Very instructive observation here from an eagle eyed B-BBC reader.

“If you check the credits for the BBC2 propaganda piece on brexit, you’ll see that the executive producer is Nick Kent. That would be the same Nick Kent who made a public anti-brexit diatribe on his facebook page 2 days after the referendum. You can easily confirm the identity for this profile by looking through his friends list at the other BBC and TV elite that he is friends with, as well as the fact that he likes the page for the  Oxford Film and Television company.

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5 Responses to YOU’RE NICKED…

  1. Wild says:

    Public Service Broadcasting to BBC employees essentially means using money taken from others to pay themselves above the market rate, to make programmes which promote their political views (they passionately believe in a system which re-distributes wealth and power to Guardian readers) decreasing diversity in every sense other than racial quotas.

    Scrap it.


  2. All Lives Matter says:

    David Davies has said the licence fee isn’t justified with the BBC’s bias being as it is. Hopefully as a member of cabinet abd with the new charter being published soon, this may be the first step to finally ending this farce.


  3. HenryWood says:

    This is what makes this site so valuable – constantly exposing these people who attempt to hide their true identities/employers etc., and their posts on social media as just “concerned people”.

    (I would never, ever find out about their shenanigans without the information from the likes of for I have never, ever subscribed to, joined, jumped into, or in any other way looked at the spurious offerings on Facebook, Twitter et al., of the whole offended, snowflake, political justice warriors [and the rest!] of those hordes of left-wing savages intent on destroying Western Civilisation!)

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Vance.


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    He resigned from the Labour Party because it wasn’t blindly uncritically Pro-EU enough for him. He gives a Racist reason for his loyally to the EU. “I am a committed European, it is my heritage”, which proves my point that the only thing that unites the EU is its Racial heritage. A racist would be Pro-EU and Anti-Commonwealth.

    He is also listed as having his own website:


  5. Guest Who says:

    Was the newly promoted Jasmine Lawerence anywhere in sight?

    Asking for a DNA team hired by Lord Hall Hall and Hugs.