How soon they forget


How soon they forget.  No not the Somme and all the sacrifices made on that battlefield, though some could do well to remember what the ‘young’ were doing then and in WWII to defend the right to vote and protest and speak freely.

How soon some forget their own ‘principles’ when the chips are down.

Firstly of course the BBC were busily telling us, pre-referendum, that Boris would never be Tory leader because he couldn’t raise the support amongst the MPs….now he backs out because he can’t raise the support and it’s all a big shock to the BBC, who rapidly put the boot in.  The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg has also gone a bit quiet on her relentless claims that Boris was only in the Leave campaign to build his case for the leadership, Kuenssberg suggesting he was a liar and a fraud…despite admitting later that she based her ‘journalism’ and claims about Boris on ‘vicious rumours’ from the Westminster bubble.  Personally thought he should have toughed it out as Gove doesn’t have a chance and never did whilst Boris did have support last year…as much as May did.  Why did Boris cave so easily?

Apparently Boris has been ‘stabbed in the back’.  I’m still awaiting the outraged frenzy that denounces those daring to suggest Gove stabbed Boris in the back.  The same outraged frenzy that accompanied claims that the wonderboy, Ed Miliband, had stabbed his brother in the back for the Labour leadership contest.

How can the BBC have forgotten this so soon?..

The Conservatives are standing by an attack on Ed Miliband that Labour said had dragged politics “into the gutter”.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said Mr Miliband had “stabbed his own brother in the back” to lead Labour and was now “willing to stab the UK in the back” by doing a deal on Trident with the SNP “to become PM”.

Mr Miliband said the defence secretary had demeaned himself and his office.

“This is the day the election campaign got personal”, said BBC deputy political editor James Landale.

The Guardian of course was on the case as well…

I’m not sure how I managed to miss the fact that leadership of the Labour party is a hereditary position. Apparently, Labour hasn’t even got round to abolishing the rule of primogeniture, as the defence secretary, Michael Fallon, reminded us on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Thursday. Fallon suggested that Ed Miliband “stabbed his own brother in the back”, appearing to suggest that modern political parties operate a line of succession similar to the royals.


No such defence for Boris or attacks on Gove, indeed today the BBC’s Jon Pienaar told us that this leadership contest was not about policies now but about character.  So character matters then in a leader?  Fairly obvious, but not apparently when it is the Labour leader’s character, then we mustn’t talk about it…nor his Marxist father’s hatred of British values, the values that saved him from the concentration camps.

What else does the BBC forget to mention?  How about Heseltine with his contemptible and malignant attack on Boris?  The BBC has been quoting him relentlessly but not a mention on the news bulletins that he is an ardent Europhile and Remainer….hence the real reason he might want Gove to step aside in order to let a Remainer, Theresa May, a clear run to the PMship.  Yesterday we had a stream of  remainers come onto the BBC, seemingly outnumbering by far those who back Leave and of course they all put the boot into Boris telling us he had ‘broken Britain’….obviously a party line here.  The BBC even dragged in Jenni Russell who has made it her life’s work to undermine and attack Boris…but of course the BBC didn’t mention that as she launched into a poisonous tirade against him.  We also had Anna Soubry, also pouring scorn on the Leave campaign and its ‘lack of leadership’ whilst praising to the skies Cameron’s ‘brilliant’ leadership.  Apparently Cameron and Osborne were extraordinarily ‘admirable’ as they put the country first.  Really?  That’ll be Cameron who abandoned the country and caused chaos, confusion and uncertainty by deciding to not lead the country out of the situation he placed it in by holding the referendum…he should have been prepared to lead whatever the outcome.  Osborne spent all his time spreading fear, alarm and confusion and as a result the markets panicked on the out vote…hardly the work of an ‘admirable’ man.

Ah yes, Osborne…today making big noises about the dreadful state of the economy, due to Brexit of course, and the need to shelve his fantastic budget plans…the plans the BBC panned as pure fantasy.

How soon we forget that in February this year he was telling us that the state of the world economy meant his previous budget statement about balancing the books and having pot loads of spare cash was so much hogwash…

George Osborne warns of further spending cuts in Budget

Chancellor George Osborne has warned he may have to make fresh cuts to public spending in next month’s Budget.

Mr Osborne told the BBC global economic turmoil and slower growth meant “we may need to undertake further reductions”.

He slowed the pace of cuts in the last spending review, but suggested savings could be announced in his 16 March Budget statement as figures showed the UK economy was smaller than expected.

Labour’s John McDonnell said it was “a total humiliation” for Mr Osborne.

Now it’s all about Brexit….could it be that Osborne knew his claims about 2020 were unavievable and took the opportunity to rejig things and blame Brexit for it?….nice if the BBC put the question…not so far though.

And on a final note…May’s attack on those politicians who ‘play games’ with people’s lives…I took that to mean Osborne, whom the BBC always accused of being the most political of all chancellors [but aren’t they all?  Brown not exactly straight with us], and yet now forget that and say May was attacking Boris.  No, she was attacking Osborne.   As always the BBC forgets its previous words when needed and lays into the current enemy.


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6 Responses to How soon they forget

  1. tarien says:

    Let us just round it all up by saying that the Vote was for OUT and thereby the candidate for the Prime Ministerial post should be from the Leave camp- a Remain camp candidate would send a very confused signal to the EU, who are as we all know confused enough as it is already. A good communicator, with nerves of steel-such Liam Fox, or Andrea Leadsom, but personally don’t think Mr Gove as good a minister as he was is at present the person for this mamouth task-certainly not Mrs May. I would put Nigel Farage in charge were it possible, he has the nerves of steel at least.


  2. chrisH says:

    I put a video up of the fate of the fat grub that inadvertedly lets a parasitic wasp lay its larva in its body.
    Not pretty.
    The political elite are that fat grub from 2009…either side of the House or the camera . And we are that wasp larvae.
    Consume them from within-and enjoy the explorations the tastes , and the subterfuges and the dormant phases of development.
    I know that this picture-the film itself on an earlier post SOUNDS and seems to be “tasteless” lacking “tone”, and not always for the squeamish…but as some kids hated it and tell mama , the brave and the enterprising get the point…nature is tough, the faint hearted would rather eat the meat and remove the blood from the process.
    Darwin got his Theory of Evolution from the parasitic wasp…how could God be so cruel?…so He`can`t exist.
    But He does..and pain and revulsion is sometimes His way of screaming to a deaf and dead world.
    It`s on 24/7 now-it`ll be along run and unmissable.
    If we don`t get Andrea, Michael and Boris as well as others who saved us last week across the spectrum…then they`ll have to deal with Nigel here, Donald there and all their continental nightmares in waves and domino formation(Wilders. Le Pen).
    The hatred of the “nice people” for Farage and Robinson will lash them as soon as it`s clear that the stitch up has created a REAL monster….we`re playing for now.
    No real point in fussing over much BBC output now…they`re past their 38 degrees and tipping point too.


    • NCBBC says:

      This is interesting news

      From Marine Le Pen at the FN website:

      I am delighted by the victory of law and democracy in Austria today. The appeal by the Freedom Party, our ally in the European Parliament, was judged valid in view of numerous irregularities noted during the second round of the presidential election. A new election will take place and will allow the Austrian people to decide for themselves in conditions respectful of democratic principles.

      and on the same site

      How to punish the British?

      The retaliatory measures were not long in coming. Countless articles attest to the fury of EU leaders who now must find a way out of the nightmare of democracy created by the British.

      How to punish the sovereign people is the big question. Possibly by merely declaring all referenda illegal?

      Many are turning this into a generation-gap crisis, trying to say the open-minded young have been betrayed by sclerotic reactionaries. It is true that, according to some polls, British youth were anti-Brexit, but it is not certain they actually voted in large numbers against Brexit.

      This new election is very good news for the patriots and is part of the Peoples’ Spring that our countries are experiencing. After the fortunate victory of Brexit in the United Kingdom, the rise of euro-skepticism in Italy, Austria also has an opportunity to return to the paths of freedom and national pride. Soon it will be France’s turn!


  3. Nibor says:

    The BBC are bigging up Theresa appeaser May . Lots of favourable coverage and when she makes a public speech the sound recording is clear , no distance .
    As Priti Patel isn’t in it , I reckon it has to be Andrea Leadsom or Liam Fox .


    • RJ says:

      I’m reminded of the first episode of Yes Prime Minister where Hacker gets the top job – Party Games. At the end of the scene with Sir Humphrey and the Chief Whip the latter says: “You see, Jim, there is one other quality that Prime Ministers need. The killer instinct”.

      Hacker’s response is “Now that I know about Eric and Duncan, I have no choice but to stab them in the back. Or in the front”.

      I think that Gove has now proved that he has the killer instinct, although we can discuss whether Boris was stabbed in the front or the back.


  4. John Bull says:

    I am getting more and more disillusioned with the BBC. Years ago I use to think the BBC news was very good and impartial but over the past two decades it’s become more and more bias.
    I have noticed this more recently when they have reported issues about the EU in-out referendum and after some research I found out that the BBC receives a considerable amount of money from the EU every year, so how can they be impartial, they can’t.
    Between April 2011 and November 2013 the BBC received approximately £3million of EU funds. The broadcasters’ commercial arm BBC Worldwide borrowed over £141million from the European Investment Bank since 2003. I have to question what influence the EU exerts over the BBC, particularly in the light of EU loans and grants, and the BBC’s often one-sided coverage of matters relating to Europe. Other examples of BBC bias and left wing leaning politicized reporting concern me very much. I have come to the conclusion that the BBC is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the EU.
    It’s becoming more difficult to get at the truth as far as news is concerned. On the 9 June 2016 it was reported in the newspapers that Migrants had burnt down their purpose built camp housing 280 refugees in Dusseldorf because they did not receive a wakeup call for their Ramadan breakfast. Not a mention on the BBC, perhaps which could have been considered anti EU so not only did they not show this incident they stopped you seeing it, so you think it did not happen. So if you are like me and many people and switch the news on as a matter of habit, it would seem we are being told what they want us to know.
    All the news is out there so the staff at the BBC must cherry pick the items of news they consider you should see or hear about. It’s the sort of thing we use to accuse Josef Stalin of doing years ago or a despot running some banana republic.
    When it comes to news in this country we don’t really have a great deal of choice, because all TV and Radio media outlets seem to be controlled by the BBC. If you watch BBC news and then switch channels to ITV or SKY all the issues are more or less identical in importance and sequence, this I find strange if they are supposed to be independent of each other. We now have the RT channel (Russian Today) to watch that is quite different that I understand is paid for by Kremlin so one would expect a more slanted view and they certainly stay clear of criticizing the Russian government, however some of the articles are very enlightening and quite different from the other three.
    If you are in the car and listening to the radio news on channel 4 it’s just a more in depth version of the radio news on channels 3, 2 and 1. Local channels are similar with a little bit of (Cleared with HQ) local news added, no doubt because they are all licensed by the BBC. They all seem to be controlled.
    It would be nice to have a totally independent news channel that covers all the world issues (not the BBC World news service which is blinked and provincial) that don’t peddle their own agenda, totally impartial and educational, showing news and events from every corner of the world that is not gauged on number ratings, ticking boxes, PC or popularity