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Just where does the BBC get its journos?  Wherever perhaps they should consider recruiting elsewhere.

Clive Coleman provides us with some genius journalism…that is no doubt intended to ‘encourage’ the Remain protestors to step up their protests in their attempt to overturn democracy.

He asks…

Can the law stop Brexit?

No bias in that headline then.  Coleman seems a tad disappointed that Brexit seems unstoppable…

While lawyers may raise arguments, it seems impossible to see a legal challenge stopping the great democratic juggernaut now chuntering towards the EU’s departure gate.

There are times when politics simply outstrips the law.

This feels like one of them.

So his conclusion is that the law can stop it but that politics trumps it.  But erm, read his article and that’s just not true…the conclusion is really that the law cannot stop Brexit despite Coleman trying his best to engineer his piece to suggest it can.

For instance he asks if Article 50 can be stopped as it needs the assent of Parliament before it is invoked…

Article 50 says any EU member state can leave “in accordance with its own constitutional requirements”.

That phrase has given lawyers pause for thought as to what is lawful under our constitution.

In a piece co-authored by three legal experts, for the UK Constitutional Law Association, it is argued that under our constitutional settlement, the prime minister cannot issue a notification under Article 50 without being given authority to do so by an act of Parliament.

The Article 50 process would cut across and emasculate the 1972 act, and so, the argument goes, the prime minister needs the backing of a new act of Parliament to give him or her the constitutional authority to push the Leave button.

He also promotes this campaign which most people will never have heard of…

There is also an attempt to crowd-fund legal advice on the issue: “Should Parliament decide?”

The Crowd Justice website says a legal challenge could be “the most important public law case in living memory”.

If it was decided that a prime minister acting alone under prerogative powers lacked the constitutional authority to trigger Article 50, an act of Parliament would need to be passed giving him or her that authority.

What Coleman and these lawyers seem to forget is that the referendum wasn’t done on the whim of the PM it was authorised by Parliament in the European Union Referendum Act 2015 and as such must authorise any Out vote would enable the government to trigger Article 50.  Not a great deal of point in having a referendum unless you are able to act upon it one way or the other.  Curious that Coleman makes no mention of the referendum Act.

Coelman then goes on to contradict himself by saying the PM could trigger Article 50 himself without legislation…

Consider also that Article 50 arguably does not need legislation and can be triggered by a prime minister using prerogative powers.

In other words, the two-year period could run its course without any agreement and thus any legislation by the UK Parliament.

Ironically he does mention Parliament voting for a referendum but in the context of the much desired 2nd one…

The sovereignty of Parliament is a cornerstone of our constitution, so it is possible it could pass a law calling a second referendum.

Note that bit about ‘The sovereignty of Parliament is a cornerstone of our constitution‘…LOL…..not whilst we’re in the EU and all our laws subject to its approval.  Funny how ‘sovereignty’  is suddenly important to a no nation, no borders Beeboid when it counts in their favour.

He has a little bit of wishful thinking at the end..

However, although constitutionally possible, this is politically unthinkable.

It would take something akin to a revolution and full-blown constitutional crisis for it to happen.

If the petition grew to show a clear majority of the electorate now favoured Remain, that might be tantamount to the revolution and might possibly trigger the unthinkable.

But four million is a long way off that.

Get signing that petition Remainers…..go for it!!!  Vive La Revolution!



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21 Responses to Back to school

  1. Guest Who says:

    “Just where does the BBC get its journos?”



  2. Wild says:

    In a normal commercial situation a business which not only ignored its customers but actively despised them would cease operation very quickly.

    Because there are not enough Guardian readers to fund it they expect tax payers to pay for it. Time we had a referendum on the BBC.

    Should the BBC be self-funding? Yes/No.

    The BBC corrupts and narrows public debate by relentlessly promoting its own middle class leftist views and interests.

    Give people the freedom to chose their supplier.


  3. Dazed and Confused says:

    The BBC get their journalists from the employment pages of the Guardian newspaper…..Tell me, who aamongst the clientele of this website has ever visited that particular area of leftist sanctity…


    • Lobster says:

      I occasionally read the Guardian , usually just before I use it to wipe my arse with in the loo.


  4. chrisH says:

    Was drawn by the “Back To School” title…and liked the sci-fi borg bit at the top.
    Never saw Star Wars, no Sci-Fi knowledge at all-but all the bits of education I get are valued from this world that seems to be prophetic and quite eerie at times.
    Here`s the lady who destroyed the educational system with her “All Must Have Prizes” book.
    Her testimony is worth a listen(Rev 19.10)


  5. Will Jones says:

    Coleman is correct. Parliament should vote on whether they support the will of the people or are hoping to ride the EU gravy train for ex politicians. That would allow us to recognize the traiters and vote them out.


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    The House of Lords could try to reinstate the Parliament Act 1660, abolish the House of Commons, and then vote for an “Enabling Act” for itself, therefore outlawing democracy. But this would restart the Civil war that ended in 1660. The Lords, Bankers, Bureaucrats and their young Pro-Establishment thugs versus the people of the Labour heartlands and Tory shires.


  7. Amounderness Lad says:

    The fanatically pro-EU BBC are acting in the manner they are over Brexit with the intention of extending the uncertainly about just how and when Brexit occur. They know full well that by continuing their anti-Brexit propaganda output and continuing to try to invent fantasies about how the process could be stopped in its tracks the more likely it is that they can continue to keep the jitters over the continuing uncertainty going and the more problematic it will make it for people to make plans for the future.

    The longer the BBC can fool people into thinking Brexit will never happen and the more they can spread their outlandish disinformation, aimed at the gullible and those who have no knowledge of pre-EU Europe, such as people believing they will not be able to holiday ever again in any EU country or will never be able to move to, or be able to enter EU countries ever again.

    What those people have never experienced is the time before the EU forced everybody to have an EU passport, which is not all that long ago, people in the past still moved around the countries of Europe with their UK, French, German and other national passports and those same people were able to holiday in different European counties and also live and work in them, despite the EU and BBC propaganda pushing the idea that such things never happened previously and will never happen again. Yes there will be negotiations as to the details of how some of those things will be facilitated but neither the EU or Britain are going to create a modern Iron Curtain or, more appropriately, an Atlantic Barrier along the coast of the EU with huge signs proclaiming – No British or EU citizens may cross this point – despite what the BBC and pro-Remain propogandists would like to make people to believe.


  8. Nibor says:

    Where does the BBC get its comedians ?

    Dead Ringers last week and this week was an absolute disgrace even by BBC standards . So low have the journos , reporters and comedians sank that the shows are getting indistinguishable between what they term comedy and current affairs . Anti Trump and Brexit fears are put into every programme ; news , current affairs , comedy , gardening , business , cookery et al .
    I suppose they don’t tell us on the weather forecasts that no sunshine will ever grace our island again because the EU won’t export it to us is because this will conflict with global warming scares .

    Incidentally I don’t suppose they will report the first job losses due to Brexit because this will be the like of Lord Hill , a jobsworth bureaucrat . That’ll be the only jobs lost .


    • obc says:

      Marcus Brigstock. If you need an example of how low BBC comedy has got I give you Marcus Brigstock, I have got cushions that are funnier than dear old Marcus.


    • Jack Hughes says:

      Stopped watching HIGNFY years ago because of their relentless lefty unfunny drivel, but Mock the week was pretty good until the last few weeks when they appear to have gone full on cheap gags at Farage, Brexit and usual snowflake targets…Tossers…


  9. Mice Height says:

    Invoke Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty immediately.

    The British people have spoken. We have voted to leave the EU. We want article 50 of the Lisbon treaty to be invoked immediately. We still have two years to discuss our exit from the EU, but we do not wish to delay it any further.


    • Mike Hunt says:

      Sorry Mice Height, I posted mine (below) before I’d read yours, and didn’t realise you’d already posted the link. My apologies.


  10. Mike Hunt says:

    My Article 50 petition got rejected because there was already another one with the same objective, sadly the other one doesn’t mention Cameron’s February promise.

    Click the link below to sign the petition, it’s already got 24,000 signatures 🙂

    PS. It’s going up fast… several hundred signatures in the last few minutes!!


  11. TigerOC says:

    The legal stuff is very interesting. There is a petition to repeal The European Communities Act going at the moment to break the link to the EU;
    I read an article based on a legal opinion given by Lord Kilmuir in the ’60’s advising that the signing of the Treaty of Rome was illegal in terms of UK constitutional Law. Basically the argument being that Parliament represented by the PM is not authorized by British Law to assign a foreign power to make UK law. It is treason to do so. Only the Monarch can sign such an undertaking but is prohibited by the oath of sovereignty from doing so except as act of defeat in war. Effectively all EU law is illegal under British Constitutional Law.


  12. evad666 says:

    Can we now expect matters such as these to be addressed?