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Not BBC bias but a good friend [from the Islamist and anti-semitic MPACUK] of the BBC responds to the reaction to the C4 Islamist video….he says the negative reaction is the result of a Zionist conspiracy……hate speech?  Will he get his collar felt?….will the BBC et all be damning him as they did with Kevin Myers?  Myers of course was using ‘positive dscrimination’ to praise Jews, this guy is using the old anti-semitic trope of a Jewish cabal running the world for their own advantage….a tad more negative than Myers’ comments……I await the reaction with interest…..And I can’t help thinking maybe there is something to be said for the burka…..


Every cloud has a silver lining

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No opportunity lost at the BBC…absolutely no proof the storms in Texas have anything to do with ‘man-made’ climate change…but the BBC can’t help raising the notion...

Record water levels are only expected to surge following a huge storm in Houston, Texas. Can events like Hurricane Harvey be linked to climate change and if so, what can we do to mitigate them? Professor Sir Brian Hoskins is chair of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College London.

And yes, that’s Brian Hoskins the fanatical pro-climate change alarmist who happens to now work for the fanatical pro-climate change propagandist Grantham Institute.  No bias there then.

There’s never been a storm like it.….ahem…..

There have been many flood disasters in the Houston area, even dating to the mid-1800s when the population was very low. In December of 1935 a massive flood occurred in the downtown area as the water level height measured at Buffalo Bayou in Houston topped out at 54.4 feet.

By way of comparison, as of 6:30 a.m. this (Monday) morning, the water level in the same location is at 38 feet, which is still 16 feet lower than in 1935. I’m sure that will continue to rise.

Are the rainfall totals unprecedented?

Even that question is difficult to answer. The exact same tropical system moving at, say, 15 mph might have produced the same total amount of rain, but it would have been spread over a wide area, maybe many states, with no flooding disaster. This is usually what happens with landfalling hurricanes.

Instead, Harvey stalled after it came ashore and so all of the rain has been concentrated in a relatively small portion of Texas around the Houston area. In both cases, the atmosphere produced the same amount of rain, but where the rain lands is very different. People like those in the Houston area don’t want all of the rain to land on them.

There is no aspect of global warming theory that says rain systems are going to be moving slower, as we are seeing in Texas. This is just the luck of the draw. Sometimes weather systems stall, and that sucks if you are caught under one. The same is true of high pressure areas; when they stall, a drought results.

Image result for flooding in texas 1900


Image result for flooding in texas 1900

Image result for flooding in texas 1900

Image result for flooding in texas 1900

Image result for flooding in texas 1900

As Terrible As Harvey Is, The Galveston Hurricane Of 1900 Was Much, Much Worse

The Great Galveston Hurricane was a Category 4 storm, with winds of up to 145 mph (233 km/h), which made landfall on September 8, 1900, in Galveston, Texas, in the United States, leaving about 6,000 to 12,000 dead. It remains to the present day the deadliest natural disaster in US history.

Truth and Consequences

Dr. Deepa Kumar.

‘Ordinary Muslims’

A senior reporter has left Channel 4 News amid presenting a package last week promoting a racist Islamist who supported ramming attacks. Last Thursday Channel 4 News aired a film presented by reporter Assed Baig showcasing Muslim women who “fight back by rejecting stereotypes”. The film heaped praise on notorious anti-Israel activist Nadia Chan.  Guido

And yet the BBC still employs so many who help promote the exact same cause.

The BBC does not want you to know the truth about Islam and the consequences for British society of the steady encroachment of that ideology upon it….turning Britain back hundreds of years to the kind of society we have spilled large amounts of blood, spent large amounts of treasure, and invested huge amounts of political, social and philosophic time to end.  It is one of the biggest ironies of all that the über liberal BBC should champion an ideology that is innately opposed to every value a liberal progressive holds.  As said before…

‘How strange must our system of politicks appear in future ages, when it appears, that while we were carrying on offensive wars in all quarters of the globe with vast fleets and armies, that an enemy rode triumphant in our own harbours.’                      

As we fight the Islamists with vast armies and at great expense abroad they ride triumphant at home cheerled by the BBC.                    

The BBC spends a good deal of time trying to counter the idea that the consequence of mass Muslim immigration to Europe will be that Islam will rapidly become the dominant ideological narrative that rules Europeans’ lives…and today we see the BBC is still cheerleading for Islam even as we hear yet more evidence that things are not going to end well…and I don’t mean the violence, I mean the social and political ‘creep’ of Islamisation and attitudes prevalent in Muslim communities….’Jihad’ by demographics, by law, by politics, by the media….all using the tactic of using ‘Islamophobia’ as a means to guilt-trip people into bowing to Muslim blackmail….if you don’t comply then you are a racist islamophobe and Muslims will be justified in becoming angry and radicalised….bombs and truck attacks are your fault.

Today we hear a 5 year old white christian girl has been placed with quite clearly religious Muslims…twice….she was not allowed to eat her own food, was told that European women are stupid and alcoholic and that Christmas and Easter are stupid, that she should learn Arabic and that her crucifix necklace was taken off her.  Kind of akin to child abuse you might suggest putting any child in such a placement never mind a non-Muslim.

The BBC begs to differ and has immediately come out with a counter narrative that tells us how wonderful Muslim foster carers are…

‘My Muslim family and our foster kids’

Here, we speak to a Muslim woman whose family has been fostering children from all religions for 25 years.

For as long as she can remember, Esmat Jeraj’s family has taken in foster children.

Their London home where she lives with her Mum, Dad, brother and sister has provided care and affection to some 60 children over a quarter of a century.

Some, like Esmat, have been Muslim, but there’s been a real mix of Christians, Hindus and Sikhs too.

“I have never found ethnicity, race or religion has been an issue,” says the 28-year-old community organiser.


We know that is bunkum…multiculturalism fosters distrust and a breakdown in communities….curiously as today the BBC told us…

Meik Wiking’s new book, The Little Book of Lykke: The Danish Search for the World’s Happiest People, takes his readers on a global pursuit of happiness by gathering evidence, stories and tips from the happiest corners of the planet and presenting the ultimate guide on to how to find inner fulfilment. He joins us on the programme.

We are told that for a happy society you need a sense of belonging, a sense of family, togetherness, trust and security…and you don’t get that in societies where different peoples and cultures are forced to live together but which in no way integrate…and in many cases have no intention of integrating.

We know this from previous studies such as this famous one...note the ‘BBCesque’ attitude [as above] that this study shouldn’t be published without a counter-narrative to ‘disprove’ it…….

A bleak picture of the corrosive effects of ethnic diversity has been revealed in research by Harvard University’s Robert Putnam, one of the world’s most influential political scientists.

His research shows that the more diverse a community is, the less likely its inhabitants are to trust anyone – from their next-door neighbour to the mayor.

This is a contentious finding in the current climate of concern about the benefits of immigration. Professor Putnam told the Financial Times he had delayed publishing his research until he could develop proposals to compensate for the negative effects of diversity, saying it “would have been irresponsible to publish without that”.

The core message of the research was that, “in the presence of diversity, we hunker down”, he said. “We act like turtles. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it’s not just that we don’t trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don’t trust people who do not look like us.”

The BBC’s extremist immigration policies promise a future society at war with itself…if it’s not already.

The BBC is dangerous for our society, for peace, cohesion and stability.


To any non-Muslim reader of the Koran, Islamophobia – fear of Islam – seems a natural reaction, and, indeed, exactly what that text is intended to provoke. Judged purely on its scripture – to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques – it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions in its heartlessness towards unbelievers. As the killer of Theo Van Gogh told his victim’s mother this week in a Dutch courtroom, he could not care for her, could not sympathise, because she was not a Muslim.

The trouble with this disgusting arrogance and condescension is that it is widely supported in Koranic texts, and we look in vain for the enlightened Islamic teachers and preachers who will begin the process of reform. What is going on in these mosques and madrasas? When is someone going to get 18th century on Islam’s medieval ass?






The BBC voice


This small quote from Adrian Chiles demonstrates all that is wrong with the BBC and its employees…its smug superiority and condescending attitude…..Trump was talking about sending troops to Afghanistan and the need to deal with Pakistan…Chiles decides he knows much better and Trump needs his advice…

‘Has he has Pakistan explained to him?…It’s a complicated place’

Encapsulates the whole BBC attitude towards Trump.


Flying the Flag…of Convenience


Image result for bbc eu flag


The BBC continues to fly the flag for the EU reporting every utterance from the undemocratic and corrupt not-so-superstate as if it was the truth set upon tablets of stone whilst anything the British say is treated with scepticism, disdain and mockery…Ed Stourton laughing along with a Eurocrat who was deriding the British stance claiming he just didn’t know what sort of cake you could have and eat it at the same time.  The BBC’s interpretation of anything the British negotiators say is entirely negative….the conclusion is usually that our demands are entirely unworkable and unacceptable to the EU…and of course we must shape our demands to suit the EU mustn’t we?  Well, according to the BBC we must.

The BBC has always tried to paint the British position as chaotic, unplanned, unprepared and aimless, intransigent and hopelessly simplistic and over-expectant….pretty much how the EU wants it to be seen as.  When do you see the EU criticised as unrealistic, untruthful, slow, unwilling to compromise, employing disruptive and delaying tactics meant to ensure Brexit fails or is at least completed on the worst possible terms for Britain.  And the real problem is that not ony do we have collaborators working behind the lines, ie the Labour Party amongst many others, we have a BBC that refuses to challenge the EU/Remian narrative and in fact does all it can to promote the idea that Brexit is over and that the best we can hope for is a ‘soft Brexit’…in other words we stay in the EU.  Naturally we will be at the mercy of the EU then…something the BBC doesn’t dwell on.

The last week or so we have seen the Position Papers published and the BBC has done its usual hatchet job painting a picture of doom, of the impossibility, naivity and stupidity of the British position….nothing the British want is possible, or sensible it seems.  We had Emma Barnett tell us that it was ‘only common sense to stay in the ECJ’ and the BBC’s apparent legal expert, Clive Coleman, tell us we would always be subject to the ECJ…just like Canada….lol.

The BBC seems to be under the impression that the ECJ is some international court that is set above ‘national’ interests when the truth is it is the EU, not ‘European’, Court of Justice…it represents the EU’s interests and is known as a highly political court that takes decisions based as much upon the political effect as the legal….the political effect being beneficial to the EU of course.

When May said the ECJ would have absolutely no direct jurisdiction over British laws the BBC decided this meant it would still therefore be making rulings that governed British law over-riding the British Supreme Court…but that is total nonsense.  What May meant, and indeed is the case with all countries, is that if you want to sell goods or services to, for example, the EU, then the manufacturer of those goods must make sure the products comply with the law of the land they are to be exported to…this in no way means the ECJ [or the EUCJ as it should be known] has any jurisdiction in the UK…any court action for breaching local law would be in the EU not in the UK.  The BBC began to peddle the idea that this menat May had softened Brexit and that Remainers should be cheering.

The BBC of course set the ECJ scare stories running with an orchestrated little plot in which it organised an interview between the Times’ Sam Coates and the increasingly unhinged Remain fanatic James Chapman…the Times being very pro-Remain…..naturally this was meant to place a bit of distance between the BBC and the interview, the BBC however, as is its way, ‘reported’ on the interview and what was said…and we had weeks of stories about legal apocalypse cumulating in James Chapman’s old boss, George Osborne, printing front page alarmist stories about Brexit causing cancer and the end of Euratom…another part of Chapman’s Brexit scaremongering interview…and of course the BBC gleefully gave that all masses of publicity.

Not surprisingly Sam Coates turned up again this week on the BBC to discuss the ‘news’ that a document had been found at the Home Office that said Britain would be at the mercy of terrorists and criminals if we left the EU….but this had been suppressed during the referendum as it was too much like ‘project fear’ and would be unbelieveable.  Hmmmm…this from a Remian campaign that said leaving the EU would end in world war three?  Coates was sure we ‘would be more at risk’ if we leave the EU, he added that even if the document wasn’t used [lol] it would still be useful as a checklist to hold the government to account after Brexit….hmmm…so everytime a bomb goes off or a lorry ‘drives itself’ into some pedestrians it’s going to be the fault of Brexit!!?

The narrative that Remain decided not use the scare story just wasn’t true…the Remain campaign used that alarmist tale about terrorism and crime relentlessly as any google will show…perhaps that is why the ‘sensational revelation’ has died a death and we haven’t heard much about it after the first great reveal of its scoop by the BBC….or perhaps because the actual premise of the story is bunkum….one the British intelligence services are much better than the Europeans’ and two…er…we have much better border control… even this BBC report from 2016 points out…

EU referendum: The debate around counter-terrorism

Odd isn’t it how such ‘reality checks’ can be forgotten when convenient by the BBC?

Here’s the Remain camp ‘not’ scaremongering about terror and Brexit…

EU referendum: Leaving EU ‘big gamble’ for UK security

And look, here’s the utterly untrustworthy Remainer Keir Starmer in the Guardian…

Criminals and terrorists will rejoice if we leave the EU



It’s interesting to consider how the BBC chooses to report on an issue, because you KNOW it will never be from a pro-British perspective. Take this story on the tiresome EU “negotiations” – note how it leads with the view as seen by the EU! The BBC is a loathsome and persistent opponent of a soveriegn United Kingdom and it’s entire coverage of Brexit is a joke. I wouldn’t mind except it forces me to pay for it.