Democracy deficit


Had to laugh at this from the Guardian:

No one can predict what sort of outcome might emerge from his capricious gamble, and it doesn’t look like we’ll even get to vote again until all of that is done and dusted. Europe doesn’t crush our democracy. It protects what’s left of it. Now that protection is gone and our limited, gestural, dysfunctional democracy is all we have.

The unelected European government protects our democracy?  Pull the other one.  It’s busily smashing and suppressing democracy right across Europe and gets ever more arrogant, overbearing and dictatorial as time goes on.

We’ve just had one of the most democratic votes in the United Kingdom’s history with a massive voter turnout and the Guardian thinks our democracy is under threat……well yes…under threat from the likes of the Guardian which refuses to accept the outcome of that vote and whose columnists threaten ‘not to forget’ those who voted to leave and encourage their readers to ‘hold onto their fury’.

The biggest danger to democracy is the likes of the Guardian and the BBC who twist and corrupt the news as they malign and demonise the people whose politics and values they don’t accept…so much for tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism.  Only get that ‘acceptance’ if you run a ‘takeaway’…according to Labour.



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16 Responses to Democracy deficit

  1. boohanna says:

    There will, one day, be an accounting for all this.

    In public.


  2. Edward says:

    “No one can predict what sort of outcome might emerge from his capricious gamble…”

    As if it was a gamble to vote Leave and not a gamble to vote Remain – it was a gamble either way! The difference being that we get to fight our way out of a crisis because we have all the political tools in our political toolbox and not a toolbox that is shared with 27 other countries.

    Oh, for the pleasures of having an adjustable spanner! How Greece would salivate over that image. But they were forbidden such wares. There is only one size of nut in the EU, therefore adjustable spanners are not required – in fact, they are not allowed!

    Instead, you make your spanners non-adjustable and big enough to fit the EU standard-sized nut – which is very big! And there are lots of them!

    The UK fucked the EU, and we fucked the standard-sized political nutters. Michael Heseltine has exposed himself as a piece of shit the size of the aftermath of an EU 7-course dinner 36 hours after it was first ingested, and the Labour Party career politicians are trying to throw out Jeremy Corbyn whilst everyone who voted Leave are backing him!

    The truth has been exposed, ladies and gents – the Labour party do not speak for the working class and haven’t done for a few decades. Everyone who campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU can take their fair share of the blame as to why Brtain voted to leave.

    The establishment did not listen to the people! They listened to the polls, the politicians and the economists.


    We already did!


  3. Wild says:

    There is an intelligent debate to be had between conservatives and liberals (not a Party political distinction) but the sort of people who read and write for The Guardian are best ignored. They have no interest in reality. They will tell you one thing one day, and the exact opposite the next day. The only constant is their sanctimonious tone – driven entirely by their narcissism. The more Left you go the more their narcissism is driven by hate, but the vanity remains the same. It is a waste of time engaging in debate with such people. They are not interested in solving problems, all they are interested in is their feelings.

    I recall listening to BBC journalists “reporting” about Thatcher. That she did not listen to Cabinet. That her Press Secretary [Ingham] although a Civil Servant was too partisan in her favour. That she lied [Belgrano] when sending our armed forces into conflict. That she was not interested in the plight of the underclass. Then they got a government with a Prime Minister who really didn’t listen to his Cabinet, who really did employ a Press Secretary who was a Party political spin merchant. A government that really did send our troops abroad on the basis of a pack of lies, and who led a government who really was uninterested in the plight of the underclass. So what do the BBC do? Condemn anybody who opposes them as scum of the Earth of course.

    I have just started reading Tom Bower’s book about the Blair government – what a bunch of tossers! Only a few pages in he mentions that the Director General of the BBC was funding Blair’s campaign to be leader of the Labour Party. We have withdrawn from the EU (another bunch of parasites) time to dismantle the [compulsory] funding of the BBC – the broadcasting arm of The Guardian.


    • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

      Sadly, if there is any intelligent discussion you clearly wont be part of it. As for Thatcher you forgot to mention , she wifully put British civillians in danger in the prelude to the Falklands war and domestically was quite happy to see the deprived Northern Cities go to the wall.
      As to solving problems whats your plan for us leaving the EU? I presume you thought there was one before you voted.


  4. Nibor says:

    I think the Guardian wants the voting slips for Parliament to be a cut out from one of their pages .


  5. Rob in Cheshire says:

    One of the more interesting developments in European democracy is that the Austrian presidential election is going to be rerun.

    It is clear that there was massive electoral fraud amongst the postal votes. Who could have arranged that? Not the Greens, who do not have the power of the state behind them. To my mind, it had to have been a stitch up by the establishment parties to thwart the will of the people. That’s European style democracy for you. Luckily for the Austrians they still have a free court system. That will be the next thing the EU will want to do away with.

    I am more optimistic than ever that we will not be the last country to leave the EU, and that this corrupt empire’s days are numbered.


  6. Fred Bloggs says:

    Who has organised this big pro EU protest in London? The bBC are saying it started on Facebook and went viral. But I see some connections to Guardian and hence bBC lovie comedian mark Thomas. I see the hand of Labour and Momentum behind this. The SWP and the inhabitants of Quislington want an EU project as it is essentially socialist. No EU and they will find it much harder to plot their future and impose it on everyone.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      “Quislington” !!!

      This is brilliant. Like many funny things, you realize it was staring you in the face all the time once someone points it out.


      • chrisH says:

        Ta Fred…this will catch on, your place in our history books assured.
        Heard the leaders of Momentum( Schneider and Lansman, Mine etc) referred to as “Brideshead Bolsheviks”.
        Corbyn makes a rather mangy, snaggle toothed teddy bear I grant…but they`ll not let us put him in the wash.


        • Fred Bloggs says:

          Thanks, wish I could take credit for it. I used it once since I spotted on a blog, at that point I was immediately attacked by a well known lefty. Ou! they don’t like it up them I thought.


  7. Richard Pinder says:

    BBC satire seems to have gone mad, I heard the beginning of “Dead Ringers” and Culshaw said to the democratic majority “you voted to get your country back to Germany in 1932”. No I said, I thought I was voting to get my country back to Britain in 1972, the year that democracy peaked with the Local referendums bill coming into force at the beginning of the year. But to increase democracy even more after we leave the EU, we still have to get rid of the House of Lords. Thankfully self-Government of the Commonwealth Nations did not involve a duplication of the House of Lords. Neither is the European Union emulated anywhere else in the World.

    Also to emulate the most democratic nation in the world, Switzerland, we could federalise England, Wales Scotland and Ulster and impose a system of direct democracy for Britain and the Home Nations.

    Satirists on the BBC seem to have gone mad, the National Socialists in 1932 where voted in on an anti-democratic ticket, openly campaigning to abolish democracy. Also the most hideously white part of Britain is a one party National Socialist state, very enthusiastic about being under the rule of the invisible but hideously white bureaucrats of the undemocratic European Union.

    The Economy was just a strategy for “Remain”. The establishment assumed that the statement “it’s the economy stupid” was the strategy that would always make the stupid vote against democracy itself. It worked in Greece for a while, making unemployed young people in Greece think it would be even worse if Greece left the Euro. But the contradictions with the facts regarding Western European nations reveal the stupidity of this hysterical left-wing mindset, with economic collapse and high unemployment being highest amongst young people in Euro zone EU Nations, and with the highest GDP per capita and lowest unemployment in those nations not in the EU.


  8. Fred Bloggs says:

    There are 4 million idiots in this country. The ref petition should say, ‘We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75%, the referendum should not be accepted.’ However the idiot who wrote it said ‘We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum.’

    Which means if we never reach the criteria, we will have a referendum ad infinitum. 4M idiots signed up for this, I expect 30,000 of them were protesting today in London. Surprised they can put one foot in front of the other.


  9. richard D says:

    In Russia at the moment, and have been since Friday 24th June, and a bit limited, therefore, as to English-language TV News availability.

    BBC World News has focused on virtually nothing else but the Brexit vote over the past 10 days, and has, almost without exception in the programmes and news broadcasts I have seen, done nothing but denigrate the British people for daring to vote to leave the EU. It has given copious amounts of time to UK and foreign supporters of the ‘Remain’ persuasion and virtually no time whatsoever to anyone who supports the ‘Leave’ position. It has even spent more time reporting on the shenanigans of those who are hell-bent on demanding yet another referendum, or determined to destroy the democratic decision to leave the EU by less than democratic means, as if they have the right to overturn the issue simply because the poor darlings can’t survive the disappointment.

    Incredibly, RT (which of course has its own angle on the EU) has devoted more time to the real ramifications of the Brexit vote than the BBC has, determined as the BBC seems to be to ‘just stop this nonsense at once’. For instance, regarding Ms Sturgeon’s histrionics and world-stage-playing (a devoted acolyte of Mr Salmond in that particular respect), the BBC mentioned, but only in the passing, the view of M Rajoy (Spain’s PM) that under no circumstances would Scotland be given any preference, but would have to apply anew to join the EU if it gained independence. RT, on the other hand, gave a whole list of specific examples of EU countries in which there were significant movements advocating exits from the EU, none of which seemed to be on the BBC World radar at all. I wonder why ?

    It is incredible that RT gave the appearance of providing a more balanced and nuanced view of Brexit to its world audience than that provided by the publicly funded BBC. But, perhaps not…….