Here’s a most interesting article for you to read;

“As I write the BBC and Guardian are indeed doing their very best to whip up rhetoric that is as divisive as it is aggressive. And judging from the comments just quoted, they are succeeding, too.”

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    • Grandpapopeye says:

      This bloke Richard Beech does not seem much better than the nasty young remain voters he is half heartedly criticising. He says that leave voters generally have lower intelligence, are anti multiculturalism and anti feminist etc but may not all be outright racists. Leave voters need educating rather than crude and nasty insults. He says he has benefited from the many brilliant things the EU has done for the UK and that many of the areas which voted leave benefitted most from EU investment.

      However he does not mention any specific brilliant things the EU has done for the UK and apparently does not appreciate that the “EU investment” is just recycled UK taxpayers money taken from hard working and struggling individuals to give to people like him.

      I do not suppose he is interested in reading investigative books such as ” The Great Deception” or a painstakingly researched plan for the UK’s global future outside the EU, “Flexit”. That would involve some difficult thinking for such a superior intellect as himself.


      • Rufus McDufus says:

        His article repeats the mantra that people with degrees were far more likely to vote Remain. This is rather a misleading statistic because far fewer people in older generations – only between 5-10% even a generation ago – took degrees. Nowadays the figure is around 50%. Younger people were more likely to vote Remain and more young people have degrees.


        • Lobster says:

          And, of course, in those days degrees actually meant something.


        • Oldspeaker says:

          Agreed Rufus and Lobster, and having seen some of these geniuses in action in the workplace (Lord give me strength) I’m not remotely concerned about how they voted, the fact that media studies graduates are allowed to vote at all is more worrying.


        • GCooper says:

          And that, in itself (the nonsense about graduate preferemces) is far from certain in any case. Simon Heffer in today’s Telegraph has an excellent article in which he pulls that up, in passing slyly mentioning that he has three degrees from Cambridge and is a passionate Brexiter. I know plenty of professional people who are deeply anti-EU, not just ten a penny BA graduates but academics, too.


  1. Grant says:

    Hell hath no fury like women scorned. And I mean no insult to women. Did anyone see Evan Davis interviewing Daniel Hannan last night. OOh ! Scratch you eyes out. It won’t go away but it will die down in a few weeks . Their attention span is quite short !


    • HenryWood says:

      “It won’t go away but it will die down in a few weeks . Their attention span is quite short !”

      Don’t be too sure, Grant. There is a huge momentum building on the back of the “Snowflake” generation who have never been refused anything in their life. Their teachers – professors – social workers- political agitators all taught them that every single one of them was “entitled”.

      This sense of entitlement and righteousness has polluted debate across the land in most learning institutions.

      They do not easily give up.


      • Tommy Atkins says:

        Totally agree. My 15 year old daughter came home from school Friday pm recounting that one of the 15 year old “leavers” (who had participated in a previous in school debate) had been approached by a third girl, upset by the result, and told that she “had ruined my life”.

        The third girl had been hoping that she was somehow going to attend uni in Germany for free to do a degree.


        • HenryWood says:

          Hi Tommy Atkins,
          First of all, thank you very much for an enlightening illustration of what goes on today in our schools.

          I find it all rather fascinating that schoolchildren taking part in a school debate which will have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the actual referendum outcome then approach their fellow pupils and condemn them for their points of view.
          Viewpoints which will have no valid effect at all following only a school debate. To me, this is yet another example of the “entitled generation” making sure they get their entitlement claims in early. So early that in fact the participants in the school debate may end up feeling guilty of the stance they took in the debate.
          I wonder which way the teachers steered the debate?


      • notagaino says:

        Hi, I’ve enjoyed reading through this thread. What a refreshing selection of thoughtful opinions from people who understand the basic rules of logic and debate.

        I am from the “entitled” generation. I also attended university, but dropped out after 2 years after realising just how depressingly moronic and contradictory my lecturers were and the fact that I never learned anything useful on the course – except how to regurgitate feminist venom.

        What makes me different from my peers is simply the fact that I’m not afraid to ask questions if I don’t agree with someone’s statement or decision, (I don’t resort to personal attacks); glean information predominantly by reading and I LISTEN. I have emphasised LISTEN because I feel that it’s not a skill many of my generation possess.

        So, on behalf of the younger generation I would like to apologise for our petty, selfish and short-sighted behaviour. I hope you can forgive us. I am proud to be British.


        • CranbrookPhil says:

          Notagaino, thank you for pointing out that there are some thinking young people still.

          It was much the same when I was at art school in the early 1970s, the majority of fellow students were long-haired clones still acting out the Paris riots of 1968. To voice non-left opinion was a thing one just didn’t dare do too often. Jack Straw was president of the Student Union & out to stir up trouble, his son is continuing the family tradition.

          However we in the art school were thinkers. We accepted individual expression & therefore individual viewpoints, we hated collectivism.
          I remember one day the University Student Union representatives coming in to the studios to demand that we all come out on strike against something or other ‘in solidarity with the student movement’. As one we told them to f@ck off & not come back!


        • Grant says:


          Well said ! Nice to have you here .


      • JohnW says:

        Indeed, they do not give up. The clear message, gleaned from experience over five decades, is that the Left is populated by dedicated career ideologues, many embarked on a lifetime mission of changing society by whatever means. Every setback produces howls of derision along the lines of what we are now seeing, with demands for recounts and re-runs of votes unfairly lost to the great uneducated mass of those they deride as populist bigots. Unfortunately, many on the “right side” of the argument are too busy coping with mundane matters such as raising families and paying their own way through the other trials of daily life to mobilise themselves into a formidable political force to counter the “enlightened” and “compassionate” souls of the Left.


  2. Tinker says:

    Cant belive the tweets the bbc is linking on its web page regarding the petition to not respect democracy . This tweet caught my eye , its a tweet to a twitter account of some random person saying some one shouted some abuse along the lines of go home etc . Not confimed by police no one arrested. The bbc is given Air time to people inciting racial hatred.
    Meanwhile at a demonstration against the EU exit today in london a man filmed man holding a sign saying “Kill all old white people”. And the bbc and the police ignore it ??? I mean imagine the fear people who are old and white and live in that area must feel .

    Now if this was reversed there would be a outcry headline stuff for BBC. I knew they where bad but in that past 3 days the BBC has shown its true nature it has a deep hatred for working class people out side of london and if you happen to be white well they hate you that bit more . BBC is pumping out extreme left wing propaganda every day

    Copys of the tweets they published today on tax payers money. Its Like some angry kid is getting paid to trawl twitter looking for anybody who has some hate to spread towards the democratic vote to leave.

    Reports of post-referendum racial abuse incidents in London
    Sky foreign editor tweets…
    Posted at 18:55

    Gove, Farage and Johnson ‘to be found out’
    Observer columnist tweets…
    Posted at 18:47

    Twitter sums up Brexit – in five words (EDIT Says voters all old white racists on the twitter link)
    Posted at 18:31
    The hashtag #BrexitIn5Words has been trending on Twitter following the referendum vote.
    Here’s a round-up of some of the tweets doing the rounds on that topic.

    How David Cameron ‘blew it’
    Politico editorial director, digital, tweets…
    Posted at 18:26

    Letters from Glastonbury on Brexit
    (edit a clip interviews 6 people . Again blame the old racists is the theme)

    Tears in town that voted Leave
    BBC correspondent tweets…
    Posted at 17:10
    (Is there any poor soul the BBC wont exploit to push there agenda ??)

    David Lammy: ‘Wake up. We do not have to do this’
    Labour MP tweets…
    Posted at 17:00
    (MP calling for parliament to ignore the vote ignore democracy)

    A ‘funeral’ for Britain – Alastair Campbell
    Tony Blair’s former spin doctor tweets…
    Posted at 16:01

    Why did leavers vote the way they did?
    BBC presenter tweets…
    Posted at 15:16
    (More patronising dribble that suggest people voted for some thing else other than the EU;Also race hate on the linked twitter)

    What Brexit means for food prices
    Quartz tweets…
    Posted at 14:33
    (More untrue scaremongering)

    Brexit ‘likely to be devastating’ for creative sector
    The Verge tweets…
    Posted at 13:47
    (More untrue scaremongering)

    All that and more in the past 8 hours on the BBC

    Posted at 16:59


    • Number 6 says:

      Twitter really is a public address system for cretins


      • HenryWood says:

        Unfortunately the cretins are today’s equivalent of the pitchfork and torch mobs.

        They sit there waiting and lusting for a “cause” they can support – preferably a cause which has the blessing of a celebrity whose name will immediately tens of thousands of retweets by the tw*ts.

        It is mob rule and has been since the day it started.


  3. Up2snuff says:

    The Elderly v Yoof narrative is, strangely, not supported by the photography being used by the BBC at least. I cannot speak for the Guardian although I could look at the web-site and will see if there any examples.

    Last summer and autumn many different sources commented on the fact that the stills photography used by the BBC for the refugee crisis differed substantially from that shown on TV screens and in the newspapers. The BBC showed many pictures of children, especially babies, and women out of all proportion across the age and gender range of the refugees.

    Today, in what may be a neutral setting, four young faces visible hints of two more:
    This is followed by three pictures, two of which appear to be in Remain campaign rooms with just one at a bar.

    Yesterday, two young and two not so young faces celbrating the Brexit vote

    I have seen and thought I’d kept examples of BBC voters supporting or celebrating Brexit. Unfortunately they have disappeared into the mass of material that can easily accumulate as Bookmarks.

    Either the BBC have been making a poor choice of pictures, like last year, or the pictures show the reality, the vote to Leave may not be quite such an ‘elderly’ one as the BBC would have everyone now believe. There were certainly plenty of grey hairs to be seen in the Remain camp.


    • Tommy Atkins says:

      Ironically, the “young overwhelming backed remain” argument is “scientifically” based on opinion polls that were plain wrong in the first place.
      As my Mrs has pointed out:
      The young tend not to use GPs as much as the rest of the population.
      The young tend not to be trying to get places at the local primary school.
      They therefore are not seeing the adverse effects of immigration, so their indifference is pounced on and interpreted as tolerance and a new hope for the future. Sickening.


      • HenryWood says:

        A very, very interesting aspect of the vote which I do not think has been explored elsewhere. Thank you (and Mrs Tommy Atkins) for drawing attention to this. To be honest, I had not thought of this until I read your post.


  4. Tommy Atkins says:

    What I’m amazed by is the viseral disappointment actively displayed since the result, at the school gates by other parents and by their children. Fuelled I think by a new threat:
    I had not realised that Nigel Farage appeared on itv breakfast at 6.30am Friday ( I had been up all night watching bbc1). As many may have seen, he was ambushed by a presenter desperate to know when “he” was going to spend the £350m on the nhs. Nigel, taken aback by a question relating to the “vote leave” bus
    (And therefore absolutely nothing to do with him on a number of levels). Very unusually for Nigel he flunked the totally left ambush question.
    Anyhoo, and this is my point, my 15 year old daughter like millions of other youngsters had already seen the video on Instagram or snapchat BEFORE she came down for breakfast (7.30am Friday). She was asking me why Nigel had immediately pronounced that after all he wasn’t going to spend the £350m on the nhs, and was this the quickest breaking of a political promise in history.
    The whole thing seemed like a carefully organised phy-ops set up.
    Here we are monitoring the bbc output, when new delivery channels are literarily brainwashing the youth into believing that “Their” futures have been sold by us old Crusties. How do we even know when this is being done?


    • wronged says:

      Strange. I thought the government of the day decided where public money was distributed.

      The presenter obviously thought Farage is the Prime Minister.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      I can’t recall where that £350m promise came from. I vaguely remember a Leave campaigner saying that we ‘could’ spend £350m a week on the NHS if we choose to do so. It was a stupid claim to make because even the Leave campaign has acknowledged the rebate we get, plus the subsidies. The actual gross payment figure for last year was £18,777m not counting one-off payments which is actually about £360m a week. Off the top of my head the net cost of the EU is around £8-10bn a year (sorry for being too lazy to google it, it’s easily verifiable).

      What is incredible though is how the claims of the Remain camp were not questioned at all. Western civilization would collapse, global disease levels would increase, being gay would be banned (London Pride today has rather disproved that theory) and at least one outlandish claim like this per day.

      I strongly doubt anyone was foolish enough to vote Leave because they thought the NHS would get £350m a week based on one misdirected comment. The NHS as a total of course already receives more than £2bn a week, not counting PFI repayments and many other things.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        The only danger to “London Pride” comes from the islamicisation of Britain. There is only one demographic which claims the authority of God to kill gays.


  5. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    There are loads of data from the opinion poll companies – and what a good job they did 🙁 – saying that younger people were more likely to want to ‘remain’. But has anyone seen any figures for the turnout amongst the youngsters?
    I suspect that lots of them didn’t vote, and probably didn’t even realise that posting drivel on Twitter/ FaceBook/ Instagram/ etc doesn’t count.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Here’s the figures from Sky. I think this must be from a Twitter poll so not the actual true breakdown figures, but give an indication.

      View post on


      • Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

        That’s excellent, Rufus. So it’s quite clear that two-thirds of the youngsters couldn’t be bothered to vote, and have no right to complain that they didn’t agree with those in older age-groups. Have the bBBC pointed this out?


  6. Aerfen says:

    The third girl had been hoping that she was somehow going to attend uni in Germany for free to do a degree.

    Tuition fees are very low in Germany. Of course she would have had to win a place (and would need a high standard of German), and would have faced all the higher living costs involved in coping in a foreign country. Renting an appartment in Germany for example is considerably more troublesome than in Britain and involves high initial costs, and the typical multioccupied ‘student houses’ foudn in Britain are rarely an option, nor does the university act in the semi ‘in loco parentis’ role they do in Britain. She would also have higher travel costs to come home.
    However she need not give up on her dream, as Germany just like Britain offers generous scholarships to International students, which is why many non EU students can afford to study there.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      Don’t mess her head up with facts, what are you, some sort of fascist? I bet you are “old” too. Death’s too good for you! Just you wait till David Lammy is the Prime Minister!


  7. Rick Bradford says:

    A wonderful comment at the Indy bewailing the fact that nobody in the media “nailed” the Leave campaign on what their post-exit strategy was going to be.

    Well, if you exclude Brexiteers from your shows and heckle them if they do appear, you’re never going to find out what their strategy is.

    BBC wins it for Brexit!


  8. Daz says:

    I will be sending this letter to the BBC complaints commission. Is there anything you think I should change or add before I do?

    As a remain voter I would like to express my disgust at the BBC reporting post and Pre Brexit.
    Yesterday 25th June I turned on the news to see a news report of the “typical” leave Brexit voter.
    I didn’t catch the name of the town where the interviews took place, but I think it was somewhere in the East Midlands. Most were conducted outside in the street.
    The interviewer was talking to two, overweight girls from a housing estate, who were expressing that they voted to leave because of the immigration.
    A passing middle aged pedestrian, whilst still on the move, who was clearly racist, mentioned that his reason was because he didn’t like Muslims.
    An overweight, unemployed, white man was also interviewed and complained about immigrants taking all the jobs.
    An old lady who was crying because she was so happy with the result, while sitting in what looked like a cafeteria, was also interviewed to add a little bit of, what you must have considered balanced reporting, to offset your otherwise bigotry, possibly even racist reporting.
    I call you racist because, all the interviews were of what appeared to be, lower class, white people, and this was obviously intended as a derogative report towards lower class white people, portrayed by you as the typical Brexit leave voter.
    This was all you could find in 17 million votes to represent the “typical” Brexit leave voter?
    A fit, good looking, Polish immigrant was interviewed near the end of the report, to say how he got jobs because he could work harder than the local population.
    This is about where I turned off in disgust.
    Reporting like this, at a time when the country needs stability was irresponsible in the extreme!
    If you had spent more time before the referendum reporting on the plight of these, poor, lower class people, who are finding it hard to find work because of immigration, so that their issues could be addressed, and brought to the attention of the rich and political elite, living in their multicultural bubble in London. The whole Brexit issue could have been avoided.
    But no!
    You consider the plight of refugees in Calais and those crossing the Med to escape war, more important than the troubles our poor working class are facing here, in Britain.
    As desperate as the plight of the refugees is, in order to help them, we first have to have a content and stable country ourselves.
    Unlike the refugees, you seem to have completely missed the point that the lower class, unemployed, and unskilled workers in this country have a vote! Just because someone is white and overweight doesn’t mean they have a content and happy life. In fact, it’s quite often the opposite.
    The main concern of the majority of the working class in our country seems to be immigration and I would say, almost with certainty, is why remain lost the vote and we are now out of the EU.
    Possibly the whole disintegration of the EU will hinge around one major issue. Its porous borders.
    Why did you not pick up on this wave of emotion and fear sweeping the continent, address it with sympathy and understanding and get behind it?
    Instead you have portrayed nationalists as xenophobes and racists. Championing the plight of the refugees instead. Exploiting their children to use for propaganda, in your blinkered plight to help them, whilst ignoring the concerns of those most affected in our country by the introduction of their unskilled workforce and different culture.
    All you have done with your biased reporting on this issue is increase the rise of the far right extremist groups and anti-immigration supporters. You have helped to put our country in a position where it is less able to help them monetarily, in their own country.
    Although maybe we couldn’t help them by providing a living or safe haven in our country, at least by keeping an affluent and sympathetic population, we could have provided monetary aid and a safe haven inside their own or neighbouring country instead.
    Yet, I have seen no reporting to champion the cause for more border control. If anything, quite the opposite. How did you miss these fears of the lower and middle class in this country? Was it perhaps because you spend more time reporting on and exploiting the children of refugees abroad, than you do of expressing the concerns of those that really matter in this country? As I have already said they really matter because they have a vote and an influence on how much monetary aid we can provide in the future. The refugees don’t.

    The older generation of this country has seen right through your blatant remain propaganda. Press propaganda, the likes of which has not been seen since the second world war.
    BBC News, I am disgusted at you. You should be ashamed of yourselves, having had a large part in aiding our exit of the EU, and possibly in its inevitable collapse, if its porous border problem is not addressed quickly.


    • gb123 says:

      I would also add. When your Guardian guests quote numbers such as 75% of the “yoof” voted from remain as a categorical figure you ask them for the source as you seem to do this with anyone who has a figure you don’t like and bring out a plethora of charts and slides to make your point.
      The figure comes from a YouGov survey. Referendum figures, unless I am mistaken, come from a secret ballot. If the Guardian have access to data from ballot boxes and have used hyper sensitive sniffer dogs who can determine the age and gender of a person by the cross on a piece of paper they can quote the number as a categorical figure. Otherwise it is a figure from another unreliable survey.


    • G.W.F. says:


      Just a comment.
      ‘A passing middle aged pedestrian, whilst still on the move, who was clearly racist, mentioned that his reason was because he didn’t like Muslims’.

      I think I saw this before turning off. Not liking Muslims does not make him racist. Muslims are not a race; they follow a crack pot religion.,

      However, it made me think. Just how many who express concern about immigration are actually concerned about the immigration of moslems, not because of race, and maybe not because of threats to employment perhaps.


    • Cranmer says:

      Daz, as someone who works as an editor and also fields complaints from the public, I would say you need to cut the letter drastically to a few key bullet points. A harrased BBC employee won’t read beyond the first paragraph and will just send a stock reply, if he replies at all. It also helps to single out one specific incidence of bias that you believe needs to be apologised for, so that they are left with a ‘call to action.’ Mention also that you will be taking up the matter with your MP etc.


  9. johnnythefish says:

    From the comments section of th linked article:

    For the past 2,000+ years most of the “Elders” of communities all around the world were respected for their wisdom: they had seen most of life before and were in some ways better qualified to comment, judge and accept or reject accordingly. They tried to lay out the best path for those following after them.

    Today, our modern “Snowflake” generation with their “No Platform!”, “Safe Spaces!” and all the rest of their 21st Century Political Correctness are dragging Western civilisation back to a dark age. They both know nothing nor have experienced anything in their short, vacant lives.

    They cannot see that because they have experienced nothing other than the views that their liberal elite teachers/professors/politicians/political agitators have drummed into them that they may possibly be on the wrong side of the argument. And to confirm their very illiberal views they simply sign in to social media and immediately have all of their prejudices confirmed.

    Today there is *no* argument.

    They do not seek for truth. They seek for the confirmation and the adulation of their peers that, “Yes! We are correct!” and they get it in spades, for woe betide the daring soul on Facebook or Twitter who questions the crowd.

    Why is there no questioning these days of alternative views to their own? It is almost *always* –
    “No! You are wrong, so you must not speak! An alternative view to what *WE* think is simply not permitted!”

    Or, “This is a Safe Space! You are not allowed to say that!”

    I do wonder if I will live to see the day when someone, *anyone* in Academia, dare stand up and challenge this blatant regression of human values? I very much doubt it because I am now in my 70s, in poor health, and kind of fading into the sunset. But at least, before I did fade out, I went and cast my vote for “Leave”.

    Unless the Twitter generation matures very, very quickly, it faces a very bleak future of its own making.


  10. Kaiser says:

    how disgusting and shocking of my father to sell the future of myself and his grandchildren to the dustbin of history, just so he can live in his outrageous comfort, and spend his ill gotten gains in the local pound shops.

    how dare he work his way out of the gutter, and do 2 jobs just so he could scrimp and save to get himself a house and be able to bring his family up away from the slums he was born into.

    How dare he not be able to afford a foreign holiday until the mid 1980,s because he was too busy paying a mortgage.

    how dare he he set up very small trust funds and pay money into them every month since the day of his grandchildrens birth.

    how dare he not go out and waste the pension he paid into all his life when he could barely afford it, so he can leave something to my sister and myself despite our encouragement to spend it on himself.

    It is obvious now that the thick stupid racist old bigot, cares nothing for his family and having ruined our lives, i wish i had not been adopted by him, and will be changing my surname by deed poll as soon as possible to disassociate myself from the selfish old bastard.


    • Grant says:

      Kaiser, Well said !!! And how dare the Remainers say that young people know better than older people what is best for them.


  11. Tom Jones says:

    Kaiser – your sense of exasperation comes through clearly, with both force and feeling.


  12. Nibor says:

    Do young people walk into poll booths with those badges you get with birthday cards ( I am 5 ) proclaiming their ages ? The BBC seems to know what they voted for in what is supposed to be a secret ballot .


  13. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of the BBC and Guardian, a two-cheeky series of exchanges from Louise Mensch on twitter has entertained this wet Sunday:

    Envies of the world. Guess the fact checkers at BBC trending were on the slopes, as Clarkson may say.