Fixing Brexit


The BBC seems to have moved into overdrive to undermine Brexit with a complete disregard for impartiality, balance and accuracy.

As DV notes the QT panel was almost to a man opposed to Brexit, on Thursday Peter Allen treated us to a programme with has-beens pro-EU types Alan Johnson, Shirley Williams and Ken Clark revealing their thoughts on Brexit…naturally all three thought it a terrible thing.  Peter Allen just laughed along as they rubbished it.  Allen has always made his view known that the Brexit vote was not a vote for something but purely a sort of protest vote, when Clark made the same claim naturally he was delighted.  This is of course complete nonsense.  The vote was for control of our borders, for taking back poilitical control, for deciding how to spend our own money, for opening up trade with the rest of the world.  Allen’s intelligent insights will be sorely missed as he heads off for pastures new.  And just an extra note…Clark told us Brexit would mean no more investments from abroad…on the day the Chinese and French signalled their happiness that May had agreed to Hinkley Point.  Only two weeks ago the BBC had to admit that..

A record number of investments were made by foreign firms in the UK in the year to April 2016, according to government figures.

The Department for International Trade recorded 2,213 inward investment projects, up 11% on the previous year.

The data shows the UK is the most popular destination in the European Union for overseas firms.

Curious that, as the BBC had campaigned in the run up to the referendum on the basis that ‘uncertainty’ was destroying business confidence and everything was falling apart already before the vote.

The BBC has also had a programme in which Mark Carney was interviewed…curious what the BBC report and what they don’t…..

Here they report how hard a job he had coping with Brexit but also how successful he was in dealing with the ‘damaging effects’ of Brexit.

Odd the BBC misses out the positive sounds he makes about Brexit which the Telegraph notes…

Mark Carney finally confesses Brexit gives the UK “very large” trading opportunities

The Governor of the Bank of England has admitted that the UK has “very large” post-Brexit opportunities at the same time as confessing his high school nicknames and his favourite chocolate bar. 

In a wide-ranging interview led by a group of Coventry school children,  Mark Carney, one of the main instigators of the so-called ‘Project Fear’ campaign ahead of the UK’s European Union referendum, presented a more upbeat picture on the outlook for global trade than before the vote. 

“Most countries want to trade with the UK and there are a number of countries including Canada, Australia, a number of the big emerging markets, who I’m quite confident will want to have deeper trading relationships with the UK, because of what the UK has to offer in business, in services, in manufacturing, in design, in culture, in financial services,” Mr Carney admitted.

“The opportunity is very large. One of the things that is exciting about technology and where the global economy is going is that trade is no longer limited to just big firms, or medium-sized firms.

“You can be a small firm, three to five people, based here, and you can sell around the world. And that is increasingly going to be the case. That is tremendously exciting and it really plays to the strengths of the UK,  because this is a truly innovative country.”


Extraordinary but not unexpected from our highly politicised BBC which seems to only delight in talking down Britain and hoping for the worst, much like Labour’s McDonnell who cheered as the economy crashed, that they should miss out the ‘good news’ on Brexit.





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  1. Doublethinker says:

    That the BBC is doing everything in its considerable power to nullify the referendum result comes as no surprise to visitors to this site. The corporation is in the vanguard of the liberal left elites attempt to either keep us in the EU or at the very least ensure that we have the ‘softest ‘ Brexit possible. The liberal elite has suffered a double blow in losing the referendum and seeing Labour taken over by the hard left who have little time for the EU and is unelectable. But because they still control the key institutions of the country, such as the BBC, judicery , police, education , local government , civil service , Both Houses of Parliament , they are in a position to deny the democratic result the people voted for. I have no doubt that the liberal left is in constant touch with Brussels and encouraging the EU to take a hard line in negotiations in the hope that the UK is forced to accept poor terms which can be reversed in the future.
    We are already beginning to see a series of moves by the elite preparing the ground for any future possibility to overturn the referendum result. Freeing the BBC from its charter impartiality clause is one, using the House of Lords , where there is a large liberal left majority, to prevent legislation is another. More moves will be brought forth in the coming months all designed to increase the influence and control of the elite over the Brexit voter. Elites die hard . The liberal left will not relinquish control just because of a democratic vote, it will take a lot more than that to break their hold on the UK.


    • All Lives Matter says:

      It may take a revolution, as it may in America where the public are being set up by the left for voter fraud, all while also making baseless insinuation that it’s Trump who would benefit from it so that if (when) Trump wins the left can drag their heels and say it wasn’t legitimate.

      If they’re not prepared to cede power fairly, they will eventually do so by force. That’s not any kind d of threat, it is simply inevitable.


      • Doublethinker says:

        You are right about some of naive supporters of the liberal left elite considering themselves to be ‘anti establishment’. I have a neighbour who is a GP , Guardian reader , BBC supporter and remoaner, as is his wife, they both say that they are anti establishment. I have pointed out that they are about 30 years out of date and that they are themselves are now good examples of the new ruling class , well paid , public sector , Blairite Labour voters. Doesn’t go down well. How long folks like this can delude themselves that they are in some way fighting an establishment that last held power 30 years ago is unknown. What is happening is that ordinary voters are now at least questioning if the ruling liberal consensus is good for ordinary folks. The first step in a long struggle.


  2. Oaknash says:

    I am afraid this is all to be expected with the BBC.

    Aunty will never get it.

    This because she is staffed and governed by a disparate mix of left wing, middle class, LGBTDDT activists, naive middle class virtue signalling fools and anyone else who holds trendy “anti establishment views” and consider themselves morally superior to the rest of us, who dared to vote to defend our culture, sovereignty and independence as a nation.

    This used to be called patriotism but now in “Aunty Land” it has become known as WAYCISM.

    It is no surprise that the majority of these enlightened epicureans are generally based in Londonstan as this has become an enormous resource consuming Island – in effect a parasite which consumes an awful lot but produces very little of substance and bears very little resemblance to the rest of the country.

    And what is their answer to the peoples rejection of their stated philosophy – they whine, cry foul and in their arrogance call for what was a clear democratic mandate to be ignored – You ignorant, unwashed people what have you done! – thats why Plebs votes shouldn’t count and we should “re-visit” the election again and again until we get the “right” result. No surprise that the BBC metropolitan governing elite hold the same views to the European governing elite.

    The BBC is very similar to Junker (or even a WW1 – out of touch staff officer – which the BEEB always like to tell us about) – If your “big push” fails you just repeat it constantly until all your men are hanging on the wire or you are finally called to task by a higher authority.

    Since Aunties resources are in effect to her unlimited and the Tories baulked at their last serious chance to gain some control over the BBC in the charter review. I am afraid no higher authority currently exists and we will have years more of this shit to come.

    Everyone paying for what is in effect a left wing propaganda channel more akin to “Radio Pyongyang” than once world respected BBC of old.


    • All Lives Matter says:

      You mention the ‘anti-establishment’ voices, of course they’re actually demanding the establishment be upheld. They never challenged why so many politicians and financiers and media figures were demanding we stayed in the EU, and still aren’t able to grasp that trying to overturn a democratic vote for change is the exact opposite of anti-establishment behaviour. It’s a sort of societal infantilism, made all the more disturbing by the fact that students are being brainwashed to accept the evils of post-war Europe and Britain and the virtues of the EU and non-white cultures as fact, making them inclined to blindly accept the EU line yet still delude themselves that they are anarchists and revolutionaries.

      This vote and its consequences are too important to be subverted. If May is too weak to trigger Article 50 then the public needs to look away from the two-party system (which is archaic anyway) and choose UKIP.


      • EUTV says:

        I saw a clip on the news. Funny thing was that the kids asked a number of questions, not about brexit, then a voice, of a female adult, asked him the question ‘what was the busiest day of your life?’. Words to that effect but you knew what it was leading him to.


      • Oaknash says:

        I agree totally ALM – What purports to be anti -establishment is in effect pro establishment and then some!

        I agree that this is in part due to brainwashing by Aunty and co but probably also due a combination of the fact that many “yoofs”

        1 Are generally quite decent and want to be seen to be doing the right thing

        2 We have a MSM and politicians and other vested interests who are totally disengenous and manipulative in how they present information regarding the EU

        3 Many Yoofs like to be seen to be part of the “in crowd” and prefer simple issues and slogans which provide instant gratification and which are easy to digest and deal with rather than having a proper debate which involves complicated issues. It is easier to scream waycist rather than have a proper debate regarding say – immigration.

        4 Many people have a very sheltered view of life – and leaving the EU shakes their belief in their own cosy comfortable view of the world.

        I guess we just have to keep on at it and hold our ground. Unfortunately if we get this one wrong it spells dire consequences for our society in the future!


  3. EnglandExpects says:

    I agree with the sentiments expressed above, but the reaction of the left-liberal elite is not automatically bound to succeed if Theresa May and the leading Brexiteers in Government stay resolved and focused . If Junker and his pals actually do play hardball in the negotiations ( and so far all we have from them is opening salvoes not proper negotiations ) then in extremis we should walk away from the EU without a trade deal. A few percent on the price of cars and wine is not very relevant anyway. The impact on financial services of no EU deal is in my view exaggerated.
    There are plenty of faster growing countries than those in the EU to do trade deals with.
    Meanwhile we can stop free movement of Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles et al, remove the pernicious human rights act’s provisions which protect bogus asylum seekers and foreign criminals, end the sway of the Eurooean Court of Justice.. the list goes on.
    Sooner or later the EU will come knocking at our door to do a trade deal anyway .


    • TruthSeeker says:

      It’s simple.
      #1 Send the East Europeans back, now, this will damage their economies.
      #2 Stop the cheques, now. This will damage the Eurozone.
      #3 Use the money saved from #1 & #2 to support anti Euro and anti EU organisations.
      Support up to and including the supply of armaments.

      I have a #4 and a #5, explanations to be divulged in the future.

      Best wishes to all freedom loving West Europeans.


  4. Mice Height says:

    I caught the first five or ten mins of Any Questions, last night, whilst driving to the gym. It sounded like a repeat of the previous night’s Question Time, but with Arron Banks as the punchbag for the rest of the panel and a screeching, Europhile audience.
    The BBC’s favourite fifty-year-old adolescent, Paul Mason, was on there. Why the hell don’t the right wingers ever ask these Left wing extremists how they can support an ideology that’s responsible for 100,000,000 deaths in the last century, yet claim to be the virtuous ones?


    • TruthSeeker says:

      A point made here several times in the past. The answer to which will be, it was not “real” Communism.

      Inquiries might also be made as to why they are importing Islam, which has a far longer record of mass murder, and a greatly superior death count, than even the Marxists. The answer to which will also be they were not “real” Muslims.

      I am sure the dead found them all only too real.


      • Mice Height says:

        Well said. You’d think after 100 years, untold attempts, and that body count, they might start to question their ideology.


  5. G.W.F. says:

    Remainers are not giving up. Here is their latest petition


    • Steve Jones says:

      Desperate stuff from the remoaners. You have to love the verbal gymnastics they employ to try and make it appear that they want to overturn a democratic process by using what they define as a more democratic process.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Around 7.30am driving Friday I heard an interview with an intelligent leader of the UK fashion industry who was outlining the successful future she predicted for the industry and employment benefits post Brexit. Oh dear, poor BBC chap was desperate to extract something negative. ‘But you said you voted to remain’ he whimpered. That must have been a gem from his research assistant. ‘Yes’, she said, but the industry now has to grasp the opportunities and we are doing well. But won’t costs of materials after Brexit be damaging, he whined. No, she replied, it is the finished product that matters. BBC man had wrong advice from his researcher there.

        A few minutes later Hillary’s health was discussed by a man who had been Obama’s doctor for many years, and wanted health tests for Presidential candidates. He claimed that Hillary could survive as POTUS with her ailments but Trump ought to undergo psychological tests as some of his political remarks – he mentioned Trump’s attitude towards Iran – indicated that he was mentally unfit for the job.

        The BBC never give up…Brexit, Trump, you name it


        • GCooper says:

          I heard the same interview and was astonished – not just by the use of such a hopelessly compromised commenter but also by the way the BBC openly lied about the origin of the ‘birther’ issue. There can be no possible doubt about this, the facts have been reported over an over again. The claims began with Clinton’s people – her head of strategy in fact – and there is no way that she could possibly not have known what was being said about Obama.

          Let me add that I am not suggesting the claims were necessarily misplaced. There are fat too many questions about both how Obama got where he is and where he actually came from.

          Today, the lies and smears go on. Trump, perfectly reasonably, suggested that if Illary is so vehemently opposed to guns then she should take the lead by disarming her own bodyguard, thus putting her in the same position ordinary Americans would be if she had her way on the 2nd Amendment.

          The BBC tries to imply that he advocated an assassination attempt. Truly, the BBC is beneath contempt.


          • Grant says:


            Quite agree. Hillary takes advantage of armed security but denies it to ordinary people. What a nasty hypocritical bitch. No wonder the BBC love her !


    • NWStu says:

      The response is perfect though:
      The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected and delivered. Parliament overwhelmingly supported the Referendum Bill by a margin of 6 to 1. While legally there is no obligation to consult Parliament on triggering Article 50, it will clearly have an important role in making sure that we find the best way forward.
      Department for Exiting the European Union

      Nothing else needs be said.


  6. RJ says:

    “If Junker and his pals actually do play hardball in the negotiations ( and so far all we have from them is opening salvoes not proper negotiations ) then in extremis we should walk away from the EU without a trade deal.”

    EE, I think it would also be logical for us to say that without a trade deal the UK expects to be somewhat poorer and so could no longer afford to pay for troop deployments east of Calais. We would of course continue to send military representatives to NATO headquarters for planning purposes, and we send our best wishes to the Baltic States and Poland.

    Either we’re friends or we’re not.


    • Grant says:


      We hold all the cards. If there is no trade deal , they suffer more than us. Our economy is in better shape than theirs. We have much better international relations. Our military is under pressure but, apart from the French, is far superior to their boy soldiers. The Europhiliacs are bullshitters and any British PM with balls would call their bluff.


    • EnglandExpects says:

      RJ, you correctly point out that there are many cards for the UK to play in the forthcoming exit negotiations with the EU. The BBC tends not to draw our attention to our strengths, prefering instead to concentrate on the blustering of the preposterous drunkard Juncker and the veto threats of the Visegrad 4 nations. I’m not keen on the idea of Britain diluting its NATO role as a negotiating point but just like Trump we could point out that most EU members freeload on the US and Britain to give NATO credibility against Putin. A Trump- led US may well force the likes of the Visegrad nations and others to pay for their protection instead of biting the hand that feeds them. Why shouldn’t we behave similarly if they veto a trade deal with us in order to try to protect free movement of their people to enter Britain?


  7. Nibor says:

    Politics show at 11.30 chaired by the editor of the ” Pink one ” – the Financial Times , although pink is the politics of this small circulation paper as well as the BBCs .

    Nick Clegg was interviewed and pushed his latest book , I can’t remember the title , perhaps it was The Anti Democrats Guide to Camouflage as a Democratic Person .
    So an anti Brexit campaigner interviewed a leading Remoaner trougher and its like all in the family . In fact the aunt of a six year old niece would give a tougher line .
    As for Cameron the Quitter and his most democratic action he ever did , it’s as though he built bridges which collapsed and houses that fell down .


    • chrisH says:
      Splendid article here.
      And-to quote the Lefty Muslim here, Malcolm X- NO SELL OUT!


    • chrisH says:

      And Dimbleby tells us all that TIM FARRON no less is on Any Questions next week.
      This follows Baroness Patience Wheatcroft no less-fellow tribuneer of The People who was on last night.
      So then-we can expect a Neverendum Campaigner/mouthpiece on EVERY week on Any Questions until we quail at the cut glass, screech at the blackboard…and just let the privileged ermine gaylords lord it over us…a golden shower or spunkload anyway into our sorry faces.
      Remind me again-what did Clegg do to his Great Party of Sir Cyril , Sir Clement, Sir Ed Davey, Lord Chris Huhne, Lord Rennard, Lady Shirley…let alone the pervs like Oaten and Hughes(Hi di Hi)?
      Only the BBC give a flying fig what the LibDeads think of anything…yet we`re made to listen to the farting wetwipes week on week.
      LibDems need taking out and “counselled”.


  8. Glenn says:

    Why would the remainers want a second referendum? Project fear is dead. The sky has not fallen in, no WWIII, no recession, etc.

    The leavers can point to all of this and the number of countries sniffing around for a trade deal. I think a second referendum would be 60/40 for leave.


    • RJ says:

      “The leavers can point to all of this and the number of countries sniffing around for a trade deal. I think a second referendum would be 60/40 for leave.”

      Glen, last time they were overconfident so next time they’ll make a proper job of organizing the postal votes. It will be 75/25 for Remain with 200% of the electorate in London voting to Remain.

      As good Europeans we should translate our slogans into French – A la lantern.


  9. Mackers says:

    Just now c4 news saying Nigel farage managing to keep his underpants on at Bournemouth beach, would they say that about may or Corbyn. Disrespect and taking the mickey just like the airport protesters after being sentenced leniently saying that’s white privilege.


  10. Mackers says:

    Doublethinker has spoken a lot of sense i would like to add that since Theresa’s taken over i’m confident of a brighter future


  11. Tom_Kenny says:

    R4 Today business report this morning. Al Beeb’s reporter frets that a survey has found that 50% of technology business leaders worry that Brexit may prevent them being able to hire the talent they need.

    The headline could just as easily have been about the 50% who are not worried!

    Increasingly desperate trawling from Al Beeb for business people to whine about Brexit. But those interviewed seem to fall into 2 camps:

    1. Leavers who always favoured Brexit (e.g. Tim Martin, Dyson and many more);

    2. Remainers who recognise the reality of the result and (as successful business people tend to do) have decided to make the best of it (e.g. Anya Hindmarch).

    You can’t be a successful business leader if you are continually whining about things outside your control, like the meteorological or the political climate, because it worries the employees, bankers, suppliers and investors whom you need to follow you.

    Unless of course your “business” is funded by a £4 billion TV tax, payable regardless of desire for or consumption of your business’ output…


  12. gaxvil says:

    Re. The great and good disparaging Brexit via the BBC. I find their complete disregard for the democratic process quite astounding. Words like totalitarian and fascist come to mind.