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  1. Thoughtful says:

    I feel quite vindicated this morning after the BBC publishes news of a report on Islamic terrorism along the lines of what I had been saying here for months:


    Saudi Arabia is the chief foreign promoter of Islamist extremism in the UK, a new report has claimed.

    The Henry Jackson Society said there was a “clear and growing link” between Islamist organisations in receipt of overseas funds, hate preachers and Jihadist groups promoting violence.

    However, the report does not go far enough. Wahabism is only a sub sect of the larger Salafist sect along with several others, and alongside Saudi, Qatar are also funding this extreme view of Islam.

    It really does strike me as strange that the government talks about extremist and moderate Muslims as if it already knows that this dichotomy exists, but then having the sheep already separated from the goats, refuses to do anything about it.
    The only reason they would fail to take action can be down to the fact that they are all too blinded by the bribe money on offer from these oil rich states.


  2. Dave666 says:

    Another morning dawns more serious faces from the sofa sloths. Grenfall Towers, bloke tells “announcer” his daughter cant change schools then child breaks down in what looks like to me fake tears. NHS rationing. Bijan Ebrahimi murder where sloth pushes the “racist” angle. North Koreas ICBM. Moaning about student loan interest being as one “announcer” describes the 6.1% as “skyhigh” no it’s not really as a commercial interest rate of a large unsecured loan on someone with no or limited credit history with possibly no income. The BBc finds it a necessity that Kirkwood has to tell us the weather from Wimbledon. Ho hum.


    • Wild Bill says:

      I watched that man and his daughter on BBC Breakfast, as soon as she spoke I thought, “she has been coached in what to say”, they are after big compensation.


      • Dogger Bank says:

        They definitely know how to milk our system; almost as if they had been indoctrinated by the left.


  3. G says:

    It has been that way for decades and West/US turned a blind eye to it. I remember from my time in Saudi Arabia how the newspapers in English extolled the religious virtues of converting Africa to islam. And now, hey presto! The Terrorist Groups –

    Abdullah Azzam Brigades
    Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
    Allied Democratic Forces
    Ansar al-Sharia (Libya)
    Ansar al-Sharia (Tunisia)
    Ansar Bait al-Maqdis
    Ansar Dine
    Ansar ul Islam
    Armed Islamic Group of Algeria

    Boko Haram

    Egyptian Islamic Jihad

    Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya

    Islamic State in Somalia
    Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya

    Jabhatul Islamiya

    Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
    Lord’s Resistance Army

    Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group
    Al-Mourabitoun (militant group)
    Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin
    Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa
    Muaskar Anole
    Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem
    Muslim Brotherhood
    Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

    Ras Kamboni Brigades

    Al-Shabaab (militant group)
    Soldiers of Egypt

    Tunisian Combatant Group
    The Saudi’s are treating the West/US differently. There’s not a lot of time left for making money on oil, so they need to get into certainly Europe in a big way to retain any influence. But they apply the, “Long Game” i.e. pour money into Universities and colleges and private islamic schools, the building of mosques to convert thinking toward acceptance of islam and, in my mind, it is they who, even now, motivate the massive movement of islamic followers from Africa to Europe. The UK? Well, just recently Treezer discussed a £4.6 BILLION arms deal with Saudi which, almost certainly will be pro quo turning a blind eye to the intensification of islam by the Saudi’s in the UK.
    This neglect will come back to bite in due course.


    • Adam83 says:

      The Saudis use the construction of mosques around the world as a vehicle to launder money to these groups


  4. Sluff says:

    In a crematorium, a dead body is burned and all organic matter is converted ultimately to CO2 and H2O.
    Ashes are returned on request to relatives. These are inorganic in nature, devoid of DNA.

    Now let us consider Grenfell tower. Is it not obvious that some of the bodies of the deceased caught dreadfully in the inferno may be in this state and thus in all probability beyond identification ? I just hope they passed out through fumes before the heat arrived.

    In this context people aggressively making demands of coroners, police, politicians et al seems an unproductive approach at best. Yet the biased BBC, keen to promote its agenda uncritically supporting the ‘compassion industry’, seems to allow them infinite broadcast space to make all sorts of demands and accusations yet less keen to confront likely reality.

    Also I draw a distinction the bBBC does not, between survivors enduring the genuine hell of the fire as they made their fearful escape, and shall we say, hangers on living way down the road who may have had a few sooty particles blow in through an open window, or worse, political agitators who do not live anywhere near.


  5. shelly says:

    My Council (Hammersmith and Fulham) is doing everything they can to help the victims of the fire even though it was in a different borough.

    My Niece and Nephew have had to grow up sharing a bedroom, sadly for them their parents are a married couple in fairly low paid jobs, indigenous working class, so of course they are at the back of the queue when it comes to social housing. Hammersmith and Fulham council couldn’t give a f*ck about them.

    I suspect the tearful child on this mornings bbc Breakfast had been well and truly coached in what to say to tug on the heartstrings, but if Twitter is anything to go by, the beeb might have overplayed the sad child angle, people are starting to get fed up with politicising of this undoubted tragedy. Also there appear to be some people acting as opportunists and trying to get a luxury flat out of this. As has been stated before, people up north are still suffering from the effects of the flooding over two years ago. But no one cares about them.

    If people want answers straight away they won’t get the right ones, this is going to take ages to unravel, a lot of the problems due to the “fluid” nature of some of the tenants agreements, as has been stated on here plenty of times.

    That won’t stop the beeb milking this for all they’re worth, they won’t be happy until they have a full scale riot on their hands. Then they can blame Teresa May for not personally donning riot gear and stopping it, while Corbin stands by with a megaphone, fanning the flames (no pun intended)


  6. Pounce says:

    So just watched that bBC film clip of those gimmi–grants dictating that they be given what they want.
    I take it she was coached by the bBC school of :
    “Blame , whitey for everything”


  7. BRISSLES says:

    I agree Shelly, there is now a feeling that whatever is done for the Grenfell group its never going to be enough. Common sense is out of the window. With the best will in the world, no authority can magically produce ‘acceptable’ housing for disaster victims whatever the circumstances, particularly within days or weeks – its insane to believe so. Yet mob rule reigns with every weepy excuse going. And isn’t it reasonable to assume that if loved ones haven’t emerged after 48 hours then they surely did not survive the fire ? again any sane person would accept that identification would be impossible, so why do they keep insisting that the rescue services won’t tell them anything – its because they cant !!!

    Thankfully disasters are a rare occurrence here, so there is no need for a local authority ‘Disaster Team’ to swing into action at a moments notice, but those in London expected this to happen.


    • shelly says:

      Imagine how this lot would have coped with the Blitz ? Mind you they’d have had it on their toes straight away.

      My Husband’s Uncle was caught up in the Columbia Road bombing when a civilian shelter took a direct hit.
      He was a child at the time and had to pick his way through dead and dismembered bodies with his Father to escape.

      They had to return the next day to salvage what they could of the belongings they left behind, obviously back then you didn’t have the luxury of thousands of donations as most people were in the same boat, and they literally only had the clothes they were standing up in.

      The place was still like a slaughter house when they returned. And this was happening all over the country.


      • BRISSLES says:

        The one difference then Shelly, we were white British, still had a ‘stiff upper lip’, and got on with life without the need of ‘counselling’ , ‘therapy’. or blaming every bugger else for our situation and expecting others to rectify it !

        I wonder if the victims of Grenfell would have reacted in the same way had the disaster happened in Jamaica, Kabul or any other third world country, of course they bloody wouldn’t. But we are such a sodding ‘hand wringer’ society now, that anyone with a grievance placard is listed to with the ‘lessons must be learned’ mantra.


      • Tabs says:

        During the Blitz any immigrants in the UK were asking “what can they do to help this country?”

        These days most immigrants are asking “what can this country do to help them?”


        • Up2snuff says:

          Tabs, The Humph introduced the BBC’s celebration of 60 years of the TODAY Programme this morning. They want listeners to let them know what has changed in our country during those sixty years and I think your post would be excellent for that purpose.

          I seem to recall that many of the Windrush Era who came to Britain did so, not just for a chance to improve their lot but also, as Commonwealth citizens, to help Britain recover from WW2. Is that not right? Or have I been an indoctrination victim? In which latter case, I demand compensation! (Just kidding!)

          Now they really suffered some awful discrimination and racism, much worse than they would have faced today.


    • DWBuxton says:

      I note from a reliable source that we had a BS standard for such things but as usual it was over-ruled by an EU directive sponsored by the firm that made the packing for the cladding. We once tested things like that now we have to obey the lesser EU directive, something which has caused complaints from the German Fire service.


  8. Wild says:

    The entitled attitude of the Public Sector (as promoted by its media branch the BBC and its political branch the Labour Party) is something to behold. Essentially the argument is that the public sector have had higher pay rises over the last 10 years than the private sector, and unlike the private sector have generous tax funded pensions, and higher rates of pay, plus greater job security, and what could be described as a “you scratch my back I will scratch yours” focus on what they would like to do at work rather than what the customer want, that they should, especially because public services are much more expensive, inefficient, and bureaucratic, be rewarded by other taxpayers with higher increases than everybody else, because, well, public sector greed is good, because the BBC (which not coincidentally also happens to be in the public sector) says so, overriding any desire (or indeed any interest) in reducing the increasing debt that taxpayers are passing on to future generations, because they are in the future and therefore don’t count.


    • Doublethinker says:

      But the snowflake generation obviously wants more and more spending , more and more borrowing, a bigger and bigger national debt. Perhaps they don’t realise that eventually this debt will become so large that it will become impossible to service and the country and of course the snowflakes, will suffer mightily. But provided this does not happen until after me and the misses have passed on I am beginning to think , well why should I care. I’m beginning to think that about other things to, like migration, Islamification , freedom of speech etc etc. I’m sure that the snowflakes will be very unhappy in the hell hole they are creating, but that is their choice, they can’t say they haven’t been warned.


  9. Manxman says:

    History will judge Scott Pruitt and his fellow fossil fuel-funded henchmen most unkindly.
    Michael Mann, climate scientist at Penn State University

    Mr Mann not happy that he is going to get the chance to prove his ”settled” science to other more highly qualified physicists., in a red / blue team panel debate/s.
    FINALLY after 20years ””’the science””’ is going to get a proper public airing and questioning, sophistry and handwaving 97%’s etc and all the other progressive politicised constructs,will be worthless in such a scenario.

    You would think Mann and his fellow travellers would be joyous, but no, they are angry, i wonder why ?.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Is it because there are four instances of scientific error or fraud in his Hockey stick. One supposedly corrected, as seen on the BBC. But one error or fraud that is fundamentally uncorrectable and one that involves computer code, is still of unknown cause and bizarrely kept secret from peer review. They will also bring up statistical and tree ring isotopic errors or fraud.


      • DWBuxton says:

        I noticed a report the other day that the Law may be closing in on Michael Mann, he is still refusing to show his data and calculations all funded by the Public Purse. Judgement may soon be made on his libel action and it will be against Mann.


  10. Pounce says:

    So here is the News from the impartial bBC on Wed the 5th of July 2017:

    So for the 22nd consecutive day the bBC leads with..Grenfell, not only that, but the bBC adds another sob (quite literally) story about a little girl who on queue breaks down and cries because whitey won’t give her what she wants.

    We have a story about Saudi Arabia being the chief promoter of Terrorism .

    WE have a story about how an Iranian asylum seeker was failed by the Poli

    WE have a story about how the US and South Koreas have carried out a Missile test

    We have the about a rapping Islamic Grandmother.


    • shelly says:

      Is the rapping Kazakhstan Grand Ma disabled and binary, if not I’m not interested.


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      I haven’t read a single thing about the damn fire since the day after it happened, not interested. I knew the leftist media would milk it for all it’s worth. I knew it would be ‘ How dare the heartless tories let poor undocumented people of colour die! We must revolt!’. And I know for damn sure that they will find excuses as to why those who are truly culpable will be let off, and there will be a blank cheque available for any and all dodgy compensation claims.

      It’s a Stephen Lawrence type event that will run and run for 30 years, we’ll hear no end of it.


  11. Pounce says:

    So here is the News from the impartial bBC on Wed the 5th of July 2017:

    So for the 22nd consecutive day the bBC leads with..Grenfell, not only that, but the bBC adds another sob (quite literally) story about a little girl who on queue breaks down and cries because whitey won’t give her what she wants.

    We have a story about Saudi Arabia being the chief promoter of Terrorism .
    (Which is part of the huge propaganda war funded by…Iran)
    WE have a story about how an Iranian asylum seeker was failed by the Police
    (Yet the bBC whilst informing the world he was killed just after he took pictures of children, leave out he was told to do so by the council, in which to record who was damaging his garden)

    WE have a story about how the US and South Koreas have carried out a Missile test
    (Which doesn’t explain that the NK missile program is funded by..Iran)
    We have the about a rapping Islamic Grandmother.
    Meanwhile in the real world:
    Police have arrested the Muslim attacker of a woman in Leicester
    Police have arrested a man on 9 terrorist charges at Heathrow
    Manchester airport has been evacuated


  12. Ozfan says:

    Many items on the BBC Radio News about how the judge appointed to lead the enquiry should be replaced because he can’t empathize with the victims. Local Labour MPs and “community leaders” given plenty of unchallenged air time. Of course what they want is a pushover judge who will award huge compo. Not a judge who might enquire about how many people were actually in the building, the scale of sub-letting, etc.. Oh and that local Labour MP who was until very recently on the Housing committee.

    On Today this morning, there was a displaced resident who has turned down a new apartment because its 15 minutes away! Didn’t catch his name but it was Arabic. Credit to Humphries for at last establishing the simplistic gimme gimme gimme demands of these drains on society.


    • shelly says:

      So does this mean the next time a rapist is up before the beak, only a fellow rapist can judge him, or should the judge be a rape victim ? I don’t think that is going to work somehow, it would call their impartiality into question.

      A lot of this nonsense regarding the judge, is down to David “Mastermind” Lammy, race hustling for all he’s worth.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        We already knew Lammy was stupid, now we know he is also a race baiter. The man is assured of a Labour MP’s job for life. I think it’s called passing the Abbott test.


  13. G says:

    These are the lengths European Governments/media will go to to protect their liberal/left multikulti plans –
    Hopefully, when Denmark along with all the other, ‘play at politician’ Governments in the West call on the US to help them, they can be reminded of this event followed by a big, “NO”


  14. Cranmer says:

    There is a very good 1951 film called ‘Ace in the Hole’ about a mining disaster in a small American town. The event becomes a media circus and the town authorities conspire to prolong and dramatise the crisis as much as possible as it is making money for the town and boosting the careers of several reporters. The British media currently seem to have found their ‘Ace in the Hole’ with Grenfell.


    • Wild says:

      I had exactly the same thought Cranmer. Manipulating a tragedy for their own ends perfectly sums up the way BBC journalists (and Labour Party politicians) have responded to the Grenfell Tower fire. It is not even virtue signalling, it is way more cynical than that; they make CNN look principled.


      • Cranmer says:

        Wild, I think these situations are deliberately exacerbated by the media and other progressives because they allow ‘community leaders’ and other unelected, unaccountable people to grab power and increase their influence. These tragedies are treated as a trial runs for the the ‘revolooooshun’ that is always just around the corner for deranged leftie progressives.


        • Manxman says:

          Common Purpose = Fundamental Leftism.


          • Grant says:

            Lefties don’t give a damn about individuals . They are willing to sacrifice untold millions of people for their perverted ideology. They will have welcomed the Grenfell disaster. They have no humanity.


  15. Jerry Owen says:

    I note that when SKY and BBC talk about the difficult situation the government is in ie , Brexit , NI, May’s dreadful U turns, they also drop in Grenfell Tower as another bash at the Tories, when of course there is no link to the government of the day unless of course every single accident or tragedy that happens is government error, which most people know isn’t.
    Pure propaganda.
    We are told by SKY ( don’t know about the BBC ) that local residents are concerned at the choice of the person leading the enquiry ( a clue, male pale and stale! ). But the reality is that the hard left and ethnic race baiters of Ladbroke Grove want an ethnic minority to lead the enquiry, one would assume because the facts would be ignored and the tragedy of Grenfell would be the sole fault of …. tory scum, tory scum, tory scum .. out out out!
    Apparently only 8 families have accepted new accommodation, the rest demand new permanent homes. I don’t know about anyone else here but if my house burnt down I would accept any help on offer, so grateful our newcomers aren’t they!
    I no longer read anything or watch anything to do with Grenfell Tower now. I wonder if Lily Allen still ticks off the dead bodies found in her little red book waiting to celebrate the 150 dead she wished for…. Sorry I meant she predicted two minutes after the fire was put out!


    • Despairada says:

      If my home was destroyed by fire we would contact the insurance company, not the council. Are council properties/housing association properties not insured?


      • Pounce says:

        If my home was destroyed by fire we would contact the insurance company, not the council. Are council properties/housing association properties not insured?

        Why should they when the racist white bastards in this country will fund everything and anything allah demands


      • GCooper says:

        Most probably the fact that so many flats were occupied by illegal immigrants sub-letting would invalidate any such policies anyway.

        The spectacle of this unholy alliance between the far Left, broadcasters and race hustlers has been the most unedifying I can recall. This country badly needs to recover a moral sense.


        • JamesArthur says:

          Funny how the BBC never seem to make any mention of why the council can’t check who should have been resident at the time…they can’t all have had friends staying over at the same time?
          They have list of residents and they have a list of people who escaped he dreadful accident.

          I like others am getting fed up with the BBC constant undermining of a rationale debate and inquiry into Grenfell whilst allowing airtime to residents who complain the council haven’t found them anywhere suitable or the police are not telling them anything….
          Am I wrong but they were living in a tower block in flats and only 14 of over 100 offers have been accepted in the local area…I am sorry for the loss of these people but if my house burnt down I wouldn’t get any help let alone a hotel and a team of people trying to find me another home..
          BBC let it go and politicians stop using it as a political ball..just report the news not propaganda


    • wronged says:

      I am sick of hearing about Grenfell every day on the BBC. The blame game has now bored me. Lefties blaming ‘austerity’. 44% of the population don’t even pay tax so how their pay has been affected I’m not quite sure.

      Just wait until the inquiry is completed and then ask the questions.

      Can we have somebody on the BBC or even a Tory (I wouldn’t hold my breath, they’re so spineless) questioning as to why David Lammy hasn’t been sacked from the Labour Party for racism.

      If a white politician had said what Lammy has said about black people, he would not just be sacked, he would prosecuted for racial incitement.

      Next time I visit a hospital and have a black doctor in front of me I’m going to ask for a white doctor. I’ll ask David Lammy (lawyer) to represent me.


      • BRISSLES says:

        ……Next time I visit a hospital and have a black doctor in front of me I’m going to ask for a white doctor……

        Similar scenario in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Maggie Smith refuses to be treated by a clearly black doctor and asks to be treated by an English doctor. The attending nurse says “oh, you want an ENGLISH doctor do you ?”, and promptly fetches an English born Asian doctor !!!!!

        We’re stuffed whatever we do.


  16. Manxman says:

    Yes. statutory building and public liability insurance, but contents insurance will be upto tenants.

    it would surprise me if any of them had contents insurance, unless they were going to scam it, ya know pretend break in or accidents etc.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Liddle on LibMob doubletalk


  18. StewGreen says:

    Liddle’s previous


    • G says:

      He’s absolutely right: “……nothing to do with islam”. If fact, it is all to do with islam – simply normal muslims going about their normal daily tasks in accordance with the quaran, hadith and sira (aka their cults daily instruction manual). Look no further than where the islamists come from. Mayhem, murder, bombings, rape, child marriage, FGM……..it goes on and on and on. The “normal” muslim going about their normal daily tasks is simply endeavouring, successfully so far, to make their way of living “normal” in foreign lands for both Brits and Europeans.


    • Cranmer says:

      Excellent article: I wonder if Mr Liddle is a reader here, as his views chime in with many on here. If so, welcome Sir!


  19. StewGreen says:

    Liddle vs Paxman


    • gaxvil says:

      A few more like him – please.


      • GCooper says:

        Interestingly, the Left (and Liddle was/is a Labour supporter) does occasionally produce a sensible voice, like Kate Hoey, Brendon O’Neil (the editor of Spiked) and Gisela Stuart, which suggests that socialism doesn’t have to entail a lobotomy. What a shame that it nearly always seems to.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      As if anyone sensible would be in any doubt who this nasty c**t voted for, after hearing his answers to Liddle’s questions.


      • KatieH says:

        The interview with corbyn that night was very odd. He was too confident like he knew what questions were coming. He was being helped and it was fairly obvious before the cambridge debate in the collusion with the beeb and yougov but he got pounced on by the other part leaders which wasnt expected. Paxman should have nailed him to the cross but he left him away. The next day jezza had the infamous emma barnett interview where he done an abbott. This was the real clusterfuck corbyn on display, the same one that was getting mauled by may week in week out at pmq’s. It was different with may as it was all about brexit as that was his target and he made it personal and was far more aggressive. Paxman sold his soul to the remainers to try and fuck over brexit and democracy


  20. gaxvil says:

    Not enough to be simply young and homeless:- “CELEBRATE LOVE AND EQUALITY DAY -Donate to the Young and Homeless LGBTs”
    That’s not ‘Standing Together’ it’s just typical Left divisiveness.
    So we, of course, we need a BAME day, a Muslim Day, a Differently Abled Day, a Learning Difficulties Day etc., etc..


  21. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘Blue Peter in danger as recent broadcast fails to record a single viewer’


    That’s funny, I could have sworn I watched a few minutes of this morning’s episode – that lanky bloke Dan Walker was presenting alongside Louise Munchkin.

    And I know people who watch the 7 o’clock edition every day – they call it their One Show or something….


    • Swarm says:


      My friend, who has two small children, forbade them to watch Blue Peter years ago because of the ludicrous presenters and the propaganda pumped into them day after day – no better than the never ending rubbish pumped out for the adults – have you seen the One Show?


      • G says:

        You mean that programme which used a variously coloured (sartorially) black woman to run the viewer through the story of the St Nazaire raid during WW2 yesterday evening? As an ex RM I was disgusted at the BBC complete thoughtlessness. Denigrate our special history – the BBC at its best!


        • Swarm says:

          If the BBC had it’s way, we would have no history before 1960 – WW2 did not happen!


  22. AsISeeIt says:

    Re posted from earlier open thread, since I see I’m not alone in my dismay at the BBC’s attitude to Grenfell:

    “We like to be a conduit for your moaning”

    Lanky prettyboy Dan Walker is rather frank about the format of his BBC Breakfast show when it comes to the subject of Wimbledon. You see, the story is that some players knowing they were carrying injuries turned up to collect their £35 grand competition pay but then retired hurt leaving the match audience frustrated with a non-game.

    So when the BBC headlines each hour with the complaints of the Grenfell Tower ‘community’, well, in light of our Dan’s admission – go draw your own conclusions about the likely quality and the balance of BBC research and journalism on this more serious issue which has some real social and political consequences.

    BBC: Journalism or a just conduit for moaning?


  23. Pounce says:

    Cross-party group of MPs accuse BBC of ‘Brexit bias’

    The BBC is embroiled in a fresh Brexit bias row after MPs from across the political spectrum called for new guidelines to ensure the broadcaster is “impartial.” A cross-party group — including Labour MP Kate Hoey, Tory backbencher Philip Davies and the DUP’s Ian Paisley Jr — have held talks with the BBC’s head of news James Harding. MPs have become increasingly critical of the BBC since the referendum. In October last year Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, hit out at the corporation’s “infuriating” and “shamelessly anti-Brexit coverage”.A study in March found that just one in six contributors to the Radio 4 Today programme’s business news slot in the six months after referendum saw the result as positive for Britain. One MP who was present at the meeting with Mr Harding told the Sun: “This was about how we make sure there is a more positive light put on Brexit over the next two years. The main thing is looking for a code of practice or new guidelines to ensure that the BBC is impartial.” Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Tory MP, added: “The BBC was good prior to the referendum — but it has been extraordinarily bad afterwards.”The latest row comes after more than than 70 MPs wrote to Lord Hall, the director-general of the BBC, accusing the corporation of portraying the UK as a “xenophobic” nation that regrets the vote to leave the EU.
    They said that the corporation has failed to “break out of pre-referendum pessimism” and accept the “economic good news” the UK has enjoyed since the referendum.

    The BBC said: “This was a meeting with a cross party group of MPs supporting Brexit. “BBC News listens to and reflects all points of view and remains committed to covering developments in a fair and impartial manner.”


    • Grant says:


      The BBC comment is a blatant, naked lie and they know it. Bastards .


      • gaxvil says:

        Like a statement from the old Soviets.
        They know they’re not impartial but still feel utterly inviolable – just like the massive, nuclear USSR.
        Someone really needs to put a shot across those, self satisfied and plush, bbc bows.
        It would appear that Ofcom is about as useful as the UN.


        • Grant says:


          Yes, they no that there is no control over them and they can do as they please.


  24. Grant says:

    Is this bias ? Switched on Radio 4 in the car. Womens’ cricket. Now cricket is a great game for women to follow and there are many female fans. But to my knowledge they follow the mens’ game . I do not know any personally who are interested in the womens’ game. So why is Radio 4 giving up so much time to a real minority sport ?


  25. Up2snuff says:

    Government announces State investment in infrastructure (something the Lefties are keen on) with £1bn allocated to an A-Road improvement programme. Not that £1bn will go very far on the current state of A roads, let alone building new ones.

    I am seduced by a pretty picture on the same BBC News Page where I read the front pages of the papers and about the £1bn A-road scheme and click the link to this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-40498186/china-s-forest-city .

    Then I notice the surrounding items. Coincidence?

    Surely not Propaganda on their web-site from the BBC?

    How surprising!


    • StewGreen says:

      Switching off images , helps us see that they have a habit of reporting Air Pollution stories
      which is the keyword that the links have picked up on


  26. Manxman says:

    I laugh out loud at Micheal mann sometimes.

    (Carbon dioxide, in fact, is a primary contributor to climate change, and 97 percent of actively publishing climate scientists agree with that)


    (Carbon dioxide, in fact, is a primary contributor to climate change, and 97 percent of currently Grant-Funded publishing millionaire climate scientists agree with that)

    Whatta doughnut…………..forgot to add ”because me and my millionaire m8’s only let 3% of lukwarmer stuff ever get to peer review.”


  27. StewGreen says:

    Gambia : US shows you can control borders.
    Nothing against these competition entrants, but they are paying the price of their previous countrymen cheating the immigration system.


    • Grant says:


      They should just apply for a UK visa, they will get it easily !


  28. Manxman says:

    Hope yall dont mind me dropping these laugh out loud moments in, the guy’s a real beauty.

    Mann noted that the proposed EPA initiative calls for a rigorous review of climate science ― but that is “precisely what scientific peer-review is.” Mann compared Pruitt to Trofim Lysenko, the Soviet purveyor of pseudoscience under Joseph Stalin.

    He is awful upset that the EPA might ”stack the deck” ”might” …….. ofcourse that is one of his foremost concerns as it would be a complete reversal of the current set-up of pal review.

    As if it will take anything other than a panel of competent respected un-affiliated Physicists to blow their thermodynamic nonsense out of the water.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Manxie! ‘Might’!! ‘MIGHT’!!!

      That’s a very scientific word for Michael Mann to start dropping all of a sudden.

      That was one of the things that actually sounded warning bells for me when these supposed scientists were producing their dodgy stuff in the 1990s and Noughties. They spoke in absolutes. They were definite that they knew exactly what was happening and would happen and what the cause was, even to the precise quantity.

      I was taught Physics by an early environmentalist and he warned us all the time about supposed scientists who spoke in absolutes and made grand, very definite, claims.

      He always said a scientist or scientists who did not reveal research with – ‘I/We think that’ ….’according to our studies completed so far’ … that … ‘may be happening because’ – were likely to be standing on dodgy ground. If not that, then they were likely to be frauds.


  29. Beeb Brother says:

    Apologies if someone has already mentioned this, but I woke this morning to the story of the immigrant who was murdered having been let down by Police; the BBC says there are possible issues of ‘racial discrimination.’

    A friend of my brother’s friend was murdered having been let down by the Police. Of course the BBC would not report on it as he is white. Tragic though this case is, it seems unlikely that racism played a part in what happened; the Beeb admit as much by muttering vaguely about ‘possible racial discrimination.’

    Bad things will always happen, especially in poorer areas where asylum seekers are likely to live. If there is any issue of racism in the Police it is clearly anti white, as we saw to tragic effect in Rotherham. The whole story was just typical Beeb virtue signalling. You can just imagine the producers masturbating in a circle as they found a possible hate crime to report on. They are all as mad as a box of frogs.

    I am sick and tired of constantly hearing about race. I am working in Birmingham this week and it is multi racial and everyone rubs along so well – the Asian woman welcomes you to the hotel; your colleague is a black man and you have a laugh with him. Race is just not an issue at all. The harmony that reigns is beyond the wildest dreams of immigrants who suffered real discrimination decades ago. When someone has a different skin colour to you do not even register it.

    Yet the Beeb have to dig up these racial issues – using increasingly imaginative and speculative means, my personal favourite being when Ross Barkley was racially abused by being likened to a gorilla as his grandfather is black – which the person writing the article did not even know, and about which Barkley made no sign of being offended whatsoever. There is a massive supply and demand problem for the Left as nobody is really ‘oppressing’ anyone or being ‘structurally racist’ or ‘unconsciously biased.’ We are all just trying to do our best and get along.

    I do not want our national broadcaster to suggest that we are living in some miasma of racial prejudice and hate crime as that clearly is not the case. People do not want to hear about race all the time. In their compulsive lust to virtue signal, they are perpetuating the thing they ostensibly seek to eradicate.


    • Grant says:


      So right. The BBC and the Left thrive on creating divisions between people while pretending they believe in harmony. The are total liars on a massive scale.


    • Jerry Owen says:

      Sky and BBC have been banging on about this all day. Personally this case involved a lot of dysfunctional morons and yes the BBC did say that it was possibly a racist murder.
      This is an old story yet the BBC have no evidence it is racist… why? Because there is none.


  30. StewGreen says:

    R4 4:30pm Media Show might be good
    – Inside Russia Today…with Nikolay Bogachihin, head of RT UK.
    – Editor of New European – its 52nd edition. Matt Kelly .
    – Journalists in Mediterranean migration have suffered “moral injury”
    – Is the British media objective when reporting on immigration? James Delingpole


  31. StewGreen says:

    R4 8pm Moral Maze should we loosen the reins on austerity by giving a pay rise to public sector workers ?
    No guests announced cept Clare Fox
    And guy who tries to get more volunteers in public service.


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      R4 prog yesterday was inviting listeners to call in “if you have been affected by the 1% salary cap on public sector pay rises”.

      I don’t work in public sector but was quite tempted to call in and explain how I and my kids (as future taxpayers) might be impacted by the absence of such a curb on government expenditure.

      But I couldn’t b/c I was at work!


      • StewGreen says:

        @Tom good point
        What we could do now is give public servants a £100 rise and then send a bill to UK children in the future to pay for it, with interest.
        Winess just explained “Of course people in private sector should be paid more, cos their customers are paying voluntarily
        ..whereas in the public sector we are forced to pay whether we think its a good job or not”

        Witnesses are Sean O’Grady, Dr Mary Bousted, Dr Jamie Whyte and Chris Graham.

        Of all people in work, 17.0% were employed in the public sector
        ie about 1 in 5
        So to pay a Public sector work £100, you have to take £25 off 4 private sector workers.


  32. MarkyMark says:

    Food Bank” vs “Food Giveaway“- if you make a deposit into a Food Bank will you receive interest at a later date? If you deposit some food can you withdraw it at any time? Should we rename it to “Food Giveaway”? Can you go and arrange a big loan from the “Food Bank” and leave with lots of food, but give it back later in small bits?

    Just so we are clear – almost gives the word Bank a good name – they give stuff away for free ,regardless of who you are, and keep you from going hungry!


    • StewGreen says:

      Bottle bank ?
      Blood bank ?


      • MarkyMark says:

        Blood Bank – you get to make a withdrawal later, but hopefully not.
        Bottle Bank – you get the bottle back after it’s been recycled – take a perfectly good bottle, smash it to bits, collect bits and wash, then reassemble bits to make another bottle, but you have to buy it again.


        • Pounce says:

          I give blood,in fact I started years ago when I was in Belize. A call came across the Radio for anybody with B+ to tip up to the Hospital. I did and after I gave , I asked who was the urgent request for. I was told it was for a local woman but as the locals don’t like giving blood they asked the military

          Its the same in the Uk, I give blood, I have no problem giving blood. Yet I have never seen a black person or another Asian doing like wise. I always get targeted by NHS staff asking if I would like to become an organ donor. All I say, is “How many other Asians have you seen give blood?” and you want me to go even further in which to help these ungrateful people.


  33. StewGreen says:

    R4 8:45 Transgender AGAIN !
    R4 door policy ONE Righty in, then let 20 virtue signal guests to compensate Trans/BME etc.
    Yeh #FamousLibMibTolerance

    If you are gay you’re really trans ?


    • Grant says:


      I suspect that the trans obsession has almost run its course and the kids will move on to something else


      • Cranmer says:

        Grant, let’s hope so. Quite a few things that were big obsessions a few years ago have now faded somewhat from the public/media consciousness. Examples include AIDS, global warming, nuclear war fears, etc.


        • Rich says:

          Not if the BBC can help it chaps. According to the 2017/18 Annual Plan one of the highlights of a year-long emphasis on science and technology, under the banner of Tomorrow’s World, will be, nestled nicely beside green issues, ‘transgender transitioning’. A new kind of binary code. BASIC?
          COBOL? NOBALLS more like.
          Diversity is the umbrella theme of the Annual Plan, a document required as part of the OFCOM package, if package is the right word considering. This is handy for one of the BBC Portrayal Monitoring Specialists at the moment, Diversity and Media Consultant Sue Caro, once a gender issues tutor for journalists who worked with the Georgian government and someone who is also a ‘highly experienced television professional’.
          An ideal fit for the beeb it would seem, perhaps mutually beneficial to both as they can also use Sue in their Current Affairs output in her role as a spokesperson/ coordinator for Justice 4 Grenfell. Not sure if that’s been mentioned or not.


        • Tom_Kenny says:

          Bird flu, el nino…


          • Al Shubtill says:

            I noticed that “Mad Dog” Mattis has decided that Trannies won’t be allowed to serve in the U.S. military.


        • gaxvil says:

          And not forgetting deely boppers and gonks!


  34. Edward says:


    Are the BBC accusing Boris Johnson of not allowing Charlie Gard to attend a Vatican hospital? Judging by the headline that seems to be the case. But read the article and you will discover it is actually the European Court of Human Rights which is standing in the way of his treatment.

    Once again, typical BBC smearing of a right of centre politician.


  35. StewGreen says:

    BBC ‘The documentary’ strange wording in the “Give back the Land is the cry from millions of black and brown South African farm workers *who have been dispossessed of their land for centuries*. They expected to gain an equal share in the wealth of the land when Nelson Mandela was elected in 1994”


    • StewGreen says:

      I mean that’s the wording in the blurb.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      I suspect all the white South African farmers weren’t expecting themselves and their families being murdered at the genocidal rate they are either.


      • taffman says:

        It will end up like Zimbabwe, it won’t be able to feed itself , then they will all head for Europe and Blighty .


        • GCooper says:

          All if which shows nothing more than that the BBC has absolutely zero knowledge of the history of the peoples of South Africa. Clearly, they make the racist assumption that if someone is black he is indigenous What a pathetic shower they are!


          • StewGreen says:

            Too right people don’t understand until they experience
            I lived in South Africa 1990-91 and place was full if immigrants from other African countries who had fled from the corruption in their own black. governed countries into a white governed country.


  36. G says:

    Oh! yeah, pull the other one…………………
    Problem is, the lying cheating underhanded politicians would be dishonest enough to “do a Bliar” and not tell the public. Ably assisted of course by the BBC and media easily persuaded not to tell the British public.
    Need very careful watching.


  37. Pounce says:

    Black French female MP bites Taxis driver, admits to police she did it and here is how the bBC reports it:
    French MP Laetitia Avia counters cab-driver ‘bite’ claim
    French MP Laetitia Avia has described being scared and panicky during a late-night cab ride, as she countered claims that she bit the driver. Ms Avia, 31, seen as a rising star in President Macron’s LREM party, said “ill-wishers” had been spreading xenophobic comments about the incident. Le Canard Enchaîné magazine quoted police as saying she bit the driver because she did not like his behaviour.

    Yet again the bBC paints a nasty piece of work as….a victim


  38. JimS says:

    Interesting comment from Anne Pettifor, economic advisor to Corbyn, on PM tonight. She says that it is wrong to make comparisons with Greece regarding austerity as ‘that country is more like a local authority because it doesn’t have a central bank or its own currency’.

    Wow! What a damning condemnation of the EU by one of the BBC’s favourite economists!


  39. Tabs says:

    When gay acts were a crime

    BBC have a strangely worded titled for this short video. They seem a bit coy about using the words “anal sex” and fluff it up to sound like it included working in showbiz and flower arranging.

    The BBC in its unbalanced reporting fail to mention that anal sex between a man and a woman was also illegal then and remained so a lot longer (until 1994). They also fail to mention gay anal sex age of consent is 16 whereas heterosexual anal sex consent age is 18.

    But hey, lets not let facts get in the way of a BBC pro gay agenda that needs pushing!


    • Grant says:


      Can’t be bothered reading the article, but do the BBC mention in which countries today, homosexuality is a criminal offence and in which ones it carries the death penalty ?


    • Fedup says:

      Tabs ,
      Please don’t recirculate albeeb poison. I don’t want to know about minority sexual habits . If people choose to be sodomites that’s their business unless the state has to pick up the tab to treat their diseases.


      • Kaiser says:

        lets ponder where this LGBTQ++ shit is going next , what sexual act is going to be main streamed next???


  40. johnnythefish says:

    Notice how the BBC is keeping the ongoing Grenfell Tower hard left propaganda fest at or near the top of its headline news? How could you fail to?

    Now call me picky, but if the BBC were truly the world-beating, impartial Home of Investigative Journalism they like to think they are they’d be able to put two and two together and come up with the simple answer of four, wouldn’t you think.

    But as they can’t, I’m offering assistance in my capacity as an unpaid amateur news sleuth. Here goes:

    1. We know that Grenfell was home to an unknown number of illegal immigrants, who have been granted an amnesty.

    2. We know there were an unknown number of illegal sub-lettings, but the people involved have also been given an amnesty.

    3. We know the council are having difficulty in finding homes in the area for the displaced occupants.

    Right, now here are the ‘clever’ bits:

    a) Perhaps 3 could be a result of 1 and 2.

    b) Maybe 1 and 2 are typical of London, and also other areas of the country (tip for Beeboids: watch a few episodes of ‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay and also see here:

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3810723/150000-illegal-immigrants-enter-uk-each-year-says-whistleblower-ex-home-office-boss/ ).

    c) Please ask those in power WHY these amnesties have been granted.

    Now ask yourself, why doesn’t our ‘impartial’ BBC pursue these lines of enquiry and maybe interview some people who know what’s going on? (That’s a rhetorical question btw, we all know the answer.)


  41. Fedup says:

    Kind of makes you wonder what albeeb will do when it has successfully undermined the legitimate government of the (uk) and forced an election to get comrade corbyns gang elected. Yes he and they will continue to blame tories for all the wrongs of the world- the unplanned tax increases , higher inflation , lower pound , higher unemployment as the economy fails…. does albeeb then switch bias elsewhere ? Or continue to say that night is day and day is night?

    Can’t work it out .


    • gaxvil says:

      Very good question. Makes the bbc sound like they have that old suicide vest feeling. I mean bbc should get Kamal Ahmed on to explain how under Corbyn things would be so much better – I’d listen. What is so sickening is that our dear bbc would just walk away – ‘nothing to do with me guv’.


    • Manxman says:

      They want to be part of the total social collapse into anarchy, not just apart but cheer-leading the confusion, they along with our ”natural leaders” our common purpose graduates will shape the pheonix society to arise out of the ash’s.

      They are fucking insane.


  42. gaxvil says:

    Man enters building. Two doors marked, ‘Hard Islam’ and ‘Soft Islam’.
    Goes thru’ the one marked, ‘Soft Islam’ and finds himself back on the street.

    Anyhow, Austria beefs up border with Italy. Sends armoured vehicles and 750 Soldiers to stop migrants.
    So that’s, Hungary, Poland, Austria and several others. Merkel and Macron better make some room but they can fine those countries for their impudence.


  43. Fedup says:

    I have heard commentators on al Beeb saying that each 1% pay rise for the public sector costs 2 billion sterling. So by my reckoning if the government stops wasting our money on overseas vanity projects 13 billion p.a. Then all the wonderful nurses queuing up at food banks and others could have a nice 6% pay rise without increasing existing taxes.
    And think of the additional vote the tories would get as a result. I can see this but why can’t they ? Why isn’t al Beeb campaigning for it since they love public services so much?


    • Doublethinker says:

      Because they love third worlders even more!


      • Kaiser says:

        “1% pay rise for the public sector costs 2 billion sterling”

        why does the so called bbc never point out that a public sector pay rise is effectively

        1 a pay cut for everybody else

        2 a cut in non-salary funding to all public services

        3 a mixture of the above


  44. JeffW says:

    I’ve just watched The Betrayed Girls on iPlayer.

    I know this group is about criticizing the BBC, not praising them, but I have to give credit where it’s due: it’s possibly the best documentary I’ve ever watched.

    My only criticism is that it should have been made years ago.

    If you haven’t seen it, do. It will make you angry, but it will also make you cry and it will make you think.


    • Zelazek says:

      It was quite good, Jeff, in the way we got to hear the voices of the victims, but in my view the programme was flawed because they “demonised” (hate the word but for once it might be appropriate) the BNP. The BNP weren’t the perpetrators of the crimes and they weren’t involved in the cover-up. They shouldn’t really have figured in the documentary at all. But they were presented as if they were the real danger lurking in the background itching to exploit the crimes for nefarious political ends. This is rubbish. They were the only ones drawing loud attention to what was happening. Everything the BNP said on the programme was true. All the others, the main players – politicians, police, social workers, journalists – were cowards, or at the very least allowed themselves to be deterred and silenced.


  45. Beeb Brother says:

    I hate how the Left are so diametrically wrong about things yet claim anyone who disagrees with them has a mental illness.

    How are women only and always victims? They have an earnings/’pay’ gap because they do not work as many hours as men! So many women judge a man solely on what he earns, how horrible is that? It is partly why there is such an epidemic of male homelessness, criminality and suicide. If you do not earn much money you might as well have no penis – no woman will be interested in you. Of course you will earn less money if you can get away with your man paying for everything. You think all those men are oppressing women by being the majority of CEOs, working 70 hour weeks so they can spend money on their women? No man can just look good and find a rich woman to go out and provide for him while he sits around spending their money. In Leigh on Sea the women are living the dream during the day, spending money someone else has earned while their man works himself to an early death. Men die younger, how comes when they have it so easy? It is fucking hard being a man.

    Sorry – rant over.


  46. Loobyloo says:

    Hijab of the day:

    Not sure this feature works anymore as the bBBC have far too many hijab involving stories.

    Drip drip drip, the bBBC assisting the islamification of Britain.


  47. taffman says:

    “Canadian military who crashed indigenous ceremony suspended”
    Message to Al Beeb – Some people are proud to be British ………………………………………
    Al Beeb are not patriotic.


  48. Manxman says:

    Hold the door open for a bird, and you get a dirty look, let it slam in her face, and you get a dirty look.

    Let her walk in first, she’ll hold the door open for you,and she will feel good about it, plus you get to check her out from behind without pervin.


    • BRISSLES says:

      …Hold the door open for a bird, and you get a dirty look, let it slam in her face, and you get a dirty look……

      Oh Manxman, if you were to hold open a door for me I’d probably kneel down and kiss your feet ! My age group are sooooooo grateful for any courtesies paid to us, as we’ve reached the ‘invisible’ stage of life. Sadly the firm boobs and bum have disappeared in what seems like overnight, so the pervy thoughts and looks will, for us, along with wolf whistles, be just pleasant memories of the past.


      • Adezeroonie says:

        I am a 61yo white male who lives and works in Greater London. Owing to my advancing decrepitude people have started to offer me seats on the tube. I have noticed that these are almost always white East Europeans and when this is not the case (very rarely) Asian teenagers. I think that this shows something about the family values held.

        Btw I was struck by an experience on Tuesday this week. I took my 9yo daughter to the Beach which is a Summer Funfair at Brent Cross in North London. Almost all the staff running the rides are East European (I think Polish). All payment is by token. However I had only two tokens (£1 each) and my daughter wanted to go on a ride that cost three tokens. As the funfair was closing (9pm had arrived) I gave the waltzer operative the two tokens and a pound coin.
        “Oh no, I cannot take it” he exclaimed.
        “Just put it in your pocket”
        “No, no, no”
        Then when I explained that the token offices were closed he let my daughter ride for two tokens. It meant he finished after 9pm and she was the only person on the ride.
        What can you say? Honesty, efficiency, generousity,


        • Charlie Martel says:

          The Poles are great. We could do with more of the right sort of migrants, like them, and way less of some others.
          We must not allow the fascist left to lump them all together: ‘immigration is a net benefit.’ No! it depends which. Some are definitely not!