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Big Gay Ice Cream Shot


Nothing to do with BBC bias but it is such an important issue that I think it needs addressing.

Richard Hammond, of The Grand Tour, Neé Top Gear, is getting a spanking from the Gay fraternity for suggesting ice cream is ‘gay’….check out the outrage here.

Hammond must have read this piece from the Daily Stormer

Then the trend became clear: gay and lesbian couples are especially sweet on ice cream

The Guardian of course is on the case telling us that Hammond’s unPC language even shocked Clarkson and May so outrageous was it…

Clarkson and May appeared taken aback as members of the studio audience applauded and cheered.

Never mind all the jokes are scripted…and Clarkson writes them.

Hammond can relax though…not only are there gay ice cream shops there are ones that sell ‘straight’ ice cream too…



Little did we know that this was an issue but apparently so…but even Facebook backs Hammond up…women like ice cream and real men like cars…..

Facebook can predict if you’re gay and like ice cream

Networked Insights saw declining mentions of iPhones by teens as a signal for Apple’s depressed earnings forecast

What women most want is ice cream, while men want cars says social analytics firm NetBase.



Perhaps Hammond is hiding something…

Whatever next?  Doritos?


Anyway hope that’s put your minds to rest and that’s another issue of world shattering importance that we’ve put to bed…now onto Obama not interfering in another country’s politics once again as he tells us the Labour Party is disintegrating and on the verge of collapse as it flees from ‘fact and reality’.

The Guardian thinks Obama’s words so important that it is their headline story and Corbyn has had to scramble a response….guess that desire for non-interference in other nation’s political affairs has been shelved now the US elections are over and it’s business as normal.  Curiously Obama, whilst keen to release what the CIA said about Russia, isn’t so keen to release what intelligence says about Saudi Arabia being  behind 9/11.  Which is more important…Russia possibly releasing some emails that shed light on Clinton’s stupidity and possible criminality [and her links to Saudi Arabia] or a country attacking the US and setting off a chain of events worldwide that have changed the course of history?




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36 Responses to Just Desserts

  1. Roland Deschain says:

    As I’ve said over on the main thread, whatever else Hammond does he MUST NOT APOLOGISE under any circumstance. That would merely encourage the perpetually outraged.


    • NCBBC says:

      The best way to treat the lying hypocritical Politically Correct leftist Marxist dolts is to Counterattack.

      President-elect Trump showed the way.

      Hasn’t anyone noted, that the made up attacks on Trump are way down.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      I believe it’s time the perpetually outraged were treated with the respect and seriousness they rightly deserve. All together now with the ribald, contemptuous laughter every time they open their silly mouths.


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      One thing is clear…the gay world is oh so touchy…and precious….they need to lighten up….or maybe they really are feeling guilty and embarrassed at their sexuality…discuss.


  2. Techno says:

    You do have to be a bit humourless not to find that funny. There were plenty of other risque jokes eg. Clarkson saying “the girl with the pearl necklace”.


  3. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The BBC have been taken for a ride. They are so predictable that they have been played by Jeremy Clarkson et al – lots of free publicity for their show – attracting the type of people that are not generation snowflakes.


    • NCBBC says:


      Trump showed the way. He suckered the MSM into free publicity. Suck it up Buttercups.


    • quisquose says:

      I only watched this particular show because of the “outrage”. I have Amazon Prime, and watched a couple previously, but it had fallen off my radar. So you are right, and there will be people that watched it for the first time because of the “outrage”.

      It’s amusing to think about what would have happened had this happened on the BBC. The perpetually offended would control the discussion, but now they can’t, they must be so upset, offended even.


  4. Grant says:

    Beeboids are so stupid !


    • NCBBC says:

      Mouthing platitudes, and virtue signalling, rots the mind eventually.


      • Grant says:


        There is some evidence that they are going a bit crazy. World just not working out their way !


      • Rick Bradford says:

        Put another way, it’s only a rotten mind which finds mouthing platitudes and endless virtue signalling to be comforting.


  5. Amounderness Lad says:

    Alan, whilst you say the item does not have a direction to the bBBC what must not be overlooked is that the bBBC is probably the main promoter of the Ultra-PC Enforcers


  6. Amounderness Lad says:

    Alan, whilst you say the item does not have a direction to the bBBC what must not be overlooked is that the bBBC is probably the main promoter of the Ultra-PC Enforcers


  7. Amounderness Lad says:

    Alan, whilst you say the item does not have a direction to the bBBC what must not be overlooked is that the bBBC is probably the main propaganda arm and the most virulent promoter of the Ultra-PC Enforcement Brigades with their determination to force us all to submit totally to their fanatical whims and fancies.


  8. Grant says:

    Hammond is not a fit and proper person to be Chancellor of the Exchequer.


  9. All Lives Matter says:

    The BBC is now reporting on this and of course providing a one-sided account siding with the snowflakes, of course now that they’ve lost the only show that was still making them tonnes of money worldwide they can lambaste its hosts as much as it likes and not have to rely on other presenters like Charlie “only white men like Top Gear” Brooker to act as ‘impartial’ Auntie’s mouthpiece as it used to.


  10. Deborahanother says:

    Who really cares what the BBC thinks.They are driving people away with their fixed diversty quotas .They forget the vast majority of their audience are white.

    So what if only white men like Top Gear ? Aren’t white men allowed to have programmes aimed at them and without some fake ethnicity shoehorned in .Its not my cup of tea, not because its white ,but because im not into cars ,so I don’t watch it.

    Use the Off switch.


  11. PADDY088 says:

    What a silly thing to say, a bit like trees are transgender. If eating Ice cream makes you gay, then call me Gay, `cos I love the stuff, especially Cornish Ice Cream made with clotted cream!, butter, and all those other healthy ingredients. 🙂


    • Heisenberg says:

      Of course it’s an incredibly silly thing to say, but it’s meant as a joke, almost certainly scripted in advance. Hammond doesn’t really think that eating ice cream is gay! Clarkson and May only pretended to be ‘taken aback’. But the joke is on the permanently offended who take the comment seriously and claim that it’s homophobic. And then the joke is on the BBC for reporting it.


      • Guest Who says:

        There is no such thing as bad BBC promotion.

        143, 147… 210 BBC PR bunnies all working to promote an Amazon show on the public tab.

        And wall to wall Owen Jones shuttling between George and Mr. Whippy with Evan.


      • Rick Bradford says:

        Agreed, probably Clarkson saying: “Yeah, that’ll wind them all up” — and it has.

        The snowflakes always react in a predictably outraged manner, ridiculously easy to push their buttons and make fun of them. That’s jam for Clarkson.


    • johnnythefish says:

      If gays make such a big thing about liking ice cream, as Alan’s piece very clearly explains, why is it so wrong to describe ice cream as being a bit gay?

      The reason it is ‘wrong’ is purely one of censorship. Like Muslims, black people and any other race or creed that is not white, English, Jewish, Christian or straight, gays are beyond criticism, ridicule and satire.

      We have thus ended up with enclaves in our society who have priveleged status and have to be treated with more care and respect than the rest with non-compliance bringing the full force of the Thought Police down upon you. Poor old Orwell, spinning for eternity.

      So much for equality.


  12. boohanna says:

    Well I sincerely hope that these are finally going to be taken out of circulation.

    I am so very very triggered..



  13. Guest Who says:

    Oldie but still a goldie…


  14. Alex says:

    We’ve become, as a society, a self-absorbed, emotionally-incontinent and superficial lot of patronising, right-on snowflakes. The media are largely to blame along with the political class. I mean I was watching Sky ‘News’ this morning and we had an outpouring of profound grief over an actress (yes it is sad but not the end of the world) and yet a story of fisherman missing off the Kent coast was all but forgotten. I then switched over to the BBC to find some Scottish sculptor creating art inspired by Shakespearian poetry. Pretentious garbage… the media create news rather than report it.


  15. Dave says:

    The BBC would have sacked him for Twitter’s reaction to that. The Twitter-rage is all the more amusing because of its impotence now he’s at Amazon.


  16. Paul Weston says:

    Where would sanctimonious outrage be without 0.00000001% of the population utilising an entity called Twitter? And why does the BBC take any notice of this tiny percentage whilst it ignores a much larger share of the population who use Twitter to question the antics of someone like Merkel? Silly question……


  17. Jerry Owen says:

    Slightly OT
    But Kirsty Allsopp tweeted her dismay at SKY’s Kay Burley’s ( odious woman ) reporting of the death of George Michael in that the report was more about his drug habits rather than his contribution to music.
    Kay Burley’s considered response on Twatter… ‘shut up Kirstie’. This epitomizes the whole of the media establishment, agree with us or we vilify you mentality. Note that there was no debate to be had here just am attack on someone with different thoughts, this trait runs throughout our media/political elites.


    • Alex says:

      Kay Burley is indeed a vile woman who epitomises the vacuous-motor-mouthed, opinionated and egotistical me, me, me class. Cannot stand her. Full of her own self-importance.


    • Guest Who says:

      Pity Kay didn’t tweet ‘you can’t say that’. Much fun could have ensued.


  18. Wild Bill says:

    I watched the program and actually laughed out loud when Clarkson couldn’t get live animals to stay on his weighing scales so said ,”I’ll have to kill them”,he came back with a wheelbarrow full of anaimal parts wearing a blood spattered apron!
    Clearly they are trying to wind up a lot of people.


  19. Rob says:

    That 50 pence gangsta chap must be a tortured soul in the closet, when he croons.

    “I’ve got “99” problems and a bitch ain’t one”

    I always thought he was a bit “flakey”