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  1. taffman says:

    ‘Jungle telegraph’ – some say, that Bill Gates advises the EU to close its borders to immigrants.
    He should have told Merkel this years ago .
    Nowt on Al Beeb yet!
    Perhaps their researchers will pick it up here, over to you Al Beeb, check it out Maxi………………..


  2. Zelazek says:

    Odd story leading the 6 o’clock news tonight about knife crime increasing. This is news? “Knife Crime Increasing” could have been a headline anytime in the last thirty years. Completely unenlightening as usual. Failure to analyse the problem correctly together with a generous sprinkling of bromides and left-wing nostrums from such expert social scientists as rappers and convicted criminals. They showed footage of a man who had just been the victim of an attack refusing to give the police any details about his attackers. This should tell you that this man fears the criminals more than the law – and the law is therefore useless. It is the criminal who should fear the law, not the ordinary citizen who should fear the thugs roaming our streets. The carrying of knives would greatly reduce if we had the return of capital punishment for murder. The casual attitude to violence would diminish as well. People tend to forget that capital punishment does not just deter crimes of murder, but attempted murder and violent assaults as well.


  3. StewGreen says:

    Grenfell residents motto
    “Ask not what YOU can do for THEIR country
    ……. Ask what THEIR country can do for YOU !”

    … Are the newspapers full of stories of what great asset Grenfell residents were/are ?
    …great doctors/engineers/lawyers etc.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Hang on : Today’s main radio news story is not even on the BBC website
    There is nothing on
    … “England’s local roads to get boost from government £1bn cash pot
    Government announces State investment in infrastructure
    with £1bn allocated to an A-Road improvement programme. ”


  5. StewGreen says:

    However they do report on the UK page that US funded eco-lobby group Client Earth has lost in court in its latest attempt to disrupt the democratically elected government.

    Air quality: Challenge against government plan rejected

    BTW does the BBC’s London skyline photo represent current reality ?


  6. MarkyMark says:

    Diane “For the Many Perks, Not the Few Moments Being a UK MP” Abbott – I think I may have worked out why Diane is getting a bit run down and confused. It would seem she spends an awful amount of time running around, possibly not focusing on her immediate duties.

    Register of Members’ Interests Diane Abbott – theyworkforyou.com Jul2017

    Here are some highlights … go see yourself for more details …

    Antigua Trades and Labour Union in Antigua £5,380 (4 days / Jan2014)
    Muslim Charities Forum in Somaliland £5,313.78 (3 days / Apr2016)
    Speakers Corner talk/panel £4,000 (10 hours / £4000 @ £400 per hour / Mar2016)
    British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland £487.14 (2 days / Apr2016)
    Oxford and Cambridge Club of Nigeria in Nigeria £2,560.88 (4 days / May2016)
    Writing for the Guardian £955 (11.5 hours / 2016-2017 @ £83 per hour)
    Presenter for BBC One’s weekly £20,000 (Jan2003)
    Presentation of radio show for LBC £5,000 (5 days / Aug2003)

    And on top of all that a Director of a Charity ….
    Director of “Diane Abbott Foundation” spent nearly £30,000 on awards ceremony (80% of her companies budget)

    Gosh it would be interesting to see her work schedule mixed in with Parliamentary and Constituency duties.


  7. StewGreen says:

    “Jeremy Corbyn is to speak to the organisers of the Glastonbury festival about their use of zero-hours contracts, his spokesman has said.”
    FFS cleaning up at a festival is CASUAL work ..you don’t know how long it will take
    so staff DO NOT have full time contracts.
    I know cos I have done it many times
    Worked many times at Green festivals
    ..where most customers and management have no idea what true-green is
    ..they leave loads of rubbish
    one time they even released thousands of balloons ..which of course littered the woods.
    (BTW always bag your rubbish and take it home with you)



    • MarkyMark says:

      Balloons can kill – never release the balloons, just like releasing the dogs of war they can kill.

      This is Why You Should Never Release 1.5 Million Balloons At Once – viralforest.com – Cleveland
      Unfortunately, they had no idea the terrible (unintended) consequences they would unleash by doing so, and their tragic mistake led to the deaths of two people and millions of dollars in damages through lawsuits.

      Tragically, two people died when Coast Guard helicopters were unable to reach their overturned boat. When they finally got off the ground, they were searching for the heads of the drowning victims, but couldn’t tell the difference between them and the balloons that covered the surface of the water.

      The whole event was supposed to be a fundraiser for charity, but ended up costing the city millions in lawsuits, and created cleanup headaches for weeks.

      Dear BBC – how much does Glastonbury cost in terms of people, hours etc? (click for FOI request)
      Dear License Payer – none of your business.


    • Heisenberg says:

      Yes I saw this from Corbyn earlier. Demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of how the real world operates. In any case Glastonbury have said that these are not zero-hours contracts but ‘temporary worker’ contracts under which the workers are assured of a minimum of eight hours’ work. Seems the comrade doesn’t even know what a zero-hours contract is. A proper impartial broadcaster would point out the absurdity of his rantings.


      • The Sage says:

        Yes, I watched some of Glastonbury. What puzzled me is why, after all these years, has Barry Gibb decided to go solo?


        • Steve Jones says:

          Has he changed the name of the act to ‘The Bee Gee’?


        • Roland Deschain says:

          Erm… you do know the other two are dead?


        • Manxman says:

          Manx lads the bee gee’s.

          Best version of the people’s favourite manx national anthem, we have god save the queen etc, but that dont make the hairs on the back of the neck stand up like this below for a manxman.

          If there is a better anthem in the world i am yet to hear it.
          Bee Gees – Ellan Vannin (1998)

          It say’s nowt about men dressed in sheets, this is ours, if you aint born here, you aint one of us…you are guest ………..behave like one or we’ll have a problem….Fastyr Mie.


          • Lobster says:

            Manxman – Many thanks for that! I’ve not heard it before – an absolute treat for the ears.


            • Manxman says:

              We used to be mocked on sketch shows for being quaint, culturally up with it, but also 30yrs behind the curve, old fashioned very conservative 30,000 living along side 50,000 hip whining Londoners.

              Anyway the point is who is laughing now, we are essentially the same mix as 20yrs ago, so like i say, fuck yer multi-culturism, londoners are enough for anyone to be saddled with…….fastyr mei lobster good man……..

              There is no tongue in cheek emoticon, so you will just have to imagine one.


              • Lobster says:

                Good luck to you! Mind you, I had better keep out of sight …..


                • Manxman says:

                  We have the British national anthem, as we are part of Great Britain, but we are not part of the UK, so thats why we have Ellen Vannin………and many war memorials where our grand-fathers and great grand-fathers names are inscribed, as they died fighting for Great Britain and the Queen in her regiments against those that went against our national values and interests.

                  We had a very high disproportion of loss’s during the wars, our men were miners [tunnellers] and seamen [merchant shipping] 2 of the most dangerous theatres.


          • Zytate says:

            Manxman thanks for posting the Bee Gees – brilliant. I remember the Spinners from my youth singing anout the SS Ellan Vannin. That always makes the hairs on my neck stand up.


  8. Sluff says:

    Evening all.
    Just back from a very long day in the car, where my bBBC interactions were all radio-based and across several channels.
    Listened to PMQs on R5 live. I thought Treezer gave as good as she got, and probably more, in fact why the hell did she not perform like that during the GE? The living-within-your-means narrative over public spending is eminently defensible. Corbyn of course attacked. Which is his job. No complaints about that per se.
    Yet, amazingly (well, maybe not so amazingly, maybe entirely predictably) later the cretinous seditious BBC picked a single line from one of Corbyn’s ripostes (the government are floundering and flip-flopping) and made it THE first headline of many later news broadcasts. All hail, St. Jeremy.
    A very clear example that the biased BBC marxist news editors don’t like to REPORT the news, they like to DECIDE the news and ensure it fits their agenda.
    Which we all knew already.


  9. Payne by name says:

    So if the ‘victims’ of Grenfell get pardoned for their illegal entry, see their illegal subletting forgotten and be set up in a nice new gaff with a financial compensation package, won’t more be encouraged to torch their abodes to solve all of their problems?


  10. StewGreen says:

    Grenfell : BBC reporter explains to Corbyn how they’ll milk the story
    (sorry about the black and white) via @Cranmer


  11. Dave666 says:

    I was flicking through the channels I stopped on the BBc 22:00 news. More of what I thought to be fake tears. Wonder how many tears were shed over Manchester, Westminster & London Bridge. Yes more of break the pay cap for, some I assume , public sector workers. By which time I’d switched over,


  12. Manxman says:

    Just spotted this.

    We have wild colonies of them here…..and theres many more than the beeb report, because they are legal to shoot, because they were getting out of hand, and damaging hedges and fencing, their quite big up close.


  13. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Wimmins International Cricket:


    Do you know ANYONE who follows this?


  14. pertelote says:

    jesus..kirsty wark!..needs to be put out to grass..past her sell-by date


  15. Pounce says:

    This evening at 9 ITV aired a program about India with Joanna Lumley , absolutely fantastic . On BBC1 they aired a program where landlords and tenents swapped places and people tell me that the BBC means quality.


  16. Pounce says:

    The bBC loves (like the left) to play identity politics . If I wasn’t a brown skinned Asian, living in a market town which is predominately white , who has lived all over the world where I have seen open hatred , racism and war, I would have no problem subscribing to the mantra of the bBC that the UK is a f-ing nasty place to live if you are: Disabled, Young, Gay, Non-White, Islamic and Female. But as mentioned, I am not white, I have seen war, I have seen poverty and real poverty at that and I know from actual experience that the image the bBC spreads about the UK just isn’t true. Currently the bBC is airing an article about how bad gay people had it in the Uk 50+ years ago. You know what, yes Gays had it bad, but only if you got caught. Just look at the Carry on cast to see what I mean. But all that changed 50 years ago, yes we were behind countries such as Denmark (1933) , Italy (1890) or even France (1791), but since then the UK has moved in the right direction towards equality for all. Here is the most current chart I can find regards LGBT rights across Europe. For some very strange reason the UK is one of the better countries when it comes to equal rights. Yet the bBC continues to promote this view, that actually its the worse:
    The bBC, the biggest promoter of open hatred towards others (White British Males) across Europe


  17. Pounce says:

    The bBC and black lives don’t matter
    How many times have you seen the bBC play identity politics when a Blackman gets killed by a Policeman, you know:
    “Blacklives Matter!
    Oh how the bBC champions their cause of how blacks can only be victims of whites in the US. Ye for all their protestations of identity politics , the statistics paint a totally different picture:
    1,091 people were killed by US Police in 2016,
    53% of them were White
    24% of them were Black
    17% of them were Latin’s

    Anyway the bBC is currently running with a not so loud story about the huge death toll in Chicargo this past holiday weekend.
    Chicago holiday weekend shootings claim 101 victims
    At least 101 people were shot in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend, according to a city newspaper.
    Nearly half of the shootings during the four-day holiday happened over 12 hours, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    The vast majority of those killed are black, Yet where is the moral outrage, where is the bBC is protesting this sad loss of life, so many black people and the bBC doesn’t mention this.
    Gee I wonder why that is?


    • Pounce says:

      Following up from the above, remember the outrage expressed by the bBC when a black thug gets killed by a Policeman in the line of duty. Ever wondered how the bBC would react if a blackpoliceman (in this case woman) is murdered in cold blood.
      Policewoman fatally shot in ‘unprovoked’ Bronx attack
      A New York police officer has died after she was shot in the head in an “unprovoked attack” while sitting in her car on duty, police said. Miosotis Familia, 48, was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead hours after the shooting. The suspect, Alexander Bonds, 34, fled the scene before he pulled out a revolver and was shot dead by police.

      I wonder if the bBC would have reported this differently if Alexander Bonds had been White?

      The bBC, the biggest promoter of racial hatred in the UK


    • G says:

      Pounce, Chicago: White’s a net minority (31.7%); Blacks 32.9% –


  18. Pounce says:

    Regards that bBC clip of that little girl crying out for a new home. This tweet says it all:


  19. Pounce says:

    The bBC and its pro-Jihadist mentality
    UK terror convictions rising, BBC Jihadist database shows
    More than 100 people in the UK have been convicted of terrorism offences related to Syria and Iraq since 2014, research by the BBC has revealed. The youngest is a schoolboy from Blackburn who was 14 when he incited an act of terrorism in Australia. The figures also show there are growing numbers of women and girls being prosecuted. Police say five terror plots have been foiled since March.

    The bBC fresh from denigrating the ‘Prevent’ anti-terror programme. Has found out to its shock and horror, that rather than Muslims been the biggest targets in the UK at the hands of racists. That Muslims are actually the biggest group who want to target everybody else. (Including Muslims) in the UK. So credit to the bBC for posting this. However this is the bBC and like the Scorpion in Aesops fable , they can’t help their nature of defending Islamic terrorism. Which is why they end with this snippet:
    After the London Bridge attack in which eight members of the public were killed, the prime minister called for a review of Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy to make sure the police and the security services have the powers they need.

    “Eight members of the public,” so the police, firemen, ambulance crews, traffic wardens , civil servants and the Military are ok to kill then are they bBC?


  20. Foscari says:

    Don’t expect the BBC to mention the terrorist slaughter of an elderly Jewish couple in Austria. The women
    of 85 had a throat slit and her husband of 87 was beaten to death by a friendly Tunisian. I expect the number
    one topic on the positive discrimination and diversity department of the BBC is to start looking for a
    replacement for Gary Lineker by the time of next year’s World Cup , by probably a women who ticks
    the right boxes. Any suggestions?


    • charmbrights says:

      The Abbopotamus. Her innate grasp of numerical matters will be essential to give us the score every few seconds.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Abbott will be a shoe in for the post. She can cope with numbers like 2-1 , 1-1 and even up to the dizzy heights of 5-2. It’s only when things gets into double figures that she suffers brain fade. Cricket scores would well beyond her and rugby and golf would be risky . As for tennis well she just can’t get the 15, 30, 40 progression. By the way the latest news is that Corbyn is considering her Chancellor. After all he thought that a spread sheet was something you did whilst making a bed.


    • BRISSLES says:

      .. looking for a replacement for Gary Lineker by the time of next year’s World Cup , by probably a women who ticks
      the right boxes. Any suggestions?

      I don’t care who it is (my Border Terrier could do the job), if it meant that Lineker was made redundant !


  21. Oldspeaker says:

    A value for money issue rather than bias here,
    Currently the number one most watched click bait on BBC news page, I would imagine most people reuse a bottle at some point so guaranteed hits. So what does Jan Bruck have to ‘report’? Nothing, absolutely nothing useful to anyone over the age of five, it’s difficult even to credit anything he says as common sense it’s just so bleedin obvious, vapid and vacuous waste of space and money. I didn’t dare click on the “What happens when you’re sleep deprived” link, Lord only knows what earth shattering discoveries lurk within that one.

    I’ve had a look at the sleep deprived link
    Guess what, you may feel a little tired and not function as well without enough sleep, why on earth do we pay for this rubbish? A serious revision of how the BBC spends our money is long overdue.


  22. AsISeeIt says:

    Andrea Leadsom MP dared recently to bring up the subject of the BBC’s patriotism – or lack thereof – thus causing the BBC to go into a minor tissy. In fact the real issue there is the BBC’s slavish devotion to the EU and an institutional desire to scupper Brexit.

    However, it has been interesting to note the BBC’s almost gushing patriotism over British tenis players this week. This desire to pile on side with the Brits is in marked contrast to the luke warm attitude to the major team sports. England soccer and cricket teams do not enjoy such fawning from BBC presenters. Obviously there is a British / English issue – the BBC are super-senisitive to the supposed feelings of the constituent minor nations of these isles.

    But I think a major factor is that the BBC prefers individual sports – the celebrity factor is respected and understood by BBC presenters and commentators who flinch from adherence to patriotism when it comes to the team sports.


  23. nofanofpoliticians says:

    BBC admits it spends £139,000 a year on buying the Guardian – Daily Mail

    Stunning! In reply BBC say they get service agreement discounts, suggesting that in reality they buy even more copies than highlighted… they’ll feel the chill when the Guardian goes bust.



    • Oldspeaker says:

      The BBC must be awash in spare tax payer cash to indulge in such extravagance, halving the licence fee may curtail such behaviour with total cessation being the ultimate goal. I made a point earlier about the crapola being spewed out on the news site, the BBC just has too much money if it can squander it propping up the failing Guardian.


    • Beltane says:

      Pathetic, really. Without the BBC the Guardian would have collapsed several years ago but as the printed confirmation of their prejudices they must prop the sad rag up. When you consider that this ‘newspaper’ has the lowest circulation in the UK, yet is exclusively used as the BBC’s yardstick for informed opinion, that reveals much about BBC standards, ethics and utter, childish, lack of impartiality. It also confirms the overweening vanity of Guardian contributors, who would obviously prefer to be seen as ‘litterati’ rather than making a significant contribution to adult debate elsewhere.


      • manchesterlad says:

        Actually I think it is much worse than this. The BBC advertise jobs in the Guardian almost every day. This advertising revenue is a hidden subsidy from the license payer to the Guardian.

        There is no need whatsoever for the BBC to advertise jobs in any paper, all they have to do is have a ‘jobs’ page on their website and their advertising budget drops to zero.

        In reality, of course, they prefer to prop up their favourite propaganda sheet – the waste of our money is inconsequential to them.


  24. Steve Jones says:

    There appears to be something missing from this item about plans to hold a women-only concert in Sweden:
    Not sure the author is getting to the heart of the problem. Censorship in action and it is now blatant.
    There is hope though. Have a look at the highest rated comments on this item about reinventing the BBC’s children’s output for a post Saville, Harris, Hall etc etc era:
    We just need a politician or two to grow a pair now.


  25. Thoughtful says:

    Radio 4 Today program and Humphries is interviewing Boris Johnson, he unbelievably claims that a North Korea which became one country again and enjoyed the benefits of the South, would be an American client state and just as dangerous as North Korea was!
    He then went on to claim that Donald Trump is at least as dangerous as Kim Jong Un, and that he was completely unpredictable.

    I wonder sometimes if these Fascists actually believe the nonsense they spout over the air, if so then they really have left the path of sanity.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Thoughtful, John Humphrys has just asked Bojo about the leadership issue.

      Until he and the other Cabinet members who were absent during the GE2017 Campaign present their clear apologies to both Party AND NATION for their absence and the disastrous Conservative manifesto, their words carry no credibility whatsoever.

      As far as I am concerned, ‘No mea culpeas, no me listening!’

      Think the Conservatives have lost the next Election whoever leads the Party.


      • Thoughtful says:

        It was Tory party election strategy that kept all the other cabinet members out of the TV lenses, so they could push the myth of the cult of Theresa May.
        I certainly wasn’t the idea of the other cabinet ministers and they have nothing to apologise for – other than their excruciating left wing beliefs.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Thoughtful, cannot say I’ve heard that myself.

          My ‘feeling’ is that the Cabinet may have gone on strike because the PM and her cadre did not wish to involve them sufficiently from the outset. There was definitely something odd going on both in No.10 and Central Office.

          I feel for the many thousands of loyal Party members, of which I am NOT one, who went out and campaigned door-to-door for the weeks of the campaign, even before the later than late shambolic manifesto was published. I was visited, with my MP available nearby to talk to me if I wanted.

          Notable was the fact that none of the other Parties could be bothered.

          But then – thanks to the BBC – I’m more ‘out of the political loop’ than ever before, especially thanks to Laura Kuenssberg; 1. not turning up to work as much as much-missed Nick Robinson did, 2. and when she does, she doesn’t often Blog, and, 3. when she does Blog her Blogs are never open to comment.

          The BBC’s failure to inform and educate me via the senior Political Editor’s Blog and its community mean that I’m also lacking the entertainment that came from a variety of opinions and crazy posts together with wise words and valuable insights.

          A 3 x Fail from the BBC there!

          There was, however, a lengthy article in the Guardian that purported to lift the lid on what went wrong with the Conservative Party. It failed to do so.

          Also notable is that there has been virtually no digging into the Conservatives General Election disaster at all. In past years, the broadcast and print media would have been all over the issue for days on end. For this time, the Guardian excepted, what did we get?


          OK, the Grenfell Tower tragedy has occupied everyone’s minds and output to an extent. But even in the intervening days – especially the weekend following the result – there was little analysis, little introspection.

          It is all very, very strange.


          • Roland Deschain says:

            I never saw a satisfactory explanation as to why Labour agreed to an early general election they were certain (so everyone thought) to lose heavily.


  26. Tabs says:

    Who are Britain’s jihadists?

    Approximately 850 people from the UK have travelled to support or fight for jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq, say the British authorities.

    We do have lots of pictures of bearded men but the BBC is avoiding using the word “Islam” or “Muslim” anywhere in their research. It would have been nice if they added a filter button saying “Muslim” so we can see how many were or were not Muslim.


  27. theisland says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      Should it read .. “I’ve interviewed three people (0.000000047% of uk population) and they all say different things, one saying Corbyn is blocking Brexit.“?

      “I am beginning to hear talk in some quarters that Brexit may not actually happen” – reports @nicholaswatt #newsnight 5Jul2017

      – In some quarters? So a specific group of opinionated people who he does not identify – London quarters, Scotland quarters?
      – one leave supporter (no details) … worried about economy, investor fear and Corbyn Premiership concerns…. So Corbyn creates a storm to stall Brexit (i.e. Corbyn is stopping it working) [+1 person]
      – spoke to another (no details) who is familiar with the the Brexit Process there is a strong chance it may not actually happen – it’s new so how familiar can he be? [+1 person]
      – I did spoke to one senior Brexiter (no details, is this on familiar with the process?) who is absolutely confident it will happen.. [+1 person]

      He does not say who these people were (Labour,Conservative, Man on the street) and how many he choose to ignore – what if he asked 100 people and 90 people (90%) said they are confident Brexit will happen?

      3 people / 63,000,000 UK adult population (estimated) = 0.000000047% of the population investigated.
      1 unsure person because of 2 ever changing factors and Corbyn,
      1 strong chance it may not actually happen and is familiar (not expert) with the process,
      1 confident it will happen

      “I am beginning to hear talk in some quarters that Brexit may not actually happen”
      … I could rewrite his statement as follows …
      I’ve interviewed three people and they all say different things, one saying Corbyn is blocking Brexit.


      • Cranmer says:

        Can we add ‘talk in some quarters’ to the BBC’s catalogue of weasel-words such as ‘people are saying’ etc?
        Somebody on here posted a very good clip of Lord Lawson being interviewed on the BBC and being fed a ‘people are saying’ line. He firmly said something like ‘Who? Who is saying this? Unless you have a name, it is meaningless.’


        • JamesArthur says:

          “I spoke to another person who’s familiar with the Brexit process who said to me that there’s a strong chance that it may not actually happen” Nicholastwatt @bbc

          Is anyone familiar with the Brexit process? It’s never happened before so if he knows somebody that is familiar with it please tells us his name…As others have said this was just a BBC remoaner making his opinion known without facts..


  28. Dover Sentry says:

    Daily Express: MPs and BBC Bias

    “”BBC BREXIT BIAS: Head of news in meeting over ‘impartiality’ with furious MPs “”

    “”THE BBC is under pressure over alleged Brexit bias after furious MPs demanded new guidelines to ensure the taxpayer-funded corporation is “impartial”. “”

    “”Head of news James Harding had a meeting with a cross-party group of MPs including Labour’s Kate Hoey, Conservative backbencher Philip Davies and DUP’s Iain Paisley Junior who complained about their pro-EU coverage.””

    “”Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg added: “The BBC was good prior to the referendum — but it has been extraordinarily bad afterwards.””

    “”Earlier this week, Jeremy Paxman called for an end to the BBC licence fee and urged the Corporation to find “some other mechanism” to replace it as he launched a tirade of criticism about Newsnight – the current affairs programme he spent more than a quarter of a century working for.””



  29. Up2snuff says:

    On the TOADY Programme this morning we had a scare story, the sort of thing of which James Naughtie was extremely fond. I remember him – before he was shuffled ‘sideways and off’ – presenting scare stories over tea, coffee and sugar, none of which came true. The BBC have more recently also done the humble avocado, another scare that did not come to pass.

    Today it is cream and butter.


    • Zelazek says:

      I regard Jim Naughtie in the same way as Hamlet regards Polonius – as a “foolish, prating knave”. Except he’s even more verbose than Polonius. No-one on radio loves the sound of his own voice more than Naughtie. His interviewing style is terrible. The trouble is that not only does Naughtie, in a longwinded, ponderous and bumptious manner, love to savour the intricate phraseology of his question, he also likes to include the convoluted answer that his hapless interviewee might have given if he had been fortunate enough to share Naughtie’s eloquence. A typical interview is therefore a nine-minute question from Naughtie followed by his victim saying, “Yeah.” I hate him. I used to go to work every morning in a foul mood because I’d just been listening to a Naughtie interview. I was glad when he was moved sideways. But now I find I miss him. He might have been a bore but he was a first-rate bore.


  30. The Sage says:

    I agree in regard to Can’t Pay? We will Take it Away. It’s striking how many of those visited by the excellent men (Paul Bowhill is brilliant) from the High Court seem to be of a swarthy complexion and from a far off land. In fact, nearly all. What does it tell us? At least the High Court seems to act against all of these low-lifes equally.
    Shame the Sheriffs can’t check their residency status at the same time.


    • Cranmer says:

      BBC news at ten last night. A Grenfell man complaining that ‘it’s not good enough’ that the police/fire brigade cannot find any mortal remains of his uncle. The interviewer had noticed the man was getting a bit emotional and rather than cut away when he had said his piece, the camera lingered on him, obviously hoping to get the ‘money shot’ of him crying. However, like a nervous man at a urinal trying to go when there are men on either side, nothing happened.

      My question to the gentleman would be what part of the official response to the fire is ‘not good enough’ and how would you propose doing better? In the countries that most of the residents came from, the official response would probably be something along the lines of ‘it is God’s will’ and a suggestion that not enough money had been given to the local mosque/temple. Any further complaints would be answered by a beating.


      • BRISSLES says:

        It may sound brutal, but true – that in a burning inferno there will not be any ‘mortal remains’, just ash. So would these people – who clearly have no sense of logic, be extremely happy to be presented with a casket full of ashes, that may well be the remains of the dining table and chairs ? and be told that they are his Uncle ? Its not ’emotion’ its lack of logic and intelligence that’s unbelievable.


        • Cranmer says:

          Brissles, this man needs to be taken into a private room with a council official, a representative of the fire brigade and a clergyman of his chosen denomination, and have the facts you mentioned quietly, sympathetically but firmly explained to him. He should not be paraded on state national television as some sort of puppet of the leftist media.


          • Oaknash says:

            This man needs to be taken to a private room and told that Theresa May actually started the fire deliberately . I n fact I may have helped to – I often sleep walk and did think yesterday the lawn mower petrol container looked lower than it was a month ago.

            As way of recompense he should be given a five bedroom house in the Home Counties and as much compensation as John McDonnell could possibly imagine to show we are all really sorry.

            Actually – I am sorry for the bloke but maybe the BBC (Despite Mcdonnels words) should remember accidents actually do sometimes happen and certainly no-one wished these deaths on anyone.
            I suppose this all fits neatly with the modern ” adult baby snowflake way” – Like ” its not fair” and it is “always someones fault” and “what compensation will you give me”


        • G says:

          “may well be the remains of the dining table and chairs” – very unlikely: they sit on the floor normally and eat with their fingers.


      • MarkyMark says:

        So London, from May 2015, is now under the protection of Allah? If this is the case then … “Inshallah” indeed. “God willing”

        Sadiq Khan sworn in as new London mayor – bbc.co.uk – may2016 … with a Koran.

        People are sharing this poignant anecdote about Sadiq Khan and a Koran
        The next day Buckingham Palace rang about his appointment to the Privy Council: “You’re going to be sworn in before the Queen, what sort of Bible would you like?’ I said: ‘I swear on the Koran, I’m a Muslim’. They said: ‘We haven’t got a Koran, can you bring your own?’ So I went to Buckingham Palace with my Koran and afterwards they returned it and I said: ‘No, can I leave it here for the next person.’


    • Roland Deschain says:

      If I had to be evicted, Paul Bowhill is the man I’d like to do it. Amazing that he’s doing that job in his 70s!

      On that programme it is also noticeable how the more swarthy debtors can quickly rustle up a gang of equally swarthy characters to intimidate the High Court officers. And that they carry on doing so openly even when the police arrive. They clearly feel they are untouchable, and judging by the lack of arrests or charges they are absolutely right.


  31. 7Clubs says:

    The BBC`s obsessive promoting of UK `s tennis stars is embarrassing.
    It never used to be this way when Dan Maskell was the mainman
    They over hyped Laura Robson and Heather Watson 4 years ago long before they were established as top 30 players never mind top 5 players.Suprise surprise neither has gone on to have a career that justified the hype.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Or they bugger off to live and train abroad – once they’ve got their British passport !!


  32. gaxvil says:

    We have Polish woman on bbc WS – “Not happy Trump is in Poland as he’s a mysoganist, racist and homophobe.”
    No evidence and certainly no examples – amazing.

    And Amnesty – “Europe has turned it’s back on the migrants.”
    And Libya – “NGOs are just a taxi service for people traffickers.”
    What happened to the, “If it means destroying the traffickers boats before they can set out ………………….”.


  33. G says:

    BBC ‘Watchdog’ yesterday evening – anyone notice the line up behind the main ‘stars’ in the studio? Conveniently the Asians occupy a position where their presence cannot be missed……………..
    The viewer will get it rammed down their throats whether they like it or not. Some years ago (I think) ‘subliminal suggestion’ was banned. Am I correct?


  34. StewGreen says:

    R5 Now : phone-in is doing paedophile hunters


  35. gaxvil says:

    BBC touting a Newsweek survey of Trump Disapproval in Europe – Britain came top with a 64% Disapproval.
    Clearly between Corbyn and Trump – Corbyn’s the man!
    Who wants a self made billionaire when you can have an unmade bed?
    And then on bbc Brexit Watch – Foreigners going back home. Only white Europeans leaving though.
    Very telling – a man returning to Italy with no hope of a job because, ‘the UK has no social integration.’


    • G says:

      ” ‘the UK has no social integration.’” – Perhaps he’s a social worker?


    • JamesArthur says:

      Who did they survey? Wasn’t done in London amongst the media types was it?
      I really wish Teresa would get her act together and invite Trump – he is the President of the USA and her actions make us look weak (weaker….) sad to say I am beginning think the Great in Great Britain is heading towards an iceberg…


  36. Thoughtful says:


    BBC announcing 200 new jobs all at the taxpayers expense with a crazy optimistic statement “Chief technology and product officer Matthew Postgate said: “The BBC has a huge history of innovation – from colour TV to Ceefax, from BBC iPlayer to delivering world class live events online.”

    It might have a huge history, but alas most of it is not at all good, with Colour TV arriving years behind everyone else, Ceefax hardly set the world alight, and iPlayer is also ran technology.

    I note he doesn’t mention the issues over DRM (encryption of content) the BBC demanded illegal over in Europe and America. Nor the debacle over the computerised ‘digital media initiative’ which cost taxpayers £100 million. As I remember the techie in charge who lost his job over the incompetence of others was one of the sky high salaried staff.


    • Cranmer says:

      Well the BBC certainly has an ‘innovative’ funding method. ‘Pay for us or go to prison, even if you don’t watch us.’


      • gaxvil says:

        All those £145 could achieve a lot of good – shame they don’t.
        If people were asked, ‘Are you willing to pay an extra £145 a year for things that fill a social need?’
        I imagine an uproar and yet …………


  37. StewGreen says:

    I listened again to R4 Making History’s bit on segregated US African American units building UK airfields during the war and it was not as over the top as I expected ..they did however imply that blacks had never been pilots or fought on the front line Despite what the BBC said later on 1,000 black aircrew flew in the war.. 332d Expeditionary Operations Group etc.


    • StewGreen says:

      SJW- VS watch : Guess who they have next week to talk about the limitations of war time rations.
      bear in mind that Making History is racked with guilt, so like Clive Anderson has Virtue Signalling bits on every week.

      Yep they score tick boxes by airing : Jack Monroe … Trans and female
      “Food blogger Jack Monroe heads for the National Archives to learn how the submarine war in 1917 presented a serious threat to food supplies. She discovers that the rationing put in place then was successfully used again in World War Two.”


    • Joseph says:

      “they did however imply that blacks had never been pilots or fought on the front line Despite what the BBC said later on 1,000 black aircrew flew in the war”

      Wasn’t there some group called the Tuskagee Airmen – something like that?

      Not an expert, but 1,000 sounds high.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Joseph, I think racially mixed crews were not unknown on B17’s and they carried a big crew.

        Tuskagee rings a bell. A Fighter squadron?

        I also remember an entirely ‘black’ fighter squadron, could be the Tuskagee one – cannot remember the theatre of war – where, I think, you had to be black to get in. Have an idea that that extended to its command and administration and possibly ground crew as well but may have mis-remembered that. Seem to also recall they had a few ‘aces’ in the squadron.


      • Up2snuff says:

        One of my mis-rememberings. I just clicked through a load of B17 crew pics. Great how the BBC wastes my day! 😉 Not many ‘black’ crew. Just a couple of definites, possibly a handful, plus one of ‘Chinese’ origin.

        Still, an interesting diversion …


        • Kaiser says:

          ooohh wee a thousand … big up to them

          bomber command

          55,573 killed out of a total of 125,000 aircrew (a 44.4 percent death rate), a further 8,403 were wounded in action and 9,838 became prisoners of war.


        • G says:

          ” Not many ‘black’ crew.” – You’ll have to wait for the BBC to create a docudrama on the topic, that’l give them the opportunity to distort history. Maybe even include a couple of bag-heads? They wouldn’t stand out in the BBC’s view.


  38. StewGreen says:

    The BBC/Labour Network has another prog about Abandoning Austerity
    8pm on R4


  39. Cranmer says:

    In contrast to usual BBC tosh, I quite enjoyed last night’s broadcast on ITV of Joanna Lumley on one of those celebrity paid-holidays around India. I don’t mind it in her case, as she comes from an old Anglo-Indian military family and doesn’t spout the usual nonsense about colonialism etc.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Likewise the recent Japanese season on BBC4. How other cultures live, and make a living using ancient skills makes for interesting viewing. Thoroughly enjoyable.


  40. G says:

    Fact is that the Muslim Brotherhood has a membership of muslims wherever they are – Surprise, surprise!
    Hatred of Israel is fundamental to islam – Surprise, surprise!
    The hatred of Israel goes back to the beginnings of islam – Surprise, surprise!
    And that is not going to change so, as it has proven impossible to overcome Israel, war has to be made on its people wherever they are in the World. If the West/US get in the way of the islamic dedication to the cause of destroying Israel they too, can expect war.
    David Cameron – what a waster.


  41. Up2snuff says:

    I have just remembered something interesting from the TODAY Programme this a.m. when they referred to antagonism and differences of opinion and policy between the occupants of No.10 and No.11 Downing Street.

    Wishful thinking by the BBC?

    Hopeful thinking by the BBC?

    We know Blair & Brown were at odds because they both wanted to be Party leader & PM.

    But the BBC forget that Theresa May has only been PM for a year and that her Chancellor was her own, slightly surprise, appointment.

    Why surprise appointment? Because Hammond was obviously her ‘placeman’, selected not necessarily on qualification or suitability or experience but purely according to the PM wishing to have her choice.


    • Sluff says:

      I am pretty sure of the following story, give or take the odd detail
      During the Tory/Lib Dem coalition The Tories were discussing budget proposals and a senior minister (maybe even Cameron) then told the civil servants to share the information with their Lib Dem counterparts.
      The civil servants were incredulous. “Are you sure, Minister?”
      “Yes, why?”
      “Because we were never allowed to share information between no 10 and no 11 during the previous Labour government”.
      Blair and Brown hated each others guts, as is well known, and the antipathy extended to Blair not even knowing what was in the budget !!!
      But the bBBC have airbrushed out that inconvenient truth so that any current government disharmony can be given the full biased treatment.


  42. Dover Sentry says:

    Not Reported by the BBC

    “”Belgium hunts terror ring over ‘fake police’ plot””

    “”Officers are searching for more suspects after the discovery of a stash of weapons in Brussels, including police uniforms.””


    Bias by Omission.


  43. gaxvil says:

    EU says Britain will not enjoy frictionless trade post Brexit. Fine – the German, French and Italian car makers can start packing their shit up and fucking off.
    Plenty of Jap, Korean and US makers would be more than happy to take their place.


    • gaxvil says:

      Typical French twat – ‘I don’t think Britain understands that all goods they export to the EU will be subject to checks’.
      Maybe he doesn’t understand that we buy more from them than they buy from us and what is good for the goose.


  44. gaxvil says:

    Put it to a Referendum:- Are you happy to see your public services continue to decline in order to finance mass immigration?
    Simple question.


  45. wronged says:

    It is going to be difficult to negotiate a good Brexit deal when the Labour Party are not prepared to accept WTO rules. Despite what you hear from Remoaners the average cost of goods if we go into WTO rules amounts to a 4% tariff.
    This is no ‘cliff edge’. It just means we’ll be buying Japanese cars which will be much cheaper and not BMW’s.

    Notwithstanding any outstanding financial obligations, we could leave on our financial terms, not the EU’s as we could feasibly leave without paying them anything if we wished to. We would have control of this part of the negotiations.

    If Parliament were to accept the premise of ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ mantra our negotiating position would be greatly enhanced.

    Labour maintain the view that a bad deal is perfectly acceptable.No deal is not on the table.=Simpletons.

    Labour, as I see it, is currently the enemies of democracy and therefore the people. They want to stay in the EU but say they support the democratic vote of the referendum for fear of being what they are – hypocrites.

    Any Brexiteer who voted for Labour in the last election,need to be publicly outed as an idiot and put in stocks.

    It’s a case of Labour/ BBC / EU v Conservatives / Britain. Who do you support? BTW I’m not a Tory.


    • gaxvil says:

      Very many of us are only Tory by default.

      Anyway Trump speaking now – watch him go!
      I reckon May, Merkel and Macron will be making bad smells.

      But the bbc has to add, Trump supporters were bussed in – fuck off bbc.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      It’s sheer common sense. Only a fool goes into negotiations saying “we will agree something, no matter what”. If the other side knows that’s your position, why would they concede anything? It exasperates me that this simple point is not hammered home constantly by the Tories to Labour and the BBC. Unless of course the Tories are looking to make a bad deal, a conclusion it’s become more and more difficult to avoid.


  46. Lucy Pevensey says:

    There have been some interesting State visits to the UK from various world leaders over the years.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping – 20-23 October 2015

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – 30 October – 1 November 2007

    Chinese President Hu Jintao – 8-10 November, 2005

    Russian President Vladimir Putin – 24-27 June, 2003

    Japan’s Emperor Akihito – 26-29 May, 1998

    Japan’s Emperor Hirohito – 5-8 October, 1971

    But President Donald Trump, democratically elected 45th President of The USA? Here they draw the line.

    Back-to-front Britain. We need to regain control of our nation from Marxist agitators.


    • wronged says:

      Agreed Lucy, don’t forget Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu 1978. I’m sure he was accorded the title of a state visit.

      The Hirohito visit appalled me the most.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Totalitarian vision of the future verses an Individual vision of the future. You decide! Or let a Government dept decide for you.

        VISIT TO (UK) PARLIAMENT OF MR YASSER ARAFAT/ 1993-94 / Sponsor: Galloway, George – parliament.uk
        That this House welcomes Yasser Arafat (father of modern terrorism or Nobel Peace Price Winner 1994), Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, the Palestine National Authority, Commander of the Palestinian Armed Forces on his historic visit to London; recognises the courage, indefatigability and sacrifice of the Palestinians, occupied and hunted from pillar to post by Israeli aggression and Arab betrayal and the historic British responsibility for the Palestinian tragedy; and calls upon Her Majesty’s Government to extend every assistance to the Palestine National Authority and to use its influence to bring about complete Israel withdrawal from the occupied territories and to support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

        Oh look who was supporting this visit –
        Vaz, Keith; Labour Party; Leicester East; 14.12.1993
        Corbyn, Jeremy; Labour Party; Islington North; 15.12.1993

        Why is Labour MP Keith Vaz turning into my own personal Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          If Kevin Bacon went near a mosk would he get arrested for being a hate crime?


          • MarkyMark says:

            Interesting – if a religious group can get a UK Middlesex Cricket Club to change it’s name from ‘Crusaders’ because it offends, then everyone and everything is fair game.
            That is how it works.

            Read the article and see what happened …
            Middlesex Crusaders cricket team changes name after complaints from Muslims and Jews – telegraph.co.uk – Feb 2009

            “For example, one of our former presidents was Jewish and he didn’t particularly like the name, although he just got on with it….Vinny Codrington, Middlesex chief executive, confirmed that the club had received “one or two” complaints from Muslim and Jewish communities concerned that the name was a reference to the medieval Christian crusades against other faiths.”

            In summary – Jewish members not bothered, undisclosed number of people complaining force an action that was not needed.
            What will be ‘forced’ to changed next? Kevin Bacon (Actor)? Kenneth Todd “Hock” Ham (Astronaut)?

            My name is Jihad and I’m not a terrorist – yourmiddleeast.com – Apr2015
            – is anyone forcing you to change your name from Jihad?


    • gaxvil says:

      Listen to Trump’s speech from Poland – the total antithesis of the Left and bbc mantra.
      As May punts us away from any ‘special relationship’ to some stinking, third worlds swamp, where the vile and stupid receive the plaudits Donald Trump does not enjoy.


    • Grant says:


      Spot on. The hypocrisy is beyond belief.


  47. Fedup says:

    Interesting that The Standard is carrying a story of Liam Fox commenting on al Beeb bias with regard to stories which they carry and conclude with the phrase ” despite Brexit” and al Beeb consistently negative view of the majority voters choice of future.

    I’m waiting for al Beeb to come out with the “attacked from both sides so we must be doing right ” routine to cover up their obscene anti British pro multiculturalism belief.


    • Grant says:


      And someone should tell him that he is not the sharpest tool in the box. In fact he is so stupid, he does not even realise how stupid he is !


      • MarkyMark says:

        George Clooney and Bill Gates shout together “Enough is Enough!” – it’s time to face reality.


        • Lock13 says:

          Agreed -what was that other crap I heard from the BBC in the week?
          Stephen ffing Hwaking believes in climate change – well knock me down with …….