The Ministry of [BBC]Truth


The policy says: 'If you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on or to BBC websites or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on any BBC service, the BBC may use your personal information to stop such behaviour'


Seems like the BBC isn’t the only media organisation that has decided it should be the organisation that polices the internet and decides what is ‘appropriate’ for you to post on it….curiously it’s that other fake news outlet, CNN, who also thinks it can bully and intimidate people into thinking and speaking only approved thoughts…or else…..



Free speech campaigner Tom Slater, the deputy editor of Spiked magazine, told MailOnline: ‘The idea that the BBC reserves the power to shop you to your boss for saying something ‘objectionable’ should concern anyone who believes in free speech.

‘The definitions are so broad. ‘Objectionable’ according to whom? Who decides? That anyone could draft this without getting flashes of Nineteen Eighty-Four is beyond me. ‘


This is of course the same BBC that has ‘trolled’ Nigel Farage, Thatcher, Tommy Robinson and anyone who wants to control immigration or voted to Leave the EU….apparently anyone who did is racist and bigoted and just a little bit thick…according to so many BBC journalists who repeatedly make such claims.  The BBC is the biggest peddler of hate crime and lies in the country….the BBC that labelled Britain a ‘nastier and more racist place’ after Brexit….just the white people of course.

I fail to see why anyone who voted for Brexit should pay the licence when they are treated with contempt, vilified and demonised and their democratic rights trampled on as the BBC works to undermine and stop Brexit.








A B-BBC reader notes..

“If you want a good example of the bias of the BBC, just take a look at the most recent episode of Frankie Boyle’s New World Order (Series 1 Episode 3) – broadcast on BBC Two. Possibly the most unashamedly biased thing I have ever seen on the BBC.

The panel and audience are all left-wing. They insult Theresa May. Insult the DUP. Insult UKIP voters, particularly ethnic minority UKIP voters. Boyle calls all Brexit voters racist and insults British expats living in Europe. Guest Sara Pascoe openly calls for the Tories to be removed from government, to great applause. And they feature a video of a member of the public calling for a revolution, and applaud the suggestion. Honestly one of the most revoltingly biased things I’ve ever seen on the BBC. Easily 95% of the “humour” and social commentary was anti-Tory and anti-right wing. Fleeting mention of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party was generally balanced, compared to endless vitriol directed at the right wing. I assume the previous episodes were similarly biased. However, a breakdown of this particular episode would highlight just how unashamed their bias has become.”

‘Gates’ of Vienna?

Latvian anti-EU protest in Riga, Sept 2015


The BBC is normally keen to report the words of mega-wealthy philanthropist Bill Gates…no so keen today for some reason as he ponders Europe’s future as it drowns in immigration….

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that Africa’s population explosion will overwhelm Europe unless the continent makes it more difficult for migrants to reach its shores.

Gates also spoke of a dilemma caused by ‘the German attitude to refugees’, referring to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open Europe’s borders to illegal migrants arriving from the third world.

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this — which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa,” Gates told the Sunday newspaper.

“Germany cannot possibly take in the huge, massive number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.”

Because of this, Gates stressed that “Europe must make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes”.

Start by jailing the heads of the NGOs who provide a taxi service for economic migrants and of course those in the media who make it their job to pressurise governments into keeping the borders open despite the fact that this will clearly lead to the destruction of Europe as armies of unemployed and increasingly violent migrants roam Europe.


More is Less


As we’ve always pointed out on this site the Islamist trick is to claim that radicalisation is the result of Muslims not being able to freely practise their religion to its full extent…therefore the answer to Islamic ‘radicalisation’ is more Islam…allowing Muslims to live as Muslims….completely….this will make them feel happy and included in society…despite it actually making them far more isolated and alien.  This was the MCB’s argument about Islamising schools…the more a school adopted Islamic practices the happier Muslim pupils would feel…this led to the Trojan Horse plot to impose that philosophy by ‘force’ [led by the same man who wrote the MCB’s 2007 directive to schools].  So to stop an Islamic takeover we must become ever more Islamic.  Funny thing is the Establishment has fallen for that line…hence we get Warsi made a Baroness and then Chair of the Tory Party…purely on the basis that she is Muslim…naturally she is the tip of the iceberg as Muslims get ‘favoured’ treatment due to their status of victim and underdog…self-proclaimed…and of course we mustn’t forget those Establishment figures who sell-out themselves and their country to the Saudis et al.  Harrow school has just got themselves a direct descendant of the supposed prophet, Muhammed, as President of its Association…

The Harrow Association is delighted to announce the appointment of His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan as President of the Association.  He takes over from Field Marshal Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, GCB, LVO, OBE, DL. The Association wishes to thank Lord Guthrie for his excellent service.  Prince Hassan is an Old Harrovian and was in The Park between 19603 and 19643.  He is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and is the brother of His late Majesty King Hussein and the uncle of HM King Abdullah II of Jordan, serving as Jordan’s Crown Prince from 1965 until 1999.

I’m sure it cements international relations and furthers cooperation and development between our two nations…..some might ask though how sensible it is to normalise an ideology that is so alien to our own values and beliefs and so irreconcilably opposed to Western values and to make it and its proponents such a fixture embedded within our own society.

‘The fact is – once again – that we may ask the question but we don’t want to hear the answer. Because if what all these things suggest is true then we could be in serious trouble. Perhaps we are.’

One for the BBC to ponder…or not…..

Douglas Murray in the Spectator:

‘Last Sunday, I appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Politics to discuss the aftermath of the Manchester attack. I said what I thought, and various Muslim groups promptly went bananas.

This was not caused by my suggestion that this country should finally crack-down on British officials who spend their retirements working as shills for the House of Saud. Nor by my ridiculing of that modern European tradition whereby someone blows us up and we respond by singing John Lennon songs (and now Oasis too). Rather they objected to my simple two-word suggestion that we could all do with ‘less Islam’.

In a short film preceding the studio discussion, I mentioned that countries like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have very little Islam and very little Islamic terror. By contrast, France has a great amount of Islam and a great amount of Islamic terror. To most people it would seem obvious – to co-opt the immortal words of Donatella Versace – that ‘more means more’. Because although many communities are capable of producing extremists, only Islamic communities produce Islamic extremists. Of course some people don’t want to accept this fact. Not least because informed choices might result. For instance, it might help us weigh up the ongoing cultural benefits of large-scale Islamic immigration versus the down-side of dozens of obliterated lives every now and then.

What I really wanted to open up in that short segment was an oddity of our now 16-year old response to Islamic terror. For over that time we have essentially adopted the argument of the Muslim Brotherhood and similar groups for whom the answer to absolutely everything is ‘Islam’. You have a problem? The answer is Islam. Something good has happened to you? The answer is Islam. You have a problem with Islam? The answer is Islam.

For a decade and a half the West has adopted this reasoning. If a group of men fly planes into the Twin Towers all the leaders of the free world rush to the local Islamic centre to extol the wonders of Islam. When a group of British Muslims blow up the London transport system the city’s police chiefs wave away the smoke and immediately extol the peacefulness of Islam. And when a suicide bomber in Manchester blows up 22 young people as they leave a concert, the one thing nobody must say is that there is any connection whatsoever with Islam. The problem cannot be Islam. Yet the answer apparently always is.

Has our society got zero interest in working out what might produce people like Abedi? The fact is – once again – that we may ask the question but we don’t want to hear the answer. Because if what all these things suggest is true then we could be in serious trouble. Perhaps we are.’



Have a look at this video….or just scroll to the end to see what Murray talks of…the TV presenter has seen and heard a lot about Islam and its problems and yet a pretty face and a winning smile assuring him that Muslims are lovely wipes all that out even as the Muslim girl asserts that the real problem is not extremist Muslims but racism and those who have religious prejudices…not Muslims but those who criticise Islam…that old problem of ‘Islamophobia’.   The presenter concludes that we must have less debate, less ‘extreme rhetoric’ [you know he includes the likes of Tommy Robinson in that…as said the truth is a revolutionary concept] and instead more consensus and touchy feely multi-culti loveliness all round….let’s just not talk about the problems and they’ll go away.  Always a job open for him at the BBC.


Seen this?

Jeremy Paxman has criticised the BBC for being ‘biased and politically correct’ and called for the licence fee to be abolished because ‘if Amazon and Netflix can do it, so can they.’ The former BBC man and Newsnight presenter, 67, also criticised the public service broadcaster for focusing stories on ‘the disabled refugee from Syria’ rather than examining how managing a disabled refugee’s needs might affect British taxpayers.


The BBC’s post-election post-truth truth



Before the election the BBC was always quietly pushing the Remain agenda to subvert Brexit, to either thwart it completely or to reduce its impact so that it essentially meant we continued as were are.  Post the election and all pretence of balance and impartiality have gone out of the window and the BBC openly plugs ‘Remain’…apparently the election result was a vote against May and Brexit….thus we must have a ‘change of direction’.

The video above of Maitlis interviewing Andrea Leadsom pretty much showcases the open BBC opposition to Brexit with Maitlis, not asking, but stating that….

‘You are a minority government but you’re reading of the public mood is to push on with the same plans for Brexit that you always had…you know that the whole direction of Brexit is now up in the air…you know that!…you didn’t get the Brexit vote you wanted and you didn’t get a huge majority…this was a sign from the country that they were questioning it [your plans for Brexit].’

That’s complete nonsense and a reading of the situation that is pure fantasy favourable to the Remain camp.  The whole direction of Brexit, that is leaving the single market and the customs union and controlling immigration, is not up for change due to the election.  Why?  Well firstly the BBC itself told us that the election was not about Brexit as much as May wanted it to be…it was about the economy, the NHS, care services and of course terrorism and paying for the police…Brexit figured very small in the calculations of voters….about 14% small.

And what of the result itself?  Was it a damning indictment of May?  Well she lost her majority and Labour won some more seats….so the bare facts might suggest that she had a disaster…a disaster that the BBC claims is a result of voters flooding away from May’s Tories.  How true is that?  It’s a complete lie.

In 2015 the Tories got 11.3 million votes, 36.9% of a 66.1% turnout.  In 2017 they got 13.7 million votes, 42.4% of a 68.7% turnout.

Don’t know if the BBC employs Abbott maths to work things out but I’d say May had a successful election by the number of votes…she didn’t lose votes she gained them BBC!…it’s just that Labour mobilised more of their voters to get out and vote and so pinched some seats.

So May didn’t so much lose as Labour gained more than she did..and yet they still lost.  Jeremy is not PM.

And on Brexit Labour support leaving the single market and the customs union….as Leadsom said 85% of voters voted for parties that want to leave the EU…how does that equate to creating a ‘new direction’ on Brexit?  It doesn’t.

The Remain camp like to say May has no mandate and that no one voted to come out of the single market and the BBC never contradicts them…but of course that narrative is baloney.  The referendum vote was a straight choice…leave or stay in the EU…and people voted knowing the consequences having been told enough times of the supposed disasters that would befall them if they voted to leave…and yet they voted that way…knowing it meant leaving the single market.  They made that choice and took the gamble…they would rather have the future where they take control whilst taking some possible risks to do so than to stay in the EU strait-jacket that they predict is heading for eventual breakdown politically, socially and economically not to mention the almost certain imposition of an undemocratic EU superstate upon them and the deliberate destruction of the nation states of Europe along with their unique cultures and values.

May has a mandate for a ‘hard Brexit’ with the understanding that she will negotiate the best trade deal possible…and if the EU will not cooperate then ‘goodbye’ as Norman Tebbit says.

‘Co-operation’…a fine concept…one the EU doesn’t seem to understand as it negotiates Brexit….it doesn’t look to be trying to do a deal that will benefit both sides but does seem , despite claims to the opposite, to be trying to punish Britain.  Which brings us to Leadsom’s comment that the Broadcasters should be more patriotic.  Mailtis immediately took offence and yet wasn’t Leadsom right?  The BBC approach is to present anything the EU and its unelected grandees say as groundtruth…you can see it in this video as Maitlis quotes Tusk and the EU commission president saying ‘Isn’t it funny they say they do not have any idea what Britain wants…doesn’t that worry you?’

Everything the EU comes up with is reported with reverence and the government is made to defend itself against whatever has been said…the BBC’s position is by default that the EU is right and the government wrong.

Not only that but the BBC has been telling porkies all along…before the election they told us that the EU was quite unconcerned with the result of the election, now the BBC tells us it means May has no strength to back her negotiations and that…

‘The EU is laughing at us and saying they can walk all over us.’

With a little help from a ‘quisling BBC’ I suppose as it peddles the EU’s narrative and fails to present the true picture of events never mind a positively ‘patritotic’ one.

Then we have the BBC’s attitude to the ‘state of the nation’..Maitlis again…

‘You’ve got a negotiating position that’s completely unclear [really? Says who?…oh the EU!  LOL], a political system that is unstable [erm….any different to 2010 and coalition?], many believe our economy is unfair [ah…pushing Labour propaganda…let’s forget the huge tax cuts for the low paid and the very low interest rates], living standards are falling [really?  Not judged by 6 months ago…they are fairly standard over the decades]..what can you point to now that is going well?’

Pretty typical of the BBC’s very negative narrative about the economy and politics…and yet it is quite false…business confidence is still high, employment is at record levels and inflation is only just above what was for years the ‘norm’…and it was predicted to rise this year anyway and to fall again next year…so the BBC is making something that was expected into a disaster despite knowing that it will sort itself out in the coming months.

The BBC is now blatantly anti-Brexit and is pushing the EU’s own propaganda.  No doubt Maitlis’ sick looking countenance is a result of an inner conflict between journalistic integrity and professionalism and selling out your country to a foreign power by spreading lies and ‘enemy’propaganda.




Choose your news


Lord Hall Hall objected strongly to any suggestion that the BBC use a subscription fee method to generate its income saying such a system would be far too complicated and costly to implement.  Curious then that the BBC has now been able to make iPlayer unavailable unless you register and have a licence…how difficult would that be to extend to an on demand payment system?  Not very, after all large numbrs of other media outlets already do that…including Youtube.

I am guessing the BBC doesn’t want to do that because it would then be at the mercy of the paying customer who, if they didn’t like what was on offer, wouldn’t have to pay for it…such as blatanlty left-wing misinformation being pumped out as ‘news’.

Over the air digital tv could also be by subscription, not as if this is new and untried territory…SKY.  Some Freeview channels are also by subscription…so obviously quite simple to operate such a scheme….if  you want to.  The BBC just doesn’t want to and obviously doesn’t have faith in its own product and with good reason.



Project Fear continues courtesy of the BBC



So who is James Chapman?  You have to ask because the BBC doesn’t tell us in its bulletins as it turns his anti-May, anti-Brexit spin into ‘news’.  All day we have been informed of his opinion that May’s ‘redline’ on the ECJ is untenable and making David Davis’ job impossible…..

Theresa May has ‘hamstrung’ David Davis in Brexit talks

Theresa May has made David Davis’s job more difficult by setting “red lines” for him in Brexit talks, his ex-chief of staff has told the BBC.

James Chapman said the Brexit secretary had been “hamstrung” by the prime minister’s stance on the European Court of Justice (ECJ), among other things.

He said Mrs May would not get a Brexit deal through Parliament unless she showed more “flexibility”.

BBC news didn’t think it necessary to inform us of his provenance but the web article slips in a brief mention of his past life…

A former Daily Mail journalist, Mr Chapman was George Osborne’s director of communications before becoming Mr Davis’s chief of staff at the new department for exiting the EU.

James Chapman was Osborne’s PR spinner and what the BBC fails to mention, the ‘man who ran Project Fear’ for Remain…

From the Independent:

The man who helped run Project Fear is now a key figure in Brexit negotiations

Exclusive: Bizarre twist sees former Osborne aide take top job with Brexit Secretary David Davis

A bizarre twist indeed….which is probably why he has been booted out of the job now….and why we get this Remain operation to further undermine Brexit.


Let’s think….what is going on?  ‘Explosive stuff from James Chappers’!!!!???  Why would the BBC be peddling that ‘explosive stuff’ all day as headline news?   The BBC organised the pro-Remain Times to interview a very pro-Remain Chapman who is feeding the Media Remain misinformation, the BBC blasts his views out on the news as if it is gospel and we have him on The Week In Westminster   on the same day.  Chapman has all the usual suspects cheerleading him on Twitter….he does his own cheerleading for Remoaner Tories to be in cabinet…

This is quite obviously an orchestrated attack on Brexit and May in an attempt to pressure her to change course on Brexit and essentially stay in the EU.

It is all pure opinion from Chapman, Remoaner opinion at that….the ECJ is ony a problem for those who want the ECJ to still have oversight over UK affairs…ie Remoaners.  Not as if the EU doesn’t have its own redlines….not least its absolutist redline of freedom of movement…indeed all the four conditions it imposes imperially upon those who want to trade with it inside the Single Market.  Freedom of movement is a political and ideological policy that is intended to break the nation states and undermine national loyalties…it is ‘ethnic cleansing’ of a kind…it is completely unnecessary economically….and it is the biggest single factor that sets a large portion of the people of Europe against the EU.

The BBC has joined forces with the Remain camp in a glaringly obvious piece of news manipulation in an effort to change government policy and pressurise politicians.  The BBC once again seriously interfering in the democratic process and acting in a highly politicised manner.

Perhaps May should replace the leadership of the BBC with an independent commission until it gets its ship in order….clearly unfit for purpose right now.

Lord Hall, photographed in his office at Broadcasting House, London, June 2017