#DespiteBrexit…Again..and Again…and Again



The BBC isn’t trumpeting this for some reason…from Reuters…

UK manufacturing growth unexpectedly hits 2-1/2-year high – PMI

British manufacturing growth climbed to a two-and-a-half-year high last month, fuelled by new orders from both home and abroad and adding to signs the economy ended 2016 strongly, a survey showed on Tuesday.

The Markit/CIPS UK Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) rose to 56.1, the strongest reading since June 2014, from 53.6 in November. That exceeded all forecasts in a Reuters poll, which pointed to a decline to 53.1.

Naturally things could turn around later but that’s not the point..the point is how the BBC reports these things…when the PMI fell slightly the BBC was reporting it relentlessly all day with the narrative that Brexit is destroying the economy….screaming about a ‘dramatic deterioration in the economy‘ and that we were definitely heading for recession…as with the last good news figures, which oddly the BBC decided we had to be careful how we interpret as it was far too early to make a sensible judgement [on the good news that is…on the bad news we’re going into recession] the BBC has gone much less noisy..  Strange no?  Not heard a peep on the radio whereas you couldn’t miss it when the PMI fell below 50 and the story is hidden away on the business pages where hardly a soul will see it which is quite extraordinary considering just how relatively high the PMI figure is.

The BBC is definitely trying to hide good news here.

Still, maybe they are just taking advice from Europhile Jonathan Portes [08:35] who on hearing that the Change Britain pro-Brexit group has suggested 400,000 jobs will be created by leaving the EU customs union says these figures are entirely fictional…however….he claims that it is now quite wrong to put hard figures on things as that is meaningless….what we reallyneed to know is that a consensus of ‘experts’ has told us if we leave the EU we are going to Hell in a handcart..so there…oh yes…and he is entirely neutral as Nick Robinson tells us…..really?  The Spectator has its doubts…as you might….

It is wearisome work, but I hope the ‘leave’ campaign is carefully monitoring the BBC’s coverage of the referendum. On Monday, the first full weekday since Mr Cameron’s ‘legally binding’ deal, I listened to the Today programme for more than two hours. I heard six speakers for ‘remain’ and two (John Mills and Nigel Lawson) for ‘leave’. In this I am not including any of the BBC interviewers themselves, though my hunch, based solely on the way they ask questions, is that all of them, with the possible exception of John Humphrys, are for ‘remain’. The guests explicitly in favour of ‘remain’ were Carolyn Fairbairn, Sir Mike Rake, Stanley Johnson and Michael Fallon. Jonathan Portes, who is always presented by the BBC as a neutral expert, was actually pushing the EU cause.

So Portes is conveniently claiming hard figures are meaningless just when the Brexit group comes out with some hard figures he disagrees with…..but he adds that the ‘consensus’ is that we are doomed…based on what?   Hard figures of the failed experts like him who peddled a message of armageddon during the referendum.  But now hard figures are so yesterday when they upset the orthodox bandwagon…then again we are in a post-fact era aren’t we?



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  1. taffman says:

    Is this the chap who advised Cameron on his ‘big deal’ to keep us in the corrupt organisation ?
    Get Great Britain Out . Get Farage instead of him .


      • taffman says:

        Nigel Farage knows the EU Inside and Out.
        That’s why the pro EU Media hate him and tried to derail him in the beginning of the Brexit Campaign. Al Beeb and the rest of the media has an agenda to remain in the European Union despite the fact that it is about to collapse.

        ‘The closer to the target the more the flak’. Watch the panic emanating from the MSM over the next few weeks.


        • JosF says:

          Dont forget the flak and panic that will come from the MSM on 20th of january when Donald Trump moves in to the White House, Wonder how the BBC and the rest of the increasingly irrelevant MSM will spin that one, For once I will actually enjoy watching the BBC as it spins and wriggles its way through President Trump’s installation as president


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Portes advised Cameron? I doubt it, he is the prize fuckwit who told Blair and us that 13-15,000 Eastern Europeans PA would come here from 2004.

      I wish someone with balls would beard him with it.


  2. taffman says:

    Hobsons Choice.
    “You cant have trade without freedom of movement” – Bul* ***t!
    This is what we are told by the Remainers.
    How do other countries trade without freedom of movement?
    The EU will desperately need to trade with us. They sell far more to us than we sell to them.
    Simples !


  3. taffman says:

    Sir Ivan Rogers thinks he is the ‘indispensable man’.
    There is a graveyard in Europe full of them .


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      He is reporting on what everyone knows but no-one is really taking into account: the Juncker led EU have zero intention of doing a deal with Britain, and the structure of the EU where 27 nations have to agree to it, also means it is impossible to get a deal done within 2 years. The EU are going to try to force Britain into the common market with all the arrangements that go with it, including border free travel of EU workers, or nothing.

      Our government have to start planning for a hard exit and a rapid build up of our military so that Britain can start to enforce its borders and its territorial waters including its fisheries and the waters around Gibraltar. I would suggest a 400% border tariff on all EU imports as a starter and renationalisation of all EU owned utilities in the UK. There are also issues concerning protecting ex-patriot Britains domiciled in the EU. I suggest part of the protection measures is to point our nukes at Brussels and Strasbourg. We also need to cull the BBC of all anti-British propaganda elements.


      • Dave S says:

        A touch extreme maybe! I have no doubt that the premise is correct. The EU leaders are furious and intend real harm to us if we let them. Leaving is really quite easy and I suspect May knows it but as she is a committed remainer prefers to avoid reality.
        The only exit is a quick clean break and your suggestion that we build up the border and naval defences is sound. We can discuss tarifs etc later.
        The internal problems of the EU which are growing daily will mean that it cannot display a united front against us and will seek a compromise that allows it to stay in being.


        • Grant says:

          Dave S,

          Excellent analysis. I totally agree. All the strongest cards are in our hands and we just have to play them. Treezer and her fellow Remainers give the game away by refusing to do so.


          • Tom_Kenny says:

            Farage and Corbyn aside, the current crop of leading UK politicians seem to do mere presentation rather than actual politics.

            They all say they want to keep “our” NHS in more or less its current form. None of them has radical proposals to re-distribute income or (most especially) wealth. Whole slews of national life (legal system, housing, transport, overseas aid, immigration…) cry out to be reformed; years go by but nothing seems to actually happen.

            IMO this is at least partly because real decision-making was off-shored to the EU and NATO decades ago.

            Now Brexit requires them to make authentic decisions, and risk political capital, and they’re not up to it.


  4. Dave S says:

    A lot of us are going to get very fed up with the MSM’s endless bleating over Brexit. This ambassador was useless and May must have realised this although she is not to be trusted she likes being PM and will do her best to stay in the EU and stay PM.
    The whole lot of them are stupid and Nigel knows it and so does President Trump. I watched Newsnight. .Paris is so pretentious and smug that he is a real asset to us leavers.
    Trump bashing as usual. I really hope he chucks the BBC out of the White House for good. And while he is about it chucks our ambassador out as well.
    Make it a snowflake melting zone.


  5. TruthSeeker says:

    Midlander myself.
    Strayed into one of the rural ares.
    Read the rural daily paper.

    “Shropshire Star Brexit survey: No change of heart over result in the county.”
    “Shropshire exports booming.”

    Summary, the yokels are still determined to leave, more of them, and more determined.
    Scrutinise the statistics for yourself.

    Belated seasonal good wishes to all at BBBC.
    Perpetual ill wishes to the lefty/Islamic mass murderers.


  6. Beltane says:

    As you say, no coverage of the manufacturing growth figures but, not altogether surprisingly, there is regular BBC promotion of a doom and gloom item from high street retailer Next. They seem to prophesy imminent collapse of economy although, oddly, like so many similar retailers, they prefer to ignore the impact of on-line sales. Better to blame Brexit anyway.


    • Scroblene says:

      …and they’ll always add at the end of their statements something like ‘but some experts are concerned about future prospects’ or similar drivel.

      The experts they usually consult have never held down a proper job in their lives, being civil servants or lecturers and that sort of economic type.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Pg 2 of Times “Crying Wolf over cap on skilled migrants”
    For NON EU skilled workers there is a permit system. Despite moaning, businesses only used 54% of the allocated certificates.
    IoDs retort was that the form is too long.


  8. Deborahanother says:

    I boycott the BBC most of the time,but Sky have got their own on going anti Brexit theme ” Divided Britain.” I’m starting to ignore the TV news programmes . Very happy at the resignation of the Europhile ambassador. As John Redwood says we are not negotiating leaving ,its our legal right , We are only negotiating what trade will be like after we have left. Simple.


    • Grant says:


      John Redwood has always been a hate figure for Lefties and Europhiliacs, mainly because he is very clever and usually gets things right. And he is right on this occasion. When it comes to trade, the UK has the upper hand over the EU. And , during trade negotiations, the UK should stop all contributions to the EU pending an agreement. That would help concentrate their tiny minds.


      • Deborahanother says:

        If only he could be involved in the negotiations.I like his no nonsense approach. It is needed when dealing with the slippery EU fish.


  9. s.trubble says:

    R4 this morning – You could almost sense the bulging swivel eyes of DJ Humphrey’s demanding that Duncan-Smith (IDS) summarise the Govt objectives of Brexit.
    IDS batted against Jonathon Powell a slippery sounding gent who proclaimed his 40 years of negotiating skills with the EU.
    Put another way this geezer and his ilk mainly under the Blair 13 years “negotiated” the handover of more power from the the UK to Europe……….in exchange for thousands of regulations designed to muddle and meddle British Industry.

    I,ve an idea about these objectives…………a deck of cards featuring the anti British personnel who have sabotaged our country..bBC/Blair/Brown/Powell/Sir Ivanhoe/Clegg/Milliand/s and the rest of the gang who live a privileged life off the backs of the British taxpayer.


    • Flexdream says:

      Remember Blair’s masterful surrender of much of Britain’s EU rebate, in exchange for the EU ‘looking’ at the CAP? They ‘looked’, didn’t change it. Or how about the Northern Ireland peace deal when the broken IRA were given a secret amnesty, not offered to any other group? Just be grateful clowns like this weren’t in power when Argentina invaded the Falklands.


  10. StewGreen says:

    Guido “Hat-trick of good economic news to kick off 2017”


    • Grant says:


      Can’t see anything about it on the BBC website where the main story is Next’s fall in share price “pulling the FT100 back by 2.17 points,” ie about 0.03 % and how do the BBC know to what extent that tiny fall is due to Next ?

      The BBC are totally, utterly pathetic.


  11. Fred Bloggs says:

    BBC Lies24: 12:30pm Say the resignation of Ivan Rogers moans at the gov muddles approach to Brexit. The ONLY point at which he mentions this is in the last paragraph of his resignation letter. Then it is only a comment to his staff ‘ I hope you will continue to challenge ill-founded arguments and muddled thinking and that you will never be afraid to speak the truth to those in power.’ That is the only reference and does not point to anything in particular.

    The bBC should produce a programme called ‘House of Lies’; they would have no end of material available.


    • Grant says:


      That sentence could apply to anything and is good advice in all walks of life. My take on Rogers’ leaving is that he has been ignored and side-lined and has had a hissy fit. Good riddance. Let’s hope Treezer replaces him with a Brexiteer. This is a big test for her.


      • Fred Bloggs says:

        Agree, but this splits into two issues, firstly the spin being put on it by the media in general. The second, is his reasons for what he did. Put all what happened together, his resignation letter open to all, not kept private. His laying of pointers in his letter. All go together, that he was not told anything, because he was not trusted. The ‘open letter’ which was designed to be leaked, shows good reason why he should not have been trusted.


        • Grant says:


          IDS on Guido said the same and called his letter “pompous” and “sour grapes “. I think Rogers has scored an own goal. He comes across as a petulent spoilt brat and bad loser. He has to remember that he is merely a Civil Servant and has not been elected therefore good riddance to bad rubbish. People like him are two a penny. Hell hath no fury …. !


          • wronged says:

            I wonder if he was nudged!

            Previous experience of working alongside Leon Britain,Clarke,Mandelson,Clegg,Cameron,etc.

            Would you want this man on your side as Ambassador to expedite our EU departure?

            I’d have got rid.


            • Owen Morgan says:

              I suspect Rogers wasn’t nudged, because, if anyone had had the sense to shove him out of the door, it should have happened around the 24th of June. He appears to have chosen the timing of his departure and to have lovingly prepared his supposedly explosive, gazillion-word resignation letter.

              The Remainians are desperate to make him a martyr and I don’t doubt he longs to be one, solely in the figurative sense, you understand, with pension rights intact. I’m pretty sure he had such an inflated idea of his own importance that he thought his personal exit would bring down the government and cause such turmoil that Brexit would be ruled out forever.

              Did he not realise that hardly anyone had ever even heard of him?


              • Tom_Kenny says:

                Is there no clause in Rogers’ contract that forbids him from behaving in a way that is harmful to the interests or reputation of his employer?

                If there isn’t then there should be. If there is then HMG should invoke it and withold his pension.

                Surely correspondence between diplomatic staff is confidential. Boris should suspend all on that email’s distribution until the leaker has been identified and disciplinary action implemented.

                These people are supposed to work for us! The relevant Minister should be holding them to account.


                • Grant says:


                  I agree, but Treezer, Boris and the whole lot of them are just a bunch of girls’ blouses. I expect nothing but the same from these wimpos.


                • JimS says:

                  Ordinary mortals in the Civil Service sign up to The Civil Service Code

                  In particular:
                  “Ensure you have Ministerial authorisation for any contact with the media.”

                  “You must:
                  1. Serve the government, whatever its political persuasion, to the best of your ability in a way which maintains political impartiality and is in line with the requirements of this code, no matter what your own political beliefs are.

                  2. Act in a way which deserves and retains the confidence of ministers, while at the same time ensuring that you will be able to establish the same relationship with those whom you may be required to serve in some future government.”

                  When it comes to fraud the Civil Service operates a ‘no bottom limit’ policy, i.e. a breach of trust is considered a breach, however small. This man would appear to operate to lower standards than ‘the little people’ are expected to.

                  I expect the BBC doesn’t understand words like ‘integrity’ and ‘impartiality’, (Post-integrity? Post-impartiality? Post-Reith?).


              • Peter Grimes says:

                I disagree. I think that the speed of replacement of Rogers indicates he was offered early retirement, probably after being told to think about it over the Christmas break. He had gone (EU-) native and was a rogue elephant, to mix metaphors.

                The saddest thing about his departure is that it is probably costing us/me even more than his already grossly excessive pension payoff.


    • Flexdream says:

      The BBC is convinced, and attempting to convince us, that Roger’s exit is a huge loss to the prospects of the UK negotiating a good deal with the EU.

      Well, he did do such a good job leading David Cameron’s ‘renegotiation’ didn’t he?


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        Too true Flexit!
        Rogers brought us home a turd with a dead bird in it-and Cameron thrust the shoe box before us all, and hoped we`d be grateful.
        So Rogers should have gone with Cameron, seeing as he`s such a rug for Junckers jackboots.
        Only a bunch of fey fops , half-arsed about Brexit would have kept a Rogers anyway-time to get Gisela…or(dare to dream)…Nigel…to shaft Barnier Rubble and his louchers.
        Gisela Stuart is the gal for me here!


  12. barry69 says:

    During the early years of the Thatcher government the BBC always reported the rise in unemployment in numerical terms but when unemployment started to fall it was always reported in percentage terms.


    • Grant says:


      Yes, it is a well worn trick of the BBC. By the way, is your name a reference to Obama ?


  13. Grant says:

    Totally O/T but I receive a newsletter from a firm of Edinburgh Chartered Accountants who inform me ” Welcome to Paul Mason who will head up our new Corporate Finance service. Paul’s extensive skills and experience…. etc. “. What is really scary is that the photo is not dissimilar to the other one !


  14. wronged says:

    BBC headline newscaster Simon McCoy stated, ‘Next announce losses post Brexit’.

    Post Brexit !!

    Do the BBC say XXXX company has seen major profits post Brexit. No.

    Just how is the FTSE doing, record highs post Brexit.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Good point. Next’s small decline in sales also comes after Leicester City won the Premier League, and is as likely to be connected to that event as it is to Brexit.

      Did I mention the BBC are a bunch of lying vermin?


    • JimS says:

      It’s obvious to me. I’ve never bought anything from Next and I don’t expect to ever. I did however buy several things from John Lewis last year, some as recently as last week.

      I would appear to be a better indicator of the ‘new reality’ than all of the ‘so-called’ BBC experts, (agenda-based desk holders), who, if they worked for a commercial business, would be out on their collective closed ears.


  15. Alicia Sinclair says:

    I do hope that someone is collating these “Brexit Good News Stories”-and putting them on a timeline to counter the wilful dismal Johnnies and Jonis eternal grouch and caterwaulings there at the Blue Peter Guardian.
    Half-empty/half full?….pretty clear what the BBC choose to parrot 24/7.
    Which is why nobody listens anymore to their news or comedy-one and the same thing anyhow.
    Wonder if I can print off all those happy Independence Day cards with “my boys” on them before June 23rd? St Nigels Day ought to be a Church Holiday of Obligation.
    The future IS orange-albeit with a golden toupee!


  16. Guest Who says:

    Here’s the BBC’s Mark Landale cautiously sharing the flounce:

    Comments on par with BBC Brexit HYS.

    Here’s another view:


    Guessing BBC will have wall to wall Clarke and Clegg for days on this ‘disaster’.


  17. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Noted thick Martha Kearney setting up a Farming Today piece for tomorrow on her TWATO Show earlier.
    Had her BBC mule at the NFU Conference to fuss over all the migrants we`ll no longer be getting to distil the vodka or pick the spuds.
    Wonder how we ever used to manage before 1973?
    Andrea Leadsom announced that EU compulsory billboards would no longer blight all projects where the EU strangles the farmer with blue and yellow tape-and then puts up even bigger billboards in Welsh afterwards, like it or not.
    Good news to me-but no mention on the BBC-who HATE the removal of EU symbols from our occupied countryside.
    Hope Leadsom sticks it to the BBC sometime soon-as for farming Today crap?…well, the line between Martha and her muffin broke down continually-so aborted hatchet job for the Moaners until tomorrows Farming Today bitchslaps.
    The BBC are incompetent in even the basics-but still moan at anything else that is too-anf get away with their hypocrisy. Kearney fussed over Saviles lawyers gravy train conductors in her show-but the BBC seemed not be mentioned as a place which needs a hosedown.


  18. Melksham says:

    Sir Tim Barrow has just been announced as the next British Ambassador to the EU.


  19. Demon says:

    His ancestor was Clyde Barrow. Maybe not.


    • Grant says:


      LOL ! I did some googling and he is just another FCO placeman. So Treezer has messed up again, or not, depending on which side you are on. I guess that since she spent so much time at the Home Office, she has no clue about the world outside UK.


  20. Dave S says:

    BBC TV News at 6. One long whine about the poor ambassador who had to resign. Get this BBC nobody much cares outside your bubble. The bloke was pro us remaining and had to go. Simple as that. He’s got a knighthood and a big fat pension and can retire in luxury unlike most of us deplorables.
    Not long now till President Trump takes over and the snowflakes of the MSM will melt. I really want him to give our MSM as hard a time as he can and in particular kick out the BBc and C4.
    Make NIgel our ambassador and help us to reclaim our country and drain our swamp.


  21. taffman says:

    ‘First Minister Carwyn Jones says Wales needs “full and unfettered access” to the European single market, as he flies to Norway to learn about its EU links.’
    Carwyn is doing his own thing. Why do we need to follow Norway ? Why not Canada?
    Carwyn thinks he is Nicola Sturgeon. He’s not listening to the people of Wales – We want OUT of the EU.


  22. Peter Grimes says:

    Good piece which isn’t behind the Labourgraph’s paywall.

    “Project Fear Brexit predictions were ‘flawed and partisan’, new study says.”



  23. Peter Grimes says:

    From today’s Speccie…

    “Throughout, Sir Ivan has presented an air of negativity. Last month he briefed the government that it could take ten years to complete a deal to secure Britain’s long-term relationship with the EU. True, trade deals can take a remarkably long time, but given that Britain is not starting from scratch, and already has a trading relationship with the EU, his claim showed an irrational negativity towards the whole Brexit process. Why should it take so much longer to negotiate a member state’s withdrawal from the EU than it took to negotiate the single market and single currency in the first place?”