They’re behind you…to the hilt!!!


Tories who want to lose an election so that we are forced to stay in the EU.  Traitors to Party, Country, Democracy and The People?


Curious how Boris has been absolutely pilloried by the BBC over the last three weeks and his ‘disloyalty’ to May highlighted and denounced.

Odd how ‘Remain’ Tory MPs are not so treated as they actually seek to unseat May as PM never mind try to influence how Brexit is negotiated which was apparently Boris’ crime.

Grant Shapps and Ed Vaizey have been leading the charge on the BBC to remove May from office [the BBC has been helpfully spinning that May is a disaster and can’t last long as PM]…both of them are Remain…and you have to suspect most of the alleged plotters against May will be also.

So who is the most disloyal, who are the backstabbing little traitors, who are betraying May?  More important why?

The BBC tells us Boris was ‘disloyal’ for raising his voice in support of May’s ‘Brexit means Brexit’ slogan but Tory MP’s who want to unseat May are not?  These MP’s seek to force another election which they know that they will in all likelihood lose to Corbyn.  Why?  Because they put their loyalty to the EU before their Party, before their country, before democracy and before the people of this country.  They hope Corbyn and a change in government will create such confusion and distraction that there will be an excuse to stop Brexit.

Hardcore Remainer Amber Rudd slips the knife in suggesting May should ‘not resign’…..with the implication that she might have cause to do so…as the Telegraph notes…’However, in calling on Mrs May to stay as Prime Minister, Ms Rudd becomes the first Cabinet minister to acknowledge that there is a question surrounding Mrs May’s immediate future.’

‘Trust us to take Britain in the right direction’Amber Rudd urges the Prime Minister not to resign at crucial ‘turning point’ for Britain

A small group of incredibly disloyal EU insiders and collaborators are trying to hijack this country and betray those who voted for Brexit…and the BBC doesn’t have much to say at all…except a few quiet hurrahs!!! no doubt as Lord Hall Hall parties on.


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15 Responses to They’re behind you…to the hilt!!!

  1. boohanna says:

    I don’t know if I’m an outlier with the shenanigans but I really am past the screaming at the screen phase to a cold, hard acceptance that matters ARE going to end in a gruesome catastrophe.

    This isn’t surrender to any degree note it’s just a state of seeing the train about to hit the car across the tracks and going, “right, trouble ahead”.

    The EU has become a perverted monster and it will not go quietly into the night.

    Here comes the train.


    • Up2snuff says:

      boo, think you may be right. Am coming round to that point of view. It is 1992 all over again. Actually, 1972/73 as well. It’s not Corbyn and Labour who have taken us back there, it is the Conservatives.

      We should have been out of the EU on 1 July next year but Cameron did a Ted Heath and ‘bottled it’.

      Listening to Michael Gove (who like Bojo has a sharp brain) this morning and I’m in despair. He’s obviously in a total state of panic and is messing about with long dead elephants as a form of therapy.

      Every month we get the inflation and job statistics. The two measures of the two things that most impact the majority of the population – those of voting age – the unemployed, the less employed, those in work and the retired. What can the Conservative Government do to maximise their electoral chances and standing in the eyes of the public?

      Keep getting people into work.

      Get inflation close to zero, preferably slightly below.


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        I think all thee nice liberal fops from Oxbridge were maybe too close to what happened from Ottoman to Mussolini, to Hitler to the Muslim Brotherhood to the Ayatollah, to the Red Brigade, Action Direct and Baader Meinhof/ Red Army Faction.
        Turkey, Germany, Italy and the PLO.
        Complex I know-but these are meant to be brainy people.
        They are also meant to have real courage-so when Boris compares the EU to the Nazis or the Soviets, he needs to register the howls of rage and double up on it.
        Not cringe away, and let the spineless club members cow him into silence.
        We don`t need these political eunuchs we`ve created or indulged. We now need real contrarians…Nigel is no Tommy, Andrea no Anne Marie.
        I live with either eventuality, but its more Tommy and Anne Marie nowadays, seeing as they`ve got the courage and know where the bodies are.
        The effete elite won`t know what`s hit them soon, if we see no vital signs of their learning.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      I think that it`ll collapse under its own absurd contradictions. Bigger than can yet be imagined.
      As we see in Catelonia, it`s a frightened clueless rabbit that is a bureaucratic puffball and prayer tree, like an NHS Trust.
      Not a clue about the Italian banks coming down the track, nothing to say re the Basques, Wallon, the Mezzogiorno, let alone the divide between East and West Germany, Greece and Cyprus.
      No-one will die in an EU uniform, when they could die for Ukraine or Slovakia.
      All we British have done is begun to build a liferaft for ourselves.
      And no elite boss class is chaining me or my family to their catastrophic , doomed cruise liner heading for hell.
      We`re out-or else it will turn very ugly indeed.


  2. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    In my view Brexit can be put on the backburner. Delay it, but go through with it eventually. The most important part of Brexit is revealing how shite our careerist politicians have become. They seem to lack balls – which is what you get with the feminisation of Parliament and with the feminisation of British society. Islam doesn’t lack balls, it has them in abundance – that is why it is progressing rapidly in Britain and elsewhere.

    The biggest danger to Britain in my view is not a delayed Brexit – it is a Corbyn – Abbott next government. Theresa May is so weak, and her government has become so weak and divided – that little attention is being given to the absolute shocker of a labour party we have filled with incompetent, terrorist supporting, anti-British activists. The Tories need to sort themselves out and get in a strong leader and a strong cabinet team in order to redirect the focus where it needs to be focused. There just doesn’t seem to be any Tory opposition to the “Labour Message” that is currently driving the media. Where is the Tory Message?

    In my view the government needs shoring up with heavyweights from outside Parliament. We need to get some experienced Military men and Business people into the cabinet. We need people with a strong vision for Britain, a strong vision of an independent Britain and people that are knowledgeable of and proud of their British heritage. We don’t want apologists, we don’t want appeasers. We need straight talking bullish people who get things done.


    • Up2snuff says:

      BoBotC, changing ‘deckchairs on the Titanic’ is not going to save the UK from its present situation. The electorate have been telling Conservative PMs and Governments what needs fixing for decades but they never listen. It is no good importing ‘Military men and Business people’ who will not listen either.

      At the present time, it doesn’t really matter who the PM and Cabinet are. Whoever runs the Conservative administration, until the next Election, has to deliver on three things:
      Inflation and jobs, as I outlined to boohanna above
      – and –

      Nothing else really matters although three areas that will support those three as ‘achievements’ will be getting houses built, kids qualified at school/university & into work and ill people healed or helped. Beyond that energy & water provision & transport are the only other key deliveries that affect peoples’ lives.

      The Tories are actually in quite a fortunate position at present. They do not really have to concentrate on wide-ranging stuff, they can drill down and concentrate on essentials and on their delivery. Inflation is the key to this, they will have to get it down to zero.

      Right now nothing matters as much as that and they should be gaming the exact same scenario that Corbyn & McDonnell have done – a run on Sterling.


  3. NCBBC says:

    Its a strange phenomenon

    Good times create soft, feminine, emasculated men, and females, as leaders.

    Hard times require hard men.

    We are at present ruled by women and effiminate men.

    The invaders are Muslim men, who have no idea what gender ethics is. They are men, violent in the extreme, disposed to hang about in packs, and can be organised as a violent well trained battalion in minutes, using taxis.

    That is why the police are frightened of them.

    We have nothing to counter the Jihad, except platitudes from women, effeminate men, and Lefty Greenies and eco-fanatics.


  4. vesnadog says:

    Will Ken Clarke be puffing on his – foreign Cigars – you bet your life he will be! Traitor!


  5. Up2snuff says:

    Will the Tories get the message?

    mi cash n pockt shrinkin

    dem grate conservtif no care

    dem grate conservtif worry bout dead lefant

    mi cash n pockt still shrinkin

    dem grate conservtif no care

    dem worree bout leedah

    dem grate conservtif dem like dem grate Bibbycee

    orl buggerup

    More importantly, will they understand the importance of some Wilsonian Economics (about the only thing he ever got right) will they understand and act appropriately?


  6. honestus says:

    This challenge to May is not intended to allow Labour in. It will not – the election has been had and has been won. This is to weaken May in the EU exit negotiations and place Remainers in the ascendancy. He might as well lower the drawbridge to the Junker hoardes the traitorous little shit. Unity and strength in negotiation are all that we have now – any change will be seen as discord, division and weakness and will be treated it as such.
    Sometimes you have to swallow a bitter medicine to regain full health.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Honestus – agree
      If you read – which you may have done – Yanis Varoufakis’s – Adults in the Room. The tactics of the EU are already printed there for everyone to see. Virtually the same words , phrases and methods played on the Greeks are being wheeled out again. Too many to list here.
      Alongside Douglas Murray’s book (notice the BBC haven’t featured it much) this is a book to read for anyone interested in seeing how things really work in the our detriment


  7. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how the likes of Guru Murthy or Snow are allowed to ask Tories questions as if they`re detached and impersonal seekers after truth? Last nights Channel 4 News was typical-neither Tory seemed inclined to ask why Murthy would give a stuff about May getting the boot-and if he wants that, then the Tories will have to do the exact opposite to keep him from laying the palm fronds down for Corbyns coronation. Surely the Tories know what Snow thinks of them, as well as all his caste of worthy scum who dare to ask questions as if they`re our ones.
    How much is Murthy on. for example?…don`t Tories think that this matters?
    The Tories need to get some teeth, and some fightback.Boris does lay an effete blow once in a while, but they really need the likes of Redwood, Rees Mogg given their heads to lay into the liberal scum of the media-Mays ratings would go sky high if there were clips of liberal media ambushes live on air.
    Shit like Shapps and Osborne need scraping off the studio floors, so the Tories look like they want power. The alternative is terrifying.