1. Manxman says:

    So what we are going to get is an even more feminised BBC, that will be the final nail in their coffin, the standard of political discussion couldnt get any lower as it is, their female panelists and studio monkeys etc aged under 40 will be a joy to listen to such wisdom and beauty, so diverse, [scorn off]……………………. it will be the end of them.


    • Guest Who says:

      Noooo.. the entire BBC foo foo floor is off to sign up at Fort Bragg.

      GI Emily is already shaving her golden tresses….


    • vesnadog says:

      “So what we are going to get is an even more feminised BBC,”

      Correct! I’m beginning to notice how the BBC presenters (laugh) are getting younger and younger these days (just as long as you wear those heathen friendship-bangles on your wrists, or a tattoo somewhere on your body!)

      Talking about feminism at the BBC. I watched Panorama last night and the presenter was a young Scottish girl – who seemed very keen that the viewers see her face in ever shot of the programme – whose office was in what looked like a “glass to glass skyscraper!?

      Why not have such offices if your BBC editors are awash with public cash!


    • Tom Trust says:

      I do wish people would stop using the word “earn” in respect of these BBC salaries. “Earn” means “Deserve”. “Are paid” is what should be being used. These presenter/newscaster/reporter jobs (barring war correspondents) are a piece of cake compared to fire fighting, nursing, caring, policing, teaching, etc. So my solution to the gender pay gap is NOT to increase the already bloated salaries of the women but (contracts permitting) reduce the pay of the men. If the “talent” ups and goes to a commercial station, bye bye, there’s stacks more where they came from. Modestly-paid local BBC reporters and presenters are ten a penny within local BBC stations including an adequate number with just as much skill and personality as the overpaid stars.


  2. Oaknash says:

    Well said David- It appears that this biased, bloated and corrupt bag of shit has painted itself into such a tight corner that its only hope of escape is through its own sphincter which hopefully will cause its own death.

    My only regret will be enormous amount of swag all of its “talent” will get away with after rooking the public for decades.

    Whether our gutless politicians will finally realise the inevitability of this death spiral or attempt to tinker with its failed format and try and keep the patient going on Intensive Care – remains to be seen.

    Unfortunately these days too many of our weak, lazy, publicity hungry politicians are more than happy to defend the indefensible if they think they might get some sort of political advantage from it.


  3. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Noted that a Rachel Burden says that she is on £130,000.
    Wonder how many other nonentities at the BBC just come in under those pay bands that they released?
    And why the pay bands-bizarre, got to be something tricky going on?
    And why no fussing from the BBC unions-bet THEY`RE doing pretty well in there, or else we`d have had no end of bolshies doing a Southern Rail.


  4. Manxman says:

    Can the staff at the beeb go on strike ?.


    • Guest Who says:

      They can. And do.

      Then stop when no one cares, or encourages them to continue.

      At which point BBC HR caves and promotes more near relatives.


      • Oldspeaker says:

        Looking at their Ts&Cs they must have to be some kind of greedy to strike for more, I seem to recall Chris Rogers making the most of the last strike to boost his own profile with a bit of strike breaking, must have been a little awkward afterwards.


  5. Grant says:

    Nice one, David. The Irish Pat Condell ! Loved the BBC style background.


  6. Guest Who says:


    Maybe if they had sent a man?

    At least she seems to be working on her semaphore.

    Comments, as always, not perhaps as the BBC would prefer.


  7. MarkyMark says:

    Today Day 9 …. BBC TV Tax Payers request ALL employees of the BBC to respond to question ‘is it OK to force money out of people (enforced by law and threat of prison) to pay your wages?’
    Tomorrow … Day 10 … BBC TV Tax Payers show that BBC wages went up as public and private sector stagnated

    13 BBC Taxing Days … {biasedbbc post}


  8. vesnadog says:

    I see Victoria Derbyshire had her usual 20-30 mins BBC TV slot promoting gay sex in primary schools this morning. 27/07/2017

    Some of us were warning the public years ago about the “flood gates” being opened once the gender-benders ruled the MSM! And boy don’t they control the TV adds especially!


    • Wild Bill says:

      Jeremy Vine talking about gay sex today too, we are literally getting it rammed down our throats aren’t we?
      Whether we like it or not, actually not allowed to be not liking gay sex these days, it’s probably a hate crime discussing it.


      • vesnadog says:

        Your absolutely correct Bill.

        You sit in your favourite chair to watch a programme about the first world war but before that you have to suffer/watch 6-8 adds and you can bet your bottom dollar that out of those few adds there will be 2-3 with gay or lesbian actors/inuendo! Boy we even see females kissing each other during the afternoons now!

        My granddad who gave his life in WW1 – he was one of the tunnelers who planted those huge underground mines in 5 different countries that we see on the discovery channel before he was shot by a german sniper before the war was over – would be very upset/angered to think he gave his life for such filth that the loyal BBC/MSM employee’s spew out on a daily basis!


  9. Oaknash says:

    Vesna – In BBC land – History about giving your life for your country is just soooooo passe!

    Whearas the history of bumsex and its more vocal disciples is far more chichi and interesting.

    Obviously these days bumsex is where its at – I f you want to be anyone these days then you better get in on the action! I hear its all the rage in Camden .

    Wont be long before the BBC starts a new narrative pushing “bumsex for all”


    • vesnadog says:

      Those who object to homosexuality, are spit-upon with bile, as “homophobes,” “hatemongers,” “bigots,” “sexists,” “puritanical fanatics,” “religious fundamentalists,”

      If we were to start a new television sitcom, and wanted to accurately portray homosexual ratios in society, we would need 199 heterosexual actors before we introduced one homosexual actor.


      • Oaknash says:

        Quite true Vesna – But personally I have no objection to what people get up to in the privacy of their own homes, but I do not want to see it flaunted and pushed in my face (fnnaar) every time I turn on the radio and to be perfectly honest I take the same view on programmes such as “Love Island” as well. Whats private should remain private.

        The fact is – is that it is only a minority of the population are gay anyway – They have won their battles for acceptance – now just go away and lead a quiet life like most normal people. By continually pushing this sexually exhibitonist lifestyle they will only end up antagonising people who dont particularly want their kids exposed to all this nonsense.

        True to form the BBC love all this as it gives them extra virtue signalling points when they waste their resources on this sort of shite.


    • vesnadog says:

      Homosexuals once upon a time told their critics:

      “What we homosexuals do in private has got nothing whatsoever to do with you!”

      Come foreward 15-20 years and Homosexuals tell their critics:

      “What we homosexuals do in private has got evertything to do with you and your attractive children”


  10. deegee says:

    I a little curious about pay equality at the Sunday Times.
    Sunday Times removes ‘anti-Semitic’ column on BBC pay

    I’m even more curious why Vanessa Feltz and Claudia Winkelman are the highest paid BBC women.

    Will the next BBC response to an accusation of antisemitism in their Israel reporting be, “We can’t be antisemitic. Just look at Claudia and Vanessa”!