Some real fake news


Whilst the BBC refused to report eye-witness statements that the attacker in London was Asian looking it has been fast to correct Channel 4’s claim that Abu Izzadeen was the attacker…note BBC calling him ‘Trevor Brooks’ and not his new Muslim name...from Guido…

Tonight on Channel 4 News Simon Israel named hate preacher Abu Izzadeen AKA Trevor Brooks as the Westminster attacker. The BBC say they are wrong and that Izzadeen is still in jail:

Confirmed from multiple sources – official and community – that Trevor Brooks NOT attacker. He’s still in jail despite what others report.

Channel 4 News went back to a red-faced Israel at the end of their report, he reverse ferreted and said there was “some doubt” over his original report. Abu Izzadeen’s brother has called up Channel 4 News to tell them he wasn’t the attacker because he’s still in jail. Quite a blooper.


Not seeing or hearing much from Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan…at least Livingstone was out there loudly proclaiming his disgust at the 7/7 attacks.  Where is Khan?  Oh no he has finally responded.  Presumably if this attacker is confirmed to be a Muslim that at least will please Khan who said that moderate Muslims were Uncle Toms.


Although it looks like the killer is not Abu Izzadeen it’s interesting to look back at this video…taken inside one of the largest and most prestigious mosques in Britain, the Regent’s Park Mosque, as he preaches loudly and openly about Jihad.  The BBC et al tell us relentlessly that radicalisation just doesn’t happen in Mosques…which this video disproves, as did the C4 Dispatches programme, Undercover Mosque….which, unlike the above C4 news, the BBC absolutely ignored.



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29 Responses to Some real fake news

  1. TPO says:

    Day release anyone?


  2. Flexdream says:

    A colleague showed me a picture of the attacker. Bearded, swarthy and overweight. Confirmed our guess that he was a Muslim.


  3. Pounce says:

    The bBC are telling me this:

    and this
    Jeremy Corbyn pays tribute to police via @BBCNews

    But forget to mention this bBC article:



    • Grant says:

      I bet that little fucker would be happy if it saved his worthless life. What a moron !


  4. foxcote7822 says:

    Gutted it wasn’t Brooks .. John Humpherys hosting Brooks on Radio 4 the BBC might have been implicit in the deaths of three innocent people


  5. Fol-de-rol says:

    If the Mail had wrongly accused someone of ethnic minority status of being involved all hell would break loose. The BBC wrongly accused a “white man” of being involved, at the same time pixelating the Asian attacker’s face.

    Will they apologise for their racist slur? For anti-white racists they certainly are.


  6. Pounce says:

    You always know your real friends when the going gets tough:


    • Grant says:


      Thank you to Israel !


    • Oaknash says:

      Pounce – This image says it all really

      Not one for the BBC as they would probably choke on their skinny lattes.

      I suspect that if the beeboids had their way they would replace the union jack with an Islamic crescent artfully intertwined with the hammer and sickle.

      It is interesting that for years as a nation we have slated the way Israel has treated the Arabs within their country (despite the bombings and stabbings). I suppose it was always fashionable/right on – to hate Israel and not see any fault in the way her neighbors behaved. Maybe now the penny is starting to drop – however the last ones to get it will as ever be the politicians who are too wedded to their own prejudices and sucking up to the BBC to think even slightly outside the box.


  7. foxcote7822 says:

    The BBC were quick enough to say on its 6 o’clock news that unconfirmed reports said the attackers were a white man and one black man.


  8. Mice Height says:

    Such a shame they lost their beloved Martin yesterday. He’d have loved to have seen this.


  9. Tothepoint says:

    Islam is 100% responsible for the Islamic act carried out today, and the endless amounts of death are 100% because of the never ending slaughter in the name of Islam…..

    ….but! Who gives a fuck! It’s either because of Islam (fact), because of a foreign culture that is deadly when mixed with our own (though of course this argument is flawed as every single county where Islam is, death and murder is with it), or because of a section detached from our society who have been allowed to flourish in utter hatred for Britain, and are willing to kill each and every one of us (why the fuck are they here!!). Each and every one of these statements are true, yet have not been asked for, never accepted by, nor ever wanted by the people of this country. This death and violence has been brought upon us by our elite and their hatred of their own people, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to cling to their power.

    This impending hell has not only been allowed to happen by the people sworn to protect us, it’s being accelerated and encouraged by them! The enemy of the world will always be Islam, but the real enemy of Great Britain and everything it stands for, are our own people who have willing brought the war and death to our lands. Traitorous bastards!


  10. Mice Height says:


  11. thehoiman says:


    Guess which one is from the BBC.


  12. Framer says:

    In forty years time or sooner the officer who shot the alleged attacker will be charged with murder as this was plainly a shoot to kill episode condemned by all right thinking people in Northern Ireland.


  13. Far Horizons says:

    Latest from Scotland Yard ADC is it is linked to “International Terrorism”. He went on to say that he understood concern in “our” Muslim community from possible attacks from far right groups! What a load of pc crap.


    • Kaiser says:

      blowback is a bitch so im told, but the far right can be measured in hundreds, the muzzies though can be measured in their millions

      but the far right will have gained a few dozen recruits today


  14. Pete says:

    So the acting chief of the met thinks this attack may have been inspired by erm- international terrorism !,
    Is that the new word for Islamic fundamentalist Terrorist ? The Bbc will approve i’m sure.


  15. Swelter says:

    See that the old gristly spectre of right wing extremism and retaliation has been quickly raised.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      The Far Right backlash has already begun. There are reports of a supermarket selling bacon and pork pies less that 4 miles from a mosque (okay, it’s actually an Islamic Cultural Centre without planning permission, but it still counts). Also rumours of a tweet that could vaguely be interpreted as slightly unkind. Let’s hope the PM and Home Secretary stamp down on this behaviour and that the BBC and Lie-to-Mama are vigilant in imagining, I mean reporting, it.


  16. Deborahanother says:

    Police worried about “Attacks by far right groups” ? How many Muslims have been killed by far right extremists in the UK. One was executed by a fellow Muslim in Glasgow and that was swept under the carpet by the BBC as soon as possible.

    Considering what’s been going on in the UK over the last 20 years I think the population has been hugely tolerant.Too tolerant in fact .While the appeasers allow jihad to be conducted every day.


  17. nofanofpoliticians says:

    Simon Israel’s behaviour is verging on traitorous it seems to me. Well befitting of channel 4 news. He has

    1. Exposed us all to the possibility of having to pay sizeable compensation to a convict (and his organisation) who would seek to harm us in the worst possible ways, and

    2. In his rush to identify and name yesterday’s perpetrator, sought to obstruct the police from undertaking their duties. Whether he was right or wrong with the actual name, the action gets in the way of the police going through their operational activities which included going through the links and connections of the attacker. Nominating the name ahead of time obviously makes it more difficult for the police.

    Members if the media seem sympathetic on social media saying that he was correct in what he did even if he came up with the wrong name. I say he was wrong, and deserves whatever punishment comes his way. He should’ve awaited a police announcement as this is no time for investigative journalism heroics


  18. ObiWan says:

    The fact an incorrect name was given out is all part of a coordinated campaign by Islam. By deliberately misdirecting the clowns in the msm to use Abu Izzadeen’s name they open the door to massive legal settlements for ‘defamation’ and claims of ‘Islamophobia’, etc. AGAINST A HATE-PREACHER ALREADY IN JAIL.

    This is Islam doing the sneaky stuff it always does; turning our system on ourselves for its own advantage, even as it seeks to capitalise out of a terrorist attack. All part of the ongoing jihad, innit?

    Why are we so dopey we can’t see this stuff for what it is? The only winner here is the hateful Abu Izzadeen whose lawyers are almost certainly drawing up his legal papers right now – thanks to his sneaky little friends on the outside who orchestrated the whole affair.


  19. DJ says:

    Cracking example of Schrodinger’s Jihadist though, isn’t it?

    When he was accused of terrorism, he was ‘Trevor Brooks’, but when it turns out he was innocent (of this anyway), he’s ‘Abu Izzadeen’.


  20. KafirMe says:

    A picture paints a thousand words:


  21. tomo says:

    Yesterday while looking at the BBC web site I was struck by the much repeated and exclusive reference to the perpetrator as the “alleged attacker” – it really grated ….

    I was so exercised by this that I thought it worth pushing it into the Wayback machine.

    Imagine my surprise when all the “alleged” (at least 6 of them) disappeared when the page was viewed from a USA IP address. There were other differences but that one leaped out and slapped me……


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      Sometimes it is strange to watch what happens when BBC is faced with some confirmed facts… they just don’t seem to realise it. Here is one such example picked from their live feed yesterday.


  22. Jerry Owen says:

    There are of course the usual weasel words about this attack from the liberals, but just one bit this morning said it all about the liberal sickness and weakness pervading the BBC. This was being told by the BBC that people were going to work in ‘defiance’ of the attack and that parliament would resume this morning in ‘defiance’ of the attack.
    Excuse me but when did going about your lawful daily business in your own country become an act of ‘defiance’? Only a liberal can have that view, normal people expect their rights to be protected, not that their right to freedom is an act of defiance against some third world ideology.
    We are told terrorism will never win, actually each time it claims a victim it has won.
    Tommy Robinson was eerie to listen to on ‘rebel media’ ( YTube ) last night as he knew so much that the rest of us didn’t, I recommend it. Katie Hopkins was also brilliant on the ‘Tucker Carlson show’ on Fox ( also on Ytube ).
    Radio5dead was talking about terrorism not winning, then an hour later they talk about building walls ( where have we heard that before ) around public spaces!
    We had the usual ‘let’s hope there is no backlash against the Muslim communities’ yet of course it has been described a loan wolf attack..which oddly resulted in arrests as far as Birmingham!
    So many inconsistencies now with the media, the big elephant in the room is stomping his feet now, and the lies just don’t cut it anymore.