Reality Show or Fake News?



John Humphrys was talking to Jeremy Hunt this morning [08:10] about the state of mental health services and we learnt from Humphrys that Reality doesn’t matter, the facts don’t matter, what does matter is perception.  Not really an astounding revelation from the BBC as the BBC has never really dealt in facts.  The problem is of course who creates that Perception.  Unfortunately for the world it is the BBC itself.  And the BBC’s world view?  Entirely at odds with the majority of the country never mind the Tory Party.

A good example is in fact the very subject under discussion, mental health.  The BBC has been campaigning on this issue for a couple of years now, hard not to tune into 5Live and not hear one of the overpaid and underworked employees telling us how terrible the NHS provision is for mental health services ‘since 2010’.  Humphrys tells us demand for such services has skyrocketed…why might that be?  Could it in fact have a great deal to do with the BBC itself telling people they are ill and to head as fast as possible to their GP to demand ‘treatment’ whereas before people might have shrugged it off and gotten through what might well have been a phase….whatever happened to the stiff upper lip?  Not insignificant that ‘Princess Di’ is filling the airwaves again with mawkish, sentimental, self-involved tales.

So quite posssible the BBC itself has played a large part in generating this mental health ‘crisis’….The Tories get no credit despite 1500 more people being seen a day under their rule….they could not have foreseen the sudden massive upsurge in demand when they began cutting services…the massive demand that coincides with the BBC campaign to generate peoples’ awareness of their ‘illness’ and what they should expect to get from the NHS and then to attack the Tories for not dealing with that huge upswing….a perfect storm for the BBC…it generates a crisis and then blames the Tories for it.

The BBC’s answer is always more money…completely disregarding why there is austerity and where all this money will come from….the BBC raising peoples’ expectations and thus putting huge pressure on the government.  The BBC is acting completely irresponsibly and is itself taking part in politics rather than standing back and informing people.

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16 Responses to Reality Show or Fake News?

  1. Number 88 says:

    But it’s not simply, day in day out, the BBC’s persuading of people that they need to examine their mental health (Yes, £Megabucks Campbell that means you)…everything that the BBC touches, every news bulletin, every report is filled to the brim with doom, gloom and conflict (err…despite Brexit!).

    The BBC, has taken a leaf out of Corbyn’s, ‘You’ve never had it so bad’, book. Not only is the BBC full of activists, they are agitators too…just like their leader.

    Don’t forget the carping BBC’s motto. ‘Every silver lining has a cloud’. The mental health of the nation will be improved immeasurably when the BBC is closed down.


  2. Fedup says:

    Yes I heard that interview ( part of my today rationing ). I thought Jeremy Hunt was quite candid and that the £650k Humphreys had trouble rattling him – which is always the ultimate aim. Perhaps Humpreys was more concerned about the c word than mental health issues – particularly since the pay discrimination issue is now widening to the inferior show that is The World Service.

    The health service will probably fail to recruit enough people of the right calibre to be mental health nurses. Jun dig get by the number of attacks by Muslims who have mental health issues more Muslim nurses are needed.


  3. Hexhamgeezer says:

    The cumulative effect of 1st cousin marriages over the generations increases demand for mental health spending by the NHS. The increasing presence of such offspring bodes ill for others.


  4. Peter Grimes says:

    ‘Perception’ is a prime tenet of faith with Al Beeb. For years they lauded the results of the B(ritish) C(rime) S(urvey) over recorded crime statistics, when it suited them. The BCS sampled 40,000 people, iirc, quite a large sample, and asked about their experience of crime, not whether they had personally been a victim, and extrapolated that. Lies, damn lies and statistics.

    In NooLaBor’s prime years they forever trumpeted falling BCS crime being a result of BlairBrown’s socialist redistributive policies turning round Fatcher’s oppression and class war. They would never give credit to either increased police RECORDED crime in those years nor to more effective crime prevention measures, in particular the (necessary) increased security in homes and cars.

    It is the same, according to Al Beeb, with the over-representation of BME in crime and prison. It is becos day iz black an’ picked on, innit, rather than their far greater propensity to commit crimes of all sorts.


  5. Thoughtful says:

    The growth in mental health issues seems closely tied with the growth of the Fascist Left.

    Preparation in schools turning kids into sensitive little snowflakes who are too fragile to cope with real life, while the real men from places like Syria flood into the country to displace them.
    All helped along by turning both men & women alike into weak and vulnerable people incapable of any real resistance, and instead of fighting back, simply accepting any indignity heaped upon them.

    And all of it done under the nose of approving politicians of all parties who surely know what is going on.


  6. Deborahanother says:

    You would think there might be some curiosity about the explosion in mental health problems in this country.Some investigation Panorama style into why . But no,lets bash the Tories for not having enough nurses.

    Left wing policies ,family breakdown and deliberate undermining of the extended family all play their part. Add in the pressures of social media. No one seems to talk to each other face to face anymore.Thats despite the country being one of the most overcrowded on the planet.


    • Fedup says:

      Fair point about the influence of social media – it tends to reduce restraint in views and polarises opinion. I often wonder what use discussion really is? Does any one ever change their view. . A lot of people here have a common view. We don’t hear much Pro al Beeb comment. No doubt albeeb monitors this site. I would if I was them as I’d be living in a defensive pod fighting to keep my great pay and conditions.

      I dip into The Guardian for a left view of the world. It’s sad but there’s little coherent thought apart from hatred for the Conservatives, Brexiteers and President Trump. There aren’t many good labour types like Clem Attlee about.

      Perhaps this is the cause of people having mental issues. There are so many more sadly. I don’t think city life helps either – speaking as one who was born, grew up and lives in the biggest one we have.


      • Number 7 says:

        I live a fair bit West of you and the pub discussions, from both left and right, are far more sensible than some of the rubbish from the BBC & Grauniad. There are plenty of ‘nutters’ over here, but non of them could be described as having ‘mental issues’.

        Nos da


    • Clare says:

      How about the impact of “certain substances” over time? Even the safe ones might contain hundreds of chemicals that nobody seems to have a clear understanding of.

      Peter Hitchens goes on about it.

      (I read somewhere, a while ago, that cannabis contains around 400 chemicals. Sorry, no link.)

      Some drugs are, like cool, right?


  7. Will Williams says:

    Justin Webb, Today, 6.50, interviewed a woman, Heather, about implied discrimination against women who feel forced to wear heels at place of work. She referred to adverse health risks of heels. He pressed her and for her to say she wears heels as a matter of choice, did so for a recent wedding. Justin then got from her that she had one ankle containing steel and has been advised to avoid wearing heels, but likes to. Doing his job, I say.


    • Guest Who says:

      Indeed. See… balance! Stilettos are very ‘in’ currently. Front and back.

      Speaking of mental health, and doing jobs, after pondering a few days maybe the BBC can invite JK Rowling in for a chat on editing for effect?

      Just hope they don’t have to empty chair if she declines now the Justin League joins Andrew Neil in the ‘not helpful’ corner.


  8. charmbrights says:

    On money for services.

    When we have Sharia Law in the UK and alcohol is banned and all the pubs and off licences are shut, where will the powers that be get the money to replace the alcohol duty? You can’t tax the illicit booze.


  9. Owen Morgan says:

    All this, when a rather conspicuous form of mental disorder has, well, become all the rage (French word for rabies, as some of us recall): the delusion that biology can be defeated by psychology; that one can change sex by wishing to.

    To try and curry favour with the “transgender” people, most of whom only pretend to be wacky-gendered for political purposes, Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Really Daft Ideas, has accepted this bilge as what it pretends to be: “a civil wights ishoo.” Does she get any credit from the Beebyanka for pandering to their agenda? Ermmm, no.

    Her abandonment of reason doesn’t go far enough. It never does. Any person who is both sane and honest can see that “transgenderism” is an affliction affecting a handful of people, an affectation adopted by a rather larger number of air-headed idiots at our increasingly pointless universities (I don’t think they get all that many transgendered folks showing up at Celtic matches) and a fiction exploited by all those with a nihilistic intent.

    That last contingent clearly includes our beloved Beebyanka.


  10. JamesArthur says:

    Just caught end of John Hump…with someone called Polly …. apparently us Brexiteers all voted for little England…and more home grown food… and a nice swipe at James Dyson….a Brexiteer – Polly ..patronising and an idiot..all in one person. Not sure who the other chap was.. but apparently Brexit will bring the demise of the British countryside less British food and lots of cheap low quality American and thing is that the EU allow imports of cheap meat from Thailand.and other places sold at all supermarkets..hmmm where do you think has higher food standards..US or Thailand???
    This was a superb anti Brexit fest..well done BBC.


    • Lancashireliberty says:

      Yes unfortunately they failed in their impartiality to have pro and anti in same debate. They have started to include those who voted for brexit but have now had second thoughts as a new constituency and in the BBC world they somehow balance the debate. It’s a new front in BBC propaganda