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May’s refusal to join the TV circus debate with the various other party leaders was the BBC’s top story for, well, forever just about.  It was big news.

Contrast the story that the BBC’s latest hero, Macron, has refused to do a Q&A because his thought processes are too complex…

“complex thought process lends itself badly to the game of question-and-answer with journalists”

Frontpage news on the BBC?…or not…how about ‘world news’….emm….nope….Europe?….aah yes……a small story tucked away on that page…. can you spot it…the fact that Junckers doesn’t own a mobile phone is bigger news….


What does hit the BBC frontpage?  The apparently favourable reaction to Macron’s official portrait…’s a ‘must see’….

The BBC gives it a favourable press…compare that with how it reported Trump and Melania’s portraits….sneering and carping nonsense…

For Prof Nicole Dahmen from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, “Melania Trump’s first official portrait embodies the excessive wealth and reality star celebrity of the Trump White House”.

She believes this photograph moves the administration “even further from the truth and substance of middle America”.

Many people have discussed the kinds of digital manipulation the image may have undergone.

“The obvious airbrushing in the photo can also be seen as a parallel to the Trump administration’s use of lies and ‘alternative facts’,” says Prof Dahmen.

“The portrait is a construction of reality – not actual reality.”


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4 Responses to Macro Macron story

  1. Scroblene says:

    I got French ‘O’ level and I can’t understand a thing he says either!

    Perhaps it’s because he just gabbles away all the time!

    A chum was at the Wales France rugby in Cardiff a year or so ago. Just for the hell of it, he pretended to sing the Marseillaise by just spouting some guttural gibberish, with no relation to the real words, and a friendly Welshman leaned over and complemented him on being so patriotic!


  2. Owen Morgan says:

    Well, when I want to know what to think of a photograph, naturally I always ask a “professor” at a left-leaning American university (and, in the United States, academics are always “professors”, however feeble their attainments, and virtually every university there is left-leaning). A quick search on “Nicole Dahmen Oregon” turns up pretty strong evidence that she is heavily anti-Trump. Let’s face it: if she hadn’t been, the Beebyanka wouldn’t have invited her opinion in the first place.

    This is a sample of Dahmen’s prose:

    “If the Trump administration fails to take climate change seriously, the results could be disastrous for wide swaths of the national and international population. But communities of color, who are disproportionately susceptible to effects of climate change including heat waves, extreme weather, and pollution, are especially at risk. As Peggy Shepard, the executive director of WE ACT, an organization dedicated to climate health for communities of color, said after Pruitt’s nomination: ‘From Standing Rock to Flint to Harlem, make no mistake that environmental racism is real.'”

    I read that and visualise a low-information academic who is seriously deluded and is desperate to sing in tune with every left-wing obsession. A Beebyanka apparatchik just sees a kindred spirit. The idea that Dahmen is qualified to comment on the “truth and substance of Middle America” is laughable, as is the notion that the Beeboid author could care less about Middle America, which, in economic terms, was the segment of the country abandoned by Obama and, in geographical terms, was the very large bit where Clinton failed to campaign and which she described as consisting of “deplorables”.

    Now that Hillary Clinton is a bit short of “excessive wealth”, with the collapse of the Clinton slush fund, people like Dahmen can overlook the Democrats’ addiction to serious money. Since having his fingers prised from the jamb of the White House, Obama has spent time in Tahiti, has lounged on a billionaire’s yacht, has been a guest of Branson and has holidayed in Bali, under the pretext of giving a speech in Jakarta, so he didn’t have to cough up for the bill; in air-miles terms, that’s a bit like flying into Inverness, to attend a conference in Southampton.

    Clinton herself managed to splurge hundreds of millions of dollars of other people’s “excessive wealth” in her failed attempt to buy Middle America, but perhaps Hollywood wealth and Silicon Valley wealth and crony capitalist, Solyndra-style wealth are somehow inoculated against being excessive. Odd, though. It’s not as if no-one had ever heard of Donald Trump, before he was in reality TV, is it? Since the Beebyanka presents a programme in exactly the same format (I understand) as the one in which Donald Trump featured, what does this contempt for reality TV say about the Beebyanka’s regard for its licence-payers?

    (Ignore the caption. It’s a good question.)


  3. richard D says:

    …and when it came to Mr Trump’s team suggesting that perhaps they might cancel the White House daily media briefing, and completely by-pass the media by electronically posting the briefings to the public….. why the mainstream media was just gob-smacked by the audacity and sagacity of that idea that they broke out into spontaneous applause, and went back to write editorials commenting on the wisdom of their President, and his deep knowledge of how his government might be better handling the press and media…..

    Well, not really – they went ape-sh!t because they wouldn’t be able to ask vindictive and ‘gotcha’ questions about repetitively ‘flakey news’ items they wanted to publish that were neither verified nor corroborated in any way, so that they would get onto the evening news bulletins, showing how they were really taking the Trump government to task.

    Don’t you just love the smell of apesh!t and hypocrisy from the mainstream media media in the morning ?


  4. Guest Who says:

    This one joins an ignoble lexicon, but well worth the deployment as precedent dictates.

    Complexity of thought process exclusions are the new ‘unique.