I feel I must apologise on behalf of all taxi drivers everywhere as I am ashamed of the actions of this man who told Lily Allen to get stuffed, I’m sorry for what she had to suffer….

Lily Allen says taxi driver refused to drive her and told her to ‘find an immigrant’

Lily Allen said she has had a “glimpse of what it feels like to be discriminated against” after being shunned by a taxi driver.

The London-born pop star said she was turned away from a black cab after being told to “find an immigrant” to give her and her daughters a ride.

The alleged interaction between Allen and the unknown taxi driver comes after she apologised “on behalf of my country” after seeing the squalid conditions refugees had lived in at the Calais camp known as the Jungle.

Actually no…good on you mate.



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23 Responses to Taxidermy

  1. Polytropic says:

    The taxi driver deals with them every day and knows what they’re like.


  2. All Lives Matter says:

    Lily Allen is just another in a long line of agitators pretending to be victims when the people they’re attacking bite back. See also feminists, Black Lives Matter, and the American media’s during this election cycle. All of them are complete sh*t-stirrers who can’t take back what they dish out.


    • vesnadog says:

      Surprised that her extremely compassionate, super-gifted, highly respected fellow-parent, absolutely humble, not a foul word in his mouth, yours and my favourite singer/Celebrity, his honourable Sir GELDOF hasn’t been to the same camp were miss-compassionate went to in order to give the poor LOVE (I heard recently that Islington is a gathering ground for Radical feminists, and realising that feminists simply HATE to be addressed as LOVE) so I thought I’d address Lilly as Love!


  3. DJ says:

    Say, is it just me, or has the left given up making actual arguments in favour of a series of increasingly absurd atrocity stories about UKIP members beating gay Poles to death while quoting the Bible?


  4. Number 6 says:



    • vesnadog says:

      Here’s a great suggestion Lilly! In order to sooth your poor anxious soul; why not sit down in your luxury apartment, with a nice hot chocolate drink, put on that video-tape of dogs mating which you aired on your very first BBC talk-show, which for some unknown reason, your BBC bosses later cancelled!

      You recommended it to the viewers so why can’t we recommend it to you also?


  5. Jerry Owen says:

    Forget giving a gong to goofy self flagellating Janet S Porter.. give it to the cabbie! Far better deserved.


    • Anders Thomasson says:

      Are we all assuming that this actually happened and is not just made up?


      • peterthegreat says:

        No Anders, I’m assuming she’s just spinning the story for a bit more kudos from the lefties, a bit more ‘poor me’ sympathy, a bit more exciting agitprop – aren’t I daring! – and, above all, a lot more publicity.


      • Dazed and Confused says:

        Allen has “form” in making up lies….And if you call her out on her Twitter account about her motives, like all hard left scum she immediately blocks you…She’s a quite repulsive creature, and hence a firm favourite of the BBC..


        • StewGreen says:

          Yes I I don’t give this story much credibility.
          If it happened she would have whipped out her smartphone and photo-ed the licence plate.
          It could be a smear on cab-drivers cos her lot have a PREJUDICED idea of what taxi drivers are like.
          …Refusing a passenger might cause a blackcab driver to lose his licence.


  6. 60022Mallard says:

    Did she “signal” to the driver in a virtuous way, such that he recognised her?


  7. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Eddie Snotter (Cab No. 724544) writes:

    “Bleedin’ marvellous! I had that Enoch Powell in the back of my cab once, speaks twenty languages, talks a lot of sense he does … … … … … … … … … … …”


  8. peterthegreat says:

    I’m sure my fellow bloggers will be as horrified as I at the ghastly insult to Saint Lily of Calais. Let us hold a minute’s silence.
    (“Just tried to get in a black cab with my kids. The driver looked at me and said , ‘find an immigrant to drive you you stupid tart”)


  9. vesnadog says:

    One can only hope that she never ever leaves that very special saintly area of London – i.e. Islington, ever again!

    Its best all round for those poor hard working taxi drivers!


  10. Loobyloo says:

    Urgent case for the Met though! This must constitute a hate crime, I wonder if she’s registered it online.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I hate her, is that a crime now?


      • Lobster says:

        Rob, I consider you to be a Lilyphobe. How can you live with yourself?
        You must atone for your sins and adopt a 37 year old child at once!


  11. vesnadog says:

    I don’t know if its me but did anyone else notice how the outside of Lilly Allen’s eyes looked dark?

    So lo and behold, yesterday, there was a piece done by a BBC TV News Arts reporter, reporting from the same area Lilly Allen reported from!? She had blond hair, like Lilly, and the same kind of dark, tired, dreary looking eyes we usually see on drugged-up/drunks we see emptying your everyday music festival, rock concert etc!

    Is there a moral to this story? I think I won’t ask Lilly Allen! I think I’ll ask the Taxi driver! He will be wiser and plainly more moral!


  12. Martin Pinder says:

    Alan, you almost had me fooled for a moment until I read the last sentence. I’m glad to see that so many people don’t agree with her. I have just written a letter to our local paper on these immigrant ‘children.’ They probably won’t publish it!


  13. Deborahanother says:

    Lily Allen is famous for what exactly? Is this the only way she can get publicity and back in the headlines. ? Has she got a record or book coming out. .?

    When career is in the doldrums , get on the refugee gravy train ,from your ivory tower of course !

    Guaranteed BBC exposure. job done !

    Good on the taxi driver, if it really happened.


  14. Ian Rushlow says:

    Freudian slip!
    Silly me. I’ve been reading this forum and I’ve just realised that this silly woman is called Lily Allen, not LILY ALIEN, which is how I’d always read her name. Although with a name like Alien, her views seem a lot more understandable.


  15. Rick Bradford says:

    She may have more trouble getting a cab in future, if she follows the advice of her favourite charity, Shave The Children.

    Their front page suggests that giving children goats makes them ‘happy and healthy’ (the children that is), so if Lily plans to criss-cross London handing out goats (with barbeque sauce, no doubt), cab drivers are going to need to be on the lookout.

    Cabbies, just be on the look-out for two gormless individuals together, one of which is four-legged, and stay safe out there.