This was a sad little nothing of a programme from the BBC…clearly the BBC has decided that a scattergun approach to Brexit is the best chance to counter it by spreading as much anti-Brexit shrapnel around as possible in the hope that some will hit the target…


Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe introduces a Recycled special on the place that has obsessed us all summer long, so buckle up as we find out what is so different about Us and Them. With journeys to the continent and back to Westminster again combined with the powerful slicing of leading voices in the European debate – Tony Benn and Margaret Thatcher from 1975; Boris, Nigel and Dave from 2016. Plus the voices of leading historians, and comedians, attempting to make sense of the great European divide. Exhilarating radio you’ll not hear anywhere else.

As far as I could make out it was just a mishmash of nonsense that was almost entirely meaningless…but of course threaded through were little digs as the Brexiteers…the  finale bringing that all together in a highly amusing edit of clips of Boris and Co trying to make them look foolish and stupid.

BBC agenda or just how the cards fell?

I note with interest the producer of the programme is Miles Warde….Miles eh?  So BBC.  But shouldn’t that be ‘Kilometres’ Warde?  So much more continental.





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3 Responses to Utopialand

  1. ObiWan says:

    Anti-Brexit propaganda is all over the rancid BBC. I tuned in to R4 this afternoon against my better judgment and happened upon a programme in which various ‘ordinary people’ were discussing how awful Brexit has been for them. No counter views, no chance of balance.

    It never ends. *OFF switch*


  2. Eddy Booth says:

    The pear shaped David Cameron cartoon comes up and The BBC man says:
    ”you still kept him with a smile though! ”
    err no, you’re looking at it UPSIDE DOWN dopey….


  3. vesnadog says:

    I discovered yet ANOTHER Asian woman presenting a BBC News report yesterday!

    Those BBC female Muslim employees must be a cowardly lot as it clearly shows that in every way they must be sacrificing their very own conscience upon the block of fame and fortune! I don’t know how they sleep?