National Pride

Twenty pound Welsh coin


The land of my fathers is dear unto me, Land of poets and singers and people of stature, Her brave warriors, fine patriots, Shed their blood for freedom.


George Osborne’s Treasury celebrating Welsh patriotism and spirit? The Wales that rejected their scaremongering and Project Fear and voted Out?  Whatever next?  The PM celebrating a famous Welsh win in Europe?

Royal Mint releases £20 dragon coin to ‘portray the Welsh spirit’





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5 Responses to National Pride

  1. TruthSeeker says:

    Not really much of a football fan, it’s all second rate after watching Best and Beckenbauer.
    But I have watched/heard Euro Championships 2016 football in the pub because it is impossible to avoid it.
    Two observations.
    #1 The Welsh, NI and ROI teams all received great support from the English users of the pubs I visit.
    #2 The Welsh, NI and ROI teams improve, almost visibly, when they put their shirts on. It means something to them.
    Also true of Iceland and most of the other competing teams.


    • Nibor says:

      That’s a thought . When we get the United State of Europe , who will it play in the Euros ?


  2. chrisH says:

    Surprised not to hear anything from Kinnock, Welsh Labour MPs or Leanne Wood re the success of the Wales team.
    Dare they still walk down their streets there now?…and does anybody ask these EU scurvy a thing about being patriotic and Welsh.?
    EU football grants?…20 metre high statues of Joey Jones or Ian Watkins, seeing as they couldn`t be bought off with windswept Kinnock Bridge walkways straight to the passport office, Newport for the migrant class?
    Whatever-it`ll be vainglorious, grotesque, pretentious and of no use to the good people of Wales.
    Hope they get to play Iceland in the final, so the spirit of Leicester continues.
    And -seeing as we beat them-then WE can claim to be Champions really!
    That EU vote has brought a mass of new supporters to the Welsh team…if only the Scots would realise what they`re chucking away with the SNP loafers up there?


    • RJ says:

      A reporter asked Sir Bobby Charlton what he thought the result would have been if the 1966 England team had played Iceland. He said 1-0 to England. The reporter was surprised; until Sir Bobby pointed out that the 1966 team were now in their 70’s.


  3. petebogtrott says:

    I know pride comes before a fall but neil kinnock fall on the beach tops the lot.