Lily the Pinko Limpet

Lily Allen Sheezus Album


Our blessed ‘Saviour of the Human race’…Lily the Pinko Limpet Allen….her ‘medicinal compound’?  A concentration camp, a compound, for the Rich probably.


Is there any cause too fashionable for Lily ‘The Limpet’ Allen not to attach her name to?  Refugees, wicked capitalists and now the victims of a towering inferno caused by neo-liberal greed and class discrimination.  Guess her record sales are in decline….93 in the charts last time I heard.   Yep….new career beckons….‘Voice of the Dispossessed’. Her bank balance will be depleted pretty quick if she keeps doling out the largesse for every trendy cause whilst her music career fades away.

Hmmm…does she in fact give any money to these causes or does she just grandstand on the Telly for effect…look at me…I’m Lily!  I’m so good!  Love me!

Maybe we should introduce a celebrity levy, you know in emergencies just like Corbyn wants to take-over houses that are unoccupied at present.  Yeah….a celebrity tax on all those who posture and preen for the Media as they showcase their virtuous selves declaiming against society and the Rich [erm…themselves then]….if they don’t want to be rich let’s help them out and requisition their bank balances to help the victims…I’m sure they’d be much more appreciative of a cash handout rather than some self-serving sentiments from a B-list celebrity showboating on the Telly.  Let’s face it most of the money Allen earns comes from the poorer end of society buying her records…time to give some back?

Just why does the BBC think we need to hear from the likes of Lily Allen?  Why does the BBC think a soon to be washed up celebrity has more to say that is of interest or relevance than say, the leader of RBKC Council or indeed of anyone they could just pull off the streets?  Why a self-promoting little rich-girl?

Newsnight only dumped Allen when they secured an interview with someone relevant…

Newsnight editor Ian Katz has said, however, that Allen was removed from the programme solely because prioritising an interview with Nick Paget-Brown, the leader of  the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council, made more sense.

Why was she pencilled in at all?  Not as if she is trying to calm things down and ensure accurate information gets out there…she is doing the exact opposite…seemingly trying to whip up anger, discontent and riots with conspiracy theory rantings about the number of deaths and a cover-up by Officialdom….the official confirmed figure for dead and missing is 58, so far.  Allen has been promoting a figure of 150 and now goes further suggesting 580….

Why would the BBC ever contemplate giving her airtime when she has nothing to do with the fire, she is a Labour activist and is clearly intent on spreading dangerous and inflammatory misinformation?



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21 Responses to Lily the Pinko Limpet

  1. JosF says:

    The lowest common denominators…the labour party, lilly allen and the BBC or putting it bluntly shit sticks to shit and another three things common to all three

    #1 All three are increasingly irrelevant

    #2 All three are unfit for purpose

    #3 All three are like empty vessels in that they all make lots of noise but all three contain little of substance

    But the sheeple will still buy the promise of sweeties that all three will push but will ignore those of us with brains who try to inform the sheeple of the hidden bills that will come from the actions of the empty vessels that are the BBC, labour party and lilly allen


  2. Heisenberg says:

    Not that I’m sticking up for her in any way at all but I genuinely believe that she has become mentally ill and is close to a breakdown. Those who shamelessly encourage her ranting (BBC included) bear a big part of the responsibility for that. Not that they will ever even begin to accept that responsibility of course.


    • vesnadog says:

      “Not that I’m sticking up for her in any way at all but I genuinely believe that she has become mentally ill and is close to a breakdown.”

      Possible! I saw the writing on the wall on her very own TV talk show! She was obsessed with a certain video showing dogs-mating! (the audience did not like that one bit). The TV company dropped her soon after!


  3. Scroblene says:

    And I still don’t know who she is!

    Is she a squeaky skipping rope singer or some daffy actor in some daft soap?

    Can the taxpayers TV people please tell me?


  4. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    ‘..young, sick and unattractive to boot’

    is part of a memorable line from True Grit – and I think it can well be applied to Lily.


  5. Nibor says:

    BBC please ask Lily which she would house first

    A homeless man on the streets for years

    A survivor of the Granfall Fire

    A Syrian refugee in Turkey ( or even in Syria )

    A friend or relative who needs a bed for the night , due to a car breakdown or similar



  6. Edward says:

    I see lots of musicians are coming together to rehouse the victims of the Grenfell disaster and have offered to donate each victim enough money to put a deposit down on a house of their choice.

    Oh… Sorry. I misread that story.

    Lots of musicians are coming together to write a song in aid of the victims of Grenfell.


    • Minion says:


      ” in aid of victims of Grenfell” more like in aid of their declining sales and bank accounts


  7. Mice Height says:

    Her only great achievement has been managing to turn out to be an even bigger cunt than her father.


    • Scroblene says:

      Never heard of the father either!


      • Mice Height says:

        He’s a right cunt!


        • Grant says:


          Can you please clarify ? Are you trying to say he is a cunt ?


          • Scroblene says:

            You’ll be pleased to know, Micw and Grant, that I know you much better than that Alan bloke! I definitely don’t know the bird shown above! You two are always good for a decent chat!

            Didn’t the Alan bloke chum up with a chap called Flanagan once, and wear an old fur coat?


      • Minion says:


        had to look on Google who he was, and guess what I am still none the wiser so bit like his gobby daughter a non-entity


  8. taffman says:

    Why is the opinion of media stars so important?
    What is their track record?
    Well here is an example of just one …………


  9. Moodswing6 says:

    It seems a special fund is going give £5000 each to the Grenfell residents. Is this per apartment or per person? They are still screaming about the response not quick enough, not adequate enough or caring enough. 40 fire engines attended, ambulances were able to get people to hospitals, heaps of people have pitched in and still it’s as if the entire thing has been ignored. Kahn is BLAMING local council and past government failures.

    I am yet to hear anyone say how incredible the support has been. The entire tragedy is beyond comprehension but from what I can see there has been a massive positive response to help.


    • Charlie Martel says:

      Talking about Khan, who’s busy pointing the finger of blame in all directions – doesn’t responsibility for housing, and disaster management, ultimately go up to the mayor’s office? Just asking.


  10. charmbrights says:

    Sorry to contradict you Alan, but your words “… look at me…I’m Lily! I’m so good! Love me!” are incomplete.

    It should read “… look at me…I’m Lily! I’m so good! Love me! BUY MY RECORDS!!!”


  11. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Well remember my Robbie singing “I`m Your Son” in one of his hits.
    Tattoed, fragile, loopy and gurning for all he was worth.
    As we waved our crop tops at Knewbworth with embarrassed daughters and husbands in 2003, we knew he WAS our son.
    Like Jade Goody is our daughter.
    Lily , like Charlotte is a deeply flawed dysfunctional kid. Born to empty fame, shit parents and privileged boarding school with one real wanker of a dad in Lilys case.
    I forgive her nearly everything-copper bottomed empty hypocrite, but the very picture of what we were spawning in the 90s as Major sent the country into tailspin.
    Unlike James Bulger-she was able at least to flower. That she`s Jon Snows idea of a wise child only tells you how debased our culture now is.
    Needs a prayer group where she`s the only one on the list.
    Will do so tonight at Ladies Bible Study.
    How many of us indulged the Lefty EU Child catcher van in the 90s, and kidded ourself that it was only selling ice cream?