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Priti Patel resigns: What went wrong?

Erm….according to The Sun an FCO official contacted the BBC and grassed on her…because?…The FCO was jealously guarding its territory, the FCO doesn’t like Jews and has always been Arabist, and the official was probably a Remainer…so why not grass up a Leave politician who is talking nicely to the Jews to the BBC which they might have grounds for considering to be broadly sympathetic with the FCO’s views?

Anyway…another open thread to grass the BBC’s bias to the world….

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  1. davylars says:

    The BBC’s little book of household hints is once again telling us how to kill ourselves.
    Last month it was how to make Christmas light detonators.
    This week, on Countryfile, an interesting tip on how to extract a latex containing 15% morphine from opium poppies.
    Of course it was backed up with (don’t try this at home kids)……


    • Lefty Wright says:

      That’s how mind conditioning works. Very cunning.


      • Rich says:

        Speaking of conditioning, where did the all-Asian unisex cub pack spring from?

        Sorry for this, but shouldn’t the girls be in the Brownies?

        And did they need to be taught about the poppies? Obviously I share the same concerns as davylars.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Countryfile : “Oh this poor Devon village Bickington has no shop/pub”
    Well it’s only got 330 people , is on the Edge of Dartmoor and Newton Abbott is only 5 miles away
    (nearby village to us is twice as big hasn’t had shop for 30 years never had a pub… small shops in town 4 miles away)


    • chrisH says:

      Time to bring back drink driving then, along with concessions for smokers then eh Beeb?


    • StewGreen says:

      Now they are at a school with a farm
      ..talking about where their pork burgers come from
      8 kids, 2 of which are black Muslims at this school ?

      BT The village thing is driven by @natfednews which launches its report tomorrow called #morehomesbrightfutures


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Oh, this once traditionally working class area of Oldham doesn’t have a pub’.


    • Franglais says:


      Also, not a mention of the real problems that small villages come across…… 2nd homes with no occupancy during the week (in my village and surrounding villages quite a few are owned by Al Beeb employees). This pushes the price of property out of the reach of local youngsters. AND just to cap it all, when the village has been gifted to the good ´ole Nat Trust on the death of the incumbent gentry they triple the rent! Even with a protected rent agreement already put in place by the will of the deceased gentry. So now you have the same problem with the rented accommodation. Build houses yes, but they must be for local people.

      Beeb missing the inconvenient truth yet again….What a surprise!!!


      • Al Shubtill says:

        I was talking to a chap the other day, who told me that in the village where he lives there are two council owned bungalows which used to be for the “Over 50’s”.

        The council changed that to being for “Young Families” and now there are two Polish families in them.

        HTF can this happen! WTF do these creatures in local and national government think so little of the indigenous population of this country?


  3. Beltane says:

    And the next please……
    Michael Gove has now been pushed on to the BBC-go-round apparently due to dropping the valued, if unmentioned, BBC employee currently incarcerated in Iran deeper into the Boris-a-thon. If only one or two involved had the moral courage to point towards the Guardian and Amnesty International inspired articles and press releases over 10 months and more ago, detailing the background to MrsN Z-R’s imprisonment. How transient is today’s media and how quickly inconvenient facts are skilfully buried and forgotten.
    How soon before the powers that be find porn on a Hammond computer and a rent-boy who swears Treesa grabbed his crotch 40 years ago?


    • StewGreen says:

      Yes I just switched that off ..after turning off 5 Live same topic


  4. chrisH says:

    I heard Goves interview-he could not have been more clear.
    But-guess what-we can all predict what Marr was up to, and what the scummy media are doing re Brexit.
    Gove warned Marr not to equivocate re Irans actions with Johnsons words…which were no different to what the Guardian and her employers had said earlier in the year.
    But that was then-and this is now. And Marr and his backers chose thus to do.
    The media are now out of control-why is it always THEIR timing and THEIR priorities? This story has been going for over a year. Where have they all been?-only waking up to try and shaft Brexiteers. No other reason.
    And now Sky says that Johnson can`t remain Foreign Secretary unless he brings the woman home in the next few weeks?
    Good old Sky eh? How did we end up like this. Wake up Tories-topple the Babbling Babel liars of the political class or get swept away with a new settlement, which you`re not going to like.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Mr Ratcliffe has just put out a letter specifically telling the media to stop playing politics with Ms Ratcliffes appalling case.
      Johnson needs to stay to stabilise things and Tulip Saddiqi is their local MP.
      So stop the politics.
      Some chance.
      The BBC continue to talk of bungles and calls to resign. I get the idea that the liberal media would rather have her dead than returned, if that means that Johnson keeps his job, that Gove gets to stay in post and that Brexit continues.
      I`m beyond appalled. Enough then of this ” what the family think” stuff eh BBC?
      They tell you to not play politics with Johnson and his efforts to free her-and that is EXACTLY what you choose to do.
      Perverse and sheer perverts, top to bottom.


  5. Pounce says:

    How the bBC covers up for Islamic intolerance:
    Brussels riot after Morocco World Cup qualifier win

    Here is a headline which accurately states what really happened last night :
    Europe: Moroccans riot across Europe after winning Football match


    • chrisH says:

      Took a whole day to get this story up onto the BBC, even though -as you say-all this happened last night!
      Must have been waiting for Anjem Choudhurys rose scented bathwater with which to sprinkle this story, and mask the stench.
      And hopefully drown stories like unwanted kittens that don`t suit their agenda.
      Or else-in the Savile Suite-they`ve been editing, pasting and cutting to somehow tell me that this is exciting, enhancing-if somewaht disappointing and challenging. High jinks, spirited and-well, it`s football isnt` it?-and we know that Muslim LOVES football and has always excelled.

      As for Jeffrey Barrys murder of a Muslim in Bristol( let out by the NHS contrary to psychiatric advice?)….how Craig Scully-Hicks somehow knew nothing about what his hubby was doing to poor Elsie/Shayla O Brien?…and how Labour in Wales do a Damien Green on Carl Sergeant, with less than stellar results?
      Well-not stories we need to know of, so let`s say nothing at the BBC.


  6. chrisH says:

    Good for a laugh this-a thread the night that Hillarys Victory Rally was running from US Weekly.


  7. MarkyMark says:

    Has the core message of the Poppy Appeal been diluted? { 11nov2017}

    . . . we could ask the impartial and uniquely funded by threat of prison BBC this question . . .

    Has the BBC politicised Christmas with it’s web pages mixing Christmas with the Labour Party?
    “Jerry Christmas” { 07nov2017}


  8. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I’m shocked!
    I’ve just seen an advert where the husband and wife are both white.


  9. taffman says:

    I voluntary contribute to and support the Poppy Appeal in remembrance of those who fought and died for us and our nation so that we are free, and have a right to freedom of speech. It includes a freedom for Al Beeb to broadcast what it likes, politically right or wrong.

    It is high time now for Al Beeb to be funded in the same manner as the Poppy Appeal by voluntary contributions, NOT by a compulsory telly tax, enforceable by law.


    • taffman says:

      I am confident that our MPs, their researchers and Ofcom read this site.
      Its about time that they acted in the interest of the nation and not themselves.


  10. Deborah says:

    Ok, I know in my eyes the Beeb are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I watched a few minutes of Countryfile before Strictly. Why do I feel their homage to Rememberance Sunday/Armistice Day in both these programmes is just using our dead soldiers and veterans to show the Beeb is on message. Yes, individual people on the programmes seem to show genuine respect but, for example, showing the guests on Strictly from Headley Court, just seemed to be there so they could be showier off. They could have been there in the audience without highlighting them.


  11. Deborah says:

    I decided to read up about The Last Post since it was Rememberance Sunday. I googled and found an article from 2015 on a BBC website. It clumsily worked in Wellington calling the men the scum of the earth, without context and without the rest of the quote which explains (exact words quoted vary) but to the effect that what fine men the British Army made of them.

    The paragraph concerned:
    A further dimension was added in the first years of the 20th Century. The end of the Boer War saw the rise of war memorials across the country, some 600 of them. This was a break with the past. The traditional British way of commemorating a victory was to erect a statue to the general or the commander. But these monuments listed the names of the dead, both officers and other ranks, the men the Duke of Wellington was said to have called “the scum of the earth”.

    The following paragraph moved on leaving the Wellington quote hanging.

    What can one say?


  12. Lucy Pevensey says:

    BBC!!! Grrrr


  13. Guest Who says:

    Remember the Marr Producer who likes to take to twitter to defend bbc impartiality?

    Nick Robinson would be proud of the skilled marshalling of persuasive counter facts here.


    • taffman says:

      Guest Who
      A bit like maxincony?


      • Guest Who says:


        Luckily many perhaps happy to not delve too deep or get involved before are less convinced by arguments that end with ‘it is because I say so’, especially with the apparently impossible to resist ad hom sign off.


    • StewGreen says:

      Link leads to Huffpo article : The Editor Of The Andrew Marr Show’s Weekly One Man Twitter Battle Against Accusations Of BBC Bias
      Rob Burley speaks to HuffPost UK about why he engages with his critics.

      Burley could ignore abuse, and the accusations of ‘#BBCbias’, but instead he engages.
      “People are absolutely entitled to express opinions, express a view, question or criticise,”
      “They are license fee payers, the ones in the UK anyway.
      That’s fair enough. I could just ignore their responses.
      But I see them. So why would I ignore them?”

      What winds Burley up the most is a frequent “misunderstanding” that Marr must just feature politicians that viewers agree with. “
      Thats the main problem. Sometimes people interpret the presence of someone they don’t like as bias. Which is strange.
      What would the programme look like if it only had people you agreed with?
      How does that work?”
      (Lying bastard ..Corbyn has been on far more and gets BbcFreeRide

      Marr and other BBC political programmes are frequently accused of featuring Ukip too much – in particularly its former leader, Nigel Farage. “This is why there is a misunderstanding about Ukip,” Burley argues.
      In 2015 Ukip they came third, they got over 3 million votes. They won the European elections in 2014. There was no question their electoral support justified their presence on BBC outlets. This gets a lot of people cross.”
      (Jesus its just a sly lefty trick to bang on about UKIP having only 1 MP etc.)

      On June 11, the Marr paper review featured George Osborne, Toby Young and Polly Toynbee. Burley was immediately hit with accusations of pro-Tory bias given the presence of both a former Tory chancellor and a conservative commentator.
      (yeh like LibMob outnumber MOST of the time)


  14. Thoughtful says:

    Some breaking news for you.

    There has been a 7.2 Richter earthquake in Iraq. It happened a couple of hours ago and yet there is nothing on the BBC main news sites. The epicentre was 31Km from Halabja

    Halabja is of course a Kurdish city, the one Saddams henchmen chemical Ali attacked with nerve gas. The tremors were strong enough to have caused people in Baghdad to flee from their homes.

    There’s another issue to not reporting this. There have been very few earthquakes or volcanic activity. The last major eruption was over 20 years ago, and big volcanos affect the weather by cooling the climate for around 10 years. One of the reasons the BBC and others have been able to point to a warming climate is that there has been no volcanic pollutants in the air.

    That might just be about to change though.


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Ever listen to the Westminster hour ?

    15 minutes spent on some Iranian woman being banged up after’ going on holiday by mistake ‘ to Iran. Could you guess which Tory backbencher they bring on? Yes – Soubry. She must be earning a fortune on appearances and must be at the summit of her Political career. Frank Field bought a level of sanity but on the whole was suppressed as you might guess by another red meat eating woman beeboid who sounds like another user of stimulants.

    On my reckoning it’s about to be 500 long days until we brexit. Let’s hope the talks break down and we concentrate on border control and retention of British assets when the time comes and get on with negotiating trade agreements with decent countries whether the Eu like it or not.


  16. EnglandExpects says:

    Not a day passes when our national, tax payer funded broadcaster does not attempt to smear the government. Many of these attempts are sly and masked enough for the BBC to put a smokescreen before accusations that it is not impartial. Other smears are clumsily contrived. Tonight’s attempt to drag Michael Gove into the unfortunate case of the lady imprisoned in Iran is a case of the contrived smear attempt. Gove answered honestly, as he often does, a question about why Mrs Radcliffe was in Iran. He didn’t give the wrong reason, he didn’t try to mislead anybody. Yet the BBC tries to say he has made her situation worse. The BBC are desperate to see the end of the May Government and after that the Tories. 43 per cent of the voters of only 5 months ago are treated with disdain. All this to give a Marxist fantasist who shows no sign of being competent in a position of power, the reins of government.


  17. taffman says:

    Remember ‘Bob the Fisherman’s Friend’ ?
    Well, he will hit the headlines again shortly.
    Why is his political opinion held so high by Al Beeb and the media? Who elected him?


  18. Al Shubtill says:

    Mrs S watched “Howards End” tonight, by her account the latest al Beebus historical drama didn’t disappoint and cranked the Diversometer cranked all the way up to eleven.

    They really don’t seem to care a damn for historical accuracy anymore, pushing multiculturalism overrides everything and so is more important than anything trivial, such as reality.


    • Dave S says:

      Forster is not my cup of tea but I watched it . It looked like 2017 Islington and Moreton in the Marsh transferred into period costume. The lunch party towards the end looked completely bogus. Multiracial and multicultural in those days? Come on.
      No doubt they spent our good money on it . I can barely contain my excitement at the thought of the new Dr Who. That is not going to cut it with the likes of the Netflix audience .
      Face it BBC you are out of the game now.


    • Rich says:


      I caught a bit of that tonight. I think I had it on for about twenty minutes.
      This is set in Edwardian England isn’t it? Right.

      We had an Indian doctor, a black maid, and an Indian female member of a concert audience was the sole person other than a main character or musician focused on in the concert scene.
      On his way home from the same concert one of the characters, Bast, greeted only one other person, a well dressed black man of seemingly equal status who he knew by name and may perhaps have been related to as when Bast’s wife greets him at home she is black or mixed race. There was also, in the bit I saw, attention drawn to two random Japanese women in the street.

      It’s a period drama with great sets that nobody who sticks with it will find too taxing so I’m sure that it will be watched. It also has a decent if not surprising cast – Tracey Ullman playing it straight along with a well upholstered Julia Ormond – but why do they do this? Is it reflective of this period in history?

      No, yet again it’s ‘reimagined’ to appeal to a modern audience who the bBbc obviously think are too stupid to understand or accept that society was different and too stupid to realise that their piece of clever creativity is really just another regurgitated adaptation, safely painted by numbers using the compulsory bBbc palette.

      My wife and kids suggested we get Netflix today. We have it now.


  19. StewGreen says:

    Tonight at 11.30 @bbc5live – compelling testimony from @4lisaguerrero talking about sexual harrassment by Steven Seagal
    If Steven Seagal was a libmob would he be pilloried ?


  20. Thoughtful says:

    Funny how quick the BBC are to report temperatures when they’re a bit hot. Lets see if they actually bother to report the record breaking early cold in New York.

    Remember the temperatures given are in Fahrenheit and 32F is freezing, 24F is shiversome !

    Or this perhaps ?


  21. Dover Sentry says:

    Did anyone else see last night’s BBC Panorama special which at length highlighted the positive benefits of Brexit?

    No? …neither did I.

    But I continue to hope that one day, the BBC will relent their anti-Brexit bias.

    And as hell begins to freeze over….


    • Al Shubtill says:

      DS – I have commented on that very issue to many people, the lack of ANY programme on al Beebus analysing the benefits of us leaving the EUsylum.

      It is indicative of quite how out of control the organization is: that even though it is funded by enforced universal TV taxation, it has no moral sense of fairness that it should represent the view of the majority of those who voted in the referendum and produce such a programme – not even one and I don’t think it ever will.


    • Halifax says:

      …its the episode after the report on the “UK night time economy and the billions of unpaid taxes”…….


  22. taffman says:

    What’s this all about ?
    ‘beaten to death with baseball bats’
    “No arrests have been made. Police say they are keeping an open mind regarding a motive for the attack.”


  23. taffman says:

    “Theresa May to meet EU business leaders”
    “European business leaders will meet Prime Minister Theresa May later on Monday to voice concerns about the future of UK-EU trade.”
    “Experts from groups including the CBI and BusinessEurope will stress the need for a transitional deal that preserves the status quo after Brexit.”
    They are getting worried, very worried. Is it because they export far more to us than we do to them ?
    Her only salvation is to get us out of the EU now or she will be ‘out’.


    • Lobster says:

      The BBC never mention that the overwhelming majority of companies in the UK are NOT members of the CBI, and a huge proportion of that majority does all their business within the UK, having no dealings with the EU at all.


  24. wronged says:

    “Experts from groups including the CBI and BusinessEurope will stress the need for a transitional deal that preserves the status quo after Brexit.”

    A transitional deal means the CBI still get their EU funding from our taxes. It’s about money not the good of the country.

    Sovereignty first and last.


  25. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC News Channel Breakfast segment this morning gives us a queasy feeling as we become privy to Louise Minchin giving Hugh Grant a good puff for his latest movie. Hypocrisy of the year award contender Grant for a moment bemoans sexual misconduct in the workplace – with many a personal proviso – and the BBC cut and splice the interview to clean up for him. Mind you, there’s many a rival there at Salford today: the obnoxious Tulip Saddiq unprompted pleads she is not scoring party political points; the partisan pro-Brussels CBI spokesfemale pretends she has the country’s best interests at heart; and now Keir Starmer pops up.


  26. MarkyMark says:

    Computer fails to load correct image on BBC site, with interesting results.


    • chrisH says:

      Big Demo in Poland over the weekend.
      Austria? Czech Republic?
      Moroccan riots in Brussels own Grand Place on Saturday night?
      Berlusconi and Beppo?
      Riots in French cities over Macrons austerity?
      No Merkel government in sight yet?
      And Barney the Dinosaur wants “Clarity” does he?
      Think he means charity-but he can fupp the fupp off, unelcted ponce. Junckers ballbag.

      No Barney mate-youcan do your own homework to an empty class-we`ve left your shithole of a school, let the elite here keep you safe. They won`t.


  27. MarkyMark says:

    Will Iran release all political prisoners now that Allah has spoken? Does Tulip Saddiq believe that God has spoken and weighed in on the argument on her side?

    Iran-Iraq earthquake: Deadly tremor hits border region { 13nov2017}

    . . . remember this comment from Egypt . . . does it now apply to Iran’s earthquake as well? . . .

    Egyptian journalist gloats over Hurricane Irma, calls it “sign from Allah,” quotes Qur’an {sep2017}


  28. JamesArthur says:

    How is it possible for the BBC to continue this morning to build the Michael Gove comments into ‘ he has made things worse’ ? This is sheer propaganda for the Labour party and to destabilise the Government by way of undermining Brexit..
    When will the Government gets some balls and put a stop to the blatant misuse of information….R4 this morning was continuous tirade against the UK/Brexit and how crap we are…
    head in hands again.. at least not working from home


    • theisland says:

      The committee stage of the EU Withdrawal Bill starts in the Commons tomorrow.
      The collusion is so obvious.


    • Synchronised says:

      Imagine James if in the interview he said he didn’t want to comment on the current situation and it should be left to the Foreign Office.
      Headline from the beeb “Gove refuses to back Boris”.


  29. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Home Page – a man has nothing to say or any real voice so hands back an award (Freedom of the City of Dublin) and says something but hasn’t even been to the place to see what is happening or visited the lady he is accusing of being wrong. BBC £3.5bn Political Statement Service.

    Geldof returns Dublin honour in protest over Aung San Suu Kyi { 12nov2017}

    . . . this man has been found to make grand statements before . . .

    So Bob Geldof, where are your refugees? {spectator 02dec2015


    • chrisH says:

      Hope Rangoon or Mandalay make Geldof the King of the Tie Dye Dope Addled Pixies, and twin their cities with Babel, Narnia and PaddyToff.
      Geldof is todays Ringo sending his MBE back.
      It`s all about him….let`s hope Bono now retires his “Walk On” tribute to her to show some of that global greedy solidarity. Nobody allowed to listen to that song again-got it?
      Saw Bono yelling at some pop award( we need a few more of those) last night to empty seats but lots of cameras . His megaphone had EU stars inside and around it to resemble the flag. Maybe the BBC has a few of these they could use to remind us once more why we mustn`t leave the E.U. Megaphone diplomacy…c/o Bono and Bald Beanie guitar man?
      Works for me!


  30. chrisH says:

    Listening live to the Ratcliffe interview.
    Utterly disgusting.
    1. Montague says that Johnson said that his wife had been “teaching journalists there”-in Iran.
    He said no such thing about her teaching journalism in Iran. Montague only says this once husband has left the studio , This is a BBC lie. How dare Montague do this?
    2. Montague says that “Michael Gove waded into” this case.
    Again-this is a lie. Marr specifically set him up for this, and the BBC are now using it to get rid of Johnson and Gove..
    Again utterly disgusting-the husband repeatedly is asked whether Gove or Johnson should resign-especially when he has specifically said that he does NOT want it used for political purposes. Indeed this is EXACTLY what Iran and the BBC want. Nazanin, family and the rest of us?…less so!
    Who the HELL is going to deal with these lying weasel words as confected and maintained by the BBC-and this is going on ALL the time…overnight they`ve been chiselling away. Truly evil.
    As for Lindsay Sandiford in Bali?
    Elsie Scully Hicks, Jeffrey Barry?
    Joshua Sutcliffe?
    Well sod that lot-we want Corbyn in and Brexit smashed.
    Fuck the BBC.
    Can always tell when the BBC pre-edit an interview that it`ll now be a Junckerbuster set up.
    Lying scum.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    toady watch

    Shock news

    A fair interview. I fear for our Justin’s career . He interviewed IDS. He allowed IDS to express himself . He asked questions and let IDS reply . It was …. fair . I don’t think Justin is well or his heart isn’t in it any more .

    Fortunately though this sensible interview was filled by the latest in the series of self destructions that is the Anglican Church in which some no one kept talking about the need for kids to flourish and where a tu tu if that want to . No mention of Jesus or Gospels of course . I ll pray for him


  32. Guest Who says:

    The Bbc is not letting this one go without a fight. No, not persuading a despotic regime to stop playing its usual human pawn games; trying to stiff ideological foes of their PR clients:

    Given what is coming out more and more about the BBC’s ignoble role in all this from the very outset they may be better advised to STFU.

    The poor lady will hopefully endure and survive despite the BBC using her to further their grubby agenda.

    The BBC will, as always, survive no matter what.


    • MarkyMark says:

      By paying my TV License I seem to be paying for a company that promotes the ideals of a corrupt and totalitarian regime over the ideals of freedom of thought, freedom of speech, rule of law and human rights.

      How do I stop paying for this service without going to prison and without being lectured by Gary ‘£1.75m + Crisp + BT Sports’ Lineker?


  33. MarkyMark says:

    Which is the real Islam? Erdoğan (Turkey) criticizes Saudi Crown Prince’s (Mohammed bin Salman) ‘moderate Islam’ pledge {hurriyetdailynews 10nov2017}

    urkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has criticized the recent vow by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to make Saudi Arabia a bastion of “moderate Islam”

    “Islam cannot be either ‘moderate’ or ‘not moderate.’ Islam can only be one thing,” Erdoğan said in a speech at a program hosted in Ankara by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on women’s entrepreneurship on Nov. 9.
    . . .
    “They are now trying to pump up this idea again. What they really want to do is weaken Islam … We don’t want people to learn about religion from foreign facts,” Erdoğan said, also criticizing the previous practice banning women from driving in Saudi Arabia. The ban was recently lifted with an order from King Salman requesting that driving licenses be issued to women.

    – Two majority Muslim countries cannot agree on what Islam is or isn’t. What would Sadiq Khan say?


  34. G says:

    BBC ‘Today’ programme: relentlessly chip, chip, chipping away at Brexit in their, no doubt appointed, role on behalf of the EU to stop Brexit at all and any cost. In their role as agents for the EU et al. they pay no regard for what the people voted for. Indeed, contrary to surveys I have seen, they are declaring that support for Brexit among the UK population is slipping away. Sourby even subscribes to this fiction. Will the truthseekers at the so-called ‘Factcheck’ step in to consider the balance? Doubtful.