Debate Debacle


Just watching some of the debate….no wonder May wants to stand aside….it’s a mess…. interruptions, dodgy stats, usual emotive bluster and bluffing…Corbyn’s supporters out in force…Mishal Husain out of her depth.  Format is completely flawed, C4’s much better and allowed the leaders to give rounded answers that inform the viewer without a loudmouthed disruption from your opponent trying to shout you down….Paxo of course was useless…but that’s him not the format.

Looks like pretty much everyone, including the lefty New Statesman, think audience packed with Corbynistas…maybe they’re just louder….

Complete farce that is more Colosseum than collegiate [Eaton called it a ‘pub brawl’….quality].  No one learns nuffink. They just get to make splendid grandstanding statements that everything is going to wrack and ruin with no proof and no challenge….and of course Amber Rudd is vastly outnumbered as everyone is against ‘her’.

The FT has had its own debate and despite being Remain it has come out in support of May as the least worst choice…

Yet the alternative to Mrs May is worse. Mr Corbyn is a fringe figure who has spent his entire political career in opposition — to his own Labour leadership. Despite his recent media makeover, he is a pacifist relic of the 1970s, in hock to the trade unions, with no grip on economic issues.

It is no accident that the arrival of Mr Corbyn and his hard-left supporters in mainstream politics has coincided with a revival of anti-Semitism and misogyny. Labour’s team is unfit for government, let alone the delicate Brexit talks.

The Liberal Democrats have failed to make an impact with their pledge of a second EU referendum. All the evidence points to the end of European-style coalition and the return of two-party politics, with the exception of Scotland where the independence movement remains slightly diminished but a potent force.

Faced with such uncertainty at home and abroad, Mrs May is the safer bet.

But accepting her as prime minister does not amount to a blank cheque. A substantially increased Conservative majority, even a landslide, could lead to an increase in the number of hardline Eurosceptics, who advocate a crash exit from the EU, a contemporary version of the Charge of the Light Brigade.







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  1. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Half an hour in and there’s no doubt that 90% of the ‘specially selected audience’ is composed of the hard left.

    Whooping and cheering at labour and the libdems, grumbling and silence for the conservatives and ukip.

    There appears to be no attempt at neutrality with the audience and whoever picked them should be ashamed.

    If I was Nuttall I would point this blatant bias out as Nigel did on another BBC debate a couple of years ago. He will get boo’ed which will be understandable given the far left audience but those at home need to hear it said.


    • Fedup says:

      Emmanuel ,
      Agree – it’s a complete Horliks of a debate – or is it ovaltine? On balance I think May was right to swerve that crap. Al beeb would have allowed her to have a proper kicking. Luckily the vast majority of voters are watching a dancing dog on the itv so it’s meaning less .

      I actually think that Corbyn should become the next PM and the deluded idiots who believe in him might get a bit of a reality check . Then we ll get a proper conservative majority which will dissemble al beeb and deal with Islam and its poison

      Ps – I think they got the standard QT audience in . The debate might have been better without a bunch of Corbyn happy clappers .


      • The General says:

        Fedup, We had a proper Conservative majority until about a week ago when May blew it by announcing what has been labeled ‘the dementia tax’ trying to appeal to those who will NEVER vote Conservative while alienating a particular group of those who did and undoubtedly those who know that in the not too distant future will inevitably be part of that group. May really is stupid, will she never learn from her ” we are known as the Nasty Party” comment.
        As for this audience, it is typical of the cheating BBC. Representative I don’t think. A couple of weeks ago the Local Elections turned the country blue yet this ‘Representative’ audience is undoubtedly left wing. Everything Corbyn says is applauded.


        • Fedup says:

          Yes general ,
          How May decided to screw up the manifesto is beyond me. I have a deeply personal interest in social -dementia – care. The dillnott report should have just been implemented and left at that.
          But she blew it.
          Even the Labour Party newspaper this morning is carrying the line about the complexion of the audience. So left they’d have probably lynched May.

          I still think the conservatives will get a working majority but it would on been a landslide. People forget quickly. Corbin car crash wimins hour interview as well as that of Diane sum Abbot labour is keeping McDonald and lady nugee in padded cells until the 8th of June.


    • Beltane says:

      The very last reaction from the sort of people who organise and select such debate audiences is shame.


  2. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Had May said that she`d not be appearing at tonights bitchslap-and then showed up-this would have been a “panic measure, desperate U-turn”.
    Corbyn deigns to meet the other losers( Nuttall apart) at less than 16 hours notice…and he`s regarded as a statesman, calmly speaking truth in our national hour of need-and his gauntlet to May has been ignored by the cowering Tories. As ever he`s challenging the Tories on their record-and she bottles it. Have I got this right Beeb?
    Not watching, can write this crap in advance.
    Corbyn will now get an even bigger free pass by the BBC for showing up-and no mention allowed of the sadsocks desperation to get to within 100 seats of the Tories.
    PS-the BBC doing the usual levels on the microphones trick-low levels for Nuttall, amped up for Corbyn and Lucas?
    Only wish we had a Tory party capable of finishing off Labour, left to pray now.
    Venezuela and bust if we vote for the Progressives.


    • Scroblene says:

      It’s not going to be a debate anyway, just a collection of politicians spouting hashtags at each other.

      Most Conservative voters made their minds up ages ago, and don’t really bother to listen to screaming attention seekers trying to score points off the others. Who really cares what the audience do anyway?

      If any waverers haven’t decided what to vote for by now, they must be pretty thick, so tell them that the GE is on the eighteenth of June, if they bother to vote that is…


    • Beltane says:

      For just one example of Corbyn’s double-speak, when he answered the question on the cost of free tuition and the reintroduction of student grants he said, with forthright honesty: £11 billion. But NO ONE questioned the time scale, least of all the mystic Mishal….Jeremy must have felt quite relieved.


      • Fedup says:

        It’s a shame there’s no fun in the world anymore . Some one could make a killing impersonating the Corbin “angry little man” act – but since al beeb is infested with lefty ‘comedians’ ( news quiz, hignfy, now show , ) there is no chance .


  3. EnglandExpects says:

    May is well out of this so- called debate. Amber Rudd deserves a medal for putting up with this bunch who all believe in the magic money tree. They are losers and have no role in determining the future of our country. Out of the German dominated EU, pursuing free trade, stopping EU unskilled labour flooding our country and getting tax rates down . That’s the way forward and whatever you think of May, there’s only one way to get it.. Tbe issue of Muslims clearly won’t be dealt with by this election . I hope it will at the next one .


  4. Soapbox says:

    The Beeb should be utterly ashamed of themselves. There is no way the audience is a fair distribution of views. Mishal Hussein is useless as a moderator. Does nothing to stop the chaotic squabbling, does not allow the debaters fair time. Amber Rudd, like her or not, is holding up well under the untamed and allowed onslaught. The red gnome had nothing to lose by coming in late. Theresa May, again like her or not, was right not to lower herself to this appalling level where huge important issues are trying to be discussed but in fact are being atrociously thrown around in such an immature way like a Punch and Judy show. And to politicise the terrorist killings in Manchester is disgraceful. I am list for words at the childishness but just goes to show how dumbed down the Beeb has become. Eight year olds could talk better than this lot.


    • Fedup says:

      Mishel – or whatever it’s name is – will get an award for her masterful control of this horse do do. Completely out of her depth . Needed someone all of them might be scared of .

      I think some one should have asked why the snp didn’t send cranky rather than her Masonic looks big undertaker namely angry Robertson . .

      I think nobby Corbin is worried about watering his allotment …


  5. Coeur de lion says:

    How dare Robertson bring in Jo Cox. A complete whitewash of Islam. Well done Nuttall for giving it a name. But why should this be controversial? Jo Cox. Norway. It’s always the same. We will never defeat the enemy if we don’t give it a name.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Amol seems keen to chip in…


  7. ID says:

    I saw that Anus Robertson was on and switched off immediately.
    I’ve just switched back on again to hear practically all the audience clap and cheer Steptoe. No idea why.
    Farcical exercise in lefty bias. Dross, dross and more dross


  8. Fedup says:

    If I was a conservative PM with a big majority I would refund al beeb and privatise the bugger.

    That debate was an ill discipled shambles . Better to have an adult controlling it such as Brillo instead of a tick box minority out of control. Look at her cv .


  9. G.W.F. says:

    Not much I can say about the debate and the selected audience.
    Perhaps I can draw attention to what caught my eye. It was the size of Mishail Hussein’s arse. She might consider changes to her wardrobe, something to disguise her spreading bum.
    Perhaps the full burka which is worn by many people of her kind


  10. Christopher Wright says:

    The Petrograd Soviet circa 1917 could have provided a less biased audience.


  11. Jeff says:

    I couldn’t take too much of it. So terribly predictable. The usual roars and squeals of approbation when some simpering buffoon used words like “unity” or promised to find shed loads of our money to help soap dodgers and immigrants.
    Leanne Wood and Caroline Lucas are just irritating beyond endurance. The tubby Jock was just a non entity. All three of them wanted limitless numbers of foreigners to come here. I wonder about their sanity.
    Corbyn clearly had his fan club in. They applauded every billion pounds of our money that he gave to someone else.
    Tiny Tim brought the house down when he spoke about the recent Manchester mass murder. Apparently someone had been rude to an “Asian” and Tim was outraged and proceeded to lecture us about the politics of hate.
    Tim, you pathetic waste of God’s free air, twenty two innocent people had just been massacred. Most of them youngsters, one of them only eight years old. I think it’s quite understandable that people might get a tad miffed and, unfortunately, vent their spleen.
    This endless virtue signalling is just painful. I’m bloody sure Winston Churchill never resorted to these pathetic tactics.
    Still, outside of the BBC bubble ordinary folk would be watching.
    And I think I speak for (at least) 90 % of the British electorate when I say;
    Tim, you’re an utter prick…


    • wronged says:

      This format never works. The only format that works is Brillo’s forensic probing on a one to one basis.
      For example, Nick Clegg did well in one election. Tells you everything really.

      Better still, three Brillo like people probing questions together from all directions. If questioned, poor old Diane Abbotts hair would turn back to an Afro in a jiffy.
      I’d watch it but I fear the young Britains Got Talent watchers won’t. So much for our ‘intelligent’ university frequented yoofs!


      • dafydd says:

        Headlines appearing online….

        ‘IT’S LAUGHABLE’ BBC Election Debate 2017 slammed as ‘biased’ as stunned viewers react with anger at audience for leaders’ grilling
        People reacted on Twitter claiming the debate filmed in Cambridge was ‘ridiculously biased’

        Sun Newspaper…


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Austerity,Basic Income, Broader shoulders(pay a little extra)Disability, Diversity, Foodbanks,Islamophobia,Migrants welcome, Our NHS,Solidarity,Nurses, Teachers, Unity.

      Create your own bullshit bingo-there`ll be others if anyone cares.
      All the above words usually get a round of applause. And get the lefties slavering like Pavlovs dogs.
      Ah well-who needs to get Venezuelan, Cuban or Belarussian telly any more?


    • Minion says:

      prick,,,,,I could think of a few apt words, unfortunately not printable on here


  12. Beltane says:

    Just seen Corbyn’s fully orchestrated arrival in Cambridge to hysterical cheers. Anyone naïve enough to see this as an expression of huge support doesn’t know how Momentum work – but as a PR exercise it took some organising!


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Probably penned in at Dale Farm, chips removed until reset by Millbank or Davos.
      Dangerous sods unless prodded by their minders.
      Hard to believe that this is England 2017, sense Germany 1931 might have felt the same.


      • Beltane says:

        People have been questioning the absence of John McDonnell ever since the Manchester ‘event’. Now we know, he’s been burning the midnight oil with Momentum, organising Jeremy’s Nuremberg entrance.


        • shelly says:

          I’m old enough to remember Neil Kinnocks Sheffield/Nuremburg rally disaster…Hilarious stuff it was.
          The Corbynista’s screaming hysterically for their man puts me in mind of it…And we all know what happened next.


  13. Baron VovReichsPudding says:

    2213 and the late news done 13 minutes on it, finishing off with the Keuessenberg concern stating Corbyn had scored a victory

    so they run a biased show with biased audience and then have the gall to 13 minutes reporting such as news


    • popeye says:

      The front page of the BBC website shows picture of Corbyn in statesmanlike pose with Amber Rudd as screaming harridan. Usual bias by picture selection


    • popeye says:

      The front page of the BBC website shows picture of Corbyn in statesmanlike pose with Amber Rudd as screaming harridan. Usual bias by picture selection


  14. Deborahanother says:

    If this doesn’t convince the Conservatives to neuter the BBC for good .Nothing will.If they are given a good majority then the electorate should expect them to take action. What are they scared of ?


    • Kaiser says:

      agreed the cons must be sat around fuming at this latest bbc ambush, they must act surely?


  15. Essexman says:

    I , hope it convinces the die hard Kippers on here to vote Conservative, the alternative will be a nightmare , immigration max , economy tanking , massive inflation , everything you all hate. Abbott in charge of MI5. Absolute chaos !


    • Roland Deschain says:

      That’s about as likely as it is to persuade the Tories to finally do something about the BBC.


  16. taffman says:

    I have made the point on this site many times – The Tory party are very supine when it comes to Al Beeb.
    I wonder why ?
    The Tory party have not kept their last election promise ………….
    I wonder why?
    At this time, I am of the opinion that the Tory party want to lose the election .
    I wonder why?
    Tweezer is a ‘remainer’ ?
    Over to you Essexman ………….


    • Number 7 says:

      He makes a good point taffman.

      UKIP seem to be losing it at the moment, so it comes down to damage limitation. Hold your nose in the ballot box, I will – look at the alternative!


    • Demon says:

      taffman, if you are right and the Conservatives are wanting to lose the election, then you and everyone else who thinks that should vote for them to stymie their plans. May will have to deliver on full Brexit if she wins so we need to make sure she does.


    • cockneyboy says:

      Taffman, ‘At this time I am of the opinion that the Tory party want to lose the election’ – my thoughts as well, as I have previously mentioned on this site.
      It’s hard to believe that the bungled ‘dementia tax,’ fox hunting, May’s refusal to take part in debates etc. is down to incompetence.
      So much as Cameron was expecting loss of power, or a coalition goverment in 2015 (which probably would have resulted in no EU referendum) May would appreciate something similar, resulting in a ‘soft Brexit.’
      At the end of the day it’s a question of whether or not you believe that politics is controlled from behind the scenes or by the parties in power.


  17. So-Called BBC says:

    During general elections the BBC always hands over audience selection to a friendly polling firm so they won’t get the blame for the biased audience. I bet the details of the polling firm were passed onto Momentum a few weeks ago so their members could sign up to appear on the show.


    • taffman says:

      So-Called BBC
      Al Beeb is biased , thats why we post on this site – Simples!
      ‘Maxincony’ posts for another reason, none of us know why . Perhaps he will tell us .


      • Fedup says:

        Maxi is a kid who wants to be noticed so he knows there are sensible people here who care about their country and hate to see it undermined by the likes of al Beeb particularly because we have to pay for it ( I refuse to for moral reasons ) . If maxi reads this he ll get off on being acknowledged.


    • Number 7 says:

      Posted on the ‘Open Thread’.

      Yougov perchance?

      I’m on their list and get regular requests to ‘take part in our in our latest poll’. Needless to say that the emails stopped when May announced an election.

      This may have been posted above, if you haven’t seen an alternative view – try this: –


  18. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    What are they scared of?
    Not scared perhaps but just too stupid or worse = unconcerned. The Conservative party have always failed when it comes to patriotism, and identifying the real problems in society. They totally failed to counter the rise of Scottish Nationalism in the 1970’s and eighties. They did nothing to stop the mass immigration over the years. And have never countered Political Correctness in the ideological sphere. The result is what we have today. Apart from a brief time with Maggie, who to my surprise, took on the Argentine after the Falklands invasion, there have been no Tory efforts to take on anything that matters with any great conviction. The spirit of Neville Chamberlain is still dominant in the Tory halls, whereas the Spirit of Churchill only makes brief appearances. I don’t know if the Tories have a motto but if they want one it should be ” Nothing ventured, nothing done”
    Can they see the disaster the BBC has become? Well probably, but let’s look at it from their point of view. To rectify it would create a fuss and there are plenty of other things they could be busy doing nothing about that are more important.


  19. taffman says:

    Yasser Dasmibehbi
    Remember the last Tory appeaser …..


    • Number 7 says:

      Sut ydych chi taffman.

      A bit like the Moron coming back from Brussels claiming a great victory after having his ar*e kicked.


      • taffman says:

        Rhif saith Bydd popeth yn iawn gyda fi.
        Exactly my point .


        • G.W.F. says:


          Perhaps you can give me the location of the country the woman from the Plaid kept referring to
          I’ve looked at the map and cannot locate Wheels


          • gb123 says:

            “cannot locate Wheels”
            I think she was referring to her brain/s. One dictionary definition of wheel is a large roughly circular block of cheese.


  20. Minion says:

    Saw some of this, right from the start you could tell it was going to be the usual BBC biased s@@@ towards the left wing, just by the audience clapping and whooping away like banshees every time Worsel Gummage and Dim Tim opened their mouths, then to add to the excitement we had Leanne Woods PC a clone of Sturgeon SNP droning on about how “independence ” for Wales would be great, like Sturgeon forgetting its the Westminster government that pumps billions of pounds into both of those countries ,most of it coming from the English tax payer


  21. Swelter says:

    Perhaps the Lefts mouth piece Al beeb has over reached its self this time . The narrative this morning from other news outlets seems to be on the audiences bias rather than the political equivalent of topless mud wrestling that was last nights “debate”.


  22. Old Goat says:

    Didn’t see any of it – didn’t want to. Suffice it to say, those winking clever Dicks who all thought it a good idea to pay three quid, and “join” the labour party, just to get Corbyn elected as leader, really appear to have shot themselves (and the rest of us) in both feet, bigly!


  23. s.trubble says:

    This so called debate/ambush bore great similarities to the bBC final Scottish Referendum debate which was complete with a hostile plant balling at Alistair Darling about the privatization of the Royal mail………….the host , a DJ called Glenn Campbell faciliatated the completion of the noisy one sided shambles to the advantage of the slug that is Alex Salmond.

    Cut to last night…….very similar, the jeering crowd of lefty pompous students, the venue selection, the DJ hostess ( hardly impartial) based on her Today performances and inbred Tory hatred.

    They missed one trick…..a couple of marxist ruffians dressed up as Norah Batty’s complete with wrinkled tights and fruit hats
    trying to storm the stage to handbag Amber Rudd.

    PS Well done Amber.,


  24. gb123 says:

    The debate reminded me of this sketch. It holds more than a grain of truth about the whole mess. I wish there was a character like the Norman Tebbit puppet. It would make the debates more fun!


  25. Guest Who says:

    Modest with it.


  26. Lucy Pevensey says:


  27. Blackwell says:


  28. Blackwell says:

    ComRes founder Mr Hawkins told BBC 5 live a lot of thought had gone into the audience selection.

    “If you have a panel of people – one from the governing party (Conservatives) – one from what’s regarded as a right wing party (UKIP) and five from broadly left-wing parties, and you give those speakers equal airtime, it means you’re giving five slots of airtime to the left-wing parties for every two slots to the not so left-wing parties. Therefore it’s inevitable that the cheering is going to be skewed in one direction. What I can say is that the recruitment for this was more complex and more rigorously executed than any I’ve ever witnessed.

    He said Brexit had added an extra layer of complications to the selection process because an equal number of Leavers and Remainers had to be chosen. “We screened out people who have campaigned politically at any time in the last three years,” he said. “But equally, you need to get people who are politically engaged so the audience don’t sit there and say nothing and do nothing, so you do get some reaction.” Mr Hawkins said the audience response was “a reflection of the fact that the Conservatives were on the back foot because Theresa May didn’t turn up – and therefore it’s a bit of an easy target”.

    Please engage brain.