Flame and Blame


Labour are going into overdrive blaming the government and the local Tory council for the fire at Grenfell Tower…isn’t there a missing layer of government there?  Where is Labour’s London Mayor?  Why didn’t he leap in to assist Kensington and Chelsea instead of criticising them as he does now….

Mr Khan echoed their point, saying: “People are angry, not simply at the poor response in the days afterwards from the council and the government, but at the years of neglect from the council.

“There’s a feeling that the council and government don’t understand their concerns and don’t care.”

Heard Nick Ross on R4 today reminding us that Khan himself as housing minister refused to retrofit sprinkler systems in tower blocks…something which Ross has apparently been campaigning for for years….he actually mentioned it on his Twitter feed a couple of days ago…


Here’s the Mail’s write up of todays’s interview…note Ross suggested Khan had been stepping carefully about being political [clearly decided to change that policy…see above remarks] because he knew he was in the frame as well…

Former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has said he is “bloody furious” that ministers have ignored calls for sprinklers to be installed in all social housing.

Mr Ross has been campaigning on the issue for 15 years, while he now also chairs heritage body the Kensington Society.

He told BBC Radio 4’s World at One that a series of ministers – including now-London Mayor Sadiq Khan back in 2009 – had turned down his efforts to make changes.


It will be interesting to see how much attention Ross’s comments get on the wider BBC…none so far that I can see.  What’s the betting no BBC presenter will pay the slightest attention to this and continue to lazily point the finger of blame at the Tories, government and council, whilst ignoring the Mayor of London’s responsibility, without the full context and nuance?

And as for Harriet Harman…

Harriet Harman calls for investigation into tower blocks following lethal blaze

That was back in 2009…what has she done since to follow that up and continue to pressure government and councils to ensure tower blocks are safe as can be?  Nothing it would seem.  But now she is all guns blazing.  But what did she do after the inquiry finished in 2013?  Indeed, what did the Media, such as the BBC, which are now expressing so much outrage, do to follow up on the recommendations of the inquiry?




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8 Responses to Flame and Blame

  1. Pounce says:

    The thing is Labour like Islam canw only exist by having somebody to blame. Funny the Nazis party did exactly the same.

    At Grenfell , blaming everything on Tory cuts was used to gain the moral hignground . Once result of this politically contrived backlash is the Government know bends over backwards in which to try and recover some respectablility
    We saw that with how families of those who died are now going to be allowed to visit the Uk

    We saw it today with the PM visiting the science of a traffic accident simply because it involved Muslims.

    Labour have opened Pandora’s box is playing the white racist card , and we are just as much to blame for allowing them to do so.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Now, every time anything happens where a soul has died or some injuries occur, we can expect swarms of mp’s with prime minister, leader of the oppo, lib dems and all the rest of the shite in the house of thieves and liars, all of them milling round the scene looking for photo opportunities and camera crews to film them grieving.
      You won’t be able to move once all the virtue signallers get on the scene, pop stars who need a jump start to their career, actors and the usual lot who need to be seen showing that they are righteous.
      The Royals can do this, that’s what they are there for.

      Then, every show like qt or pm’s questions, we get the obligatory virtue signalling of mp’s stating that their thoughts and prayers etc……

      Maybe every Monday at 11:00 we should have a minutes silence for all the victims of the previous week instead of the attention seekers and virtue signallers gushing out how saddened they are.

      The last person I want to see after a traumatic event would be some mp with their film crew in tow, pretending to be concerned.


  2. NCBBC says:

    It is foolish and complacent to assume that the most effective techniques will remain forever the monopoly of one side.



  3. Fedup says:

    Al beeb interviewed some fella on R4 who claimed that the 5 grand taxpayers money he is going to get
    For being burnt out isn’t enough. He thought the money wouldn’t be enough to replace his TV.

    My bugbear is this . He is getting a handout because he was in a fire but there was no question about insurance or personal responsibility.

    Standard pee poor BBC approach . Don’t pay for it .


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Fed up, it makes you wonder what someone with a £5,000 tv is doing living in what appear to be flats for dumping those not wanted anywhere else.


      • Fedup says:

        Yes Emmanuel , I hope he asks for a refund on his tv licence until he gets a better handout .
        Panorama tonight is called “London tower fire : Britains’ Shame”.

        Al beeb really seems to have lost the plot . Yes 79 dead – possibly because the fire brigade told them to stay put and some one somewhere has screwed up with huge consequences . But Britains Shame.

        Councils never listen to residents unless it suits them. Where I live in London they have declared war on motorists . There are cycle ways all over the place and the traffic is screwed . If there was a fire the fire engines would take days to get through .

        That fire is not Britains’ Shame . Al beeb just can’t miss a chance to rubbish our Blighty


  4. Scroblene says:

    Nobody seems to have reported Ronan Point yet, but then I don’t bother with the MSM much, I just come here for proper news, so may have missed it.

    Even Private Eye (remember that two-bob old rag when it was important), did the best story ever printed on the scandal on that particular issue, rather like they got that old charlatan Poulson, but that was before Hislop was out of school, and Paul Foot was a proper investigative journalist.

    Come back Paul – Footnotes was required reading back then, and you were so left-wing and good at it, not like the pathetic BBC ‘autocue-readers’ these days, you almost fell off the edge!