Gung Ho Trumpo! Good Cop Bad Cop


The BBC is failing miserably to report with any insight or accuracy what is actually going on in the sparring between North Korea and the US….the BBC actually compared this to the Cuban Missile Crisis…except it is Trump who is the bad guy….er…isn’t it North Korea that is threatening the US with nuclear devastation?

Here is the BBC foolishness encapsulated in one paragraph…

President Trump celebrated action of a monetary kind when the UN agreed new sanctions against Pyongyang. But it was only days before he was boasting about America’s military might and warning of “fire and fury” if North Korea threatened the US.

The BBC reports that as if his threats of ‘fire and fury’ were not part of the strategy to get those sanctions…..clearly they were.  The BBC is a waste of space.

The BBC position is that Trump is recklessly out of control making dangerous, fiery, provocative speeches that will plunge the world into war against a hapless North Korea that merely wants to talk…its own threatening language merely a cry for attention.  The BBC presents those around Trump as the real government and the only voices to listen to.  When Trump first made his ‘fire and fury’ speech the BBC insisted that others in the administration were playing down his words and were saying it will never happen, they are seeking a diplomatic solution….the BBC studiously failed to report the strong words of General Mattis backing up Trump on this occasion…or that Trump is not actually looking to go to war…it is sabre rattling for effect….


Things move on and Trump smashes into the critics of his words by saying he was in fact not tough enough…the BBC continues to report that ‘others’ are apparently undermining him and seeking a different course….the BBC oddly now wants to report what Mattis says in more recent comments…though twisting his intent…

His latest post came hours after his Defence Secretary Jim Mattis attempted to cool tensions by emphasising a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

But wait…he also said he was ready for war however unwanted that was…

When asked about US military plans for a potential conflict, Mr Mattis said the country was ready, but he would not “tell the enemy in advance what I’m going to do”.

The BBC presents Mattis’ comments as if they mean he is not actually prepared to go to war and that the US diplomatic effort is actually separate from Trump and is continuing despite him…when the fact is that effort is enhanced, deliberately, by Trump’s words…and what did Mattis actually say?...

“Do I have military options? Of course I do,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters traveling with him to the West Coast yesterday. “And of course, there’s a military solution.” But Mattis said he wanted to be “loud and clear,” that for now, “we want to use diplomacy. That’s where we’ve been, that’s where we are right now, and that’s where we hope to remain.”  

Trump makes such strong threats in order to create a reaction and he has got it.  The BBC says it has no idea who the intended audience is for Trumps’ message but Fraser Nelson in the Telegraph is quite clear…the intended audience is mainly the Chinese not North Korea…Trump knows the only real solution is to ‘persuade’ the Chinese to put very real and effective pressure upon North Korea, which depends absolutely upon China for everything, to change its behaviour.  And lo and behold China agrees to impose serious sanctions upon North Korea.

Trump has had a success, the BBC just haven’t a clue…they just refuse to report seriously on anything Trump does preferring instead to malign or mock him and yet as far as I can see he’s doing pretty well so far around the world….certainly making more of an impact than Obama who everybody knew they could afford to ignore in reality.

The BBC always brings on commentators who are pathologically opposed to Trump [such as David Frum who seems to loathe Trump whom he declares is the ‘crisis’ and a threat to western democracy] and will say the most outrageous and stupid things about him and yet the BBC laps it up and regurgitates it as ‘news’.  The man who sent the Tweet above, ex BBC journo Mark Seddon, was on today…here’s some choice words from him about Trump…

Now is not the time for this extraordinary language [hmmm…yes it is], it is staggeringly dreadful, it must stop…North Korea is not a serious threat…it is purely Trump ratcheting things up…the response of the Trump adminsitration is pretty irresponsible’

The pompous and conceited Seddon has no idea and is just channelling his [and the BBC’s similar] contempt and hatred of Trump rather than sitting back and actually assessing what is really going on…shallow and sensationalist crap from him and the BBC…


Nothing has worked over decades with North Korea…..if it takes some hardline arm twisting so be it.


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58 Responses to Gung Ho Trumpo! Good Cop Bad Cop

  1. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Hi Alan, you are too kind to the BBC when you call them a “waste of space”.

    Rather they are a waste of taxpayers money, an affront to news journalism, and an enemy to the British people.

    Everything else in your report I agree with – excellent. I hadn’t thought that maybe Trump’s messages were mainly for the ears of the Chinese leadership – but on reflection that makes perfect sense.


    • The General says:

      North Korea threatens to launch missiles at US territory 2000 miles away into and jeopardizing a population of 164,000 souls, so Trump reacts with a ‘dangerous, fiery, provocative speech’…….And that is wrong ???!!!!!!!!!


      • Guest Who says:

        This is the BBC.

        When that mad bag Kirchner was looking for ways to distract the people of Argentina from less than stellar domestic policies, she reached back for the Galtieri grab bag of threats on The Falklands.

        Rather sensibly, given past history, the U.K. stepped up defensive measures.

        So of course BBC Dateline Gav assembles the Malvinas Four to all solemnly agree with him that the U.K was being provocative and ‘sabre-rattling’.

        If the BBC has a narrative to push, NOTHING will be allowed to get in the way.

        The BBC would see all Asia (bar the bit they actually usually mean) reduced to glass just to let Katty Kay punt out a snarky tweet about Melania’s high heels.


  2. Grant says:

    Is Mark Seddon , whoever he is , talking about Kim ? If not , why not ?


  3. Deborahanother says:

    Trump has a clear world foreign policy and has done since his election campaign .It includes the sorting out of the China trade manipulations that have gone on for decades.All from a position of strength. I am sure he is not going to order a preemptive strike on North Korea as the hysterical MSM are hoping. His policies are discussed in detail on some of the more sane American sites.Maybe the BBC needs to look further than the Guardian or CNN for its fake news.
    Far from being in chaos the Trump administration has worked out policies and are enacting them .The problem for the BEEB is they are the opposite to the messiah Obamas .


    • Wild says:

      The Left want a nuclear strike. They are sick in the head. The sooner people realise this the better. They want it so they can say “We were right to be so angry about Trump”. Yes, they really are that narcissistic. The best definition of the Left I have seen is “Malignant Narcissism”.


      • Grant says:

        Wild ,

        The Left have never cared about how many innocent people die , if it suits their perverted ideology. They are sub-human.


    • chrisH says:

      The BBC and the idiot Left have had well over 40 years of using the free world as a lab rab experiment.
      And all to reward their self satisfaction, snobbery and permanent guily tripping. But using the little people as filler and sandbags, guinea pigs and shock troops-expendable and deplorable.
      Good as fifty years in fact-1968 and onwards.
      And now we`ve given them Trump and Brexit…ungrateful thickies or what?
      Who can forget David Miliband wanting Blair to be the new EU President?( who`d have thought that Junkcer could be every bit as crap?). Blairs sole recommendation for this?
      That Miliband thought it would be “eye-catching”…that finally, we`d have somebody who could “stop the traffic in Beijing” if he came to town.
      That was the day that the BBC and the Left/EU died as being anything other than a love fest for the starburst fairies who live in magic money trees and like migrants.
      International Rescue…as if Thunderbirds was now made into life form pavement art.


  4. john in cheshire says:

    The far-left bbc was humiliated and put in its place during the President’s early press sessions ( pace Mr Sopel and that Kuentsberg woman) and like all God hating collectivists they are unable to ever forgive or forget. Or recognise and accept when they are wrong. Consequently, they are unable to be rational about anything President Trump says or does.


  5. Fedup says:

    America has to be tough with NK/china. And President Trump talks tough. If NK was thinking about a show of force which would they prefer to deal with ? President Trump or the previous weak Democrat?

    Al Beeb is still in a stage of grief about a women democrat not getting the job. Even if there is a ‘good’ outcome from this situation President Trump will still be the bad guy. If there is a bad outcome we won’t have to worry because no one will be paying their tv licence tax anymore.

    Come back Alistaire Cooke


    • Grant says:


      A lot of the problems today derive from Obama’s weakness. Every despot knows that he was a pussycat .


      • Synchronised says:

        Seems to me that the bBBC are only interested in reporting Trump’s rhetoric while ignoring NK’s chest thumping. As for Merkel’s request for UN security council involvement, do me a favour. The Western governments should be supporting the US and stop hiding behind the sofa. Years of that behaviour has got us to our current situation of being frightened to even mention Islam.


        • Charlie Martel says:

          Yes Synch, it’s years of appeasement towards the psychotic, murderous ‘Kim’ dynasty that allowed them to develop their nuclear weapons. The UN would be useless.


          • john in cheshire says:

            I’ve read, I think on zero hedge but I could be wrong, that the technology for producing nuclear weapons was sold to North Korea by the USA while Bill Clinton was President.


            • pertelote says:

              Clintons are fuckwits imo
              Idiots probably?
              Nasty pieces of work..deffo!


            • Pounce says:

              I think you will find that North Korea’s nuke tech came from Russia during the 60s. Not only that but the Russians trained North Korean scientists . Yes the US did hand over 2 advanced nuclear reactors during the 90s, but they were of a design which cannot be turned over for fission material production. There are also unconfirmed rumours that Pakistan has helped. The current nuke program in NK is funded by Iran, who have a military detachment based in Korea .


              • charmbrights says:

                Pounce: “… Iran, who have a military detachment based in Korea .”

                I bet everyone is fightng for THAT posting!


      • Fedup says:

        Agree grant – that’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t mention his name in my post. I don’t think history will be very kind to him- President Trump’s option sheet for dealing with NK must be a tricky read. I understand the Key is ensuring that NK remains a buffer state for China.

        And if NK fires a test missile to upset the Japanese it could really get hot.

        It’s a failure of albeeb to explain this crisis with out rolling out the standard abuse of President Trump.


      • Demon says:

        “Every despot knows that he was a pussycat .”

        I think they knew he was a scaredy-cat.


  6. ScottishCalvin says:

    The unfortunate thing is that every possible outcome is utterly deathridden. All of which will be Trumps fault presumably, no matter what…

    My attempt to find humour in it:


  7. ScottishCalvin says:

    The unfortunate thing is that every possible outcome is utterly deathridden. All of which will be Trumps fault presumably, no matter what…

    My attempt to find humour in it:


    • Grant says:


      ” Sean Connery has the most realistic hairpiece “. LOL !


    • chrisH says:

      The great Scottish Calvin gives us a weeks news in 90 seconds. Pithy and wonderful as ever.
      Refuse to let my wife hear his voice though-reckon there`s a big bunch of women of a certain age who`d fall under this mans brogue…
      I do subtitles!…just make them up, she never listens to me anyway!


      • Grant says:


        He speaks posh Scots !!!


        • Amounderness Lad says:

          Yup, he definitely has a posh Edinburgh Anglo/Scottish accent. In fact it’s about 80% Anglo and only 20% Scottish which probably explains his loud, massive over-compensations when it comes to his attitude to things Scottish


          • ScottishCalvin says:

            As I’ve said a few times, most people thing Scotland=Glasgow which is about as truthful as England=Middlesborough or wherever. I’m from the North of Scotland, albeit I did also go to Durham, my wife’s American and I live near Canary Wharf. Goodness knows what my kids are going to sound like… ‘things Scottish’ – ? I just disagree about what people perceive as “Scottish” Especially when the SNP is being run by Sturgeon. I quite liked it years ago when it was a clique of right wing economists wanting to set away oil revenue for the future and hadn’t been taken over as a socialist movement largely intend on threatening Westminster in exchange for more subsidy.


          • Grant says:


            I do not have a clue what you are talking about.


  8. Flere Imsaho says:

    Colonel Oliver North (remember him!) says this:-
    I am a firm believer that the military option should be on the table. But before we do that, we should exhaust all other opportunities. And I’m not talking about months more of these so-called dialogues where they continue to build weapons while we talk to them.

    What we have to do is convince President Xi in Beijing that we are deadly serious about this, because the only leverage we have is really China. So what the president needs to do is:

    (1) Press President Moon in South Korea to let us bring in as many THAAD missile systems as we can deliver, and even press Israel to provide the Iron Dome or David’s Sling systems to deal with North Korean artillery.

    (2) Return the tactical nukes back to Korea that we withdrew in the 1990s.

    (3) Deploy another carrier strike group in addition to the one there, the Reagan, and more long-range strike aircraft and air-to-air tankers to Guam and Okinawa. These are visible activities that will get the attention of if not Xi, at least the Politburo.

    (4) They need to deploy search-and-rescue assets. How about asking Xi if we can base some SAR assets in China to recover aircrews. Unlikely he’s gonna agree, but it may wake up the Politburo.

    (5) Deploy the USNS Mercy, the hospital ship, from San Diego to Pusan, and the US Naval Ship Comfort from Norfolk to Japan. That shows we’re serious, and we’re getting ready.

    (6) Deploy a US Navy/Marine Expeditionary Unit back into the region.

    (7) Dust off the target lists, in other words, additional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets.

    (8) Deliver biological and chemical protection equipment to the Republic of Korea.

    (9) Pray that Xi sees the light so we don’t have to use the military option.


    • Grant says:


      Ollie North , there is a blast from the past !

      I am not a military man so I cannot comment. I shall rely on the BBC’s Defence Correspondant, Frank Gardner , to advise me .


      • chrisH says:

        Saw Ollie North give this nine-point list for dealing with North Korea.
        Not a military man, unlike our resident go to guys here like Pounce. But it was a compelling clear and a quite brilliant analysis as I heard it, so would trust it 100%
        Wouldn`t you have thought that CNN and the BBC would have welcomed Ollies return…to trash the GOP maybe?
        But no-not a peep-so suggest you find it and hear for yourself.
        A TV natural is the Colonel!
        And well done to the courteous interviewer who knew to shut up and listen…might catch on here one day, who knows?


  9. Manxman says:

    Or theres the Maxine waters way.

    That is find out what North Korea wants,…………….and give it to them………problem solved the progressive way.

    Or also known as surrender.
    The rest of us not on planet progressia know that what ping pong joey wants is what ISIS wants,……………the clues are in their rhetoric, just like when a muzzy says he will cut your head off, he means it,………and if little phat joey bollocks could nuke america he would, so give the citizens of nk 2 weeks to move to the countries borders then nuke it flat…….that will slow their nuclear ambitions down, and china will get the message,……”nukes arent just for looking at” have a nice day ya little fat khunt.

    Then just for fun, trumpy could tweet the bbc is next., a surgical nuclear strike.


  10. Manxman says:

    ps just in,………………..trump replies to NK missile re-arranging….



  11. Grant says:

    BBC Website ” Mixed messages on N. Korea “. It would never occur to the thickos at the BBC that this may be deliberate policy by Trump. A sort of carrot and stick approach. The sheer ignorance of Beeboids never ceases to amaze me. Morons.


    • Synchronised says:

      Spot on Grant. He doesn’t speak the language of the liberal elite so therefore he’s a buffoon. Trump just says it as he sees it but in beeb towers they just can’t accept he’s not as stupid as they would like him to be.


      • Clare says:

        Yes, they’re too stupid to realise that he’s doing it for a reason. Middle America gets it, the E and W coasts and the MSM don’t.


        • NISA says:

          In my time the UK & US lefty MSM have thought all US Republican presidents either stupid or liars, certainly from Nixon on. Before that I’m sure Truman’s down home style put him in the stupid category. Did Ike get a pass cos he won the war, unlike Truman who only brought it to a conclusion?


    • Zelazek says:

      I absolutely agree with your point here, Grant, and the comments of Synch, Clare and NISA. The BBC always thought Reagan was thick, an actor incapable of anything except reading lines, but it was his standing up to the USSR that was a major factor in the collapse of Soviet Communism. Trump too is much more intelligent than the BBC thinks he is. And the BBC doesn’t understand that Kim-Jong un, a crazy member of a crazy family, is determined not to abandon his nuclear programme. Some US president, sooner or later, will have to deal with North Korea. This mad regime has been a growing menace for over half a century and will not stop being a risk to world peace until firm action is taken against them. As Cato the Elder said about one of Ancient Rome’s enemies that continued to rebuild and present a new threat after every defeat – Carthage Must Be Destroyed.


      • Grant says:

        Zelazek and all posters above,

        It is all pretty obvious to us, but not to Leftie idiots. Trump is not stupid and he will be getting excellent military and intelligence advice. The BBC are just piqued that they are the last to know.

        Obama was a fake and had no balls. But imagine if he had been doing exactly what Trump is doing. Leftists would be telling another story. Pathetic people.


        • chrisH says:

          Leading From Behind.
          Strategic Patience.

          Yes, Obama gave us zip…but these two phrases sum up the whole Lefty mindset.

          Trump happens to think that We the People voted for him, or helped him via Brexit.
          The BBC think otherwise and still presume to take all the front seats at the News pantomine they used to think was theirs to direct.
          Sorry lefty scum-Trumps WAY over your heads-and We the People will exact a revenge on those who dare to stuff our mouths with their old Muslim Marxist gimp shorts and sweatsocks.
          Just biding our times….


      • chrisH says:

        You can see the BBCs problem though.
        Kim Jong Un is only the latest flatpack dictator off the Stalinist compost heap and has had the conch shell to himself and his rotten murdering spunkstains who spawned him.
        This dynasty thing is very much what the BBC require of their “leaders and commentariat”. You know where you are, old school tie and all that. Hence…Kennedys…Clintons…Attenboroughs….Dimblebys…Kinnocks and Benns…all those red and pink homeopathic dilutions of niceness that the political elite and the media seek to rule over we the unconnected.
        Trumps mum was a Scottish Royalist with a Bible…eurgggh!
        So unlike dear lamented Hillary and Henry Dimbleby the Turd!
        Thankfull the next tranche of lotus eating slipper suckers for Abdul are all gay and childless-so the BBC and the elite will die in a spent condom in the next few years.
        My point-Kims Dynasty is at least “sanctioned and approved” by the BBC-none of that democracy stuff when the Royal Blood comes calling-even if AIDS infected.


  12. NISA says:

    Alan informs us above of the biased views of Mark Seddon. Among other BBC juveniles he could add Anthony Zurcher,
    North America reporter for output such as “Donald Trump’s nuclear fixation – from the 1980s to now


    • Grant says:


      I read that one . Utterly childish. I am not old enough to remember but did the Left accuse JFK of a “nuclear fixation ” during the Cuba missile crisis ?


      • Wild says:

        Castro wanted a nuclear holocaust.


        • Wild says:

          As late as the 1980’s Castro “pressed hard for a tougher Soviet line against the U.S. up to and including possible nuclear strikes.”


          • chrisH says:

            Ah yes Wild-but only in a metaphorical sense. The Left are forever correct.
            Witness Corbyn citing “bread lines” in Caracas as proof of socialist solidarity.
            And that marvellous improving literacy rate, so they can read the allergy policy on the food wrappers thrown out of Maduros window as he drives past.
            Funny that-Bread Lines are signs of healthy community says Jez.
            But here they`re called food banks and are terrible…all that night starvation and holiday hunger as well.
            Do Specsavers do rose tinted lefty monocles? Or is that Harley St and Commie BUPA members only?


  13. john in cheshire says:

    Just now on radio 4 extra, John Finnemore, apparently a comedian. He uses the word Golliwog in one of his sketches, which I presume was pre-approved by the far-left bbc hierarchy. Carol Thatcher uses the same word in the green room and she’s never again heard on the far-left bbc. That epitomises the whole ethos of the corrupt organisation; something is only forbidden if it’s said by someone they don’t like. Isn’t that so, Adrian Chiles and Jo Brand?


    • maxincony says:

      John in cheshire,

      Carol Thatcher uses the same word in the green room and she’s never again heard on the far-left bbc.

      Carol Thatcher was not dropped for “using the same word”.

      She was drunk and repeatedly called Jo-Wilfried Tsonga “a golliwog”, “a half-golliwog” and “a golliwog frog”.

      She wasn’t dropped for that either; she was dropped because she refused to make a public apology.

      A TV chat show that needs to attract guest stars isn’t going to have much a future if one of the regular contributors thinks it’s funny to describe Black people as Golliwogs.

      Your supposed moral equivalence is fatuous nonsense.

      Oh and by the way, did you notice what was on just before John Finnemore on BBC Radio 4 Extra:

      Andrew Lawrence: How Did We End Up Like This?

      The very same “Andrew Lawrence” who is apparently; “ Banned from the BBC”.

      How strange…


  14. maxincony says:


    Here is the BBC foolishness encapsulated in one paragraph…

    …The BBC reports that as if his threats of ‘fire and fury’ were not part of the strategy to get those sanctions…..clearly they were. The BBC is a waste of space.

    Trump made his ‘fire and fury’ threat three days after the UN voted for sanctions.

    His “strategy to get those sanctions” was to make threats after he’d got those sanctions???

    …the BBC studiously failed to report the strong words of General Mattis backing up Trump on this occasion…

    Here is the BBC “studiously” failing to report the strong words of General Mattis:

    North Korea warned by Mattis not to invite ‘destruction’

    You call other people “foolish” & “a waste of space”, when producing this garbage?

    You’re a clown, Alan.


    • Grant says:


      Welcome back from your holiday. Did you have a good break ? We especially missed your wit and repartee !!


      • Grant says:

        PS. Glad to see that you still have your crush on Alan !


        • taffman says:

          “you’re a clown” Maxincony.
          Have you any evidence of Al Beeb’s right wing bias to offer us yet?
          Things getting tough at Al Beeb?
          Your posts here are actually letting them down, you do them no favours.
          No, you are the clown!


          • Grant says:


            Got to hand it to Maxiboy. He comes back from his school holidays and still has the brass neck to post here. I really missed his sense of humour. I wonder if his obsession with Alan is ” the love that does not speak its name “. But, I would not want to pry into personal matters.


            • taffman says:

              Is he Alan’s stalker ?
              He has no evidence of Al Beeb’s bias to offer us . He never has .
              Over to you Maxiboy……..


              • Grant says:


                He never answers questions which he does not like. Just pours out invective and insults. Mind you, I was a bit like that age 12, then I think I grew up a bit , maybe !


  15. TruthSeeker says:

    What a great thread.
    Initial analysis by Alan right on the button.
    Followed by total demolition of the AlBeeb bollox by the usual subjects.
    With a Maxi bonus of bollox from our chief Muzzie “critic”, or it the only critic left?
    Current score, BBBC lead 6-0, 6-0, 5-0 40:0.
    If it was a boxing match the towel would have been in the ring before the end of Round One.
    Now the physical destruction of ALBeeb is needed, no permission required from the “authorities”, they abrogated their authority long ago.


    • Grant says:


      If only the BBC had the breadth, depth , expertise and experience of the people who post here, it may improve. But I suspect the BBC will continue to be staffed by a bunch of teenagers.


      • TruthSeeker says:

        Thank you.
        I hereby apply for a position in the New BBC, the replacement for the treasonous pseudo-news , propaganda outlet we have suffered for decades. Naturally the first task will be to do a Heracles and divert the Thames and Irwell through the buildings contaminated by the lefty filth.
        Trouble is I do not have any broadcasting experience.
        The new DG might find me suitable for the position of “Put the ****s who didn’t drown, against a brick wall, RFN”.