Health, wealth and dealth [poetic licence]


The BBC is going in hard on the Brexit doom and gloom with Tory May being the standard bearer for it and Corbyn the man who wants to keep us in by stealth.

Everytime I switch onto the BBC on the radio there’s some doom and gloom about the NHS, agriculture or industry and Brexit….the NHS will collapse as the East Europeans flood back home and people will die, or crops will rot in the fields without the cheap imported labour or industry will flee the country as there will be no workers and the economy will collapse…not forgetting the BBC’s constant refrain that the NI border will mean terrorism makes a comeback…‘The days of the Troubles are behind us – days lived in the dark shadow of watchtowers and turrets are vanished. But now the UK is getting ready to leave the EU, and the people of the borderlands are uneasy….None of them wants a hard border, but the EU has stressed that there will have to be some form of customs control. ‘ [no surprise that the EU is insisting on a hard border…it suits their purpose to make Brexit look as difficult and negative as possible.]

The BBC makes no attempt to challenge statements made by Remain voters in their vox pops that British workers are too lazy or that Brits are racist.  Curious how the BBC just accept that abuse but were up in arms when the Tories were going on about the ‘slackers’ or the ‘workshy’ and hence they tried to bring in incentives to make work pay rather than life on the dole being the acceptable option.  The BBC’s answer?  Leave ’em on the dole and import lots of cheap foreign labour instead.  What we do hear constantly from the BBC is that the NHS, agriculture, industry needs immigration, that is, mass immigration of cheap unskilled workers...’Britain will collapse without them’ rolls off the BBC presenters’ tongues as if it were actually true.  Curiously way back when in 2002 we had a budget surplus, the economy was doing great, the NHS was muddling through as always and the crops always got harvested.    All without the massed ranks of East European immigrants that have since flooded into the country.  And as for the NHS being underfunded….back in 1997 it was something like £42 billion per year, then Blair ramped that up to over £110 billion…and yet we’re still in a funding crisis?

Look at today’s big news…..the NHS will face a massive bill from Expats coming to the UK after Brexit….

Tens of thousands of expat pensioners may return to the UK to use the NHS after Brexit – unless a deal can be done to let them keep receiving care abroad, a think tank has warned.

Hmmm….so the BBC is scaremongering with an alarmist report that tens of thousands of expats will use the NHS and cost us a fortune.  Soooo…how come they do not raise the same alarm about the 300,000 +/- immigrants who come here every year [not just a one off as with the expats] and use the NHS?  Never mind the schools, GPs, housing, prisons etc etc etc….did no think tank warn us of the dangers?  Maybe they did and the BBC just didn’t bother to report it…likely.

And what about all that cheap labour?  Corbyn himself said it was undercutting British jobs in his election Q&A the other day and that he would limit it…turns out that was another of his lies as a leaked document suggests he will continue to flood Britain with cheap labour.  The BBC has always attacked the government for what it called the ‘productivity puzzle’….productivity being too low apparently…but that’s only if you measure it per man hour…with cheap labour the calculation changes to pounds per hour…and as wages are cheap employers can employ more people to turn out the same amount of goods…so on man hours productivity looks low…but isn’t.  The answer to actually improve productivity is to invest in upskilling the workforce and invest in machinery such as robots to do more work…the BBC claims we will have an economic armageddon due to Brexit as we run out of workers but that’s not true…we need people to work smart not work in sweat shops.

The BBC et al insist we need the imported workers to fund and look after our aging population…again not true…if productivity was raised by mechanisation and upskilling we’d receive more taxes and the revenue would pay for care.

The BBC solution of importing more and more people has an obvious problem…these people get old too….and then what?  Import yet more people to fund and look after them as well?

The BBC’s answer is dumb, so we need smart…smart will solve the problem long term, the BBC’s dumb answer doesn’t solve it at all, it in fact makes the problem ever bigger.


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15 Responses to Health, wealth and dealth [poetic licence]

  1. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of poetic licence, here’s looking at you, BBC ‘Editorial Guidelines’:

    Just stick to “quotes” of folk saying stuff you like, and statements as ‘questions’.

    Or make it up. Per normal.


  2. StrumPattern says:

    “They” say the NHS is in a funding crisis.

    That’s only because “they” keep focusing on the INPUTS into it, to the point where whatever ££££ is thrown at it is NEVER enough.

    Until the nation, politicians and NHS staff focus on the OUTPUTS (i.e. successful medical care), the NHS will never be the world class health service it’s proponents think it is.

    How healthy do we want the nation to be?
    What are the medical issues the nation needs to resolve in the future (and not in the 1950s)?
    What are the national medical issues that affect the whole nation (e.g. disease)?
    Why are taxpayers funding vanity surgery and boob jobs, and other nationally unnecessary treatment?
    Why should unproven “alternative medicine” be provided by the NHS?
    Why can’t people top up their NHS care to go private with their own money?
    Why shouldn’t a heath service provide top quality medical attention if someone comes knocking?
    Why can’t receive top quality care if I want or need it? After all it’s my body, my health at stake, no-one else’s?
    Why should the NHS remain the only provider of medical care in this country? Why?

    I make no apology for asking why, and why again, because the recurrent debate has always approached the NHS from totally the wrong direction – as if it’s all about a giant pissing contest funded via a Government sponsored ponzi scheme. Like the TV Licence Fee, National Insurance is now an anachronism, and should be properly reviewed, and a private health insurance system introduced.


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      Well said Strum, well said.

      I was making exactly the same point to a LibDem bedwetter earlier, slightly different words of course but same perspective. He was unable to support his answer when asked at what point does the NHS in this country become unaffordable?

      Anne Widdicombe got it right a few weeks ago when I heard her say (on a BBC programme) that the entire NHS model needs a complete review. It was founded on the basis that its costs would be covered by National Insurance, that the population would grow but not massively, that population demographics would remain more or less unchanged and that illnesses and drugs would remain as was.

      None of these assumptions apply now, indeed there is the additional complexity of PFI debt to put into the mix…

      Someone needs to grab the nettle and fast


  3. chrisH says:

    Most of us need not fuss over previous elections, but nearly all that I can recall had that “wobbly Wednesday” crap in regard of a story. Maybe by a drifting medai in search of excitemtn where none exists-or Tory Central Office trying to scare people into voting.
    So it`s a tactic-Martha and her “Tory Insiders” in need to landfill for the TWATO show.

    That said-the Tories are supine shit aren`t they?
    Just found a quote here from John McTernan 2013, Labour bigwig from then-and still hanging around. He said this
    Labours old working class base are ” a lumpen mass with half formed thoughts and fully formed prejudices”
    Lady Nugee could not have put it better in Rochester…and Andrew Neathers quote to use “migration to rub the Tories/Rights faces in Labour diversity” similarly needs repeating. As does Gillian Duffy and Liam Byrne.
    Let alone all that McDonnell, Abbott and Corbyn have been doing, saying and fucking up on a daily basis. But where are the Tebbits? the Ridleys?
    All we get are the likes of Hunt, Rudd and Greening-useless crap that could cost the Tories this God-given chance to get Labour broken like the clapped out pedalo that they are. Sense they just don`t want it enough-and this will cost us all dear, hence the need for UKIP to stick arond.


  4. JimS says:

    Immigrant workers don’t only get old eventually they also come with old relatives, pregnant wives and children.

    Importing a skilled worker can provide an instant ‘fix’, no need to bear the costs of childhood, education and training. If there is a spare house too then what’s not to like? The Arab countries in particular have been very good at this game; “Experienced Air Conditioning Technician required to work on AirCo Model 250”, straight off the plane, onto the job, housed in a hostel, end of contract sent home.

    We bring in immigrant workers and train them on the job. They bring in instant families who require schools NOW, not in five years like home-grown babies. They also bring in their elderly parents who also need care NOW, not after fifty years of economic contribution here as our own elderly have. And of course they need a house, if not two, something that the native population doesn’t expect to have until 20+ years from birth.

    I believe there is a certain class of politician that delights in increasing problems so that the ‘state’ expands to create ‘solutions’, most of which become new problems. To give an extreme example: Ninety-nine percent of the poplulation could hate Africans with a deep loathing, but as long as the Africans stay in Africa what does it matter? Start importing Africans, for ‘diversity’ and ‘enrichment’ and bingo!, now we have a ‘race’ problem, new laws, diversity officers, welfare officers etc. etc.


  5. Doublethinker says:

    As Harold Wilson said a week is a long time in politics, well two weeks actually. Before the manifesto disaster I posted that with a Tory majority of well over a hundred even the most extreme Remoaner would have to accept that we were leaving and the time would be at hand to deal with the BBC, although I doubted that would happen. Now with the Tories looking at a majority under 50 if they are lucky, the Remoaners will be insufferable. Unfortunately they may have a point! At any rate they will claim this was an election principally about Brexit and once again the country failed to provide overwhelming support for leaving. Surely they will say this demonstrates that a second referendum is a democratic necessity. Us Leavers may argue that a Tory majority , coupled with the referendum result , is a clear democratic mandate but there is no denying that a small Tory majority will breath oxygen back into Remain when the whole purpose of the election was to crush them.
    My guess is that unless something unexpected happens and the Tories do get a majority of 80 plus then the best we will get is a watered down Brexit and we may get even less than that. Of course a few million Leavers will then re join UKIP but in my view it is pointless to do so. UKIP exists to agitate for and to win a referendum on Brexit , which it did brilliantly, but the liberal left establishment will never , under any circumstances , allow another one. It is looking likely that Brexit is in real danger .
    Of course things could be even worse than the above scenario, Corbyn could end up as PM and Abbot as Home Secretary. Oh my God I feel sick . If this does happen then we have just committed national suicide by blowing our brains out rather than by the slow death of a thousand cuts we have been experiencing for the past thirty years. Think of it , a friend of anyone who hates Britain as PM and a black supremacist as Home Secretary, not to mention a communist as Chancellor. Has the country gone mad?


    • chrisH says:

      No, just getting puffed up by the BBC and the Guardian types.
      May will walk it-but she should really have stuffed the stake into the zombie heart of Occupy and Labour by now.
      Not a fighter on her team-she has rebuffed the likes of Gove, Boris and Paterson.
      And clad herself in the likes of Greening, Grayling and Rudd instead.
      Nasty lightweights, no chins and windaway necks.
      May is playing on the John May “fair play” nonsense, and like the rest of her caste-they don`t care about or see the nature of the Beast that faces them. Thankfully we`ve got Cap`n Haddock-a blend of Wolfie Smith and Rik Mayall from The Young Ones.
      But all it needs is some clever leftie who could harness the rage at the elite balls ups in 2008/9 with Brexit and immigration…and you`ll have a dangerous lefty demagogue
      who WOULD deal with the likes of us.
      Corbyn has got to be seen as Brady/Abedi-like in his toxicara..if we fall for anti-politics like him-then the next stage will be no politics at all.
      Just Weimar Republic Facism disgused as “anti-facism”.
      The young and the idiot left are merely waiting on the demographics-if Islam doesn`t force them out first that is.
      We can hardly complain-with Five Star, Trump-we too are anti politics, and we enjoyed the liberal left getting their arses slapped.
      But the Left and Islam will conspire to remove the Jews and the UKIP types who state where the EU is going…
      Labour have got to die, and a patriotic left who`ll use Le Pens economics instead of Camerons crap will then take over-the Tories are dead, and it`s best to have the Patriotic Left with Friedmans texts in power than the drift into Islams maw as May is doing now.


  6. Nibor says:

    Erm , why are these workers from the EU here ? Is it because they love us , or want to spread EU federalism , or as spies , or our weather or they heard things were so bad here they came to altruistically help or what ?

    I think it’s about the money . Wages .

    So if we want to keep them here

    1 ; keep paying the wages

    2; Not pay their wages and TELL them to go home .

    I reckon option 1 is the better of the choice , but the BBC and 23% remainders think option 2 is . Therefore we can presume they’re stupid .


  7. Nibor says:

    Can I also point out that a lot of ex pats are living abroad and returning back for medical treatment . What difference will Brexit make ?


    • Expat John says:

      Someone needs to point out – and the BBC will never do it – that health services in european countries not funded in the same way as in Britain.
      The reason they will not point that out is that they want UK residents to believe they are comparing like with like, that it’s just a question of where you reside. It doesn’t work like that.
      I have family members over here who are retired; it is the British government that pays the 70% compulsory cover insurance, and they pay a top-up insurance to ensure that costs are fully covered. The premiums are, of course, age related.
      However, as residents of France, their income is taxed by the French government, not by the UK.
      So you have a situation where the British taxpayer is paying 70% of expats health bills, but receiving nothing back in taxation.
      It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the British government will benefit in two ways from returning expats: firstly, those expats pensions will become taxable in the UK rather than in France, and: secondly, the British state will no longer have to pay insurance premiums to a foreign government.

      The BBC – only giving one side of the story – and it’s the anti-Brexit side, of course.


    • Number 7 says:

      ………..and if they get ‘free’ treatment in the EU their government makes damned sure that the NHS pays for it (google E11 Certificate). Unlike our (Inter)National Health Service.

      This is very similar to the old age health care debate. Both my grandmothers had to go into residential care, my mother-in-law needed social care. In all cases, the cost of social care had to be borne by the family or the estate. In the case of the estate the house had to be sold, or a lien taken by the government, until the estate reduced to some 23,000+. Why this increase to £100,000 in the Tory Manifesto has not been fully explained is down to CCHQ, not me.

      Meanwhile, the Labour/BBC party have been making hay out of it!

      I do, however, notice that Corbyn/McDonnell are planning swingeing increases in Inheritance Tax (not on the BBC) should they gain power.

      The Labour/BBC money tree strikes again – it makes Animal Farm/1984 sound like a good alternative.


      • Expat John says:

        So under Corbyn, the estate will continue to pay for residential and social care whilst simultaneously paying more in inheritance tax!
        Nothing left for the kids to pay off those university debts. Oh hang on, they’re going to be paid for by taxing the… erm… anybody got any money left?

        Come on BBC, ask the obvious f*****g question!

        I think we’ve found Labour’s Magic Money Tree!


        • Number 7 says:

          I think you get my point Expat – What’s yours is mine and mines my own – classic socialism as well demonstrated by MacBruin to my own expense.

          “Venezuala, here we go”.

          Sing along with the chorus.

          “Here we go, here we go, here we go”.



        • taffman says:

          Expat John
          “Nothing left for the kids to pay off those university debts.”
          In my opinion, half the kids that go to “uni ” would be better off working as soon as they leave school.
          They could be earning money and be paying for their pensions, but most are picking up Mickey Mouse degrees which are no use to their future employment .


          • Number 7 says:

            Good point. I have a Bsc. Computer Analysis – Completely useless having qualified at 38.

            The muppets who were interviewing me (mid 20s) knew far less of commerce and the ‘real world’ than I did and saw me as a threat.