Yesterday was a day of positive economic news for the UK economy. Clearly this does not suit the BBC narrative of post-brexirt vote doom and gloom. So we have the perfunctory acknowledgement that the Government has done well to keep Nissan manufacturing in Sunderland and then …the immediate conspiracy theories as to what “deal” has been given to the Japanese car manufacturer. Behaving like an echo-chamber of an enraged Labour Party, the BBC has been postulating what “sweetheart” deal May may have offered Nissan. Is this the same BBC that damned the Government for NOT offering Port Talbot a sweetheart “deal”? We have the UK performing superbly from an economic point of view with daily positive news and the BBC leads the charge to undermine this. They really ARE ‘enemies of the State”. Pathetic posturing shills for Labour and an affront to robbing us off the TV License tax.

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  1. quisquose says:

    As you say David, they really have become taxpayer’s enemies of the state now.

    On the other thread I mentioned that I heard a BBC pundit SIMULTANEOUSLY demanding that we all know the exact details of the deal done with Nissan AND claiming that once the details of the deal are known it will set in play a financial chain-reaction of business demands that will be a disaster for post-Brexit Britain. QED admitting that his demands to know the details of the deal are sedition.


  2. Wild Bill says:

    The Remoaners and the rest would have had a field day if Nissan had pulled out of Sunderland, if the Government have struck a deal with Nissan, well so what, think what the bill for benefits etc., would have been in that area if the thousands had been made unemployed, and it is not just Nissan workers, that gain from this deal, all the many small businesses in the area such as shops and restaurants etc will prosper too? And all this employment also is good for the health and mental health of the people of that area.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Will the traitor BBC ever forgive the people of Sunderland for June 23rd and the Referendum’s defining TV moment?


  3. quisquose says:

    What’s amusing about this is that the seditious BBC are willing to give more credence to fantasy hysteria than rational pragmatism. Whatever fits their agenda.

    We already have tariff free access to the single market by being a member of it. When we wave goodbye we will say quite simply “as we are then guys, we aren’t putting any tariffs on your sales to us”. If there are tariffs it will be because the remaining members of the single market will want them, and they will all have to agree, and we know how difficult that will be even if they want to.

    Even if the impossible does happen, and ALL the EU members (including the Walloons) agree to impose tariffs on one of their largest export markets, and we end up with WTO tariffs then what is the real problem for Nissan?

    Would it put their exports from the UK into the EU at a disadvantage? Sure it would, but it would also put their sales into the UK at an advantage ahead of competing brands like Audi, VW and Mercedes.

    The UK is a net importer of cars by a significant margin. Are UK car purchases going to rise, fall or stay about the same after Brexit? I would say stay about the same, in which case the commercial pressures will swing towards manufacturing within the UK not outside it. So why would Nissan choose to go against the flow.

    Add to that our ability to reduce tariffs on imports from other countries once we have unshackled ourselves from the EU, and it makes our manufacturing more competitive still.

    The EU was always, is always, and always will be, a barrier to protect failing business against innovative business.


  4. Alan says:

    Yes it really does look like the BBC has set its sights on torpedoing the Nissan decision in the hope that it is reversed and Nissan then packs up the production lines and heads for the EU…or maybe China….that would put a dent in the Remainers’ gloating.

    We had what, 5 or 10 minutes on the Today programme of attacking the decision and suggesting it was all an underhand deal and that the WTO or the EU would sweep in and declare it illegal…the BBC have made up their minds that a blank cheque has been handed to Nissan and blithely ignores both Nissan and the government [and indeed ‘expert’ industry commentators who say a cash handout is unlikely] saying no such thing has happened.

    At the end of the hatchet job they suddenly tacked on ‘of course it really is wonderful news for Sunderland’…nevermind they’d just spent 10 minutes trying to get the workers all sacked and their jobs exported to Poland or somesuch country.

    [Oh yes…just as a point of interest yesterday the boss of Nissan stated that Nissan does not chase the foreign exchange rates, they move up and down and Nissan works regardless of that…it’s a normal business risk….and have to say back in 2008 didn’t notice the BBC jumping up and down when the pound fell from $2 to $1.5 in a very short space of time]

    Earlier in the day they’d dragged in Ford Europe’s boss in the hope he’d put a spanner in the works and say he’s off to the EU but he refused to play the game telling us Ford in the UK was a different business to Nissan as it is mainly concerned with design and not manufacturing, naturally he’d like to see a good deal with the EU but he gave no hint that Ford would be shutting up shop and disappearing to foreign shores.

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence but R4 has decided that the British car market is not at all healthy despite the burgeoning sales figures and decided to investigate ‘pre-registered’ car sales telling us people just didn’t understand what they were buying….never mind that they followed that analysis with a clip of customers who were quite clearly fully aware of what they were buying and were quite happy.
    The pre-registered car system has been around for years and only today do the BBC take notice? Any chance this is related to Nissan and the government cheering the decision? Is the BBC now, having expended a huge amount of time and energy telling us how essential the car industry is to the UK and we must not lose it due to Brexit, switching tack and trying to say it’s not really in good health and so the Nissan decision is really inconsequential? Is the BBC trying to spin a narrative that the Government is propping up a failing industry with public money? And just how many times can a BBC journo claim that ‘public money’ is being spent here…[despite denials and absolutely no proof]? Suddenly spending ‘public money’, should that be the case, is bad? How times, and narratives, change at the BBC…whence now the urging to implement the infamous ‘Plan B’ to spend, spend, spend? It seemed a curiously aggressive piece about a story that was rather pointless….as said pre-registered cars have been around for years and the lower prices for them and the good finance deals now available have driven sales… why now the BBC interest?

    Gotta think the BBC is trying every trick in the book to undermine the decision and lessen the impact of the ‘good news’ for the Brexit team.


  5. quisquose says:

    Alan – having listened to PM on the way home last evening, some news items, and Today on the way to work this morning I concur with everything you have just written.

    When the BBC introduced George Magnus as an “economics expert” before he said about the Nissan news, “well it would be churlish to say that it was not good news” and then proceeded to tell us that it was actually bad news, I just knew that the BBC had jumped the shark of bias.