This is a guest article by a B-BBC reader.

“It would seem that the reception of the UK Ambassador to Saudi Arabia’s conversion to Islam is noted in British and Saudi society for the host’s exquisite taste that captivates its dhimmi guests…

Al-Beeb gleefully gushes that British ambassador to Saudi Arabia has performed the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca after converting to Islam, complete with photos and praise from Saudi royalty (if you need further background on the Hajj, click here).

The Beeb says he made “the holy trip” wearing the white robes traditionally worn for the pilgrimage which re-enacts the actions of the “Prophet Muhammad” (once again Muhammad is referred to as “the Prophet”, as if it is a fact rather than an opinion). Still, let’s hope Mr Collis doesn’t re-enact all of Muhammed’s actions now he has converted.

Anyway, Collis’ reason for converting was interesting: “In short, I converted to Islam after spending 30 years in Muslim societies and before getting married to Huda.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement of the spiritual and moral teachings of Islam. Even so, one aside is that interfaith marriages are, like polygamy, prohibited under sharia for Muslim women. Interfaith marriages (with Jews and Christians) and polygamy are, of course, allowed for Muslims men (another example of Islamic women’s equality in action). As such, if a non-believer wants to marry a Muslim woman, they need to convert.

So, aside from the usual, fluffy BBC puff piece on The Religion of Peace, why bother bringing up…?

The BBC’s approach to Mr Collis’ Islamic conversion seems to be a stark and uncomfortable contrast to the awful murder of a Mary Shipstone by her father. As was noted last week by other B-BBC readers, it was her mother’s conversion FROM Islam that proved to be the initial catalyst for the tragedy. The BBC reporting of the murder, however, totally omitted this angle and all mention of the “I” word, focusing on the (admittedly terrible) error of a solicitor rather than the background to why a father would shoot his own innocent daughter dead in cold blood.”

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  1. All Lives Matter says:

    Just more of the liberal apologism and infantilism of Islam in action, although in truth it’s directed at anything that isn’t ‘colonial’ white European. The occasional exception is made to odious third wave feminists but again it’s contradicted by not challenging ideologies that oppress women, provided they come from “ethnic” societies of course.

    Whites are the only race that are denied their own identity. As others have rightly pointed out, this ‘globalist’ agenda ONLY appears to exist in nations with predominantly white populations and European backgrounds. There are no demands for affluent African or Asian nations to take on refugees. There is no criticism of the lack of white faces in Middle Eastern politics. Can you imagine the outcry if the president of a South American nation cheered the fact that their indigenous people would be a minority within 35 years as Obama did unchallenged about American whites, yet South America is also the product of colonialism – a fact routinely ignored by liberals demanding we “give back” the Falklands to a country that didn’t exist until several decades after the Falklands were already inhabited. And yet the act of highlighting this very obvious, very unfair double standard and refusing to spend your life apologising for being born Caucasian makes you a racist and a “white supremacist” for simply wanting to be treated fairly and meritocratically.

    The left doesn’t want multiculturalism, it wants to replace white Europeans, all while complaining about “cultural appropriation” of cultures that THEY introduced to ours. They are dangerous people, not least because they’re utterly convinced that everything they say and do is due to a divine virtue. Liberalism is a new religion, one without any written rules and thus no boundaries, and is every bit a threat to our survival as radical Islam. The BBC is a huge part of its sustained presence, and must be held to account.


    • manchesterlad says:

      Good post. Yes, the left are the new fascists and are leading western civilisation to self-destruction just as surely as their ideological pregenitor – and fellow socialist – Adolf Hitler did.

      It would be fascinating to go back to 1930s Germany to witness the developing Nazi psyche and compare it to the ascendancy of the leftist master race in the 21st century. I suspect that people are even less aware of the rise of fascism now than they were then.

      With the fascists having almost complete control of the mass media and large parts of the internet, it is worrying just how much more quickly propaganda can be disseminated now. In fact, lies and half-truths can be transported around the globe and appear on people’s phones in microseconds. This entirely changes the dynamics of mass movements and dissent – although I think the effects this will have in the long term are unknown.

      Interesting times.


      • NWStu says:

        We are heading for headlines such as, ‘There’s No Link To Terrorism—-Explosion in *insert city here* kills/wounds (number here-often large)’.

        The BBC aren’t far away from that this morning and the mayor of NY said : “The initial indications is this was an intentional act,”

        Seems it might have been a dustbin exploding. Well Mr Mayor, get on to the factory the bin came from and sort out a recall, just in case any more of them are so chemically unstable that they are an explosion risk.
        Oh yes, call Prestige too and get them to add to the manual the fact that ‘not cooking wires in their pressure cookers is a really good idea’.


    • tarien says:

      Absolutely correct All Lives Matter, Whites are the only race now that are denied their own identity-what the H did our Fathers and Grandfathers die for?
      Like no doubt many others I am simply astounded that, an Ambassador of the Crown could whilst still in office, be allowed to convert to such a despotic political ideology-his resignation should without delay be on the appropriate desk in the Foreign Office. It can be imagined as to the signal such an event sends to those that follow the teachings of Islam, however what sort of signal does that send to the Non-Muslim, to white British Christian, to all of us & our families-that as a Muslim leader not long ago predicted, Europe would be under Muslim control/Sharia Law within 20 yrs. A state of denial has been the preaching of the BBC et al for too long-we must fight back somehow against the evil forces that have joined Islam.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Mark Steyn noted that Multiculturalism is paradoxically a mono-cultural phenomenon: just try being multicultural in Saudi Arabia, or anywhere outside of the White Western countries.


  2. The Highland Rebel says:

    I bet he enjoys the public beheadings every Friday afternoon in chop chop square with most of the victims being totally innocent.


    • NWStu says:

      This vile practice carried out gleefully by the Saudis is reason enough to have nothing at all to do with them. Innocent or guilty, the victims do not deserve any punishment so barbaric.
      The hypocrisy of the west when dealing with these oil rich troglodytes near turns my stomach. I feel that if any country should be invaded under the ‘regime change’ misnomer, that KSA is the prime candidate. Clearly, this would ultimately benefit any country in the area that is a victim of the jolly japes that KSA routinely pull on their various neighbours and all countries worldwide that the healing hands of their caring brand of religion tenderly touch. Turning the clock back to c.700ad is not a goal that is universally wanted, but hey, it’s our friends in Saudi, so it’s all good as Ian Fletcher might say.
      How to administer this sea of sand with its underlay of organic compounds, I have no idea, but as that is all that exists there, how hard can it be?


      • tarien says:

        Unfortunately NWStu, the present political theme throughout Europe inc UK, has been to support Multiculturalism, no matter that it is a Fabien, Marxist piece of propaganda driven through & encouraged by the Western Media to subjugate the populace and weaken any resolve to combat it-why are people so fast asleep with eyes open?


  3. Deborahanother says:

    Being male he gets power from Islam .Dont forget the left and feminists have spent the last 40 years trashing the family and emasculating men in the Western democracies .

    I wonder if his new wife will be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia ,or go out without hubby’s permission ? He must be feeling pretty powerful.


  4. Nibor says:

    Well he won’t be at any of the BBCs coke snorting parties then .


  5. Right Angle says:

    During Sky News’ Week in Review, Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail wondered if people would be as accepting if it had been the other way round, i.e., if a Middle Eastern ambassador had converted from Islam to Christianity. He understandably did not sound optimistic.


  6. Tothepoint says:

    I’m at a complete loss trying to working out what constitutes a factual statement and what is an opinion to those in the Islamic Republic of Al Beebistan. I mean… Every single person who lives in the Islamic State calls it the Islamic state…. Yet in the most shocking display of racist, bigoted, and supremacist behaviour, Al Beeb are categorically stating “we know better than you! We decide what you are called and that everything you say is wrong because WE think differently to you”

    The name most accurate (as he 100% did all those things) is “Child raping, blood thirsty, psychopathic warlord Muhammad”. Mo being a ‘prophet’ is completely opinion based, and without any facts or evidence to back it up. So at best Mo could be titled ‘So-called Prophet’….imagine how peaceful and tolerant the Islamic Al Beebs victim super group would be if the Al Beeb actually stated something factual about Mo for a change…


  7. Martin Pinder says:

    There is only one fraud, his name is Mohammed & Allah is his sock puppet.


  8. feargal the cat says:

    If the UK Ambassador has gone ‘native’ surely he should be replaced. The post is there to protect the UK interests, not those of a country steeped in the depths of a medieval death cult.

    ‘Our’ man will be too busy praying to even hand out the Ferrero Rocher. This will not do.


  9. R P McMurphy says:

    A muslim ex ambassador cannot be biased, it’s not aproblem ? but labour MP Paul Flynn threw a hissy fit when we appointed a Jewish guy as ambassador to Israel.