Not fake news, not a blood libel…just the truth about the Muslim religious war

The Long View of Targeted Fake News

Jonathan Freedland compares the current wave of fake news stories, particularly those targeted at Muslims and immigrants in the UK, with the anti-Semitic story of an eight-year-old Christian boy, William of Norwich, who was murdered in woodland outside his native city in 1144. His death was later reported as a Jewish conspiracy and ritual, becoming the founding myth of the so-called ‘blood libel’.

That was a BBC programme from yesterday [Tuesday], a programme that suggest Muslims today are victims of a ‘blood libel’, that the Media are spreading false stories about Muslim actions and beliefs and are thus contributing to their feeling of being under siege.  Naturally Freedland said that the Bible was the source of anti-Semitism and that the story of the blood libel must be familiar to his Muslim guest in today’s context.  It is the usual BBC fare that peddles the pro-Muslim/anti-Press narrative and say things about Christianity and the Bible that they would never say about Islam or the Koran.  An irony that the very next day a white supremacist plows a car through a crowd of Muslims and knifes a Muslim police officer to death on the streets of London.

Who was the Muslim guest?  Our old friend Miqdaad Versi, a Muslim Council of Britain stooge…the Assistant General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, the extremist Muslim organisation that campaigns to stop the anti-terror and anti-radicalisation programme ‘Prevent’, that was at the heart of the Trojan Horse scandal and which provides the Islamic theological justification as to why Ahmadis are not ‘Muslim’…hence we get numerous violent attacks on Ahmadis by ‘real’ Muslims.

He’s a Muslim lawfare activist who makes up spurious complaints about Muslims being oppressed by the Press in order to try and silence them….he targets Right-wing media in particular….the BBC, as seen in today’s terror attack refuses to report eye-witness statements that said the attacker ‘looked Asian’…they refuse to report it, despite reporting all the other specualtive and half-known claims about the event because they don’t want to demonise Muslims.  Turns out the witnesses were right that he wasn’t white…he may in fact turn out to be a black convert…but that would have been hard for witnesses to tell at distance and in fast moving events….still, the BBC should have reported it….they didn’t precisely because of Muslim activists like Versi who play the Muslim victim card to the full.

In this case he tells us that Muslims are suffering from these fake news stories abut them…such as lack of food at Ramadan causes Muslims potentially dangerous side-effects…the BBC itself reported on a train crash and pointed out that Ramadan fasting was potentially dangerous…Versi of course didn’t target the ‘Muslim friendly’ BBC…

Fasting and driving

The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) has published research on the effects of fasting on fitness to drive.

It says fasting can have a range of effects including tiredness, dizziness, dehydration, headache, and a reduction in concentration, prompting safety concerns.

The report advises workers to ask for physically demanding tasks to be delayed until after Ramadan, and says managers must be aware of the potential effects of fasting on their staff.

He also claims stories that point out problems with Halal food, such as inhumane methods of slaughter or that customers are unwittingly buying or being forced to eat food that has been killed in that manner and is ‘blessed’ in the Muslim manner are false…no one is bothered about Halal food apparently….but that’s just not true…and we all know the opposite…that Muslims are outraged at the slightest hint that their food is in any way tainted by Kufar practices or content.

He tells us that the £5 note story was fake…and yet it wasn’t…the Treasury has pulped notes due to their animal content…but the story was about Hindus complaining not Muslims…so this is a fake story about a fake story from Versi….New £5 Note Containing Tallow Prompts Hindus To Express Concerns

He tells us this all creates the impression that the Muslims are ‘The Other’ and thus creates division and hatred…except of course it is Islam that creates division and hatred….it is Islam that makes Muslims think of themselves as ‘The Other’ whilst all else are ignorant, unwashed cattle.

So are Muslims the victim of a Press fake news barrage, a blood libel that demonises them?

Not a blood libel…

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Not a blood libel…

Not a blood libel…




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11 Responses to Not fake news, not a blood libel…just the truth about the Muslim religious war

  1. petebogtrott says:

    During the 2nd world war we forced Japan to surrender by dropping the bomb,It focused their minds and made them end the war. It,s about time we did the same to the muslim killers,if nothing is done then the world is finished as we know it. To all those who dislike this country and the west then leave and leave us alone.
    People many years from now will look back and ask why didn’t do anything.


  2. Tothepoint says:

    Truly heartbreaking to see the amount of innocent children that have been slaughtered in Christian lands by the Muslim invaders, in Islam’s eternal war with everything not Islamic. Truly sickening and horrific to see those innocent men and women butchered in their homelands by an enemy that are forever mandated to murder as many infidels as possible, by the child raping serial killer Mohammed…..

    Magnificent article again Alan.

    Every single one of those events…..Every single loss of life…..Every single drop of blood spilt….is by the hands of the traitorous bastards amongst our own people who have allowed it to happen. The bastard BBC, the Tories, Labour….All are responsible, and for each and every one of those deaths. They must pay for the horror and suffering they have inflicted and caused to so many innocent people


  3. JimS says:

    Donald Trump got it wrong, “.. a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on’.

    Perhaps what we really need is a total shutdown of our country’s representatives until ‘we can figure out what the hell is going on’. Why exactly did we need this unasked for ‘enrichment’? Why have we ‘just got to get used to it’?


  4. Dystopian says:

    On BBC news assistant police commissioner talks of how the poor Muslim communities must be feeling in view of right wing extremists WTF,!!


  5. Dystopian says:

    “Not going to raise threat level we will just leave it as severe”

    Oh well that’s ok then. Keep calm and carry on!


  6. Dystopian says:

    Another excuse for Sadiq Khan to try and ban cars from London


  7. Oaknash says:

    I was ranting about this disingenuous piece of broadcasting filth earlier on in the week. This organisation is so mired in its self made bog of hypocrisy that anything resembling common sense long ago rotted and fermented leaving just bubbles of foul smelling methane which is both noxious and poisonous at the same time.

    It just amazes me at how they have the gall to draw parallels between the jews (who suffered the holocaust) and Islam which appears to be at the bottom of many similar violent episodes throughout history. I am particularly impressed with the way that BBC has for years knocked Israel, platformed anti Semites and even spent licence payers money on suppressing reports on how their reporting of Israel has been partisan and totally dishonest.

    And now they broadcast this pile of shite! You would have thought that considering his “heritage” the likes of Freedland and his awareness of jewish issues he would have been at least a little cautious about pulling on the cloak if dhimmitude. But like all beeboids everywhere – money comes first and if you are a right on, copper bottomed wanker – When looking for a job

    Who you gonna call?”