Running for Gover


Michael Gove has disappointed as he apologises for his joke on R4….but he does a useful job of illustrating the biggest problem we have…the pathetic grovelling of our politicians, businessmen, and commentators to the Liberal, left-wing tyranny that dictates what we can say, think and do.  The all-too-ready willingness to apologise when the Twitterati mobilise and the BBC and Guardian report this as ‘wide-spread disapproval’, the willingness to discard everything you believe in in order to appease these liberal PC monsters, and the willingness to throw others under the PC bus to prove your own ‘worthiness’….eg….Jo Johnson threw fellow Tory Chris Heaton-Harris under that bus after a letter to universities asking about their curriculum on Brexit.  Just call me Dave.

Gove made a perfectly good and acceptable joke about Harvey Weinstein and has been savaged by the Left….and yet you can  bet the BBC’s News Quiz made jokes on the same subject [I haven’t listened….if you have please enlighten me]…that programme is quite happy to joke about other issues of equal or more importance and controversy.

Mr Gove and former Labour leader Neil Kinnock were being interviewed at 08:10 BST – a slot usually reserved for the most important political guests of the day.

In a twist to the usual format, he and Mr Kinnock were asked what they thought of the show and its interviewers.

Mr Gove said: “Sometimes, I think coming into the studio with you John is a bit like going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom.”

As some laughter and applause was heard from the audience at Wigmore Hall in central London, Mr Kinnock added: “John goes way past groping.”

Mr Gove then said: “You just hope you emerge with your dignity intact.”

That in no way makes light of rape and sexual abuse…it’s merely a joke making a comparison to Humphry’s interview style and how an interviewee may emerge ‘battered and bruised’ afterwards.

The BBC delights in listing many of the ‘outraged’…at Gove…oddly enough not at Kinnock who actually made the worst comment….


Here we have ‘a journalist’….

A journalist in the audience for the recording, to mark the Today programme’s 60th anniversary, also said that despite the fact some people laughed, others had a “look of disgust”.

Except that ‘a journalist‘ is the Guardian’s media editor...


And this one…

Presenter and journalist Lucy Siegle said Mr Gove had “ruined” the birthday edition of the show. a BBC presenter and Guardian journo…anti-Trump, pro-Climate change, anti-everything you might expect….


The BBC tacks on the end of their piece…

The comments come on the day Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to talk about the issue of abuse, saying MPs who abuse or sexually harass women must be “held to account”.

What?  Corbyn who has presided over a Party that seems set on intimidating and bullying women, not to mention Jews, and who has done nothing to stop it.

Don’t think I’ll be taking any lessons from him…though the BBC seems keen on us listening to him as it promotes his new comments, and new found zeal, on this subject at every chance.

A blind eye to child abuse: Whistleblowers warned Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn of paedophiles preying on children on his doorstep – but claim he did NOTHING



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15 Responses to Running for Gover

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Everyone on that cursed programme were so full of themselves that I switched off just before Gove made his joke .
    For saying such an outrageous thing he should be forced to resign and spend the rest of his life apologising to every one in the country individually – starting with Cranky in Scotland who was appalled . At least no one will be harrassing that horror.
    In seriousness Gove should never have gone on that – or any other member of the Tory party and left it to the programmes’ favoured sons like Kinnock and other tax sucking lefties

    As far a mp s sexually harrassing each other – who cares . They should be busy dealing with brexit – as Gove should have been this morning .


  2. theisland says:

    How many of the ‘outraged’ above have spoken out against or done anything about rape gangs?


  3. JimS says:

    As some laughter and applause was heard from the audience at Wigmore Hall in central London, Mr Kinnock added: “John goes way past groping.”

    Didn’t that cause any ‘outrage’?


    • tony1234 says:

      Huge amounts. I was happy with Gove, but believe Kinnock’s statement should have seen him garroted using EU-issue plastic forks. (After apologizing and resigning of course)


  4. Deborahanother says:

    Meanwhile ,the sainted Jeremy Corbyn makes a speech about harassment in Parliament ,managing to utter not one word about the vile Labour MP who has finally had the whip withdrawn. The Labour Party is full of vile specimens.


  5. tony1234 says:

    Yes!, its the 3 seconds when the West was lost….Giving the apology for (a) truth or reason, (b) humour when demanded by the Left.

    I admit, the racism accusation is genius: it can be retrieved from the back pocket, be cocked, loaded and fired in a moment and (like a wolf cry) is a sounds that alerts all passing liberals that a brother is in need of help and you need to bring your petrol and pitchforks.

    We try and use logic, and reason. None of it works. Deluded conviction is more influential any-day.

    So, before I provide the three tools and appx 10 words necessary for the West to be won back, we must remember that we are not really speaking back to the Leftie sperm that made the accusation. These are the Walking Dead. Rather we speak to the average man/woman passer (especially if younger and more idealistic) by who may otherwise fall for the Leftie’s illusion of righteousness and thus accede to their silk-gloved fascism.

    Tool 1: The “moral superiority play”. The accusation, we relay, trivialises racism and is intended to incite hatred i.e. We retort “Race-hate user” or “Racism baiter” – With training, we all come to understand this as shorthand that the accuser is using a racism accusation which is utterly without merit, only ever to stir up hated and which trivialises the death of 6m Jews, slavery etc etc and which puts people from all sides in danger through encouraging conflict when it clear no racism exists et al. Making such an inflammatory accusation simply to stir up division is something most find abhorrent.”

    Tool 2: The “hypocrite play”. We know the left won’t define “racism”, so let’s create a way of have our mythical passer-by reflect and answer the question for themselves on what racism is, by repeatedly demanding….”Astounding hypocrite”. This is shorthand for…. “What act do you deem I have possibly, feasibly committed that is “racist”, which is not committed in a way far more seriously, far more dangerously, far more often, far more backed up with violence and threat, by the groups you and your party/friends/group supports?… Your hypocrisy astounds me and I believe many others by saying what you just did.”

    Tool 3: The “talk to the hand play”…. (best for claims of “offence”) The shorthand is “Some emotional maturity, please.” This is shorthand for…. “If people are offended by {facts/humour/an argument} then it sad. But for us to coexist and progress, we simply can’t communicate by dumbing down everything we say, or avoiding humour and jest, simply for people who lack the emotional intelligence and maturity to understand context or a different viewpoint. We should instead encourage people to take a more mature and rational response to discussions.”

    Conviction. Maybe slightly ‘unhinged’, but that’s what we need to relay.
    Never Too much explanation. Like a brand, let the slogans carry meaning.
    Don’t explain. Only be the one asking questions…
    Stay calm

    Tools to regain the West my friends!


  6. tony1234 says:

    Noted here is Nicola Sturgeon making a so-called joke about Andrew Neil’s age

    Clearly she finds “people of age” a joke.

    Clearly she laughs and cackles at those facing the deeply traumatic situation of facing their own mortality. She laughs that people are approaching the end of the lives.

    What a sick and twisted b**ch she is!—and-its-a-disaster.html


  7. tony1234 says:

    Noted here is Nicola Sturgeon making a so-called joke about Andrew Neil’s age

    Clearly she finds “people of age” a joke.

    Clearly she laughs and cackles at those facing the deeply traumatic situation of facing their own mortality. She laughs that people are approaching the end of the lives.

    What a sick and twisted b**ch she is!—and-its-a-disaster.html


  8. Nibor says:

    Gove should have made a joke about old people , Brexit and dying . Then he would be approved by the BBC types .


  9. Oaknash says:

    The BBC and the left howling with indignation over Goves joke is clearly an attempt to cower one of the few Torries (wet though he is) left in the cabinet. And by and large the fact that he did actually make a craven apology showed that the attempt was successful. I also suspect Theresa s (our Lib dem PM) may well have had a hand in this too.

    Whilst most normal thinking people will see the joke for what it was – a joke. We must remember that power in this country currently revolves around the liberal dominated establishment, where deviancy, immorality, the greed of the few, cultural self harm, and a lack of common sense are all now seen as a virtue and the fact that Gove had to apologise for making what at the end of the day was just a “normal” joke – shows how far down the greasy Orwellian pole the left and the BBC are forcing us. It would seem that this uber morality only really seems to apply to one particular racial class – Whilst truly evil crimes when committed by another racial class are covered up or ignored by the establishment and the MSM.

    The fact that we voted the “wrong way” in the referendum obviously shows that we need firmer control of our actions. This also shows that more control is needed. I would not be surprised that even now Amber Rudd and Alison Saunders are conspiring to create a “joke control unit” All spontaneous humour to be pre-approved – unless of course they come from state approved jokers. And we all know how funny Theresa is!

    The left realise that by leading us all around by the nose as a society we will all start practicing self censorship and will not dare critiscise or lampoon these ridiculous people and their equally ridiculous decisions – thus giving these Soros worshiping cretins, free reign to carry on destroying our society, whilst we look on.

    Where this is all going – God knows , but what they do want us all to realise is that “Big Sister” is watching you.


  10. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Anyone thinking about going to Newcastle today should be aware that it’s in full virtue signalling mode.

    50 years ago Martin Luther King visited and now the place is shut down so that attention seekers and other windbags can show to other people how good they are by celebration the 50th anniversary of his visit.
    Even the Tyne bridge is closed down.

    This will be because a handful of liberals will have decided this will make them look good and they know that nobody on the council would dare to oppose this. That would be racist and probably some other ‘ists as well.
    They are saying because of him we have free speech (?) yet nobody dare say anything against it.

    Mind, I’d avoid Newcastle anyway (being from Sunderland)


  11. Beeb Brother says:

    With anything there will be people for and against. They could just as easily have listed people who liked the joke and are sick and tired of PC tyranny.

    ‘Outage’ is not news, especially not when it is so patently synthetic.

    They do this time and again with Trump: just trawl Twitter for partisan opinions on something he has done and write a ‘news’ story about it. Anyone can just search Twitter. For a news service we all are forced to pay for we ought to get a much better service.

    The genuine disgust most people feel is that we cannot tell jokes or say what we think because of PC tyrants like the Beeb.


  12. tamimisledus says:

    There are some clear parallels here between the Tim Hunt (respected decorated scientist) and Gove (competent politician).
    Tim Hunt lost his entire career.
    OTH, Gove will almost certainly carry on (and I have no problems with that)