Because you’re worth it…her…not so much!



Apparently there is no pay gap between women and men at Radio 2...

The boss of Radio 2’s pronouncement that “there’s no gender pay issue here at all” has been met with scorn by BBC women.

Lewis Carnie, whose promotion to head of the music station was announced last November, denied that it had a gender pay gap.

“In our case at Radio 2, there is no gender pay gap. No one’s comparing like with like,” he told the Evening Standard.

I’m sure all the women are earning £700,000 like Jeremy Vine for chatting amiably for a couple of hours a day.  Libby Purves asks if the ‘talent’ is really worth all that…….

Speaking at the Henley Literary Festival, broadcaster Libby Purves, who lost her job presenting Midweek earlier this year, said it was “very rare that the magic is in the presenter, it’s in the production”, adding that many stars “went downhill” after leaving the corporation for ITV or Sky.

She said: “I wish the BBC would be just a little bit tougher and say: ‘Actually we’re not going to pay you that because we just really don’t think you’re worth it. You may be Graham Norton but, you know what, I go to the Edinburgh Fringe and there’s lots of Graham Nortons’.”

She added that she had never attempted to negotiate a higher salary. “I find the amounts of money that people are willing to ask for ridiculous,” she said.

Have to say she is right….just why are the likes of Vine paid such eye-watering amounts for such easy work that basically many, many people could do just as well or better for say £30,000?…and they’d think they were lucky to get paid that.


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4 Responses to Because you’re worth it…her…not so much!

  1. Edward says:

    “….just why are the likes of Vine paid such eye-watering amounts for such easy work that basically many, many people could do just as well or better for say £30,000?…”

    It isn’t so much about the money, though, is it Alan?

    The BBC has always been suspicious of “outsiders”. The idea that people like us (plebs) could ever get onto the BBC platform in any shape or form – despite the fact that WE own the fucking thing! – is a dream not worth going to bed for.

    My understanding of the BBC today is this: If you fit the agenda, you’re in!

    I don’t fit the agenda.

    Why does the BBC constantly employ the same old limited talent when they have no obligation to do so. The BBC’s obligation is to satisfy the licence fee payers (twats like us!).

    YouTube will take over TV altogether. I’d rather watch a video of a Japanese cat doing funny things than a BBC news rerun of Theresa May coughing, which was still running more than 24 hours AFTER the event!

    It is time to take down the BBC. It saddens me to say it. But the BBC has had its chance. It is time for it to end.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      I love YouTube but many (if not all?) TVs stopped supporting it in June this year. It isn’t available through my telly anymore. I only wish I could say the same about Beeby. I’d rather pay for YouTube & loose The BBC channels & licence tax.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Events fly past but I do recall that on the day of the PMs coughing fit – sorry – speach – al Beeb released the findings of it equal pay inquiry which was conducted independently by the finest maths brain in the nation – a ms d. Abbot ( false news )… I think is was by one of those dodgy accounting firms which advised cable over Royal Mail and made a killing – or did the financing for Enron – or dodgy mortgages leading to the crash …..anyway

    The result was – no evidence of systematic bias – a caveat here – I didn’t actually read it . Or saw it. Did anyone ?

    I could care less if they pay more to queers than men or wimin or visa Versa . I just think they are all bloody overpaid with taxpayer dosh in order to continue the plan to undermine Blighty whenever possible,

    I care less as I don’t and will never pay that accursed licence tax. Has Farage been summonsed yet?


  3. StewGreen says:

    The agents would be the ones who can explain how Vine’s salary rose to £700K etc.
    You’d expect the BBC to have a set of anti-agents who can cut salaries down.

    Women earn less ? No Anne Robinson amassed a fortune of £40m cos she became the “Weakest Leak” brand