Debate Debacle


Just watching some of the debate….no wonder May wants to stand aside….it’s a mess…. interruptions, dodgy stats, usual emotive bluster and bluffing…Corbyn’s supporters out in force…Mishal Husain out of her depth.  Format is completely flawed, C4’s much better and allowed the leaders to give rounded answers that inform the viewer without a loudmouthed disruption from your opponent trying to shout you down….Paxo of course was useless…but that’s him not the format.

Looks like pretty much everyone, including the lefty New Statesman, think audience packed with Corbynistas…maybe they’re just louder….

Complete farce that is more Colosseum than collegiate [Eaton called it a ‘pub brawl’….quality].  No one learns nuffink. They just get to make splendid grandstanding statements that everything is going to wrack and ruin with no proof and no challenge….and of course Amber Rudd is vastly outnumbered as everyone is against ‘her’.

The FT has had its own debate and despite being Remain it has come out in support of May as the least worst choice…

Yet the alternative to Mrs May is worse. Mr Corbyn is a fringe figure who has spent his entire political career in opposition — to his own Labour leadership. Despite his recent media makeover, he is a pacifist relic of the 1970s, in hock to the trade unions, with no grip on economic issues.

It is no accident that the arrival of Mr Corbyn and his hard-left supporters in mainstream politics has coincided with a revival of anti-Semitism and misogyny. Labour’s team is unfit for government, let alone the delicate Brexit talks.

The Liberal Democrats have failed to make an impact with their pledge of a second EU referendum. All the evidence points to the end of European-style coalition and the return of two-party politics, with the exception of Scotland where the independence movement remains slightly diminished but a potent force.

Faced with such uncertainty at home and abroad, Mrs May is the safer bet.

But accepting her as prime minister does not amount to a blank cheque. A substantially increased Conservative majority, even a landslide, could lead to an increase in the number of hardline Eurosceptics, who advocate a crash exit from the EU, a contemporary version of the Charge of the Light Brigade.







Health, wealth and dealth [poetic licence]


The BBC is going in hard on the Brexit doom and gloom with Tory May being the standard bearer for it and Corbyn the man who wants to keep us in by stealth.

Everytime I switch onto the BBC on the radio there’s some doom and gloom about the NHS, agriculture or industry and Brexit….the NHS will collapse as the East Europeans flood back home and people will die, or crops will rot in the fields without the cheap imported labour or industry will flee the country as there will be no workers and the economy will collapse…not forgetting the BBC’s constant refrain that the NI border will mean terrorism makes a comeback…‘The days of the Troubles are behind us – days lived in the dark shadow of watchtowers and turrets are vanished. But now the UK is getting ready to leave the EU, and the people of the borderlands are uneasy….None of them wants a hard border, but the EU has stressed that there will have to be some form of customs control. ‘ [no surprise that the EU is insisting on a hard border…it suits their purpose to make Brexit look as difficult and negative as possible.]

The BBC makes no attempt to challenge statements made by Remain voters in their vox pops that British workers are too lazy or that Brits are racist.  Curious how the BBC just accept that abuse but were up in arms when the Tories were going on about the ‘slackers’ or the ‘workshy’ and hence they tried to bring in incentives to make work pay rather than life on the dole being the acceptable option.  The BBC’s answer?  Leave ’em on the dole and import lots of cheap foreign labour instead.  What we do hear constantly from the BBC is that the NHS, agriculture, industry needs immigration, that is, mass immigration of cheap unskilled workers...’Britain will collapse without them’ rolls off the BBC presenters’ tongues as if it were actually true.  Curiously way back when in 2002 we had a budget surplus, the economy was doing great, the NHS was muddling through as always and the crops always got harvested.    All without the massed ranks of East European immigrants that have since flooded into the country.  And as for the NHS being underfunded….back in 1997 it was something like £42 billion per year, then Blair ramped that up to over £110 billion…and yet we’re still in a funding crisis?

Look at today’s big news…..the NHS will face a massive bill from Expats coming to the UK after Brexit….

Tens of thousands of expat pensioners may return to the UK to use the NHS after Brexit – unless a deal can be done to let them keep receiving care abroad, a think tank has warned.

Hmmm….so the BBC is scaremongering with an alarmist report that tens of thousands of expats will use the NHS and cost us a fortune.  Soooo…how come they do not raise the same alarm about the 300,000 +/- immigrants who come here every year [not just a one off as with the expats] and use the NHS?  Never mind the schools, GPs, housing, prisons etc etc etc….did no think tank warn us of the dangers?  Maybe they did and the BBC just didn’t bother to report it…likely.

And what about all that cheap labour?  Corbyn himself said it was undercutting British jobs in his election Q&A the other day and that he would limit it…turns out that was another of his lies as a leaked document suggests he will continue to flood Britain with cheap labour.  The BBC has always attacked the government for what it called the ‘productivity puzzle’….productivity being too low apparently…but that’s only if you measure it per man hour…with cheap labour the calculation changes to pounds per hour…and as wages are cheap employers can employ more people to turn out the same amount of goods…so on man hours productivity looks low…but isn’t.  The answer to actually improve productivity is to invest in upskilling the workforce and invest in machinery such as robots to do more work…the BBC claims we will have an economic armageddon due to Brexit as we run out of workers but that’s not true…we need people to work smart not work in sweat shops.

The BBC et al insist we need the imported workers to fund and look after our aging population…again not true…if productivity was raised by mechanisation and upskilling we’d receive more taxes and the revenue would pay for care.

The BBC solution of importing more and more people has an obvious problem…these people get old too….and then what?  Import yet more people to fund and look after them as well?

The BBC’s answer is dumb, so we need smart…smart will solve the problem long term, the BBC’s dumb answer doesn’t solve it at all, it in fact makes the problem ever bigger.


Arsi Warsi


The good Baroness Warsi is an Islamist…..she consorts with radicals and every word, every action, is directed towards increasing the influence and presence of Islam in Britain.

Here she is [H/T Is the BBC biased?] complaining about Douglas Murray’s appearance on the BBC…


Amusingly her own Tweet could apply equally,  or just [as DM clearly isn’t racist or an extremist] to her.  Odd that.

As for ‘group accountability’…well as the ‘group’ all read and follow the teachings of one book and that book is a toxic, extremist manifesto encouraging hate and war, then if they do not denounce its teachings how can they not be also somewhat responsible for events that happen when people use that book to give divine licence to their murderous ways?  As Churchill might say… a book ” of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message.”

Here’s what ‘One Law For All’ think of Warsi.……not a lot actually…..

Sayeeda Warsi’s Blinkered View of Islamism

The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Britain by Sayeeda Warsi – review
A blinkered view of Islamism, says Maryam Namazie

Sayeeda Warsi’s new book catalogues some of the hypocrisy and double standards of the British Government, the rise of the far-Right and bigotry against Muslims, yet has a glaring blind spot when it comes to Islamism. According to Warsi, Islamist terrorism is the result of everything but Islamist ideology.

Since most of those killed by Islamists are “Muslims” in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa, her argument that terrorism is the result of Islamophobia, racism, foreign policy and social exclusion is unconvincing. Also, she fails to see that many aggrieved people end up involved in progressive political and civil rights work rather than inciting violence or murdering women, men and children in schools and marketplaces.

Without any apparent understanding of the context and rise of the contemporary transnational Islamist movement, including Iran’s key role in it, Warsi says “simmering resentment” began when the British Government apparently failed to prosecute Salman Rushdie for blasphemy. “Muslims,” she says, “wanted British laws to protect Islam,” and when it didn’t happen, the Iranians were more than happy to step in with what she characterises as “concern and moral support”. According to her, Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwa put Iran in “pole position, ready and willing to come out leading the collective Muslim sentiment”.

Like any good apologist who is more concerned with blasphemy than murder, and who homogenises “Muslim sentiment” to coincide with her own, Warsi doesn’t seem bothered that the act of “concern” was a fatwa against a British citizen, nor that it took place during the bloody Eighties, when thousands of Iranians were executed by the regime. Warsi also seems to conveniently overlook the fact that blasphemy laws continue to persecute freethinkers such as Ayaz Nizami in Pakistan and Sina Dehghan in Iran.

Her apologia for Islamism is shocking. She says, for example, that “Islamist ideology has created a new generation of Muslim democrats” such as the AKP in Turkey (though President Erdogan has arrested tens of thousands, limited freedoms and rights of citizens, and is murdering Kurds).

She approvingly quotes a former US assistant secretary of state saying “’Islamists’ are Muslims with political goals”, which is like saying Pegida are Christians with political goals. She compares the “young men who first went out to help as the Syrian civil war started” with the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War, which is like comparing fascists with anti-fascists.

She says prominent Islamists such as Jamaat-e-Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood are “democratically engaged both in the UK and overseas” (though in 1971 in Bangladesh, some members of Jamaat-e-Islami were implicated in organising lynchings against people demanding independence, and senior UK-based Muslim Brotherhood leader Kamal Helbawy has praised Osama Bin Laden).

Every Islamist agenda Warsi writes about, such as gender segregation, the veil or Sharia courts, is sanitised and trivialised, while almost every organisation or personality is either misunderstood, misrepresented or merely branded “controversial”.

Zakir Naik, for example, who promotes the death penalty for apostates and ex-Muslims is, according to Warsi, “considered sectarian by some, an intellectual by others, an inciter of hatred by some and an enlightened orator by others”.

Having bought into the Islamist narrative, she falsely conflates criticism of Islam and Islamism with bigotry against Muslims and uses “Islamophobia” to scaremonger people into silence. And while she is critical of identity politics and the homogenisation of “Muslims”, she — wittingly or unwittingly — promotes both.

Warsi’s solution to the situation we are faced with today is more of the same: more religion in the public space and stronger “religious identities”, though it is clearly less religion that we need, not more. And while she considers secularisation a threat, it is in fact the separation of religion from the state, universal values and citizenship rights that will provide minimum guarantees against the intolerance and violence of religion in politics and power.

Maryam Namazie is an Iranian-born co-spokesperson of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and One Law for All.




One man and his baby photos


Remember the massive abuse heaped upon May for going on the One Show?  Corbyn must be a brave man…coz he’s been there, done that too…


Of course it is highly unlikely he will get any abuse…from the BBC….the same BBC that heaped the abuse upon May despite the One Show being BBC.

Unbelieveably it’s the top story on the Guardian right now…funny how a chat on the sofa suddenly is so very important whereas apparently May’s chat on the sofa was her trying to avoid scrutiny [despite being scheduled for many interviews and public appearances] giving us soft focus pap instead her critics cried.

Ah yes…already the praise starts…

And that’s it from Jeremy Corbyn on The One Show. The twitterati seem to be saying that Corbyn comes across as far warmer and nicer than Theresa May did.

The Mirror’s Kevin Maguire:

Whereas May…

Supreme leader produces pure TV Valium on The One Show


Revealed at last: Philip May, Theresa’s determinedly dull human shield

Corbyn’s Stormtroopers on the march

If the BBC saw the above they would surely be outraged and fill the airwaves with tales of Far-Right hate speech as they did after Brexit….question is would they if it was done by one, or many, of Corbyn’s stormtrooper supporters?

Barnett asked Corbyn today if he knew what the cost of his childcare policy would be…he didn’t know….apparently this was akin to the Jewish Barnett bombing Muslim children in a Gaza hospital…or so it would seem judging by the Fuerhious abuse she has received for having the nerve to ask the Leader a simple question that he should have been able to answer without problem….Guido reveals…

Corbynistas Send Emma Barnett Anti-Semitic Abuse

Back in 2014 Barnett herself revealed the truth about the New Europe and the Left’s response…

Where is the hand-wringing from the liberal Left about this new wave of anti-Semitism? To Mira Bar-Hillel, and others, I’d say this: British Jews aren’t scared to talk to each other about the situation in Israel. We’re becoming scared to talk at all.

The BBC has been very quiet on this, reluctant to dig too far into those anti-Semites in the labour Party itself and not ascribing the real cause of the rise in anti-Semitism that is sweeping Europe again…Barnett in her Telegraph piece was not so shy….

Many [Jews} are just scared – scared not just about events in Gaza, but events in Europe. These include reports about gangs of Muslims chanting “death to Jews” on the streets of France, and attacking synagogues and setting fire to Jewish-owned stores. Eighteen people were subsequently arrested in the suburb of Sarcelles, just outside Paris, where this particular outpouring of violence happened. The stunned local mayor says the Jewish community is now living in fear.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Germany, too. In Essen, 14 people have just been arrested, accused of plotting an attack on a synagogue. Protesters at a rally in Berlin turned on two Israeli tourists (identifiable by the man’s skull-cap) so viciously that they had to be protected by the police. The city’s authorities have also had to ban pro-Gaza protesters from chanting anti-Semitic slogans and are investigating a sermon last week by Abu Bilal Ismail calling on worshippers at Berlin’s Al-Nur mosque to murder Jews. Jews, not Israelis.

The situation is so bad that the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Italy have issued a joint statement condemning the rise in anti-Semitic protests and violence in response to the Gaza conflict – and saying they will do everything possible to combat it. “Anti-Semitic rhetoric and hostility against Jews, attacks on people of Jewish belief and synagogues have no place in our societies,” they felt compelled publicly to state.

Perhaps Douglas Murray s right…..immigration is once again the problem.





Nothing to write home about on the Paxman interviews with May and Corbyn….only thing of note was that Paxman was rubbish and illustrates why he hung up his boots at Newsnight…should not come out of retirement really.

He asked May a daft question at the start of her interview and then kept on with it for an age….had she changed her mind on Brexit?  Complete waste of time as whichever way she voted she is now obliged and duty bound to carry out the wishes of the people, that is Brexit….should we only have a PM who wants Brexit or is Paxman saying she should ignore the referendum based solely upon her own vote and beliefs?  Are we in a one woman dictatorship?  Paxman seems to think so.

Quizzing May on immigration he quotes Osborne after his recent attack on May calling limits on immigration ‘economically illiterate’….Paxman, as Osborne himself does, ignores the fact that the policy to cut immigration to ’10’s of thousands’ was done when he was Chancellor and in fact he was boasting about cutting immigration in a party speech in 2013….and note the ‘never again’ on uncontrolled immigration….unless he wants a big job in Brussels it seems….

And an open-door immigration policy meant those running the economy
didn’t care. There was always an uncontrolled supply of low-skilled
labour from abroad. Well, never again.

We’ve capped benefits and our work programme is getting people into
jobs. We’ve cut immigration by a third.

The Conservative party's 'contract' promised to 'control immigration, reducing it to the levels of the 1990s – meaning tens of thousands a year, instead of the hundreds of thousands a year under Labour'

2015 election and still Chancellor…and still selling the Tories as a low immigration Party…


Keep an ambition of delivering annual net migration in the tens of thousands, not the hundreds of thousands.

As I post this Guido has also come up with an Osborne quote on the immigration 10’s of thousands figure….now economically illiterate but once a grand ambition…

“I think it is achievable… It’s an ambition we intend to reach… In the manifesto that the country voted on last year, we set it out as an ambition. I believe it is an ambition we will achieve.”

Paxman failed entirely to grip Corbyn whose stock answer is no answer just a rambling monologue with the Pavlovian trigger-words peppered throughout…peace, justice, equality, a fairer society…yadda yadda yadda.  He did this with the audience questions as well…his last ‘answer’ on whether he would press the button on a nuke completely avoided the answer…he just wanted a nuclear free world and would do whatever he could to achieve that and bring peace to us all…but would he press the button?…and if not why spend billions upon Trident?

Emma Barnett, so often my go to person if I need to fill space here, has actually done some good work…skewering Corbyn ala Abbott as Paxman never did…he had absolutely no idea what his policy on child-care would cost…despite  this being its big announcement…Corbyn’s best guess?….’It will obviously cost a lot’.  

Of course he has no idea either how much any of his massive ‘investment’ on infrastructure will cost…not the amount he will have to borrow, nor I suppose the interest payments we must add to that.  I suspect he has no idea what anything will cost as the IFS has said Labour is bascially lying about the costs…and borrowing will be the biggest amount ever in peace-time….scary perhaps as borrowing is alrready massive and interst costs something like £40 bn per year…more than the defence budget.

And on that interest…Corbyn wants to nationalise and borrow….because, he says, that will stop the profits going to the evil internatinal corporates and they can be reinvested in our country….so who does he think will lend him that money and where will the interest payments go?  From and to all those evil international corporates….and who does he think already pays for the massive investment in the rail system now?  Those corporates….who use the profits to invest in this country.








The Manchester Effect


Looks like the police are taking some action against Muslim extremists who all too often get away with it….of course it’s not just the police who look down on the white, working class like Tommy Robinson…the BBC does as well….he has the same views as many more well spoken anti-Sharia campaigners, such as Peter Tatchell, but gets nowhere near the respect….even Polly Toynbee is a supporter of ‘One Law for All’...don’t see the BBC calling her a racist or a fascist do we?