Boris’ ‘suicide note’


Boris wrote an article post Brexit in the Telegraph on Monday.  He has been variously denounced for the content of it and the BBC et al are making much of the suggestion that this article led to his downfall.  The BBC itself may have led to much of the misunderstanding of that article if it indeed was a catalyst for the Gove alleged assassination.

We have already looked at the BBC’s original report on Boris’ letter in which the BBC falsely suggests that Boris is backing away from Brexit and is compromising his position as leader of that campaign.

The Mail had a different interpretation of the article and suggested that Boris was in conciliatory mood and was building bridges as he sought to reassure Remain voters about the outcome of Brexit.  Reading the article you can see this is true and that at no time does Boris back out of his Brexit ideals….of bringing back sovereignty, of escaping the clutches of the EU laws and the ECJ and of course of limiting immigration.

Boris made it clear that the vote was a straight win, if narrow, for Brexit…. ‘In the end, there was a clear result. More than 17 million people voted to leave the EU – more than have ever assented to any proposition in our democratic history.’

The BBC’s original title for their piece was ‘Johnson vows EU cooperation after referendum result’  it is now ‘Brexit: Boris Johnson – time to build bridges with Remain voters’.   In other words their original take and emphasis on the article was wrong.

Boris has been woefully treated and maligned for something he did not do.  His article was a balanced, reasoned and principled piece that sought to reach out to Remain voters whilst upholding the values and ideals of the Leave side.  Far from being recklessly ‘dashed off’ as his critics claim it was carefully considered and thought out piece..and as for him taking his time….well where was Osborne at the same time?  He was all but invisible until Monday and Cameron vanished himself from the stage completely reneging on his responsibilities and duty.

Did the BBC report that suggested Boris was selling out the Leave team influence events and result in Boris being butchered?  We can never know but it was almost certainly written with the intent of sabotaging his campaign by undermining people’s trust in him.  It looks to have succeeded.  One more success for the powers of darkness then.

The BBC has won and finally got their man.







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12 Responses to Boris’ ‘suicide note’

  1. The General says:

    I am sorry but watching Boris’s speech and the manner in which he delivered it, I came to the conclusion he was going to sell us out. I am sure Gove felt the same.


    • The General says:

      I am referring to the interview he gave on Friday, the day after the Election, not his speech this week in which he declared he would not stand.


  2. HenryWood says:

    I think you have this wrong, Alan. It was not the BBC that “got their man”; rather it was a huge proportion of committed leavers who knew fine well that Boris Johnson could not be trusted to hold together such a vital position as head of the Brexit Leave negotiations especially if he “inherited” the post of Prime Minister en route.
    *Many* serious proponents of Brexit/Flexcit had grave misgivings about the part Boris Johnson “played” in the actual Leave Campaign after he *eventually* and belatedly decided to join and the thought of him possibly becoming Prime Minister and leading the exit negotiations was an untenable proposition.
    He would have been the worst possible choice.
    If the BBC had anything to do with his downfall, for once I would have said, “Good for the BBC.”
    They had nothing to do with it. The BBC, as always, are on the sidelines and putting their own spin on to what they think they see to show themselves in the best of all possible lights.


  3. Up2snuff says:

    I am trying track down the timings on the Johnson statement and the Gove entry into the leadership contest. It appears that the Boris Johnson statement was 11.16a.m., according to the BBC. On BBC R4 I have heard it said that Gove’s entry into the race was a last minute one, very close to the 12 noon deadline.

    A large chunk of the media (not just the BBC) are telling us things that may not be based on reality as evidenced by the timings.


  4. Manonclaphamomnibus says:

    Reading rubbish on the site is expected by Alan’s suggestion that The BbC got their man takes self delusion to another level.
    The fact is and the fact remains that all the leavers on this site voted blindly for ‘a victory against the elite’ the leaders of leave having substantial assets , some held aboard, and are themselves part of the elite. There was never a plan and god knows I asked enough times ,here and elsewhere. Maybe instead of stupidly blaming the BBC for the inevitable demise of the fatuous narcissistic Johnson who was doing this ‘ as a wheeze’ you might like to consider your own role in this mess. If you seriously think Britain is going to come out of this well then you need education.
    Under Gove there is no plan, under Leadsom ,there is no plan, under May there will be no plan.
    What instead is to come is the gradual lowering of incomes,opportunities and welbeing for everyone in little Britain.
    Sure,you can still wave your little flags and pretend to know what sovereignty is ,but ultimately you will begin to see on everyones face the same look as Johnson’s when he heard the result, a startled terror of knowing his ,and everybody elses, fate was sealed.
    Well done everybody. Very well done!
    And by the way I dont and never have supported the EU.


    • Nibor says:

      So you’re a manonclaphamomnibus with two personalities then . Are you paying a full two fares ?


    • obc says:

      Whoa, slow down egghead ! You mean we should have had a plan….


    • chrisH says:

      Stop the insults there MOCO.
      It was NOT the job of the Leave lot to “come up with a plan”
      It was the Governments job to plan for the binary-if we`re in as now-or if we choose to leave.
      Only two options…and Cameron and his chums ought to have got off the lilo and asked around,,,not lazily threatening us from his high chair with a Guardian rolled up as a bullhorn.
      The British showed that they won`t be scared by elites-especially clean nailed, lyimg and lazy ones who try to scare their kids, their bosses and their parents….and they would have been the last line of defence wiped out , had we not voted as we did.
      Blame the Government and all its clients like the Aggronyms(CBI, BBC ,NHS etc)-they are voted in to do the will of the people and if they ask a question of us-then we shall answer. We don`t expect them to like it-just to do it.
      They have no choice-although they act as if they have.
      “People getting angry” as the song went…..


    • Grandpapopeye says:

      Actually there is a plan, called “Flexit” by Richard North. It has been thoroughly researched and refined over time and many brexit voters voted in the hope that the government will be guided by it. If our politicians and civil servants are up to the job, leaving the EU should bring opportunities, enabling us to expand our horizons rather than being restricted by the “little EU”.


    • Demon says:

      “And by the way I dont and never have supported the EU. ”

      It’s clear that Maninavanwithpaddedwalls was never a supporter of the UK, GB or England so the only thing left is the former USSR. That makes sense, but all people who do not support the EU would have obviously voted “Out” and I can’t imagine Manic doing that. Which of course means he makes himself out to be a liar (who knew) and a hypocrite (Would never have guessed).


  5. 60022Mallard says:

    Good article by Boris in the DT today – if anyone can link it.

    Takes the “We love EU” brigade to task.