Tommy Knockers


Fake news in the Guardian?  Curiously, despite the BBC’s rabid interest in exposing ‘fake news’ it seems not to be so concerned here….. though Robinson is given a voice, he is essentially shouted down and dismissed by the other three…including Neil at the end.

Tommy Robinson was accused of being a white supremacist by the Quilliam the Guardian…

That the far right has moved from the fringe into the mainstream demonstrates the massive support that white supremacist movements have attracted from digital natives. Their online followership often exceeds that of mainstream political parties: with over 200,000 followers, Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account has almost the same number of followers as Theresa May’s.

Quilliam of course denies this and claims the article was ‘clumsily worded’….it is not…the narrative was maintained throughout the article not just a bit of sloppy wording in one paragraph…the intent was clearly to demonise anyone who criticses Islam.

Quilliam’s Haras Rafiq in the interview actually claims that Robinson is an extremist…equivalent to an Islamist group…all because he entered Quilliam’s office to ask the reporter why she had written such libels about him….so are BBC journalists ‘extremists’ when they, for example, fly helicopters over Cliff Richard’s house to ‘doorstep’ him?   Or how about this classic?….


Quilliam, as an anti-Islamist group, has always been suspect…its founder, Ed Husain, was in the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir for five years which he subsequently left…but reading his book, The Islamist, you get the impression that he still adheres to the same beliefs and values of the group….and Quilliam is still of course a pro-Muslim group run by Muslims…and Islam is an ‘extreme’ ideology when compared to any other in the West….so is Quilliam ‘extreme’?

Quilliam tells us that its aim is to explain ‘The difference between Islam as a faith and Islamism as a radicalising political ideology which justifies violence’ which if you know anything about Islam, its origins and its laws, you will know to be a lie….as is this other aim…..’develop a Western Islam that is at home in Britain and in Europe’.….there can never be anything like a ‘Western Islam’…there is Islam, and that’s it….the same the world over….no sects, no cults, no separate groups with their own interpetations…that’s the whole reason for the Revelation, the basis of the so-called religion….the Jews and Chritians failed to follow their scriptures and made up their own rules and divided their religions into sects….God was not happy and so he sent another, and final, unchangeable, revelation to be followed exactly as written.

By rights Andrew Neil should ask the question, is Islam or Quilliam extreme?…of course he doesn’t, instead he, after being reasonably impartial, then accused Robinson of being an extremist because he’d once been in the BNP…for a very short time as a teenager…Neil is trying to discredit Robinson as a ‘witness’ with this tactic…Neil of course has been through all this before in what was a hatchet job for the Muslim supremacists as we’ve looked at previously….

Andrew Neil…Mehdi Hasan’s Sock Puppet?

When Tommy Robinson was interviewed on the Today programme the Left had a moment of anguished horror….someone whose views they disagree with had been allowed onto the radio…the Left’s ‘house radio’ at that….the BBC.

Mehdi Hasan was so outraged he penned a quick note in the Huffington Post advising the BBC where they went wrong.  He even went so far as to formulate some questions that the BBC could have asked Tommy Robinson.

Someone at the BBC read his advice and decided to run with it. They decided to bring the unsuspecting Tommy Robinson back onto the airwaves and subject him to a vitriolic show trial, designed to attack him personally and assassinate his character and reputation.

Andrew Neil was given the task of skewering the upstart EDL ‘racist thug‘….the questions Neil asked coming almost word for word from the pen of Hasan with no pretence at an attempt to debate or engage in an intellectual argument…it was an out and out exercise in abuse and mud slinging to blacken Robinson’s name….and all done to appease the BBC‘s left wing censors and Islamist propagandists.


Did someone try to sabotage Tommy Robinson’s appearance on the Daily Politics?…Car promised…no car…taxi promised…no taxi….you might be paranoid but it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you…..



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8 Responses to Tommy Knockers

  1. G.W.F. says:

    In this interview Neil resorted to his previous interview calling out Tommy for his brief membership of the BNP. Tommy has explained that fully in that interview so why did Neil want to drag it up again?
    Neil might have some credit for taking on Diane Abbot and others, but when it come to enemies of Islam and Sharia, Neil is loyal to the BBC.

    But the laugh is on Neil. Rebel media by far surpasses the multi million pound outfit that supplies Neil with his bits of printed paper.


  2. Nibor says:

    if Tommy Robinson is wrong to visit premises that are inhabited by people who are hostile to him , then TV Licensing goons are also wrong .


  3. Oaknash says:

    What I found amusing from this whole episode is that the BBC was quite happy to report the protesting mob that disrupted Nigel Farages meal with his family in an almost comedic fashion (not really being interested in the welfare of Nigels kids) . And equally the BBC was not really interested when Tommies address was publicised by a so called lawyer or the situation when he was set up in prison for an attack by one of the muslim prisoners.

    But suddenly when a whole office full of people is invaded by two blokes armed with an microphone and a camera the panel suddenly becomes all defensive and outraged suggests how terrifying this “office invasion” must have been for the female staff members and how wrong he was to do this blah blah blah!

    Was I imagining it or are these left wing journos starting to feel a tad uncomfortable?
    Because up to now they have been able to slander, lie and pretty much say what they want about political opponents and have not expected to be called out on it- face to face. However people like Tommy Robinson dont play by the media rules and actually have the balls to personally stand up to this sort of media bullying.

    I suppose what empowers Tommy more than anything is knowing that he is standing up for huge numbers of working class people whos lives have been negatively affected by the enrichers but whose protests have been largely ignored or denigrated into the the whinings of a collection of ignorant racists.

    He really is a balsy bastard – And especially knowing that pretty much everytime he goes onto any sort of mainstream media they will be out to discredit him.

    I really do have nothing but respect for this bloke and think he deserves our thanks for standing up to these of Machiavellian liars who care nothing for our country or traditions.


    • Englishtothecore says:

      You’re spot on – Labour has become dominated by self-righteous, self-hating English middle class who neither know anything nor care about the lives of Britain’s poor, and actively despise them. I know a few people like that, they all live in prosperous, largely white areas.

      My home city was very multi-cultural even in the 70s, and as in Tommy’s account of growing up in Luton, it was largely integrated. Yes, there were some racist slurs, but all the kids at my schools never divided along race groups. I never knew that one of my friends was Muslim until recently, in fact I knew hardly any of the religious backgrounds of my friends. It didn’t matter, you liked someone or not for who they were. Now it seems that everyone is identifying their religious affiliation. I noticed the rot setting in during the late 90s. Who was in government then? Oh yes…


  4. john in cheshire says:

    1. If you were walking past the far-left bbc premises and saw one of their known employees being mugged by an ethnic, what would you do? Me, I’d walk on by. Just remember that bbc and be thankful I don’t join in kicking the shit out of you.
    2. If you were walking by Tommy Robinson and he was assaulted by an ethnic, what would you do? Me, I’d come to his help, if it’s only to call the Common Purpose cops to ask them to do their job and help one of our own.
    But then, that’s me.


  5. Kaiser says:

    all these open borders fanatics get all defensive when someone walks through an open door, how odd


  6. Peter Grimes says:

    Whilst I have much sympathy for the shit treatment Robinson gets, particularly from Al Beeb, he needs to wind his neck in occasionally and not lay himself open to criticism as he does here –

    “The fake news story was shared by Tommy Robinson, who tweeted “Another bent Muslim politician??”, …”.

    The double question mark doesn’t really save him.


  7. Jeff says:

    I think our Tommy is a bleedin’ hero and should be awarded a medal He has been putting his life on the line for years in attempting to tell us of some of the horrors of Islam. Compare his contribution to the utterly spineless and devious BBC.
    Oak has already mentioned how they reported on the infamous Farage meal fiasco. It must have been terrifying for the poor man’s family. I remember him being interviewed afterwards and the snotty BBC clone saying to him “There seem to be a lot of people that don’t like you.” As though the attack was his fault!
    Anyway the good news is we now have alternative ways of accessing real news instead of waiting for the likes of the BBC to get round to it. Christ, it took ’em about 10 years to tell us about the (Muslim…sshhh) Rotherham rape gangs!
    I can highly recommend Rebel Media.I think it’s well worth subscribing to.