It’s almost as if with the EU referendum out of the way, the BBC has decided that it can blatantly show it’s slavish pro EU bias. Last week saw BBC Question Time having FOUR our of FIVE panelists who were pro-Remain. Last night saw Question Time having THREE out of FIVE PANELISTS being pro-EU. It’s as if they just can’t bring themselves to accept that the majority of Brits said GOODBYE to an EU future and so they comfort themselves by weighting their “experts” to ensure that the bitter weeping butt hurt Remainers always are in the majority.

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  1. Beltane says:

    Stranger still was the audience dichotomy. General, if surprising, approval of most of what Julia H-B and Jacob R-M had to say – based on levels of applause – but an absolute storm of disapproval for mention of D. Trump Esq. Maybe they silently made audience changes, off camera, while Ms Lucas was rambling?
    There is a parallel gauge of opinion in the texts – which worked uninterrupted for once – though the selection of such a high proportion critical of J R-M for his accent and delivery was both transparent and showed how little his real intellect is appreciated, at least by those numbrains who gets their texts printed.


  2. Lover of Truth says:

    Brexit means leaving the EU – simple!


  3. quisquose says:

    It might have been 3 to 2 against Brexit in terms of numbers, but it was 250 to 180 for in terms of IQ.


  4. Mackers says:

    Disappointed julia h-b couldn’t be bothered to defend d trump on q t ,time someone spoke the truth.


  5. Wild Bill says:

    I watched the first part of QT today, it seems the Greens and Lib Dems are the only ones after a second referendum, they must be doing that just to get the votes of Remoaners, can’t see any other reason?


    • vesnadog says:

      Actually, I think you will find it 5-1 in favour of the remainers. The female radio host voted to remain but now says the decision is final.


  6. chrisH says:

    Could see it another way.
    That the gene pool of media gobshit, political hacks and parliamentary blowflies have become so accustomed to being on telly, so embedded in the body politic like a pastel tapeworm-that the BBC simply doesn`t know what else to do-who else could possibly speak-but assorted tubs of guts, lard and jellies that comprise the political commentariat and elites.
    I mean-Tommy Robinson?…NO!
    Tim Farron?…but of course.
    One speaks for England-the other squeaks for Sod`em!
    And the BBC prefer Sod`em…which is all they`ve ever known…it`s up by Rectal County, Obamaland.
    Yet-as we`ve seen-Leicester won the league, Farage was elevated to our Churchill, our Thatcher…and Donald is due soon.


    • HenryWood says:

      Quote: “I mean-Tommy Tobinson?…NO!”

      You mention Tommy Robinson: I purchased his book a while ago and after reading it I did keep wondering about the many claims he made.

      I keep checking up on Amazon about the book for different views and then I found this devastating review of it by a former uniformed Police Constable, “Who’d be a copper?: Thirty years a frontline British cop”.

      Go and read his review of Tommy Robinson’s book, a view from the other side who were out to “get him”, then weep for Britain.

      I have also purchased Nicholas’s own book and it is also well worth a read. Britain is truly in a very bad state.


  7. Al Shubtill says:

    I thought it was one of the best QT’s I’ve seen for a long time: you had three (very weak) Remainiscum; two (strong) Leavers and an audience in which the majority appeared to favour Brexit.

    The bespectacled young Marxist in the audience who asked the question about Labour (the time then spent answering it seemed interminable) made me smile to myself; I could just picture that comrade standing on some snow swept railway platform with his red armband and black Lenin cap, watching approvingly at people being shoved into cattle trucks at gunpoint bound for the gulag.


    • TrueToo says:

      Al Shubtill: I thought it was one of the best QT’s I’ve seen for a long time:

      I agree. Both the panel and the audience were reasonably balanced. And it was an entertaining show. But I nearly fell off my chair when Kendall praised Corbyn for “sticking to his principles” and Reese-Mogg said he was “amazingly straightforward.”

      Corbyn may come across as being all of the above but in fact he is an evasive and devious little swine who drops his subversive, pro-terrorist “principles” like a hot coal when robustly confronted with them. Hamas and Hezbollah were suddenly not his friends anymore when he was challenged by Cameron during PMQ and he and McDonnell came up with a string of mealy-mouthed excuses and justifications when challenged over his failure to sing the national anthem.


    • vesnadog says:

      The Liberal democrat guy with grey hair and specs – a remainer, the Green MP – a remainer, the female Radio Host – a remainer, but says we should be happy with that and make do, the female labour MP – a remaniner, then we come to Mr Dimbleby – an aggressive liberal democrat – therefore he is a remainer, and we finally have the Tory MP who actually praised Corbyn – a leaver.


  8. chrisH says:

    Been a week at the BBC where they`ve been unambiguous in their guilt in being “antiCorbyn”.
    It began last week at “Feedback”-and blow me if the same “issue” isn`t reprised on THIS weeks Feedback too-where they replay most of LAST weeks show-you know, to remind us how bad they were to dare to question the Great Helmsman.
    Mutual reinforcement of the message…you can`t be Corbyn enough.
    And what a bunch of limpdicks…they plead guilty to their rampant bias re Corbyn(though he`s a thick wankbag with NO support among fellow MPs-which used to count when Labour WAS a Parlaimentary Party and not some zombie death cult).
    But as for Global warming, anti Thatcher, Brexit…well they`ll NEVER plead guilty to that-for that is a matter of re-education and challenging the plebs of Jaywick.
    But Corbyn-what would the Islingtonians say?