Catch ’em young



What we always knew about the BBC attitude…..catch ’em young and keep ’em hooked for life…hence any attempts to criticise the BBC will be met with blinkered, adoring, mindless love for it or indifference to the BBC’s faults…..after all isn’t ‘uncle’ Attenborough so friendly and the animals so cuddly…how’d we cope without the BBC’s warm embrace…never mind the dodgy news and left-wing bigotry, we just love Attenborough….

There’s stiff pressure from the BBC Trust to fulfil its remit of reducing that audience’s age from today’s average of 33 (though he points out the most common age of listener is 23) into the intended 15-24 demographic – the idea being a Radio 1 disciple will stay true to the BBC for life.



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  1. Nibor says:

    The BBCs obsession with young people is quite sinister . Are they still Jimmy Savalling along .
    Of course the BBC think that young people are like Peter Pan , and stay forever young and as stupid as themselves . Old people , coffin dodgers , are made by evil capitalists in gentlemens clubs , although there are one or two nice old people who have been socialists all their life and fear Brexit . Like Vince Cable .


    • STEVONATRON says:

      As Alan said above, a typical and arguably evil strategy of the socialists – whether it’s the BBC or the EU – is to indoctrinate people as young as possible. Whether that’s sexualising them, confusing their sexual identity, and/or just making them believe the BBC and EU paradigm is an essential part of their everyday life.

      The most sickening part is that the BBC is blatantly part of those who are pushing us closer and closer towards accepting paedophilia. They’re already trying to normalise the mental abuse of children by confusing their sexual identity (see my post below), the next logical step is them introducing kids to sexual behaviour at a young age at the same time as depicting paedophiles as “misunderstood” and “victimised”.

      Youtube is already doing this on their own channel – totally ignored by the BBC who otherwise routinely complain about Pewdiepie for him being, in their words, a Nazi.

      Here’s Youtube very openly abusing kids in broad daylight – ignored by the BBC et al:


  2. vesnadog says:


    I can’t understand why someone who supposedly loves animals is so obsessed with showing children other animals ripping other animals apart!?

    Attenborough – blood thirsty fake animal lover!


  3. vesnadog says:

    “Catch ’em young”

    Like this by those in our educated system:



    • vesnadog says:

      These are the kind of deviants who walk the streets hoping to have at least 6 hrs a day with your child without mom and dad even knowing ab out it:


      Notice how young and pretty they are!


  4. STEVONATRON says:

    BBC ‘documentary’ No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free? – taking a class of exclusively white 7-year-old children and ‘intervening’ their boy/girl behaviour for six weeks, trying to make them “gender neutral”. In the end, the Sudanese Iranian “doctor” who hosted the show declared the only achievement was making a lot of kids confused and angry. “I’m worried that all I’ve done is upset a load of kids and none of this has had the slightest effect,” he said.

    I can only hope that result is true.

    Six weeks of open child abuse, paid for and broadcast to the British public in two documentaries, and people just shrug their shoulders and continue as normal. BBC has faced NO repercussions for this, rather they’ve just continued ramming the LGBTQ bullshit even harder in our faces since.


    • [email protected] says:

      Great post, STEVONATRON… I had managed to miss that trainwreck—-What in the hell is the matter with these people and their obsession with perverting natural gender roles ?? Do they lack a knowledge of biology?


      • STEVONATRON says:

        Well it goes like this:

        –Promote feminism to emasculate women
        –Attack the masculinity of white heterosexual male while feminising him
        –Normalise all obscure/perverse fringe-groups of society making the ordinary order of a strong society alien
        –Sexualise children and confuse their sexual identity

        This amongst other attacks is to minimise our reproduction and to ultimately weaken us to a point we can’t defend ourselves as a race of people. It’s also ultimately to move us closer towards accepting paedophilia – look up the 9th Circle, our self-appointed rulers are all in the business of child abuse and have been for generations; the BBC is merely an extension of this.

        If we’re still not convinced this is a deliberate and concerted effort to remove/replace us as a race of people; just read what the UN outlined in the Tony Blair years:


        • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

          Hi Stevonatron. I would tend to agree with elements of your analysis but not your overall thesis – interpretation (assuming what others have said about your overall thesis is true). To discuss this further it would need to be taken to a different website (maybe a disqus channel) where you would be able to spell out your thesis (anonymously), without fear of disrupting the website, and where it could be examined in the details.


          • STEVONATRON says:

            I had no idea I was actually disrupting the website – but if my presence is unwelcome I’ll take my leave.


            • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

              Hi Stevonatron. I don’t know what your overall thesis is – only from what others have said.

              You yourself said you were unable to openly mention certain things – that you had to be careful. Why did you say this? And don’t misquote me. I DID NOT SAY YOU WERE DISRUPTING THIS WEBSITE. I said “where you would be able to spell out your thesis, without fear of disrupting the website. The “fear” I was referring to was your own fear which could be inferred from reading your OWN COMMENTS about your need to be careful in what you say.

              If you now feel free to mention such things – say it now. Say exactly what you meant when you said that Tommy Robinson was hiding his true intentions. Say exactly who is behind the “deliberate and concerted effort to remove/replace us as a race of people”.

              Be clear. Don’t be vague.


  5. Alicia Sinclair says:

    There are no jobs or hope of attention for the typical kid who would once have been seen as normal.
    Far too many kids now want a USP or a brand franchise to make them stand out as special.
    In this way, they can measure their significance or popularity by social media “likes” and “followers”.
    And maybe get a living , a blog/vlog, some product placement and even a chance to get on telly as some kind of freak show role model for younger deviants, misfits or troubled minds.
    Maybe a pantomine or reality show gig and a modelling deal if they`re extreme and offensive, histrionic enough.
    Most have no family worthy of the name and live off screen as smart phone presences only. Excess, drugs, animal passions and griping for attention is all that gets them up in the afternoon,
    I don`t blame them. No attention, no love or care and no instruction or sanctions.
    The liberal spirits all mocked MaryWhitehouse, all lauded Roy Jenkins.
    They mock and praise as well today as if they were right.
    But Mary is in heaven, Roy is in hell surely.


  6. Martin Pinder says:

    Radio 1 disciple? Sad!


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Sinister’ is more like it Martin!

      Isn’t a disciple expected to go out and preach the word?

      And in the BBC’s case, we all know by now what ‘the word’ is.


  7. CompassionateLeave says:

    As odious and dysfunctional as the Internet may sometimes be it is the future and the thing that will eventually kill the BBC off and they know it. You can’t beat the innovative minds that markets bring. The BBC will always be behind the curve.


  8. Clare says:


    Decades ago, “old fashioned” teachers, parents etc claimed that television was an intrinsically inferior source of information and entertainment that would do lasting damage. This was at a time when programme quality was generally higher than it is now. Many disagreed, including myself probably. I don’t remember.

    I have to say though that I now believe that we would be better off if the thing had never been invented. It has gradually eroded our culture, one generation at a time, and now seems determined to finish off what little we have left. It is intrinsically superficial and trivial in its nature. I don’t think that newspapers could have brought about this decline on their own. The rot really set in, IMO, when traditional quality in programming became a relative thing, to be traded off against downmarket pap.

    As you say, the only good thing on the horizon is the freedom of the internet, for all its faults.


    • Clare says:

      Should have been in reply to CompassionateLeave.


    • charmbrights says:

      Most inventions have made life worse for some people, and TV is no different. Just think how many lives would have been saved if the wheel had not been invented!


      • Clare says:

        I don’t think the wheel rots societies from the inside out.

        Parts of the world that have little use for the wheel seem to be quite adept at finding other ways of shortening their lives.


    • Deborahanother says:

      TV is totally corrupted in the hands if the neo Liberals .Sex. drugs violence rape revenge , its all there .But parents allow their children to watch all manner of things that I would never have let mine watch.I don’t get into the Doctor Foster type so called dramas because its just sensationalism.And they wonder why people treat each other so appallingly these days.


      • Oaknash says:

        Agreed Deborah regarding TV.

        The wheels only real relevance to society is that it makes physical tasks easier or more efficient.

        The TV on the other hand is influential on peoples views, opinions and feelings of “well being” from the cradle to the grave. How else are the British public continually “sold” politicians that are weak, cowardly, and dishonest yet those who speak the truth are universally slated. you only need to look at the track record of Corbyn/May vs Farage to see the evident truth in this.

        We can all see the effects of uncontrolled migration on a populace or ridiculously low interest rates on a economy – yet these things are presented by the MSM and particularly on the TV as positives.

        I suppose in all truth in many peoples eyes what they see on TV is a reflection of their own lives (or what they would like their lives to be) . Unfortunately we cant all be sofa eunuchs being paid stellar salaries to talk about football or the love life of royals and reality kicks in once the telly is turned off, however so persuasive is this form of communication that people seem unable to re-adjust back to the reality of real life and therefore carry these same attitudes with them even though they turn out to be socially and self destructive to both the individual and society.

        The left know this and this is why the “meedya” seems to have attracted thousands of libtards as the career of choice (and of course bloated salaries which have little in relation to the real world also helps)

        There is little hope of anything changing until the main channels are forced to stand on their own feet financially – so that their views better reflect the views of the real world ie advertisers and customers rather than the views of the LSE/Sussex University or similair where many of these journos have originated from.

        We can certainly expect no change from within the BBC as their is little self awareness. and as the un-elected Jon Sopel told the democratically elected President of the US THE BBC is “free, fair and impartial. And what little self awareness there is, about their impartiality is tempered because in their viewpoint because they just know they are right. After all they all have degrees which tell them they are all officially much cleverer than the rest of us great unwashed. Who needs reality when you know a lot about Marx?

        I have strayed a tad from my original point but without any strict safeguards to try and ensure impartiality – I am afraid TV, the main opinion former in society today really has become a force for chaos and much misery in the future.