The reason that the “graduate” population has increased is just another part of the Marxist plot, let us have another three years, no let us add a gap year or so, additional time for the Marxist propaganda, indoctrination and subversion process that has masqueraded as the British educational system for 50 years, to turn white children into turkeys on the eve of St Nicholas.

    I am a product of empiricism, if it is true that we elders voted us out of the EU, the young, to whom the torch will be passed, need to give us a huge thank you, now. Before we pass on.

    More importantly the young need to reflect on the fact that, much as the greatest philosophers down the ages have stressed the preeminence of the truth, more effort has been dedicated to mendacity. The younger you are the more you have been lied to.


  9. Tinker says:

    Tin foil hat on incoming conspiracy

    I remember the Day before the referendum vote and the BBC showed a recorded interview with the Husband of the MP who was murdered by a man with mental health problems. They only showed it for about 7 hours then it was taken down. It was so strange to see how composed the husband was and how subtle little comments where being aimed towards the leave campaign been responsible.

    Now for the BBC to interview a husband who just lost his wife a few days before is very strange. The poor man would have been in shock still. They did not even let him grieve in peace and where more than willing to try and use it to push there political agenda.

    It seems that some one loaded this bullet and whispered in its ear and pointed at that poor woman , who just happens to be the perfect poster child for a decent left wing remain MP who cared for the world and those who suffer. And this mental patient reported to said Britain first and that the MP was a traitor. It all just looked to staged a perfect example of the Angelic left wing and its virtues against deluded national pride and the leave campaign.

    Then the silence regarding who this man was and his mental health and why he was not in treatment as he was a danger to the public. His profile is a classic lone wolf killer. Then i come across this video and it suggests that this has been done before during a EU referendum .This was recorded a week before the MP was killed