Civil War, Little Hitlers and Little Europeans


Youth unemployment in the UK?  13.4%

Youth unemployment in Europe..…from 6.9% in Germany, 24.6% in France, to 48.9% in Greece….mostly nearer the latter figure.

So just how is the EU good for the Young?

Or for anyone……

The Times quotes a senior EU diplomat on the imploding French economy…..

“The beating heart of European integration is the Franco-German [not British?] relationship, but the situation in Paris raises the spectre of a cardiac arrest.”

Where is the BBC explanation of all this to the ‘angry youth’ in the UK?  Where is the explanation of what staying in the ever expanding, ever more constrictive, EU would mean as Britain was forced into the Euro and a closer political and economic union?  Where is the explanation that the undemocratic EU will self-destruct if it keeps on going the way it does ignoring the wishes of the increasingly discontented populations across Europe and that this will result in far more terrible things than having to do a bit of paperwork to get that job in Berlin?

No explanation.  Just BBC journalists encouraging the ‘youth’ to feel betrayed and angry when what we have had is one of the most democratic votes in UK history which has resulted in a vote to leave the EU.  This was a vote far more democratic than the last general election.  The referendum had a 75% turn out with over 50% of the voters in favour of Brexit whereas the government is in power on the basis of 36.9% of the vote on a turn out of 66.1%  And yet we are told Brexit is undemocratic.  Since 1945 no party has had over 50% of the vote.

Another paradox is that the jumped up Scottish National Socialist leader tells us that because so many in Scotland voted to remain in the EU Scotland must go its separate way…and yet conversely she says that, despite the majority, in this non-party, non-national vote, for Brexit, she will undemocratically block it.  Democracy eh?  Only when it suits….and let’s note that the National Socialists in Scotland took a mere 4.7% of the British vote…UKIP 12.6%.  Who has more legitimacy across the UK?  UKIP.

Of course the BBC has been happily cheering on the SNP and the terrorist mouthpiece, Sinn Fein, as they try to destroy the United Kingdom. Have you ever heard the BBC seriously challenge the logic or legitimacy of their rhetoric?

Have you heard the BBC challenge the rhetoric of the young Remain voters which it floods the airwaves with?  We have looked at this earlier and David has pointed out another article on it but it needs emphasising even more.

What the BBC is up to is nothing less than an attempt to overturn the democratic vote by stirring up hate and anger in the hope that if enough discontent and street fighting can be incited that will force politicians to ‘rethink’ Brexit ‘in the interests of peace and stability’.  A peace and stability destroyed by the BBC itself as it backs the tearing apart of the United Kingdom and the rise of civil strife.

We already have Labour’s David Lammy demanding that the Brexit vote be cast aside….which goes to show just how out of touch Labour is with its voters….and note this quote from a Labour MP, Julie Elliott, in Sunderland which voted to leave….“We need to be out there talking to people to understand what’s going on in the northeast.”  Bit late eh?

As I have always said the greatest danger to democracy is the BBC itself as it supports the Islamist terrorists and their causes and now, as always, the violent forces of leftwing political sabotage….just as they gave such fulsome support to Occupy.

Ignore or brush Brexit aside and carry on as if it never happened and I can see a very violent reaction to take back a democracy denied.  So much for the BBC’s supposed obligation to promote civil society and seems to do everything it can to do the exact opposite and create divison, fear, hatred and violence.

Clearly the BBC, those politicans who want to pretend there was no vote, the ‘young’ who think this is all about them, the commentators who tell us the Leave voters were racists, bigots and fools who didn’t understand what they were voting for, have no idea, or bury their heads in the sand, as to the reason for the vote…people are fed up with being ignored, their beliefs and values demeaned and mocked.  What is the BBC’s et al’s reaction?  To ignore, demean and mock those who voted for Brexit.

You couldn’t make it up.

Jon Pienaar was onto the subject of the ‘youth anger’ (around 11:50)….David Starkey up against George Parker.  Pienaar argued against Starkey but never once contradicted Parker who told us that his kids cried on hearing the result of the vote…he said they may not actually understand what the EU was but it was all about a ‘state of mind’…that lovey-dovey hippy feeling that the EU engenders apparently with its human rights and the heart of democracy that it is….whilst the Leave campaign ran a campaign based on hate, an ugly campaign…Pienaar stop him there?  No.  Oh, and apparently it is a terrible imposition to expect the young to actually attempt to learn about the democratic system…they must be spoonfed it….Parker thinks it is shockingly patronising to say that if they couldn’t be arsed to vote it’s their own fault they didn’t get the result they wanted…it is society that has failed them by not educating them on how to vote.  The ‘Old’ have stitched them up, the bastards.

Hmmm…the UK parliament is the ‘mother of Parliaments’.  The democratic nations around the world owe it to Britain for their democracy and human rights.  The EU did not invent those rights and values….perhaps Parker should teach his kids a bit of history instead of feeding them leftwing fairytales.  Starkey said Parker was patronising [He was], Parker’s response was to blame Starkey for having driven him to it..says it all really….classic ‘never my fault…I’m a victim’.  No wonder his kids were in tears…they think life owes them a living.

The BBC followed up Pienaar with a programme based around that ‘youth anger’ but did nothing to actually educate that youth and challenge their perceptions.  We had a musician come on to tell us how the youth have been abandoned and their futures destroyed……but no explanation as to exactly how that comes about. Then the BBC wheeled on an apparently regretful leave voter, Barbara, who we were told only voted leave as a protest vote, but not what she was protesting about, and that she hadn’t understood what she was voting for…and if she had realised the terrible consequences of a Brexit vote she would have voted differently.  No proof of course that she was genuine…but she apparently was there to represent all Brexit voters in a long clip that the BBC decided was important to reveal to us.

So here we have the BBC narrative, a young generation betrayed, a generation whose lives have been destroyed…by voters who were fooled and misled by the liars and bigots of the leave campaign, and who didn’t understand what they were voting for.

Is the BBC trying to generate the idea that the vote was illegitimate, a fraud based upon lies and stupidity?  That it should be cast aside or rerun?

We also heard that banks are ‘possibly’ going to shed jobs ‘due to Brexit’.  Again ‘hmmmm’.  The banks have been shedding jobs for years and will happily use Brexit as the excuse rather than the more ruthless, capitalist motive of saving money which the BBC would normally be aghast at….now they are in cahoots with the banks blaming Brexit for everything…never mind all these reports about job losses around the world…

Deutsche Bank to cut up to 35,000 jobs

Italy’s biggest bank to cut roughly 1,000 jobs in Germany

Barclays to shed 30,000 jobs

JPMorgan to cut up to 17,000 jobs by end of 2014

HSBC to Close Half of India Branches in Digital Banking Push

The BBC rents its clothes and gnashes its teeth in anguished pain at bankers losing their jobs and yet not so when it is as a result of ‘good’ government policy, policy that the BBC and the Left supports...such as bank levies and increased capital reserves…

HSBC is cutting up to 8,000 jobs in Britain and slashing the number of branches as part of huge global restructuring plans.

The banking giant – which employs around 48,000 of its 258,000 global staff in the UK – revealed it is axing 25,000 jobs worldwide in a bombshell announcement this morning.

The head office of HSBC’s UK retail bank is being relocated from London to Birmingham by 2019 amid the new ring-fencing rules and HSBC is said to be considering a sale of the business.

It added that it wanted to return the global banking and markets division to profitability – an area which has become more expensive for banks in the tougher regulatory environment since the financial crisis.

The HSBC strategy update comes a day ahead of George Osborne’s Mansion House speech, with reports suggesting the Chancellor will signal a review of the bank levy in an attempt to prevent major banking players such as HSBC from relocating their headquarters away from Britain.

The BBC seems to be trying to incite a civil war and the overturning of democracy.  Careful what you wish for is my advice.  Broadcasters are always the first victims as the peddlers of propaganda.






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18 Responses to Civil War, Little Hitlers and Little Europeans

  1. RJ says:

    If there hadn’t been a difference in the voting pattern between those of us with experience of the world and naive youngsters I’d wonder if I’d voted the wrong way. Although doing the opposite of whatever the BBC is campaigning for is a useful default setting.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The default setting of those regulars at the BBC who call themselves satirical comedians, is that they don’t know much about the EU, so they feel safer if they vote remain. So that means that satirical comedians today don’t know much about political institutions, but just make jokes about how politicians look, how they dress, how they fell down today, and any perceived politically incorrect word they may have said.


  2. chrisH says:

    Good old Starkey eh?
    Poor bloke was on telly the other night against some geezerbird called Paris Lees, as well as some “historian” who looked like Anne of Cleves with a pre-Raphaelite wig…Cathy Newmans serving winch or such.
    That poor man-he puts Laurie Pinny in her cat litter tray, only to have to keep batting down these witches (and wizards who are witches that day, depending on drugs or BBC requirements).
    I salute you Prof David Starkey-finally a man who`ll make sense of what we`ve done when he`s rested.

    Some great types shovel the shit, so the rest of us don`t need to.


    • says:

      Watch this video clip, it’s absolutely brilliant. Penny, a typical self righteous, arrogant, superior leftard doesn’t even get to the default mode of ‘losing an argument so resort to personal attacks’, no she goes straight in for the kill…only she didn’t reckon on Starkey slamming her down in spectacular fashion.

      Cue the stuttering, the excuses, the hypocrisy, the inability to hold a debate against someone who fights back, because, in the main, she hasn’t had to and that’s the problem, we have now with these remainiac arseholes currently crying and self pitying and they simply cannot accept anyone daring to go against them because they have never had to.

      From mummy and daddy giving them everything and treating them like the boss of the house from the age of 3, the teachers at their schools too afraid to even shout at the precious future lefties, the paedo like lecturers at Uni who are down with the kids and see them as mates rather than students, the employers in some world saving charity or lefty media outlet feeding their need to cleanse the working class scum and force their warped ideology on to the masses.

      They will never learn, just look at the pathetic bbc today, still forcing their incitement to hatred onto the yoof. Who has complained from the politcians? They have no regulating body to reign them in! They are free to peddle the destruction of the UK and have willing participants in the likes of ‘Adolf’ sturgeon and Martin McGuiness. How are the bbc, ITV and co being allowed to carry on with this disgusting rhetoric?

      Maybe they are realizing that referendum EUsers freedom 2 isn’t going to happen so they are resorting to project liebour once again. On Sunday politics they had John McDonnell, tony Bliar, the white dianne abbott, emily thornberry, and stephen kinnock telling us as to where this country now has to go after Brexit??

      All remainiacs, all from a liebour party that is heading down the liberal party route and couldn’t get close to winning the 2015 GE!! They think that these wankers are going to take this country forwards? And it was the same old shit;

      Bliar with the..forgive them lord for the scum know not what they voted for, and then said, “it was a huge mistake to leave”. Like the Iraq mistake,tony! Because we all believe you, don’t we? Like the mistake to allow millions of immigrants in to the UK that had a big bearing on the Brexit decision? Does anyone but the bbc take this war criminal seriously?

      thornberry with the…”we must listen to our voters to see where we went wrong” It’s too late you ugly, white hating bigoted bitch! You had our warnings and you are now paying for it, get used to it. You and your little londoner elites.

      It seems that corbyn-laden is going nowhere, I’m hoping he’ll have a purge of the people who don’t support him and force the liebour party further to the left by courtesy of the above arsehole remainiac/student/leftard party members who want him as leader. A split is heading to liebour that will make the tories look united.

      This will be great news as many in the North of England, already with former liebour voters now choosing UKIP as the party that will speak for them, will shun them even further. If the North and Midlands does take the next step I’d advise the thick, zombie like kids to educate themselves as to why the LEAVERS voted as they did and I’d advise the scum in the UAF and co that no one gave them the keys to the kingdom, you are not wanted. I’d advise both to stop believing their propaganda wing at the bbc. The silent majority won’t stay silent for much longer if things carry on as they are.


      • Number 6 says:

        Brilliant post


        • says:

          Cheers Number 6, as you can see, this situation has really got me riled, the bbc now more than ever needs to be destroyed before what they are advocating actually happens.


          • taffman says:

            Time for a judicial inquiry in to Al Beeb and its conduct before and after the EU referendum.


      • Cranmer says:

        Thanks for the clip. Until today I have had the great fortune not to have heard of this Penny person. She certainly learnt her lesson there – don’t mess with Queen Bee Starkey!


      • Tothepoint says:

        Superb post Glen


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      She can dish it out, but she can’t take it. Pathetic little whiny loser.


  3. JimS says:

    I expect one could say that the BBC is being controversial and divisive whilst promoting Hate not Hope!

    Fascist Thatcherite Bastards!


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    I looked at my share portfolio to see how much I had lost due to Brexit and found to my surprise that I had gained £378 on the week.
    I invest in six medium to large British companies with high dividend return, but if I had sold them all on Thursday and bought them all back on Friday morning , I could have made over a £3,000 profit out of project fear. I could not take such a risk, but a lot of investors have exploited the system. The evidence is overwhelming that Brexit will bring a 12 percent boost to the economy. Switzerland also produces overwhelming evidence that being outside of the EU is better for young people than those confused Pro-EU youngsters in Greece who think it could be even worse if Greece left the EU.


  5. Aerfen says:

    Pienaar argued against Starkey but never once contradicted Parker who told us that his kids cried on hearing the result of the vote…he said they may not actually understand what the EU was but it was all about a ‘state of mind’

    Just how brainwashed are thos epoor kids?
    Not old enough to understand even what the EU is but cried because we are out!
    Was it their parents brainwashing or school? Either way its frightening!


  6. says:

    ‘David Starkey up against George Parker. Pienaar argued against Starkey but never once contradicted Parker who told us that his kids cried on hearing the result of the vote…he said they may not actually understand what the EU was but it was all about a ‘state of mind’…that lovey-dovey hippy feeling that the EU engenders apparently with its human rights and the heart of democracy that it is….whilst the Leave campaign ran a campaign based on hate, an ugly campaign…Pienaar stop him there?’

    I found it interesting that the liberal tosser, Parker, was saying, (after the ‘Polish go home’ tale), that if the kids don’t get what they want from British back in the EU and a return of flood the country with fluffy immigrants..that the next step will basically be by violent means! So he’s advocating a civil war to get their way.

    Who exactly will fight their liberal war? Normally liberals start the shit and expect working class kids to do their bidding, that is no longer the case it seems, somehow I can’t see his weeping kids fighting for the cause, maybe Bliar’s kids will take up arms.


  7. albion49 says:

    Here’s a letter that needs to be read to those British youths who are currently condemning the older folk for (apparently but based on unfounded stories) causing the exit of Britain from the EU.

    When you have:

    • fought and offered to sacrifice your lives for your country through a world war;
    • served your nation and your fellow-citizens by working in laborious, often dangerous occupations all your life from the age of 16 to 65;
    • paid your taxes for over 50 years;
    • suffered interest rates in double figures for much of your younger working life;
    • endured periods of national unemployment and job scarcity;
    • seen several long periods of industrial unrest and severe recession, and despite this have helped to restore Britain to its current high standing in the world –

    then you may have the right to make statements about your feelings.

    Until then, if you think that Europe is such a wonderful place, why don’t you go and live there, where in many European countries:

    • Youth unemployment is much higher than in Britain.
    * Immigration is making many towns and cities unsafe for their citizens.
    • Racial intolerance is much greater than here in Britain.
    • The quality of life is lower than in this country.

    Otherwise, just keep quiet – you have no right to criticise until you have earned the right to do so; and remember that most of those folk in their later years have lived lives that have given them the wisdom and experience to make the right decisions – decisions which are important not for their own future lives (which are short) but for YOUR lives.


    • Cranmer says:

      Good post Albion. I would add to that – being forced on pain of imprisonment to undergo two years of military service (possibly in some pretty nasty conflicts) during the National Service era of 1948-1963.


  8. G.W.F. says:

    The BBC Maoists invite the yoof to overturn the referendum.

    We Are Chairman Mao’s Red Guards 我们是毛主席的红卫兵

    Red Guards, Red Guards,
    Burning with revolutionary zeal,
    Tested by the storm of class struggle,
    Tempered for battle our hearts are red,
    Standing firm, direction clear,
    Our vigor for revolution strong,
    We follow the party with full devotion,
    We are Chairman Mao’s Red Guards
    Red Guards, Red Guards,
    We want to be the successors to Communism.
    The revolutionary red banner passes on from generation to generation,
    We want to carry on the glorious tradition.
    Loving the country, loving the People, loving the Collective, loving to work.
    Connecting with the workers and the peasants,
    We are Chairman Mao’s Red Guards.


  9. Amounderness Lad says:

    Radio Scotland today produced an elderly man in his nineties, obviously a Remain supporter, who boasted that he had encouraged his seventeen year old grandson to vote in his place on his postal vote and then signed it as having been completed by himself. His explanation was that, because of his age and the fact his grandson was too young to vote himself, he considered it an acceptable thing to do because of his own age and the fact that it was the grandson’s future which was being decided.

    What a load of old hogwash. He could just as easily voted the same way himself as he obviously know which way the grandson would have voted had he been old enough. I wonder what he would have done if his grandson had been seventeen months old instead of seventeen years, after all the excuse about it being all about the grandson’s future would still be equally applicable.

    Two things immediately spring to mind. The first is, since the encouragement of the wide spread use of postal voting has been not only been made so easy to engage in, how simple it is for it to be corrupted with little chance of it being discovered. The second is that, in order to further the BBC’s propaganda against the Leave decision, they are not only willing to fall over themselves to use a criminal act to further there own political agenda and pro-EU bias but also to laud electoral fraud as some kind of moral obligation.

    Obviously the BBC have no moral scruples when it comes to furthering their complete bias about detesting the result of the Referendum because it went against their determined efforts to promote a Remain outcome and their equally determined effort to create as much antagonism, if not outright hatred, between the losing Remain and the winning Leave supporters in the hope of it being used to force some kind of excuse to rerun the Referendum.

    This is the usual EU tactic which has been used on several occasions with the sole intent of bullying voters to change the result to the one they are determined to force on them. It only goes to prove just how completely anti-democracy the BBC, the EU and the fanatical EU supporters are and how they are willing to totally disregard it when they find it inconvenient. It is the kind of ‘Democracy’ favoured by what the EU has become, a proto-Totalitarian Dictatorship run by a Political Elite hiding behind the fiction of being a Democracy.