Et Tu Brute


The knives are out for May and not just the usual suspects that want Corbyn to occupy No10 but also those whose loyalty to Party and country is superceded by their loyalty to the unelected, undemocratic EU.

The BBC gave a lot of publicity to the treacherous words of Portillo and Matthew Parris without bothering to reveal that these two turncoats are, as well as being Tory wets, in the service of the EU regime as they attempt to undermine May and hence Brexit.  The BBC just presented their words as a straight argument about May’s performance telling us May lacked humanity and that she didn’t care for the ‘left-behind’.  Parris of course does care about the ‘left-behind’, they are always on his mind and there is nothing that he wouldn’t do to help them out.  LOL.  Parris is an elitist EU lackey who wrote that we should not let the ‘left-behinds’ vote as they are too stupid, too bigoted too racist, to understand the issues and too incapable of voting in the right way to be trusted with the responsibility.

We  hear that May was too slow to meet the victims of the fire, Justin Webb thought that there was something wrong with her that meant she couldn’t cope with unscripted moments like meeting the Public…apparently ‘she doesn’t have what it takes in these circumstances’.  Really?  She always seems quite happy and capable when meeting the public and Webb et al seem to forget somehow that she did put herself in front of the public during debates in the election.  This is just cheap nonsense from Webb, liberal fantasy that passes the Notting Hill  dinner table test but fails in real life.  Webb and Co want her to fail and are happy to help her along by spreading black propaganda about her character and capabilities.

So May went to see the emergency services first to ensure that they had everything they needed to complete the job and only then went to visit the victims….how can she live with herself?  Also why is it that the BBC keeps reporting Labour’s ‘concern’ about the £5 million on offer by the government to the victims…the BBc doesn’t mention that this is only for immediate essential, personal needs of the victims and that there will be much more money to be used for rehoming people and for any other expense in relation to dealing with any issues that arise from this fire.  Again, just more propaganda that deliberately only gives half the story, an omission that would seem to be designed to stir up as much anger as possible….always a dangerous move considering how easy it is to start a riot baseed on rumour and fake news….ala 2011.  The BBC, as always, is playing with fire….how many US police officers were killed by Blacks because of the BBC’s et als’ narrative abut racist white police officers killing ‘unarmed’ Blacks?  A narrative  that was entirely false….statistics show whites are more likely to be shot and many of the blacks who were shot were shot by black or other non-white officers….the BBC had to change its narrative to ‘police brutality’ but didn’t apologise for its deadly lies about racist white cops.

Webb & Co seem to have forgotten this…

What about us, cries forgotten flooded Hull

The leader of a flooded city yesterday accused the Government of ignoring the crisis because it was in the North of England, rather than the South East.

Minns, leader of Hull City Council, said: “If this was Chelsea or Fulham, this would have been plastered over the front pages for weeks.”

The floods last week have damaged 17,000 homes and 95 per cent of schools in the city.

Amid mounting criticism that the Government has done little to tackle the disastrous effects of the floods, ministers disclosed yesterday that they are urgently considering a package of financial aid.

The growing clamour for help from householders who did not have contents insurance has left the Government with a dilemma over whether taxpayers’ money should be used to replace ruined furniture and white electrical goods.

Ministers also began a belated “shuttle diplomacy” mission to the hardest hit areas of South Yorkshire and Humberside as council leaders and MPs demanded that the Government make capital grants available to repair roads and schools.


21 days after the great flood, Gordon finally visits Hull

WE saw Gordon Brown finally make his way to the waterlogged streets of Hull yesterday, belatedly promising that help is on its way for the city, where one in five homes is wrecked by floodwater.


And just how much help did Labour give those who were forced out of their homes?…sod all….

Back in Hull, thousands of people don’t need advice on the future, they just need somewhere to live now.

Families forced from their homes in Hull by the flood water that tore through 240 streets are being forced to live in cramped hotel rooms.

And greedy landlords have bumped up the rent for unaffected homes so much that insurance companies are refusing to house flood victims in them.

There were also a string of warnings about cowboy builders cashing in on high prices – and still bodging the repair work. The Financial Services Authority watchdog also warned residents about unscrupulous claims management companies cashing in on their plight.

Jessica Pattison, her partner James Bentley and their three children, Stefan, eight, Tyler James, five, and one-year-old Sonnie are all sharing the same room at Hull’s Quality Royal Hotel, but are running out of cash.

“The situation gets worse day by day,” said Jessica, 26, whose ex-council home was 4ft deep in water.

“There is no way we can return to our home until the repairs are done. We have been looking for a house to rent, but there are none out there. We can’t even find a caravan.”

Strangely I don’t remember all these rioters and protestors on the streets, no calls from Labour for Brown to resign or for houses to be occupied and requisitioned, no call for a reshaping of the economic system so that the neglected North gets its fair share, no sign of the pipsqueak Owen Jones telling us how the floods and the Labour lack of reaction are indicative of a system that just doesn’t care.

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20 Responses to Et Tu Brute

  1. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Totally ignored for months by the BBC – hence this retrospective piece in March.

    Notice that the ‘angry locals confronting Environment Secretary Owen Patterson’ seem to be carrying rather a lot of heavy cameras and sound recording gear!

    People were sleeping on the floor in village halls 3 or 4 months after the flooding, but hey we’re only stupid, poor, whitey, country bumpkins hey?

    When there were far less serious floods down the Thames Valley the same year it was national news the same day and there was a great outpouring of ‘grief’ for the uber wealthy having their seven bedroom mansions flooded with three inches of water.


  2. Up2snuff says:

    Alan, I think you are wrong but also partly right.

    The BBC have short memories, no sense of equivalence and double standards these days. Nothing new there.

    The fault is obviously with Theresa May. Whether it is the Election or Grenfell Tower. But you are right that her Cabinet have deserted her apart from one or two or three who are being loyal, possibly because loyalty is just what they do, especially loyalty to country and its government and a designated leader and the Conservative Party. And other ‘Tories’, former MPs, are attacking, too. But they have their agendas anyway but also are supremely qualified – they have seen the job from the inside. Those two facts need to be set side by side.

    You appear to forget that this is a large part of a PM’s job: take the criticism. It will only, usually, ever be that. Rarely is it praise. May should have known that before she took ‘the job I have wanted all my life’.

    Secondly, there are ways to win respect and loyalty, in Cabinet, in Parliament, in the nation. Theresa May along with everyone else would wish that Grenfell Tower tragedy had never happened. But her lack of a quick and proper response has weakened her further so that any Cabinet members inclined to be loyal now have extra lingering doubts.

    They will be asking themselves “Will I look foolish or even delinquent for supporting the Prime Minister?”


  3. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Can anyone explain to me why, before the election when May was expecting a big increase in her mp’s, we had everyone saying that if May got a large majority she would use it to change Brexit to a ‘soft’ Brexit yet now, when her mp’s have fewer seats, we are hearing that May will use this as an excuse to go for a ‘soft’ Brexit.

    The lefties like it both ways, too many or too few, both mean ‘soft’ Brexit.
    I suppose if the result was exactly the same number of mp’s they had before the GE, it would also be taken as an excuse for a ‘soft’ Brexit.
    To put it simply, they would say that ‘too many, too few or the same number of mp’s’ means a ‘soft’ Brexit.

    That’s all I’m hearing on the tv shows with nobody giving an opposing view.

    Just like when the election was about Brexit at the beginning, May had a 20+ point lead.
    When the death wish manifesto came out the lead dropped to single figures yet remoaners still say the election was about Brexit and the drop in support was that we were now losing our appetite for a ‘hard’ Brexit.
    Nothing to do with the triple attack on pensioners, school dinners and bringing back foxhunting. A manifesto designed to lose votes.
    Compare this to corbyn’s massive giveaway manifesto, “Hey kids, vote for me and I’ll give you £27,000” and similar fantasies.

    So, why isn’t this pointed out. The result was not about Brexit.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The facts are that a Brexit that includes leaving the single market was included in the manifestos of the Tory Party, Scottish Tory Party, Democratic Unionist Party and the Labour Party. So we have a nominal majority for a hard Brexit of 528.

      But suppose half of Labour MPs rebelled and ten Tories rebelled, including all Scottish Nationalists, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green. And even if Sinn Fein, John Bercow and Silvia Hermon voted against a hard Brexit. It still would be a 246 majority for a hard Brexit.

      I think the BBC is censoring the facts, again. That’s why at the moment, the BBC is only inviting the handful of Tory Remainiacs, like the “Zombie of the House” Kenneth Clarke, to represent the Tories, in any politically balanced and impartial debate.

      But the BBC narrative on Brexit requires more and more censorship of reality, and therefore most Members of Parliament must now be on the BBC’s Question Time blacklist.

      In fact I am told that if the Democratic Unionist MP, Sammy Wilson, was invited on to the BBC, he could mention the conflict between Mensa members and the left-wing morons of the BBC Trust, over the BBC’s censorship policy for causational climate science, causational climate scientists (such as Atmospheric Physicists and Solar Astronomers) and a scientific debate about the causes of Climate Change which excludes environmental activists, but includes real scientific experts.


  4. Owen Morgan says:

    What we are seeing is a transparent repeat of what has been going on in Washington DC since last November: an attempt to re-write the election result. It started right away, after the General Election, with Labour claiming to have “won”, despite having fewer votes and fewer seats. We saw something similar before, when we were told that the Brexit vote didn’t count, because Scotland and London voted Remain and, anyway, all of us Brexit-supporters were too criminal/poor/stupid for our opinion to count. That attitude has received a boost since, however, because the left, both sides of the Atlantic, plainly believes it can manipulate its dominance in the media to reverse electoral reality.

    There were calls for Donald Trump to be impeached even before he had been inaugurated as President. Similar calls have been made, probably on a daily basis, ever since. Every opportunity has been taken to delegitimise the President, including rampant activism by the courts. The snag for the Democrats is that they control neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate (although they can probably rely on John McCain’s swivel-eyed support). In Britain, there is no impeachment mechanism for removing a PM, but Corbyn was blithely talking about voting down the Queen’s Speech (typically, without any idea of what might be in it and with a total disregard for basic arithmetic), with a view to bringing down the Government.

    I can’t really see that occurring, but the Beebyanka will try very hard to make it happen. In 1979, Arthur Scargill and Mick McGahey, of the miners’ union, tried to overturn the result of the General Election. They were overruled by the then President of the NUM, Joe Gormley, not exactly a card-carrying Conservative, but a man who respected the democratic system. With the Corbynistas, we are dealing with people who have no respect whatever for law, democracy, or constitution. They want power; they will exploit any means to gain power; if ever they achieve power, they will stick to it like limpets, after the fashion of their heroes in Cuba and Venezuela.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Another instance, IMO, was the exploitation of the Mark Duggan shooting in 2011. The local protests were understandable, even if Duggan was no saint; but the spread of the trouble over much of England was not, unless you imagine Leftist troublemakers waiting for an opportunity to get out onto the streets to overturn their recent election defeat (2010 and the coming to power of the Coalition under Cameron and Clegg).


  5. Yob says:

    The knives are also out for May from yours truly because there’s no-one in the Country more than May, that is likely to hand Jeremy Corbyn a walk into 10 Downing Street.

    She’s shown herself to be totally incompetent and anything but a leader.


    • Grant says:


      Quite agree. If she had any decency she would have resigned by now. The Tories don’t seem to have the guts to get rid of her. They are truly pathetic.


  6. Wild says:

    Michael Portillo is not a supporter of our membership of the EU, and Theresa May is not up to the job of being Prime Minister.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Don’t think Portillo is an MP these days?


      • Wild says:

        “The BBC gave a lot of publicity to the treacherous words of Portillo and Matthew Parris without bothering to reveal that these two turncoats are, as well as being Tory wets, in the service of the EU regime as they attempt to undermine May and hence Brexit.”

        I was just correcting Alan. Michael Portillo is not a supporter of our membership of the EU, and so asserting that he (in the service of the EU) is attempting to undermine Brexit is just factually incorrect, although Matthew Parris is a remainer.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Being a church mouse myself, I`d say that Pauls line “Gods strength is made perfect in my weakness” comes to mind.
      Also the Bible has cases where G-Ds power is at its greatest when His vessels are weak, flawed or broken by events. Brexit is beyond party idiocies for MPs to dance in the Today bear pit. If we don`t get the Mother of All Cold Clear and Bastard Brexits, we`ll be buying telephone cards with Nigerian flags at the Lycoshop and begging for the Docklands Gated Community Security man to let us in for the night.
      It`s that serious. Stuff politics and Tory polling. Out by 2019 at all prices, let Germany sink.
      It`s May or Sharia Stage One.


  7. Deborahanother says:

    She may not be up to the job according to the usual suspects but every one needs to calm down and Tories needto put their collective brain cell into gear. These are serious times .Mrs May will go in good time but the knives should be out for uncle Jezza .Where are the Tories calling out his very dangerous rhetoric ?

    Corbyn is an utter disgrace fermenting violenc and revolution at a time when we have Islamic terrorists among us and the risk of nutters doing reprisals. Aided and abetted by the BBC .

    Tories really need to grow up and get into the fray .A change of leader is only cosmetic.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Corbyn is just a Poundland Tony Benn.
      Nasty, dangerous when used by his goons.
      But Benn at least had had a career, a track record as a minister and had sacrificed a bit to become Tony Benn MP(not Lord Stansgate as born). Benn also had a series of books to his name-Arguments for Socialism etc, that influenced a lot of his followers in the 80s. So he could write, think and argue.
      AND he respected Enoch Powell eventually too. The Left wince when you compare Benn to Corbyn, it reminds them how low they`ve sunk.
      Both Corbyn and Benn sailed blithely through as their thugs took control of party meetings too. Never had a car crash, but had been at the scene at loads of them. Lenin was also able to send the goons out, then feign disinterest. The Left use this as a tactic.


  8. G.W.F. says:

    BBC and media bias to one side. May is not only an electoral disaster she is anti Brexit and pro sharia, with a failed record of keeping terrorists out. The Tories have only one option – get rid of her now, ensure her political life is over.


    • Cranmer says:

      GWF the trouble with this is that if May goes, the left will go even crazier than they are at the moment, and there will be calls for another GE, because most people think we have some sort of presidential system which means a PM must be voted for. We’ll end up like a tinpot Ruritanian state that has elections every few months, and Corbyn might even get in. Personally I think May should stay for a while, long enough at least to show she is serious about Brexit.


  9. Alicia Sinclair says:

    The elite realy hate us for voting to leave the European Union.
    The spineless scum can hardly rail at all 17.4 million of us, and the know that they have absolutely no effect on our voting intentions.
    All they can do is scare the old and entice the young.
    And slyly set about gnawing away at the nations foundations like the woodworm, the termites that they are.
    The media , migrants, public sector slaverers and the EU/Soros gilded global class are their chosen instruments. Blunt, nasty yet well able to cause blood poisoning in the countrys body politic.
    All May is doing is carrying out what we asked her party to do last June 23rd. And all she did a few weeks ago was to ask us to give her our blessing in her own right.
    She and her party made a hash of it-but the instructions still stand and she could be trusted to do most of our bidding if she wasn`t so got at, cowed and a prisoner of her party grandees and the media.
    I`m backing her to be a national leader, only hope the likes of Gove, Johnson, Paterson, Rees Mogg and Davies will protect her and fight for us.
    Thatcher needed the same at times-and the media need to know that when they get at her, it`s US they`re really trying to nobble. 17.4 Million of us and rising.
    They only have the media, courts and the public sector traitor class. Far more of us, and it`s not a career posture to us. It`s our lives and those of our kids.
    I`m backing May whatever-a little blind loyalty to screw her critics is the least we can giver her.
    The left at least do that.
    And she`s a woman. Isn`t there an awful lot of misogynistic bullying of her going on?
    The Left and islam both enjoy that, we need to back her, flaws and all.
    As we used to say “the political is personal”. In Mays case, it`s been-and we`re meant to be fair in Britain.
    They cannot get away with this, so far-no further.


    • Cranmer says:

      Seems to me that ‘Brexit’ will become the ‘Fatcher’ mantra in years to come. In the 80s and well into the 90s, everything that went wrong was blamed on ‘Fatcher’. In years to come it will be blamed on Brexit. Like Thatcher’s victory in ’79, Brexit is a ‘What the????’ moment for the liberal, global elites. It wasn’t supposed to happen, just like Thatcher wasn’t supposed to get to power when it looked like the cultural revolution of the 1960s was finally going to become a political victory as well. I think this is the real reason why many are so angry about Brexit. It just wasn’t in the ‘script’.


  10. JimS says:

    We can look forward to Brexit: A Tale of Two Cities on Friday.

    A year on from the Brexit referendum, Anand Menon contrasts Wakefield, which voted leave, with Oxford, which voted remain. After the turmoil of the first few weeks, the media narrative is that people have largely come to terms with the idea of a Britain outside the EU and the process of departure [NOT on the BBC!]. 12 months on, is that true? What did leave and remain voters imagine a Brexit vote would lead to? How do they feel now? Are they more or less optimistic about Brexit than they were? Why? And who or what has changed their mind?

    A year on and the BBC is still asking why we didn’t do what we are told. The BBC’s grieving process is moving awfully slowly. Perhaps the ‘heartless’ Mrs. May should have provided them with counselling?


  11. Amounderness Lad says:

    In view of what is happening in New York with the much lauded by New York Times Leftist version of Julius Caesar is being produced is there any truth in the rumour that the bBBC is considering PC version entitled Juliet Caesar with a British PM in place of a US President.