The Remain Hate that the BBC always ignores



Here’s a ‘Neo European’ wishing old white men would just curl up and die in a cold winter…their grandchildren can then spit on their graves……maybe the police should arrest this guy?  If that’s not hate speech what is?  Silly Hind.

Clearly he doesn’t read his own propaganda rag…it’s not old white men who are to blame for Brexit, it’s old black and Asian folk….bet the BBC would ramp up the outrage if Mr Hind suggested old Black and Asian men should die and people spit on their graves…..

BAME to blame: How minorities got it so wrong

Research by the British Election Study suggests the ethnic minority vote was crucial in the EU referendum.

Only a third voted Leave, but those voters could well have clinched it for Brexit.  Too many South Asians and Caribbean people I met were taken in by false Brexit promises.

We BAME people must take some of the blame as we suffer the consequences.


Mike HindVerified account


Franco-British-based investigative journalist. Contributor to .



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27 Responses to The Remain Hate that the BBC always ignores

  1. Beeb Brother says:

    Freedom to be enslaved?


    • chrisH says:

      Worth saying again-but who the hell buys this “New European”?
      How the hell did it get into the shops as fast as it did? I have NEVER seen a paper so rushed to the papers shop shelves within a month of a particular issue being raised.
      How did it get permission-who pays-how did it get printed and distributed with such speed. We voted late June, I saw this anti-Semitic , Jew baiting rag in central Birmingham within a month or so-and aimed at the student areas too.
      Soros?…Osborne, Mandelson and Deripaska? Junckers printing goons?
      SOMEONE needs to know this, rather like how Gina Millers cases go straight to the Supreme Court with endless legal money that comes from SOMEWHERE?
      And they dare to talk of Russian interference elsewhere-something stinks here.
      My German history reminds me of Der Sturmer, Die Beobachter and the like. This papers cartoons are venomous like theirs were. And look at the contributors-if you want a roll call of satanic, anti democratic scum like Campbell and Grayling, Bonnie and Mitch-then here they are, week upon week.
      Truly evil.


      • StewGreen says:

        The NE is put out by the regional publisher ho also bought/run The-i
        On the Media Show the guy claimed the operation runs at a profit on it’s own.


  2. chrisH says:

    Heard Reality Check on PM tonight, Chris Masons and Eddie Mairs versions of same-not ours.
    Mason said that “everyone was talking of and fearing a cliff edge”. Who on earth does he speak to? Sure as hell none of us out here speak like this-just the Bubble types and EU ciphers like himself.
    Would be well worhwhile plotting the language used-” Hard/Soft Brexit” seem more retired than they used to, the “cliff edge” one still getting a run out in the paddocks.
    But its shite-none of us out here talk like this, so it`s clear that it`s only the BBC and the EUrineers who speak this crud for their own edification.
    That word “sovereignty”…pushed off a cliff edge I expect at Bitchy Ed….
    As for REAL reality? Then go to Wetherspoons for Tim Martin, to Dyson yesterday. Or Dominic Lawson in the Mail today or his fine and honourable dad.
    NOT the BBC…


  3. Fedup2 says:

    I suspect Mr Hind has the same kind of mentality the nazis had in the thirties which led to men women and children breathing in sarin gas because they didn’t fit in the the nazi ‘ narrative’ as the modern parlance might have it.

    Strange that someone should get upset about trade agreements eh?


  4. john in cheshire says:

    I think when we hear and read this kind of thing, it provides real evidence that socialism is some sort of mental problem because normal people don’t think in this way. Normal people would experience pangs of guilt and shame for voicing such visceral hatred, knowing that it’s not only wrong, it’s wicked.


    • maxincony says:

      john in cheshire,

      I think when we hear and read this kind of thing…

      …socialism is some sort of mental problem… Normal people would experience pangs of guilt and shame for voicing such visceral hatred, knowing that it’s not only wrong, it’s wicked.

      That’s an interesting opinion for you to hold, John…

      john in cheshire,

      My first reaction after the 9/11 atrocity in 2001 was to raze a muslim state to the ground. Libya seemed (and still seems) to be a good choice.

      We should use chemical, biological and nuclear armaments against them…

      A good massacre will, I believe, clarify the minds of these muslim barbarians.

      Yet another wog given power by the socialsts shit of this country. Mrs. Wog shit. fuck off because if you don’t we, the indigenous peoples of this country will surely fuck you up. you and your immigrant shitstock will be extirpated without mercy. You fucking wog shit. you are not fit to live in a civilised society.”

      “Long live the anglo-saxon, celtic gene pool.goddamn the ethnic contamination.

      I hope the insurrection occurs in my lifetime… because I will seek out and exact retribution to as many BBC employees as I can find”

      “I shall dance in the street on the day that mr davis dies. That goes for mr humphrys and mr naughty and several other prominent BBC teat-suckers”


      • StewGreen says:

        OK I checked Context;
        rather than 10 occasions the sentences appeared together in 3 paragraphs some years ago
        2011 on another site
        2009 on another site
        2012 Here on B-BBC
        Not stuff I would say, but it seems more like getting wound up and carried away rather than an incitement to real world violence.
        The world is full of strange people, and its difficult to judge people unless you have walked in their shoes.


        • maxincony says:


          it seems more like getting wound up and carried away rather than an incitement to real world violence.

          I didn’t claim anything was; “an incitement to real world violence”. As usual, Stew, you are are adrift in sea of you own obsessions.

          …its difficult to judge people unless you have walked in their shoes.

          That’s pathetic and you know it; “Wog Shit”.


          • Dave S says:

            I cannot see the relevance to the matter under discussion. I would never use words like John’s and never use images like the New European.
            Hind too is disgraceful.
            What this does show is the depths the remain lobby will go to to push it’s agenda. There is something very odd about the rage the remainers exhibit. It is not rational and bodes ill for the future.


            • Kaiser says:

              socialism is some sort of mental problem though isnt it

              people keep trying it … it fails … someone tries it again and again it fails again and again ad-infinitum

              as these people appear to have some modicum of intelligence and education, (honourable mentions excepted) it would appear then the propensity for doing it, despite knowing it WILL ALWAYS go wrong can really only be ascribed to being some kind of mental problem


      • taffman says:

        Some questions Al Beeb could answer?
        Are Tory remainer MPs patriotic?
        Are there too many illegal immigrants in this country ?
        Are our schools full?
        Are our hospitals full?
        Are our roads full?
        Is there a shortage of housing?
        Will maxincony tell us what motivates him?
        Does he work for Al Beeb?
        Does he wear a tutu?
        Is Al Beeb biased?
        Is Al Beeb anti Brexit?
        Does maxi support these links ?
        Over to you maxincony………….


      • Jerry Owen says:

        You were asked last week to withdraw false quoting of Alan. You disappeared despite many here asking you questions themselves. Will you withdraw your false quoting or are you happy to be recognized as a liar who’s posts are thus untrustworthy and to be dismissed as the writings of a fantasist?


  5. Lancashireliberty says:

    its tragic how the left believe it’s acceptable to deny freedom of speech and sheltered by a monopoly media it continues to test the boundaries of free speech. They portray this sort of dark propaganda as slightly amusing but still press home the message using humour to allow it into the media The Bolsheviks and the Nazis used these tactics to gain acceptance before stepping up each level. Despite the tories being a shambles they are actually the main stream, a broad church that bridges left and right and therefor have to be destroyed by the Monopoly broadcaster as they may finally do the right thing and abolish the poll tax aka licence fee, in the name of free speech. Finally who does the idiot woman in Irans husband actually work for? So far the Iranians have been more accurate in describing here employment than the Monopoly Broadcasting Corpation. they claim he is a Spy!


  6. Hexhamgeezer says:

    Mike Hind reminds me of the Communist morons in the 1920s who saw the churches full of old women who would soon be dead. Eighty years on and the churches were still full of old women. Same with Brexit voters. With age comes wisdom and new Leave voters. Ahistorical cretin.


  7. maxincony says:


    Here’s a ‘Neo European’ wishing old white men would just curl up and die in a cold winter…

    You might find what Mike Hind said on Twitter distasteful; but he didn’t say anything about “wishing” or “hoping” people would die.

    That’s just you, lying; as usual.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      “Disappointed” and “regrettable” that you regard what was tweeted was “distasteful”.
      I`d have thought that the word you wanted to use was “challenging”.
      Calling white blokes who`ve just been at a Remembrance Day service a “wall of gammon”-that their grandkids will spit on their grave when they`ve taken the hint and died?
      So we can reverse the result of the referendum?
      Charming…and your ad hominem attack on a paraphrase that is “appropriate” and “proportionate” is-well “disappointing” I guess.


      • maxincony says:

        Alicia Sinclair,

        Mike Hind didn’t say anything about; “wishing old white men would just curl up and die”.

        The “Breitbart” article Alan uses to ‘justify’ his claim, doesn’t say anything about Mike Hind; “wishing old white men would just curl up and die”.

        Alan is lying.

        Which part of this are you having trouble with?


        • taffman says:

          “Which part of this are you having trouble with?”
          You are fond of asking questions but will not answer this easy one ………
          Why do you post here ?
          Your call………………………


        • Nibor says:

          Maxicony ,

          He wants them to live does he ?


        • MarkyMark says:

          “Wall of Gammon”

          “…you know what happens when you are insulted? You become more dogmatic in holding your (possibly) incorrect belief before you were insulted…” Trey Gowdy Pin Drop Speech Persuasion -@5:08


        • Alicia Sinclair says:

          Oi Maxi Paddy.
          For a mealy mouth relativist and hair splitting goon, you seem to be using this word “lying” quite a lot-bit strong for your kind is it not?
          Next time you accuse Alan of lying(and you will, presumably when mum`s gone on holiday and you can`t sleep in the basement at 3a.m)-try those other words you`ll doubtless know.
          Ones like Hillary uses when she`s “lying”(so final and crude eh?).
          Mis-speak, being economical with the actualite…there`ll be others, why am I telling you?


    • Dave S says:

      That is simply a hair splitting explanation of a very unpleasant tweet and you know it. Not up to your usual standard and here I am trying to be fair.


    • Jerry Owen says:

      MAXINCONY @10.44
      The difference between Alan’s comments and yours is that he didn’t attributes a quote ‘ wishing old men would just curl up and die in a cold winter’ to Mike Hind. You yet again have lied and put this in quotation marks as a quote from Alan. The inference from Hind is of course clear to all except the dim witted.
      You really are a tedious liar and really should be banished from this site forthwith unless you can learn to enter into honest debate, which despite your previous misquoting ‘errors’ appears to be beyond your limited capabilities.
      Catching you out is like taking candy from a baby.
      We all look forward to your correction of false quoting and apology to Alan.


  8. JamesArthur says:

    I had no idea what this thread was about but it involved Maxicrony so I looked at Mike HInd and this is what he did tweet ” exact”

    Brexit is dying so too are “the gammon-faced white men who wanted it are dying too”.

    Is this not just rude, racist and somewhat sexist as I am sure my wife voted for it as woman… and stupid since we are all dying….all you have to do is read Mr Hind’s own profile. He is a Franco-British investigative journalist and clearly a remoaner..Why even bother with what he’s an ill informed bigoted opinion..that nobody except his mates care about


  9. Jerry Owen says:

    maxincony has run away…. yet again!