A horror story


I don’t need to say much at all about this…just cut and paste the blurb for the programme….


A surreal drama from the imagination of Christopher Lee.

It’s 31 July 2017 and an increasingly certifiable Prime Minister is about to call another snap election when she is told that Gibraltar wants to stay in Europe and so, after 300 years of British rule, the Gibbies (as she calls them) are about to declare they are Spanish.

She goes into gigantic decline declaring history will write her off as the PM who lost more than her majority – if Gib goes, so will Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The Queen, cousin of the Spanish King, wants to know what’s going on and gives her PM advice she never expected to hear, telling her about the Buckingham Palace fox’s attitude towards flamingo and the cost of large animal vets that look after the Gibraltar monkeys.

And, all the while, a conjuror’s assistant on three bottles of whisky a day through a glass straw has a theory to save the Empire – and Fulham from relegation.

It’s all more Gixit than Brexit.

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15 Responses to A horror story

  1. Rob in Cheshire says:

    Is this the day the BBC finally jumped the shark? Only an organisation which truly despises Britain, the British and our history could ever contemplate broadcasting something like this.

    I wonder if the BBC has ever broadcast a play which could be said to be even slightly patriotic, or at least imply that Britain is not the worst country in the world?


  2. Pounce says:

    Ah I see the person who wrote that Islam is a religion of Peace, Muslims can only be victims of hatred, that Israel is evil, that the Ottoman Empire and not the Royal Navy defeated the Spanish armada and that due to global warming , climate change, the UK is going to suffer droughts, heavier rain fall has written something new.


  3. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    ‘Gibberish’ – how aptly named.

    One big problem is that the Gibraltans definitely DO NOT want to be Spanish, under any prextext whatsoever… that was the whole crux of their Remain argument, staying IN the EU protected them FROM Spain, or to put it another way remaining under the yoke of the EU was the best way to ensure, they believed, their independence from Spain. It was nothing to do with liking the EU, most Gibraltans hate it nearly as much as they hate Spain.

    Besides, if you were to ask the average member of the public which of the main party leaders are ‘increasingly certifiable’ it’d be Corbyn, I’m sure, although to be fair, even he looks positively sane next to the likes of Sturgeon and that Green woman from Brighton and her gender neutral Siamese twin.


  4. Fedup says:

    People – let’s jump forward 18 months. Blighty has just signed out of the EU. Bits go right , bits go wrong, transitions for some stuff, drawbridge for others . When we DO leave what will al Beeb hate next ? Oh yeah – they’ll lay into the chaos of post Brexit with lots of ‘told you so’ programmes . But will they just have other programmes encouraging us to rejoin? Just wondering really.

    Unless of course the counter culture keeps us in…


    • Fedup says:

      I mentioned in my previous post that it would be ‘chaos’ in the period after brexit . I do not believe that but know that al beeb will paint that picture whatever the outcome .


  5. Deborahanother says:

    I tend to take a more optimistic view that even the BBC won’t be able to spin the post Brexit era as bad .i think once we have left and the sky doesn’t fall in , others in the EU will follow suit and the whole thing will crumble. Our cash will no longer give them the generous subsidies .The migrant crisis is escalating and I think it is going to be every country for itself . The Eastern states have already started it.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Deb, the sky didn’t fall in after the referendum result as the Remoaners predicted, and one year on it still hasn’t.


    • Dadad says:

      When will everybody understand that after 44 years of membership, leaving the EU is a long and convoluted process, and not a one day event at the end of march 2019.


      • Fedup says:

        I think plenty of people are fully aware that extraction from the EU will not be easy and the EU will seek to punish us – especially if we do not deliver the cash they are after .

        There will be some transition but as long as we are no longer required to play to their tune people will accept it. Free movement of people good and services must be ended and replace by similar agreements with strong border control straight away.


  6. Scroblene says:

    I really cannot understand why there is no proper alternative broadcaster to the bbbc. You’d have thought that advertisers would have understood a market – but perhaps they still need the sheep who really believe the trash splurged out by the bbbc to sell their produce, and they don’t even advertise anything, except their own stuff, which is mainly worthless anyway. I mean, who in their right mind thinks that Eastenders is even worth the breathing ‘power’?

    Breitbart is doing a great job, Fox is OK too, but where is the real business end of the MSM attack dog-anti-leftie-subversion channel?

    Here maybe? But not everyone has a link to stentorian posters such as we love on this splendiferous site!


    • AlexM says:

      “I really cannot understand why there is no proper alternative broadcaster to the bbbc”

      Because the BBC gets an unhealthy advantage from the licence fee. Commercial broadcasters find it hard to go head=to=head directly with the BBC producing similar programmmes – hence Sky with its heavy focus on Sports. Notable hat there is no commercial national equivalent of Radios 1,2 or 4, and ClassicFM is clearly very different in style from Radio3. The commercial broadcasters know that the BBC can compete with them until their profits dry up because they ghave a guaranteed £4 billion annual income.


      • Fedup says:

        It is a shame that albeeb can’t just have an hour of truth – the view from the right – each week or day .
        Never happen


    • CranbrookPhil says:

      What exactly does ‘free movement of people’ actually mean? Nobody in the media seems to have bothered to ask this. For the BBC it is the ‘positive’ inundation of all & sundry seeking jobs benefits & housing. Of course to anyone not a leftie or a rabid Corbynista this sounds totally unwelcome, & rightly so, society can’t cope with this much more.
      But then free movement when it means ordinary people able to move from country to country as tourists or people on business is something we all expect as a norm. Even, if no burden on the host country, owning property & freely travelling to & from there is also a norm to many Brits retired to mainland Europe. Such freedom of movement for holidays, business trips or even to access a home abroad is nothing to be afraid of. Of course a sensible limit on numbers for employment is obvious, and that can only happen free of the EU.
      The freedom of movement for uneducated unskilled people to move to a country to abuse a welfare system, set up criminal rackets, live rough in London parks, etc. Is surely the free movement that a future government here, free from the shackles of EU regulations, should stamp out & send such low-lifes back whence they came.


  7. Cranmer says:

    I listened to this play in the car. It was pretty feeble; the usual anti-Tory ‘jokes’ and some borderline disrespectful remarks about the Queen. There didn’t seem to be any explanation of why the Gibraltarians wanted to become Spanish, just that they ‘share a land border’. Well lots of countries do that, it doesn’t mean they wish to change nationality. The author seemed to confuse Gib’s vote to remain in the EU with a desire to become Spanish, which of course if nonsense if you know anything about the history of the colony.