Sacred Delusions


The BBC is trying to pull the wool over our eyes again as it peddles more pro-Muslim propaganda that is meant to tell us that the Koran, and this is about the Koran and Islam, is meaningless and can be interpreted in many different ways….and therefore the people in the likes of ISIS can’t represent the authentic Islam as there is no authentic, single version of Islam.…that is the whole point of Islam…revealed to Muhammed as the last and authoritative scripture because the Jews and Chrisitians altered their scriptures, didn’t follow the teachings and split their religions into different sects all believing different things and worshipping in different ways….Muhammed famously smashed the idols, just as ISIS do, because Muslims worship just one God, one faith.

That is why Muslims waggle one finger at us…one god, one faith, one mosque…not a myriad of breakaway religions based on whatever you want to believe…the Koran is the unchangeable word of God and that means the meaning not just the words themselves. It is the one, single true guide to life for genuine Muslims.  ‘Muslims’, or people who call themselves Muslims, may practise ‘Islam’ in vastly different ways…but this makes them not genuinely ‘Muslim’.   Hence Ahmadis and Shi’ites are not considered Muslim by the ‘true’ Sunni Muslims.


Ep 1/4

Tuesday 18 October



Philosopher and cultural theorist Kwame Anthony Appiah argues that when considering religion we overestimate the importance of scripture and underestimate the importance of practice.

He begins with the complexities of his own background, as the son of an English Anglican mother and a Ghanaian Methodist father. He turns to the idea that religious faith is based around unchanging and unchangeable Holy Scriptures. He argues that over the millenia religious practice has been quite as important as religious writings. He provides examples from Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Buddhist texts to show that they are often contradictory and have been interpreted in different ways at different times, for example on the position of women and men in Islam. He argues that fundamentalists are a particularly extreme example of this mistaken scriptural determinism.

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20 Responses to Sacred Delusions

  1. All Lives Matter says:

    Nice to see those tolerant, peace-loving lefties still seeking social justice against their bigoted right-wing oppressors. The BBC’s report on this incidentally was buried away from public view and didn’t mention the referendum angle – ironic, given that the BBC can’t STOP mentioning the referendum most of the time, even when it’s barely relevant to the discussion.


  2. Dazed and Confused says:

    How many ways is there to interpret that if a fifty two year old man marries a six year old child then that man in question isn’t the perfect human being to replicate?

    Does that make me an Islamophobe” in Al’BeeBee-Ceeras eyes?


    • kane says:

      No but it makes the fifty two year old a raving paedophile and if that behaviour is the example of a perfect Muslim then of course we have Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and all the other towns where children are being raped en masse. But better a paedo than a “raaaycist” or an “islamophobe”, as all white males indigenous to Britain(and some olympic gymnasts) have been so slandered by the cultural marxists. When the civil war is over there will be an inquiry about the role played by the BBC in the mass murder of indigenous white Britons and those who claim they were only doing their impartial duty (from wherever their foreign bolt-hole is) will be called to account.


      • Dadad says:

        When New Zealand Judge Goddard said she was not surprised at the level of sexual abuse in this country because there were so many Asian (= Muslim) men, she was sacked for telling the truth.


        • G.W.F. says:


          Quite right. They simply want an inquiry which targets a few dead toffs, so people feel that the trouble has been dealt with; an inquiry that will not impact on vibrant multicultural communities and their fully integrated police service.


  3. Kaiser says:

    as its all quiet on the european head chopping front, i assume something big is coming, quite how big it needs to be, to actually have to be something to do with the rop,

    god only knows


  4. Thoughtful says:

    Just proves that the BBC aren’t cottoning on to the influence of Saudi financed Wahabism, despite the fact that several reporters are covering the stories, they are but a small voice crying in the wilderness.

    Islam is interpreted in different ways, and indeed the practice is every bit as important as the scripture, but it appears that yet again Fascism creeps in, comparing Islam to Christianity when it is not at all comparable. The Bible is inspired of God, whereas the Qur’an is the very word of God.

    My old learnings lead me to believe that the Qur’an is said to be in part literal, in part to be interpreted, and other parts meaningless and not to be interpreted. The problem lies in the fact that there are no instructions as to which is which.

    There are several different sects of Islam which do show this to be the case at least in some parts.

    The problem however comes not from the interpretation, but the common acceptance. The issue of constant expansion, and Jihad which is not going to be covered by the BBC.
    It will be full of the frippery which surrounds the core values and make not one bit of difference to the real practice of this dark religion.


  5. The Highland Rebel says:

    al-Beeb getting a hammering on Breitbart just now.
    Strange since we’ve been told it’s a universally loved national treasure.


    • G says:

      The burning question is, Highland Rebel, how many more ambivalent voters would have voted for leaving had the BBC broadcast balanced opinion on countdown to the Referendum?


  6. deegee says:

    It seems to me that only a small percentage of Muslims are baddies is about as relevant as the knowledge that only 8% of Germans joined the Nazi party. It was enough.


  7. Wild Bill says:

    They were talking about anti-semitism in the Labour party on the Andrew Marr show this morning and it was mentioned that there has been an increase in anti-semitic attacks in the UK this year,no mention of which people are responsible for these attacks, I doubt it will be ordinary indigenous Brits, as the Jews have been amongst us so long and we have had no problems with them?


    • Tothepoint says:

      I have no doubt that our very own indigenous ‘Islamic Dhimmi brigade’, social justice bigots, Caucasianphobics, and Guardian reading piss stains, hate Jews as much as the followers of the cult of hatred.

      What these traitors do not understand however, is that ‘team kill streak’ are just using these spineless cowards as comfort women to help win Islams never ending war against the infidels.


    • mikef says:

      I saw a clip of that and Marr saying complacently that Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t got an anti-Semitic bone in his body. The chap from the Home Affairs Committee that has just produced the report on the appalling level of anti-Semitism in the Labour party gave a temporising response.


  8. EnglandExpects says:

    I think that Marr was being more than complacent. He was actively standing in for the Labour Party in his discussion with the acting home affairs committee chairman. This is unacceptable. Marr is so blatantly pro labour he shouldn’t host the BBCs flagship political affairs weekend programme. Fat chance of any change however.


  9. Buckhurst Hillbilly says:

    The BBC, an organisation dominated by Jews and homosexuals seems strangely keen to encourage us to convert to Islam. This does appear odd. Just a thought, but perhaps if we were to explain to the powers that be at Auntie, that one of our first acts of religious observance in our new faith will be to throw all the Jews and homosexuals off of the roof of Television Centre, then just possibly they might find a better way to wast our money.