I know it’s not JUST the BBC but the State Broadcaster has fallen in line with the current globalist narrative of demonising Putin and seeking conflict with Russia. Hillary Clinton has given the clear signal that if elected she wants to confront Russia – so much easier on the optics than dealing with radical Islam. The Conservative Government and NATO fall into line and Russia is painted the blackest of the black colours. it’s curious because I remember the time when the comrades at the BBC held a candle for the USSR, but that was then and this is now. So the BBC peaceniks support a war-hungry Clinton who might just cause WW3. Funny old world.

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2 Responses to RUSSIA…

  1. JimS says:

    Vanessa Feltz was flying the return of the Cold War kite when she stood in for Jeremy Vine yesterday on Radio 2.

    Unfortunately none of her callers were having it. Don’t they believe the BBC?

    I must say Putin’s foreign policy looks to be more in the UK’s interest than Obama/Clinton’s. Putin is anti-Islamism, Obama sees it as no threat and funds it, Putin wants to supply us cheap gas, Obama would rather that the rest of the world has expensive energy.


  2. DJ says:

    Yep, it’s weird for a child of the 80s to hear the left now claiming that, in fact, the Russians don’t ‘love their children too’.

    There’s so much humbug in there it hurts, but consider three things:

    i/ Donald Trump is literally Hitler and UKIP are Nazis but the BBC can’t find any historical echoes in people ranting about the Slavs clawing at the borders of European civilisation?

    ii/ How come no softball interviews with Russian ‘community leaders’? The BBC has run approximately 10 bazillion interviews along the lines of Juan from Bolton claiming that post-Brexit he feels uncomfortable, so what’s all this Russki hating doing to Ivan from Southend?

    iii/ Looks like ‘Stop The War’ and the rest of the freaks have had their ‘Access All Areas’ pass cancelled by the BBC. Why? These nutters are exactly as representative of the man in the street on this issue as they are when they oppose killing jihadis so what could *possibly* have changed?