Brexit’s Beastly Billionaires

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The Sunday Times [pro-Brexit] has released its Rich List and revealed that ‘Brexit brings bonanza for billionaires’.

It tells us that this is good news for Britain as business is booming…and that the ‘explosion of wealth is fuelled by a Brexit boom’ and….

Poll backs self-made rich, not inherited wealth.

It also tells us…

The notion that all the business community backed ‘Remain’ is bunk.  That may have been true of the FTSE chief executives, who famously ‘don’t like uncertainty’ [or risk and opportunity?], but the Rich List is generally populated by a very different breed.  Risk-taking entrepreneurs, who have built empires by spotting opportunities and exploitig shifts in circumstance, don’t hate change…they thrive on it.


We’re seeing more diversity in the Rich List.  More women, more people from ethnic backgrounds and more from surprising walks of life, with egg farmers and pet-food makers lining up with private equity barons and hedge fund managers.


The Rich List revelation that Britain is booming after Brexit should be good news as is the fact that it is entrepreneurs and a diverse bunch from all walks of life that are making it…but of course the BBC plays it all down and paints a different picture…one where it is implied that the rich are getting filthy rich but the rest have been abandoned in poverty to scratch an existence…and yet that’s just not true….and as the FTSE soars so do our pensions and investments….and if businesses are doing well job prospects, wages and tax revenues will also look good.

Even the Guardian had to admit that Brexit was good for Britain and that confidence was up, even amongst those who were initially concerned…

Three-quarters of the millionaires surveyed by UBS said they thought Brexit would have a positive impact on the overall UK economy in the long term, despite the collapse in the value of the pound since the referendum and concerns that it may be more difficult for the UK to trade goods and service after it leaves the EU.

No sign of such a sunny outlook from the BBC….

Rich List 2017: No Brexit ‘chilling effect’ on wealth of super-rich

The BBC front loads its report with quotes that seem to be a negative for Brexit…..

The UK’s richest 1,000 people “kept calm and carried on making billions” amid the Brexit vote of 2016, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Their wealth rose by 14% over the past year to a record £658bn, it shows.

List compiler Robert Watts said: “While many of us worried about the outcome of the EU referendum, many of Britain’s richest people just kept calm and carried on making billions.”

He said a revived stock market had been behind the surge in wealth for the super-rich.

The BBC allows this in…

Mr Watts said: “We’re seeing more and more diversity in the composition of the Rich List.

“More women, more people from ethnic backgrounds, and more from surprising walks of life, with egg farmers and pet food makers lining up with hedge fund managers and private equity barons.”

Oddly the BBC is very subdued about Brexit in this [very short] analysis other than the line in the first paragraph which, without context, paints a picture of the ‘super-rich’ loving Brexit whilst the striving and struggling workers suffer austerity.  Whilst it tells us that there is no ‘chilling effect’ #duetoBrexit it only links that to the ‘super-rich’….a Brexit for the Billionaires will almost certainly be the BBC line…one to watch in the coming days as the likes of Campbell start to interpret the list and its meaning…to them.

Where is the usual BBC context, the rounded reporting, the provision of further information that they usually provide in so many other reports such as more detailed comment about those who made alarmist predictions about Brexit and the economic armageddon that would befall us the moment the result would be announced?  Naturally such ‘fact checking’ and copious amounts of counter-information that the BBC provides is only done when it is trying to downplay a good news story for Trump or for Brexit…however, here, a good news story for Brexit, they can’t do that because so far the promised Brexit collapse hasn’t happened and so the BBC is left with egg on its face and the only resort is to imply that the rich are getting richer and the rest of us poorer…#duetoBrexit.



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6 Responses to Brexit’s Beastly Billionaires

  1. Manxman says:

    Ive been enriched by Brexit, even if i went skint i would still feel ”enriched” by Brexit.

    I will feel even more enriched when Mrs May scraps the licence fee 5 minutes after she is elected, when i see the ”shock” announcement i think i may ejaculate, i will be so enriched” with delight.

    I will just get my bhurka fix elesewhere.


  2. haleys comet says:

    Channel Islands open for business…..touting for the rich
    Nice tax rate if you can get it!
    Awash with billionaires.
    Offshore City of London..
    Look at today’s Sunday Times rich list
    Tip of the iceberg
    I sense white flight!,,,,,

    May 9th is Liberation Day in the Channel Islands
    Freed from Nazi Occupation 1945
    Free from EU 2017!!!!!


  3. Fedup says:

    I feel part of the national malaise which , I hope, will start to be put right by brexit is that people watching tv programmes with the great and good giving opinions do not know how much money those appearing are worth . This would help putting their opinions into perspective .
    I know this is intrusive but we need to know of hypocracy. There is not much worse than rich people telling ordinary taxpayers how to spend their money


  4. Scroblene says:

    C’mon Guys and Gals, it’s much easier on the soul to feel good about the general Brexit term – WE’RE GETTING OUT – PERIOD!

    The politicos and lefty press, the bbc and hangers on, all ponder and fart about, and get paid for the privilege.

    As far as Scrobs is concerned, it’s a done deal, and nobody will take anything but a firm Brexit from me!

    It’s so nice just telling anyone and also friends that that’s what I wanted all along.

    Haven’t had any repercussions yet…;0)


  5. neil9327 says:

    They seem to have changed the headline in the BBC article linked to above (and referenced on their new home page) to:

    “Rich List 2017: UK’s super-rich carry on making billions”

    Which sounds rather as if they have gone into a sulk about it.


  6. Englishtothecore says:

    “…the collapse in the value of the pound since the referendum”

    I hardly call the present rate a ‘collapse’. I was buying euros at 1.06 to the £ in 2012, and that was the best rate in town. The rate of 1.45 a couple of years ago was artificially high, it turned out later that Osborne had been fiddling the figures to make our economy look better.

    Friends were moaning recently about the exchange rate, and that they got 1.01 euros to the pound. “Whaaat? Where did you buy them?” I asked. Turns out it was from a euro-dispensing cash machine. Caveat emptor and all that.