Cheese eating surrender monkey surrenders to Putin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Francois Fillon


Odd, very odd.  I read the BBC write up on Francois Fillon and I’m thinking so very Trump.  And yet Trump doesn’t get a mention anywhere…not even when the BBC reports that Fillon wants better relations with Russia and opposes abortion…..two things, amongst so many, that the BBC castigated Trump for.  Now apparently …not so bad things.

Guess the BBC doesn’t want to admit that Trump isn’t the crazed, dangerous, racist whack-job that they have portrayed him as for the last 6 months day in day out and that many others have the same policies.  In other words the BBC doesn’t want us to know that BBC news is completely biased, untrustworthy and not worth paying good money for…especially at the ‘point of a gun’ so to speak.





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7 Responses to Cheese eating surrender monkey surrenders to Putin?

  1. Thoughtful says:

    Perhaps, while we’re on the subject, someone can tell me why it is that the BBC constantly refers to Le Penn being “far right” when she is in fact far left with economic policies which are far closer to Labour than any other party.

    I guess the BBC see it as a perjorative for anyone who doesn’t love the brown eyed boys as much as they do.


    • Grant says:

      Putin running rings around Western politicians as usual !


    • Dogger Bank says:

      they are typical socialists; hypocrites!


    • Jerry Owen says:

      Immigration is the key, the minute you say immigration needs to be addressed you are labelled right wing. No matter what any of your other views are which could be far left, views on immigration are the default setting on whether you are defined as ‘left’ or ‘right’ wing. The BNP was in fact left wing in so many ideas more than right wing, but their views on immigration made them ‘far right’. Look at labours issues on Jews, they should be ‘right wing’, however they believe in immigration hence despite their Jew baiting they are right on leftwing.


  2. NCBBC says:

    Le Penn far right? She is as far right as Labour of Corbyn, or the Democrats in America.

    The Nazi party – National Socialist Workers party, is exactly what it says on the can. The Nazi party, and the Bolsheviks were allies, till they fell out. The Stalinists then decried that the Nazi party as Far Right. But then the Moaists screamed that the Stalinists were Far Right. Its just a matter of perspective.

    Hitler’s Beneficiaries by Götz Aly is informative.
    Götz Aly cites these examples:

    The Nazis brought the automobile within reach of the people.
    They doubled the number of holidays for workers.
    They introduced agricultural subsidies for farmers to protect them against the risks of weather and a fickle world market. ( EU’s CAP)
    Prices of food were set by the government.
    The Nazis introduced the progressive income tax (still a “sacred” item for the leftist parties). (EUSSR)
    The Nazis were not just leftists, they were green as well: they were the first to make care for the environment a government responsibility.( EUSSR)
    Landlords were required to charge their tenants affordable rents.(EUSSR)
    The legal position of tenants was strengthened. (EUSSR)

    Child benefits were introduced. (EUSSR)

    Pensions were increased. (EUSSR)

    The cost of health care was paid for by the government. [2]
    The only tax increase that hurt “the common man” was a 50% increase on the duty on tobacco and alcohol. (EUSSR)

    And in the war a “special social benefit” was introduced: benefits for the cost of rent, insurance, coal, potatoes and other essential goods.(EUSSR)

    Exactly the same as Blair’s Third way, which again as requiredby the EUSSR. No wonder the EUSSR was prepared to go to war against the UK, led by the insane Merkel. But its plans were Trumped.

    As for Health care, in America it is known as Obamacare. Its going to get Trumped.