10 Responses to Cultural Diversion

  1. All Lives Matter says:

    Antifa attack a peaceful white nationalist rally, several dead, all caused by far-left violence. Trump decides to be diplomatic by denouncing “hate from many sides” and the BBC criticised him for not specifically identifying the far-right – even though they were clearly the victims in this, regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

    So not only is the BBC victim-blaming, but they’re also not-so-subtly associating Trump with the far-right in a way that they’d never do to Corbyn for using weasel words about Venezuela.

    Anyone who still thinks the BBC must be impartial because both sides attack it is a moron. The right criticise it for lack of balance, unprofessional interviews, misleading reports and bigotry towards Britons and the West in general. The left criticise it for allowing ANY dissenting opinions, however outnumbered, to be broadcast at all.


  2. Deborahanother says:

    I believe they had the correct authority for the march but the other lot who turned up didnt. Mind you there are some seriously weird people on that march nazi helmets and all.Violence was pre planned as ever by the left.America is the home of free speech so they say.


  3. Manxman says:

    I Wonder what it is that appeals to the human psyche about music, we virtually all like music of some kind.
    Any way this young woman grew on me for a short while, i like her personality, and body shape, you can tell underneath the 20 something having fun that she is quite smart.

    Posh totty. let-us begin………..she is right up in the Rees-Mogg class by the sound of her, fun tho.

    Deborah, the Left ”fight for or against anything they imagine is right or wrong,………………but most of all they war for peace…………..really, they will fight eternally for eternal peace………..either that or they start paying tax’s and grow out of it.


  4. Mice Height says:


  5. Mice Height says:


    • Grant says:

      I love what he is saying but can’t he afford a shirt and a haircut ? But his mind is very smart. Great stuff !


  6. Manxman says:

    He has it nailed down Mice, pitty appearance will trump knowledge if you put the vid up in facebook etc.

    Unless you sold the vid as a bit of Alt-Right bashing then they would get a surprise, a beta-nazi.
    You would have to trick lefties into watching it.

    And ps,…………..those bbc bastards attributed those ”you will not replace us” chants to the Right, when it was the blm crew chanting it.


  7. Manxman says:

    ”I Wonder what it is that appeals to the human psyche about music, ”

    I’ve been pondering that now for 2 hours, even whilst listening to the long haired dude, and i reckon its a legacy thing.
    Some where along our evolutionary path the heavens have sang to us, or some kind of audible earth resonance.
    The heavens sing like whale song, we just dont hear it anymore, maybe its time to think about something else.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Manxie mate! You live on an island and you have to ask?!!!

      I was at the seaside one time, on a strange strip of land that runs out into the sea but close to its curve to the shore. The combination of a very gentle wind and incoming or outgoing tide was perfect to produce, with the help of the gravel, an amazing musical sound. It was at dusk, too, and the sun had just disappeared below the horizon. Never heard anything like it before or since.

      It was a magical moment.

      The BBC informed and educated me a few years ago, via Radio 4 and on the TODAY Programme, too, that a scientist researcher had discovered that, IIRC, only four animal types, including humankind, have the ability to sing.


  8. Manxman says:

    I must have listened to this 50 times now, its on my wall…………..The top vid in the opening post,didnt think much of the 2nd one, but like the long haired dude….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9FzVhw8_bY

    And heres another i play quite a few times a day, sometimes the full version sometimes the short one,………
    See the black guy in the background, watch his ”natural” movement…

    Yes you maybe right about the ocean.