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Damn, the Mail’s fast this morning.  Heard Kuenssberg on Today this morning say she was told that the Queen said she backed Brexit but didn’t report it as only one source…of course such high ethical and professional standards never stopped her ‘reporting’, or printing the legend as fact, that Boris was only backing Leave as a cunning ploy to snatch the Tory leadership…however the ease and readiness with which he stood down from that contest suggests he wasn’t really that bothered about the top job.

The Mail also spotted Kuenssberg’s admission….

`Queen backed Brexit,´ BBC journalist was told

The BBC’s political editor has said she was told that the Queen supported EU withdrawal, but did not report it as she could not find a second source.

Laura Kuenssberg said she was told about the alleged comment months before the eventual appearance of The Sun’s “Queen backs Brexit” headline in March.

The front-page story caused one of the biggest rows of the referendum campaign, leading to a successful complaint to press regulator Ipso by Buckingham Palace, which said it was “misleading”.

The BBC political editor told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “In a casual chat with one of my contacts, they said ‘Do you know what? At some point this is going to come out, and I’m telling you now and I don’t know if the BBC would touch it, but the Queen told people at a private lunch that she thinks that we should leave the EU’.

“Apparently at this lunch she said ‘I don’t see why we can’t just get out. What’s the problem?’

“My jaw hit the floor. Very sadly, I only had one source. I spent the next few days trying to prove it. I couldn’t find the evidence.

“Lo and behold, a couple of months later, someone else did. Of course then ensued a huge row between that newspaper and the Palace over what had really been said or not said.”

Yep…bet she was gutted she ‘couldn’t’ report something that was so potentially damaging to the Remain camp’s campaign….she has admitted her ‘reporting’ about Boris was based merely on ‘vicious rumours’ spread by his enemies…so why not report what the Queen said if it came from a presumably reliable and credible source?

Interestingly she didn’t say who her source was…Gove was supposedly the source of the Sun’s story so if Kuenssberg’s source was not Gove…????!!!  She could just say it wasn’t Gove. Would back up the Sun’s original story.

Another amusing Mail tale of note…..Mail reports on the death of Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt…

At the peak of his musical powers, the then married English rocker was spending £1,000 a week on cocaine, £500 a week on vodka, and sleeping with so many groupies that he forgot their names. Pardiff is pictured with third wife….

Yep shocking that ‘Pardiff’ forgot groupies’ names.  Like the Mail’s conclusion that ‘he paid the price for his rock’n’roll lifestyle’…he was 68 and had a great life with all the trimmings.  I’m sure he’ll be rock and rolling in his grave to think he has missed out somehow….or not.  The Mail’s Xmas bashes must be on a level with Status Quo’s.



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8 Responses to Mail on the ball

  1. GoingInNowDan says:

    Rick Parfitt and Lemmy; both went comparatively young but somehow I doubt either of them regretted any minute of it.

    As for Ms K; a journalist won’t reveal their source. Unless their name is Isabel Oakeshott of course – see Vicky Pryce AKA Vicky the Greek for more details. The “story” seems to have disappeared from the so-called BBC website – much more important goings on like the death of some Greek singer.

    My 6th sense tells me Ms K could be the so-called BBC’s secret Brexit campaigner – she’s no fan of the Islington Commie, and strikes me as having at least an open mind on the subject. But you can feel free to discuss that.


    • The General says:

      Only a few days of 2016 to go and they are still dropping like flies…….
      So glad I am not a ‘Celebrity’.


  2. StrumPattern says:

    Ha! I read the same article and could not believe the ignorance by getting Rick Parfitt’s name wrong. Just goes to show that there’s a section to the population that never got Status Quo. But the ‘Dianification’ of George Michael is on a par with a certain David Bowie when he popped his clogs at the beginning of the year.

    Anyway, it’s just Parfitt’s luck that his death got trumped by the greek singer. (Just as Lemmy’s demise was overtaken by Bowie’s). BBC fawning like there’s no tomorrow, despite the fact that Status Quo sold more records, and Lemmy invented Heavy Metal.


  3. Grant says:

    Also in the Daily Mail ” During his life Rick got through 3 wives and 10 Porches “.


  4. StewGreen says:

    The royal expert on Today was at 7:20 convincing : The protocol is not to report the Queen’s private political views.
    So Laura should not have blurted out the story yesterday.

    That is minor compared to the BBC’S blatant antiBrexit campaigning.


  5. petebogtrott says:

    If the queen wanted to stay in the BBC would be shouting it from the rooftops.But as she wanted out the BBC stayed silent until others broke the news.
    BBC the shit on the UK’s shoes.


  6. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    The ftse had closed today at an all time record high.
    I seem to remember the BBC had blanket coverage when the ftse dropped just after the Brexit vote. They even found another index, the ftse250, which also went down. It was all doom and gloom, blamed on the Brexit vote.
    You would have thought that the record highs would be celebrated but for some reason the ftse doesn’t interest the BBC now.
    I wonder why not.