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The BBC has a short memory as it reports this today….parliament to get a vote on Brexit…and if rejects it there will be ‘no deal’…..apparently this is a big concession and surprise…..Kuenssberg spinning away madly for the EU?

Parliament to get binding vote on final Brexit deal

Parliament is to be given a take-it-or leave-it vote on the final Brexit deal before the UK leaves the EU.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said the terms of the UK’s exit, such as money, citizen rights and any transition must become law via a new Act of Parliament.

While any deal would “only hold” if MPs approved it, he said it would not alter the fact the UK was leaving the EU.

Labour welcomed a “climbdown” but some MPs warned of a “sham” if ministers could not be asked to renegotiate.

The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg said the announcement was significant because it represented a big concession to potential Tory rebels and Labour MPs at a highly important moment in the Brexit process.


Hmmmmm…thought I remembered this…..from February this year….

British parliament will get vote on final Brexit deal

LONDON — Both houses of the British parliament will get a vote on the Brexit deal that Theresa May strikes with the European Union, the government said Tuesday.

Brexit minister David Jones told the House of Commons he expects this to happen “before the European Parliament debates and votes on the final agreement.”

Asked to clarify what happens if MPs and members of the House of Lords decide they don’t like the deal, Jones said “the vote will be either to accept the deal. Or there will be no deal.”

Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said: “It is not good enough for the government to offer parliament a hard Brexit or an even harder Brexit.”

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16 Responses to Tell me something new!

  1. Guest Who says:

    In which Laura K issues another of her brain fart tweets.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Guest Who
      If the Davis concession is “absolutely meaningless” is there any need for Ms Soubry to get all bitter and twisted over it.?
      Maybe she’s just a compulsive knicker twister.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    It’s funny to think the same government will be there in 501 days when we ( might ) leave. Soubry and co seem to be positioning to leave but actually remain ‘ the denial is both sad and breathtaking.

    Alan, I’ve said that one of the side effects of 24/7 news is lack of memory. I think people who watch those end of year reviews which being put together now are shocked by what they have witnessed in the previous 12 months. Big events ( at the time ) blur into a haze -often of vicarious grief for Islamic terrorist attacks which do not directly affect most people.

    As far as Clegg uses the term Hard Brexit – as JRM so often says – there is no hard Brexit – there is just brexit – which includes being freed from the ECJ which will have only limited influence of English judgements – as much influence as any other non common law jurisdiction- like russia


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Being freed from the ECJ is probably the one thing which, more than anything else, loosens the bowels of the likes of Dick Clogg.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Guess who
    We were probably writing at the same time and both score points for mentioning that fruit hoop soubry.


  4. Guest Who says:

    In complement:

    Can we soon expect another Nick and Rob resort to high dudgeon in defence of bbc honour as folk simply ask what had got them so excercised?


  5. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Not really one for the arts, especially what the BBC regard as arts.
    But all these Brexit set pieces are either pantomine or theatre.
    The rest of us get on with our lives, knowing that Gove , Johnson and Rees Mogg , as well as Davis and Redwood, Fox etc-well, all of them DO have the Brexit agenda central to things.
    Anybody would be very foolish indeed to double cross those who voted in good faith to leave the E.U.
    We will have these peoples backs if they carry through what they said they`d do. As for Osborne, Clegg and Blair etc. Not ONE of them exist in public life-just in BBC studios and embittered contemptible garrets for the unelectable, the malicious and greedy.

    Is it laughable with clown shoes and end of pier fish slappings?-panto.
    Or is it oh-so serious faux concern with big words and sad eyes?-theatre.

    It`s not going to be much else by now is it? Camp drama, noises off and gang shows as billed and promoted only by themselves.
    And if Soubry, Morgan and Rudd are not crying on each other shoulders-and then booted out for some real Tories-then we`ll have failed the next generation.


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    As I understand it, there will be a deal, but maybe not including a two year interim period, divorce payment and trade deal.

    So voting for or against the deal would make a difference only if they voted against a deal on issues everyone has already agreed on.

    It would mean that the pro-Europeans would be voting against things that they support, and that the European Union agrees with us on.


    • charmbrights says:

      That assumes 27 other countries can agree, and that the European Parliament also passes it. I do wonder if the Fourth Reich has that much power?


  7. Deborahanother says:

    If Parliament votes the deal down then the deal fails and we leave anyway. It was funny to hear them thanking Davis for his climb down as it gradually dawned on Soubry its meaningless.You can see her gesticulating in the background as other members clarified the facts .

    I am very impressed with Davis .He seems well on top of his brief ,doesn’t get ruffled and sticks to his guns.He refrained from slagging off Brussels though i think the temptation was there . As he told a SNP member ,don’t believe everything you read from the Brussels press machine.

    And he’s kept his sense of humour.


    • Demon says:

      Deborah, I’ve always liked Davis – he should have been leader instead of Cameron. He would have made a good PM.

      What I think is that someone is playing a cleverer move than it looks at first glance. Soubry and all the other Remaniacs do their foot stomping and smelling salts routine every time there is a hint that we would take a no-deal rather than a bad-deal. They have been given an ultimatum, support the deal, whatever it is, or be responsible for us leaving the EU with no deal. They will be to blame, no-one else.


  8. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Soubry permanently has a look that someone has just made her smell dogshit.


    • Nibor says:

      And she is permanently on the BBC with her foghorn voice talking it .


    • ID says:

      The Foghorn’s brain is turning into malodorous pus. This is why she always looks as if she is smelling something that is going off. It also explains why she parrots the same nonsense over and over again.
      Talk of the devil and she shall appear! – the mindless old hag has just popped up on BBC Newsroom Live on BBC2 talking drivel. Christ save me!


    • Guest Who says:

      This is a concern, especially as Winterval hoves into view, and everyone and their dog with more than two appearances on the telly can swing a ‘fragrance’ deal.

      L’eau de Chein Merde a la Soubry may sound good, but disappoint.